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Pothole Dome (Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park)

The Moon is Waning Crescent (40% of Full)


Re: Mist - Mirror March

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Mist - Mirror March
March 31, 2013 09:12PM
Since my wife and I both had Good Friday off, and Friday was looking to be the best day of the three day weekend, we opted to spend that day in Yosemite. We chose a straightforward and familiar route since she is still recovering from an injury--"something with some decent mileage and elevation gain." Thus, the Mist - JMT trail "loop" finished off with the Mirror Lake/Tenaya Canyon loop.

It's been a dry winter, but the waterfalls are already waking up. The "mist" portion of the Mist Trail was refreshing--not dry, but not the buckets of water dousing hikers during peak runoff in wet years.

Although they still don't hold a candle to the warning signs I saw in Hawaii, a few more signs for people to ignore have cropped up around Silver Apron:

We stopped for lunch (leftover pizza--no, not Curry...) just upstream of the Nevada Fall bridge.

The wife soaked her feet in the chilly water while we rested and enjoyed the perfect weather.

We stopped at the Nevada Fall viewpoint after lunch. Despite spring being only a week or so old, there wasn't much left of winter that was visible from this point.

Nevada Fall Photosynth

The portion of the JMT between the Clark Point junction and the Panorama Trail junction was gated closed, but it had looked very clear from the Nevada Mist Trail. In fact, there was enough snow and ice on the trail that navigation would be tricky--if not downright dangerous--without traction devices (such as microspikes). There was one spot with an icy downclimb of maybe 5 feet, and in several places the best bet was to walk on the rock wall, which was often lower than the snow and ice still on the trail.

Ice Cut Photosynth

The views from the JMT were excellent as always.

I managed to check out a spot that a little birdie had told me about. No surprise, it looked like a birdbath:

Once at the Vernal Fall bridge, we quickly descended to Happy Isles. (As we'd later learn, it was opening day for the Vernal Bridge bathroom, water station, and Happy Isles snack stand...) From here, we continued along the road and bridle path to Mirror Lake.

The freshly-fallen granite at the Ahwiyah Point rockfall area was bright under the sun.

Looking at the Snow Creek trail, where I had been only 5 or so days ago, it was hard to believe that just past the rim of the valley was still miles and miles of significant snow coverage.

Off in the distance above Clouds Rest white clouds were forming--the next few days' forecast called for rain, but today would be a perfect spring day in the valley.

More Pictures
avatar Re: Mist - Mirror March
March 31, 2013 11:27PM
Can't believe its springtime in Yosemite already.

Thanks for all the photos of your day in Yosemite.
avatar Re: Mist - Mirror March
April 01, 2013 01:10AM
Can't believe its springtime in Yosemite already.

It happens about this time every year.
avatar Re: Mist - Mirror March
April 01, 2013 09:50AM
By the calendar, yes. But not usually by the weather or field conditions.

Late March, first days of April during most years is still pretty cold and wet in Yosemite.

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avatar Re: Mist - Mirror March
April 01, 2013 10:10AM
Thanks for the report and photos. I suspect it looks different now, after this lastest storm.
Re: Mist - Mirror March
April 01, 2013 08:20PM
Yosemite and Bridalveill were really gushing when we were in the valley Sunday afternoon. Horsetail and Ribbon had nice flows also. Nice thunderstorm Saturday night.
Re: Mist - Mirror March
April 01, 2013 09:22PM
Dang, I'm jealous. Ribbon flows make me happy. Is Silver Strand still frozen?
Re: Mist - Mirror March
April 01, 2013 10:03PM
Sorry, I couldn't see Silver Strand because of low clouds. Wildcat and Cascades were also going well. I wonder how early the falls will peak this year.
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