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Re: Wawona Campround

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Wawona Campround
July 07, 2012 08:41AM
We will be RV camping at Wawona Campground for the first time. I know there is no electical hook ups but I am wondering if there are water hook ups? Also does anyone know of a place to fill and empty water tanks if there is no water hook-ups?

We are bringing a dog and so we are looking forward to taking some great hikes and adventures with her, any trail suggestions or day trips....we will only have a 25 foot RV for getting around so we are hoping the roads are not to difficult to navigate.

I would love to hear others people wawona experiences....Thanks How the Chick-on travels
avatar Re: Wawona Campround
July 07, 2012 09:34AM
Just an FYI...

Pets (including dogs on leash) are limited only to small areas within Yosemite National Park. They are allowed on a number of paved paths, in most (but not all) campgrounds, and also on the Wawona Meadow Loop Trail. (They're allowed at the Wawona Campground so that's not going to be a problem for you.) But they are prohibited on all trails that go into the Yosemite Wilderness so don't expect to take very long hikes in Yosemite with your dog.

Note though, that just south of Yosemite in the Sierra National Forest, dogs (and other pets) are allowed on most trails and wilderness areas.

Sierra National Forest: Pets in Wilderness

Here are Yosemite National Park's official regulations in regards to pets inside Yosemite:

If you choose to bring your pet to Yosemite, please abide by these regulations:

Pets are only allowed:
  • in developed areas
  • on fully paved trails and roads except trails signed as not allowing pets (pets are not allowed off the floor of Yosemite Valley, including the trail to Vernal Fall)
  • in campgrounds (except Tamarack Flat, Porcupine Flat, and walk-in campgrounds)
Pets are not allowed:
  • on unpaved or poorly paved trails, or trails signed as not allowing pets (however, pets are allowed on the Wawona Meadow Loop)
  • on unplowed roads covered in snow
  • in Wilderness areas
  • on shuttle buses
  • in concessioner lodging areas
  • in Tamarack Flat, Porcupine Flat, and all walk-in campgrounds
  • in any group or horse camps
  • Pets must be restrained on a leash not more than six feet long or otherwise physically restrained
  • Leashed pets may not be left unattended
  • For the courtesy of other visitors, human companions are responsible for cleaning up and depositing pet feces in trash receptacles
  • Remember that pet food is also bear food: store pet food as if it were human food.
These regulations protect both pets and wildlife from disease and each other. The National Park Service has prohibited pets on trails for many years. In particular, dogs chase wildlife, pollute water sources, and can become defensive and dangerous in unfamiliar surroundings. Pet owners have the burden to assure their pet does not damage the park values for others in those areas where pets are allowed.

DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite operates a dog kennel in Yosemite Valley from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Written proof of immunizations (rabies, distemper, parvo, and Bordetella) must be provided. Dogs must be at least 20 pounds (smaller dogs may be considered if you provide a small kennel). You can get more information about the kennel by calling 209/372-8348.

There are a few additional (very obscure and unsigned) places where pets are allowed: Four Mile fire road in Wawona, on the Carlon Road, and on the Old Big Oak Flat Road between Hodgdon Meadow and Hazel Green Creek.


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Re: Wawona Campround
July 07, 2012 09:53AM
Thanks for the info and suggesting Sierra National Forest, I will be looking more into that for hiking with the dog. smiling smiley
Re: Wawona Campround
July 07, 2012 10:36AM
I think the RV dump station is still on Forest Drive. Here is a Google Maps street view showing the location.

Here is a description of the walk around Meadow Loop Road. You can park your RV near the Wawona Store and then walk up the road to begin the 'hike.'
Re: Wawona Campround
July 07, 2012 10:03PM
The dump station has a water fill up, there is no water at each site.
avatar Re: Wawona Campround
July 08, 2012 06:44PM
also be advised that wawona is currently in a high alert water crisis. please conserve water in wawona as much as possible.
Re: Wawona Campround
July 09, 2012 09:56AM
thanks so much for eveyones info. It really help me be better prepared smiling smileyBowing to his greatness
Re: Wawona Campround
July 09, 2012 12:05PM
There are a few faucets scattered about the campground, but the NPS discourages hooking up to them to fill your tank. I carry a 8 gallon container and fill that up at a campground faucet and then lug it back to the trailer and pour it in. Easier than hooking up the trailer and driving over to the water station. (oops, you didn't say if your RV is a tralier or motor home). Motor home would be easier to move. Just re-read your post and have deduced it's a M/H. So you'll be able to easily drive over to the water. Oh, and a 25ft. motorhome as far as driving Yosemite's roads won't be a problem. People bring a lot larger rigs, and then there's the huge tour busues....

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Re: Wawona Campround
July 09, 2012 12:35PM
oooo great idea, I will for sure be getting a container or two to fill. I never thought of that. Maybe even a wagon to pull containers smiling smiley Thanks
Re: Wawona Campround
July 09, 2012 06:28PM
If you have a water thief, you can hook a hose up to the water spigots, but only temporarily, and like mtn man said, they frown on it.
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