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Re: Why Didn't the Chick-On Cross the Road...?

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Why Didn't the Chick-On Cross the Road...?
April 12, 2012 07:34PM
At least now I know why my Acme-Certified, Wile E. Coyote-approved Chick-on lure and trap didn't work:

It ends up the elusive pink Sierra chicken (Pseudogallus roseus) was on the other side of the Tioga Road...

Anyway, due to an unexpected sprained ankle (hers), the planned Easter weekend trip with my wife in Sequoia evolved into solo day hike in the Hetch Hetchy area: up the Eleanor Lake trail/road, cross-country to the top of Wapama (as previously described), upstream a mile or so, then back to the Beehive trail near the "Frog Pond".

There is a nice set of slabs just above where--in wetter conditions--part of Falls Creek splits off to flow over Tueeulala Fall, and just below where the new, discreet stream gauge is.

The water was just high enough to make staying on the west side a sound choice. A bit further up is a nice waterfall--even in low water:

There is a choke-point on the west side just past these falls; fortunately, there is a weakness in the cliff that allows for further progress north. (And, I'll admit it now: I left a duck at the top of the ledge, thinking at the time I'd return the way I came...) Instead, I decided to continue up to the Beehive trail, a route made difficult mainly due to thin snow over buck brush (postholing and thorn scratches!) and frequent deadfall in the recently-burned area. Still, there were numerous wonderful ledges with great views of Rancheria Mountain, Hetch Hetchy Dome, and the Colby Mountain/Double Rock/Smith Peak complex.

Snow coverage was maybe 50% around 6500', and only in well-shaded areas. Depth never exceeded a foot or so. Temperature-wise, winter was a distant memory. The "Frog Pond" was partially frozen over:

All in all, a nice romp through some wonderful country that probably gets little attention, but would make an early early or late-season destination.

More Pictures
avatar Re: Why Didn't the Chick-On Cross the Road...?
April 12, 2012 08:11PM
Basilbop, thanks for the info. I've been to the top of Wapama before, but I hadn't worked back up the creek. That was my plan for this weekend, but I didn't feel like dealing with the snow, so unfortunately I'm going to stay home and organize my garage. Wait, on second thought a little snow doesnt sound too bad...
avatar Re: Why Didn't the Chick-On Cross the Road...?
April 12, 2012 10:05PM
Is dis appropriate response?

(furder upstream just below the "tea cups" )

Didn't post much earlier this year about going there but it is here
Hmm... I guess I didn't put link to Peekchure Set

Also did dat route backwards-ish here

Boat dis year

So obviously you gots to move a bit quicker to catch me
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avatar Re: Why Didn't the Chick-On Cross the Road...?
April 16, 2012 07:54AM
For fun here's the second photo in a different angle of the dangle:

We talked to the ranger on the way out in February about the Gauging station.
He said that the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" provided the money to take
out the original gauging station. And the whole thing was almost a joke since they had
a zillion people there and helicopters and whanot for what... to remove an interesting
relic. USGS didn't even want to put a new gauging station in... but SF did... so they
paid for it... but with the Racker Act they are not allowed to do the improvement so
I believe USGS installed it with money from SF. I guess if we look at CDEC we may
find that station reporting info now. Might be useful info to know when Wapama is
screaming... but probably not huge amount ... since that can be fairly easily guessed
at ... (end of May-mid June) ish. The ranger and I both agreed it was somewhat of
a bummer that they removed the old station and cable across the river. It was an
interesting item to check out. Wondering why they didn't demolish the one below
the dam now... but forgot to mention that to him...
Anyway, thanks for sharing your stuff... and catch me if you can.
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avatar Re: Why Didn't the Chick-On Cross the Road...?
September 13, 2017 10:09PM
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