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A Yosemite bear

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (100% of Full)


Re: 2-day trip to the valley

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2-day trip to the valley
June 30, 2012 11:28AM
Hello everybody,

I got so much good information from here, and I barely found time to post about our trip.
A little warning beforehand, the wife and me, we're beginning our life as hikers and have so far been merely to "touristy" places, so if you're looking for extraordinary trails or pictures, this is not the thread for you. Also, apologies if it bores you winking smiley

June 7th-8th
We found a campsite in the valley and, since I have a neverending to-do-list for yosemite, decided to cross off some of those destinations.

Day 1
Arrival in Yosemite, and our warmup hike up inspiration point. It was much shorter than expected (2 hours round trip), but still got our blood going.. mostly thanks to the deer waiting for us on top, and a rattler that was kind enough to warn us before we got too close. Also took the typical tunnel view pictures.. you know it grinning smiley

Our rattling friend. Sure made us look at bushes more closely after.

Friendly deer, his girlfriend took off jumping right away, he walked 10 ft past me, not caring that I was there.

And of course the tunnel view..

Back to the car we had a peek at Bridalveil Fall, which neither of us had seen up close yet.
After we headed to the valley and set up camp, before heading out again, this time to Sierra Point. I had read a lot about this trail and especially loved the idea of being alone with fantastic views and "exploring" (going off trail). To our surprise, we were able to find the trail very easily and even though it was rough terrain at times, we both made it safe and sound to the top (probably THE major outdoor achievement of the wife). Fantastiv views, lots of fun scrambling, but to our surprise we ran into 4 other groups.. Can't say anything, we were up there too. Again, much shorter than expected, so we used our spare time to stroll over to Mirror Lake, eyeing my next trips destination: Cloud's Rest!

Day 2

Moon over brothers (?!).

A year ago we had done Upper falls, and our hiking time round trip was 10 hours. Well, the wife wanted to see how far she had come, so this was her idea to head up there again. This time only 5 hours round trip, so another excited moment for her! So we had more time to spare, and went to Tuoulumne Grove to see some big trees, very impressive!

A question about the top of the falls.. anybody know how those potholes were created? They make nice benches etc.

Future plans: Start my list from Tioga road.. so much to see up there! And I yet have to see a bear..
avatar Re: 2-day trip to the valley
June 30, 2012 11:55AM
anybody know how those potholes were created?

Water swirls around in them and sand erodes the walls and floor.
avatar Re: 2-day trip to the valley
June 30, 2012 03:31PM
Tanks for Sharon

Sierra Pt. ... much like Watkins... imo... has seen a large increase in the number
of people visiting it... which I would mostly attribute to the Internet and improved
communications on the whole.

I can't complain too much... b/c I've gleaned lots of great stuff from kind folks
who love the place and are willing to share.

Have fun exploring the best park in the world (I'm biased bird)

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: 2-day trip to the valley
June 30, 2012 03:44PM
Thing is, Tioga Pass is a gateway drug to Yosemite addiction.
Re: 2-day trip to the valley
June 30, 2012 06:04PM
Thing is, Tioga Pass is a gateway drug to Yosemite addiction.

Once I saw the granite fassades at upper yosemite falls I knew that I needed to see more..
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