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Re: What to wear in winter?

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What to wear in winter?
December 16, 2010 08:42AM
Ok, so I know you layer,.and to wear synthetics, like fleece. I have several fleece layers, but I'm not sure what you experts wear next to the skin?

All my t shirts are cotton, which I know is a no no, so what to wear? I looked and looked at wally world for a 100 poly t shirt and found nothing. I did find a 50/50, so I guess that will do, but do I just need to go to REI? Do they have 100% poly t shirts?
Re: What to wear in winter?
December 16, 2010 08:48AM
There should be polyester t-shirts and long sleeve poly shirts in the sporting attire section of Wally World or Target. Some people like a merino wool base layer, but poly works fine for me.
Re: What to wear in winter?
December 16, 2010 08:52AM
I'll look again today, thanks.
avatar Re: What to wear in winter?
December 16, 2010 10:14AM
Go to Sierra Trading Post's site or Campmor's site and check out what's available there.

Old Dude
avatar Re: What to wear in winter?
December 16, 2010 03:36PM

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avatar Re: What to wear in winter?
December 17, 2010 11:29PM
Frank Furter

Toe-tally agree! WHile all of the blogs, websites, etc. all pooh-poo'd silk in favor of all the high-tech fabrics (I cannot stand wool; even the over-priced marino wool itches) I found that silk gave the biggest bang for the weight than any of the other products I tried. On a 20 degree over-nighter (camped on Whitney Summit) I used very lightweight silk with down pants/jacket in a 20 degree bag/bivvy and I was toasty. To about 12,800, I wore the silkies with regular hiking pants, and I was actually too warm; I have never had any of the other MTS, etc products work that effectively.

(BTW, it is currently POURING here in NorCal)

The body betrays and the weather conspires, hopefully, not on the same day.
avatar Re: What to wear in winter?
December 18, 2010 08:41AM
In the winter both Mike and the Goat have taught/turned me on to down filled pants and booties. They are an investment though but extremely light, compressible, and toasty warm out in the boonies. A big difference from carrying snow pants. When out and about, I have carried my precip-like pants as a water proof layer but on sunny days while we are putting in miles it can get too hot- just like snow pants.

For a jacket, the Marmot Zeus seems to be the way to go at this time. This we carry year round now, it is compressible and a great pillow and better than fleece- in my opinion. And a precip jacket covers the upper body as a outer layer when it is wet or snowy.

For next to body:

I also like and have the silk. It is good. Issue for me is having to take the stuff off in the morning as your start your hike cuz you can overheat in the stuff once you break trail. Then it feels pretty nippy cuz you gotta take off other layers to get to the silk. But it is good stuff.

I also do what Mr. bbb suggested I go to Target and get the synthetics as simply shirts I wear. Wish they would stock just one solid color- they seem to now be stocking multiple color running shirts.
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