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Re: GPS units

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GPS units
June 23, 2010 06:52AM
Hey everybody which gps unit is best for hiking in Yosemite?
avatar Re: GPS units
June 23, 2010 07:15AM
best is an opinion

I use the Garmin eTrex Vista HCx with routable 7.5 maps they sell.
Love it
I leave it on the entire time I'm hiking. Only irritation I have with it
is that it will get off track some and just keep that way.
I typically know exactly where I am regardless of being on trail or not
(since I'm looking at the map frequently) and I'll look at the track
and it's no way right. So I'll turn it off and back on and it will
right itself.
That being said... I have no desire to "upgrade" to on of their newer models.
Re: GPS units
June 23, 2010 07:48AM
Thanks bill-e-g

I do a lot of solo hiking and as I get older I realize I am not immortal anymore and I am looking for one that has the locator if I get in trouble and need help. Granted, with the trail system in Yosemite and with a map and compass it is hard to get to lost, but I do some cross country exploring and I've seen how you and others are able to map out your routes and show us the routes you have gone. Sometimes elevation gain and milage covered are fun also.

Thanks much
Re: GPS units
June 23, 2010 08:40AM
I bought a Garmin Oregon 450. It's a mapping GPS. I also got the 24K topo for Western states. Looks very detailed includes tails. You just follow the trail on the unit. I'm trying it out today for my trip will let you know how it works.
avatar Re: GPS units
June 23, 2010 09:35AM
I don't know anything really about it ... but I just saw something from DeLorme (PN-60w).
in backpacker magazine. teaming up with Spot...
You may want to look into that. I haven't seen anything from Garmin that has a locator.

I assume you meant PLB from what you said...
afaik there is nothing out there with the features of a mapping gps integrated with a really good plb.
Even the thing I mention above is a 2 piece solution.

Not sure the newer Garmins are worth the huge price diff. from the eTrex

Good luck looking
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