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Re: Campfire Rings in GCT

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Campfire Rings in GCT
August 03, 2011 04:15PM
Does anyone familiar with the existing campsites in the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne between Glen Aulin and Pate know of any that have campfire rings.
The regs say campfires only in existing rings, and we are interested in having a fire, if possible, at least one day of our planned backpack down the canyon.

avatar Re: Campfire Rings in GCT
August 03, 2011 04:51PM
They all do.

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Campfire Rings in GCT
August 03, 2011 04:54PM
Ok, yes, I'm a smart bird.

So where do people camp? Well, it's not a huge distance actually from Glen Aulin to Pate... so...
probably plenty just hoof it from one place to the other...

In between... the major spots are the entrance of Cath Creek into the Tuolumne...
and about a mile or so west of Register where the cascade is ... in the woods...
and right at Return Creek (east side)

Chick-on is looking at you!

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Re: Campfire Rings in GCT
August 03, 2011 05:31PM
In addition, there's a nice site just above Waterwheel (in the trees below the trail, where the river makes a big bend), a few "tight" but usable sites between LeConte and California Falls, one at the brink of California Falls, and several nice ones in Glen Aulin itself (below the HSC/backpacker's camp). Because of the limited topography, rangers seem to allow sites that would normally be illegal (too close to water or the trail--including several that are right off the trail) to continue to be used in the GCT. All of these have fire rings. But I'm with the pink chicken on this one: heading down from Glen Aulin, I would target Pate or the nice site by the cascade a mile or so past Register Creek (there's an obvious use trail through a grassy area leading to it).

Also, many people like to split the climb up Morrison Creek into two days, and there are nice sites--with water, views, and fire rings--just past (going up) the crossing of Morrison Creek.

Of course, there's the "don't need no stinkin' campsites" day hike option if you are crazy... :-)
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