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Yosemite Falls

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Panorama Point - did I miss it?

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avatar Panorama Point - did I miss it?
June 10, 2012 11:57AM
Hi all, completed my 4-day visit to Yosemite on 6/1, my daughter and I had a truly amazing time. Thanks again to everyone here for the great advice and insights that helped us to make the most of our visit.

We hiked the Panorama+Mist trail (one-way, down from GP to Valley) and I was looking for the elusive Panorama Point. We did find an amazing overlook, but from the descrips I have read of PP I'm not sure I found it. Whatever I did find deserves honorable mention.

What we found was somewhere from 0.5-1 miles up from Illilouette Fall where the trail comes near the edge as it rounds the belly of the hillside. Off to the left of the trail is mostly bare rock for about 30-40 yards off the trail, sloping down at a pretty good angle. We carefully made our way down this bare rock slope to within a couple of feet of a sheer drop-off and amazing views back into the canyon towards Illilouette Fall, up to Glacier Point, Yosemite Falls now into view, North Dome and Basket Dome, and continuing to come around the back side of Half Dome along with Grizzly Peak, Mt. Broderick, and Liberty Cap.

Here is a brief video I took standing on this spot: http://youtu.be/aAlIglCbKZQ. Sorry but didn't think to take any pics of the approach to this area from the main trail itself.

If this isn't Panorama Point then it would seem to be just as good. Problem is, this spot does not match the descriptions of PP I had read. I thought to get to PP you went off the trail through some forest/woods, and I did not recall any mention of this little spur being sloped so I assumed that the approach is relatively flat off the main trail. What we found is mostly bare exposed rock and sloping down away from the trail at a pretty good angle.

Anyone know if we found the actual PP and, if not, does the spot I did find have a name? Thanks.
Re: Panorama Point - did I miss it?
June 10, 2012 12:25PM
It has been a few years, but I vaguely recall a distinct use trail out to a level rocky point, which I took to be the "true" PP at the time. No sketchy slopes involved. If my memory is correct about that, it sounds like you were somewhere different.
avatar Re: Panorama Point - did I miss it?
June 10, 2012 12:36PM
You missed it. You went too far east. But no worries... the spot you found is actually nicer. I thought I mentioned about
the railing and the benchmarker. .. ??
Your pt. is nicer in that you can see Yose and Vernal Falls... cannot see that from the real Pan Pt.

A few photos of the area:
Abuse trail to Pt.

The now gone railing:

right there is the bench marker

View of Silver Apron, etc:

And where you were in respect to Pan Pt:

Now you did see the Illiouette lookout, yes?

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Panorama Point - did I miss it?
June 10, 2012 12:54PM
Thanks Chick-On, that's the first view of the actual spur trail I've seen, and that definitely is not where we were. Looks like the spot we found is after the true PP (coming up from Illilouette Fall). I'll let you be the judge if it was nicer, that incline down to the edge certainly was more dangerous so if anyone wants to try what we did, go slowly.

Are you officially naming the spot we found Jr Pt? =)

And yes we did find the Ill Fall overlook, absolutely beautiful. Thanks again for all the guidance.

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