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Lower Yosemite Falls Amphitheater Rockfall

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avatar Lower Yosemite Falls Amphitheater Rockfall
September 12, 2011 01:36PM
At about 12:40 am on Saturday, September 9, 2011, a small rockfall occurred from above the Lower Yosemite Falls Amphitheater, impacting near the viewing platform at the bridge across Yosemite Creek. The rockfall originated from a forested ledge just below the Upper Yosemite Falls trail and consisted of a block about 4 cubic meters in volume, or about the size of two refrigerators. The block struck several ledges on the way down and broke into many basketball and smaller sized fragments that impacted the area around the base of Lower Yosemite Falls. There were no reported injuries associated with this event. The trail was closed immediately after the rockfall, but reopened several hours later after field assessment by geologists concluded that it was an isolated event with low probability for future activity from that location.
Re: Lower Yosemite Falls Amphitheater Rockfall
September 12, 2011 07:18PM
Wow, I was at the Lower Falls bridge viewpoint just 32 hours prior. Went there to look for the OMG railing, which you can barely see through basic binoculars. Thank goodness this rockfall occurred at 12:40 AM, not PM.
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