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Re: High Country Conditions Last Week

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High Country Conditions Last Week
June 29, 2010 08:49AM
This forum was very helpful to me planning my trip so I thought I would share for those planning trips soon.

We were there June 19th thru June 22nd. We hiked Tuolumne Meadows down Lyell Canyon and then up the Ireland Lake trail past Potter Point on the 19th. Almost no snow in Lyell and few mosquitoes but very wet. Leaving the canyon the trail stated to get snowy quickly. By the time we got to 10k feet we were walking on 2-5 feet of it. It was a struggle, especially with the sun cups, which were over a foot deep but you could walk on top of it...mostly. Didn't make it to Ireland lake that night but close. Camped on a outcropping; the only place without snow. Got down to 20s that night. Next day Hiked up past Ireland Lake to the ridge overlooking Evelyn Lake which was frozen. Ireland lake wasn't even visible under the snow. We guessed where is was near the base of Amelia Earhart peak. No trails were visible. All sun cups. Very slow hiking. We worked down to Fletcher Lake and Vogelsang HSC. Found a clear place under some trees. Next to the bare spots the snow was 3-5 feet. Don't understand how it's clear for 20 feet and then 5 feet of snow. Dropped the packs and climbed Vogelsang up the snowy face. Snow was 8 feet deep in spots. Could tell because it melted away from the rocks. Didn't want to step too close to them. Vogelsang peak was clear with snow patches here and there. Awesome view. From Vogelsang one could see everything was snow covered along Lewis and Fletcher Creeks and all down Rafferty Creek. The way down was a combination hike and slide. We saw a small avalanche actually happen and evidence of others earlier. Watch out. We were going to continue on down to Merced and camp another night over there but were tired of the sun cupped snow with full packs. Instead we hiked down Rafferty Creek the next day back to our car; Monday June 21st. All snow until maybe a mile before the steep section before the trail merge in Lyell. It was warm during the days, maybe low 60s. No bugs and saw only 5 people outside of Lyell Canyon.

Camped in the Valley Monday night. Tons of mosquitoes and people. Saw a bear next to the campground. Rangers do check for wilderness permits in the Pines backpackers camp grounds. Did the Half Dome trail and Cloud's Rest from the Valley on Tuesday. That was a long hiking day. Mist trail was a soaker. Much higher water than I saw a few years ago. Will probably be like that for awhile with all the snow above. Even though it was Tuesday there was a long line for the Half Dome cables by 11:30. We were headed down by then. Start early! Fun trip. I'd bet the snow sticks around the high country for a couple more weeks minimum. Water Proof boots and gators (and beer) are a must. Happy Trails!
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June 29, 2010 10:46AM
I guess I was wrong. It wasn't 10x.... only 8x.

( http://yosemitenews.info/forum/read.php?3,26056,26079#msg-26079 )

Thanks for posting

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Re: High Country Conditions Last Week
June 29, 2010 12:21PM
Thanks for the update - I'm headed out that way(ish) next week. Unfortunately my pack is already pretty heavy, so I have to leave the brewskis at home sad smiley
Re: High Country Conditions Last Week
June 29, 2010 04:41PM
Thanks for the update even if it is not the news I wanted to read regarding Vogelsang HSC. But, it has been very warm here the last week so hopefully she's melting fast. Jealous! Any pics?
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June 30, 2010 06:06AM
I'm soooo glad I decided to do Lewis Creek/Vogelsang in mid August.
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June 30, 2010 03:58PM
What are the temps in tuolumne meadow going to be next week? Any guesses?
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June 30, 2010 04:06PM
Re: High Country Conditions Last Week
June 30, 2010 04:12PM
My buddy just sent me this pic taken from Mammoth looking west.

Left to right, you can see the Minarets, Ritter, and Banner. He said that the snow is pretty much gone below 9k' across the board with the snowline approaching 10k' on west facing slopes.
Re: High Country Conditions Last Week
June 30, 2010 06:04PM
Any word on the conditions of the John Muir Trail from Cathedral through Sunrise into the Valley?
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