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Yosemite Valley

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Re: Lucky me

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avatar Lucky me
April 08, 2013 12:29PM
Lucky me lol

i couldn't believe what happened to me yesterday… as i took two steps into the General Store at Yosemite, i almost walked right into this guy (as the door wouldn't fit the two of us very well lol). we both stopped, i looked at him funny, he looked at me funny, and i said "hey! you're famous!" (yeah i know, brilliant thing to say lol)… i said "you're the best climber in the world!". he pulled a face and said "naw, i'm not famous"… then we laughed…

well, the guy was Dean Potter! (see him in video below):

Dean Potter

anyhow… we both walked outside and i asked him if he would mind if i took his photo, he said sure no problem… STUPID me! all i had on me was my iPhone, i was only going into the store to buy a map, so i didn't have my good camera with me… and i was so celebrity struck, that i didn't take a photo of the two of us together! i couldn't think straight. lol

he asked me if i had been to Yosemite Falls that day and i said yes, that the falls were totally full… he said he'd have to make it over there sometime later that day… and for some weird reason, i asked "where do you live?" and he said "right here" i said "right here?? i thought you lived far away", he said "nope, live right here"… he asked me my name and i told him, he said "hey, it was nice to meet you forrest, i hope you have a great day"… he shook my hand was we parted…. he was soooo nice.. very humble kind of guy.

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Re: Lucky me
April 08, 2013 03:58PM
Cool story. It's always nice to hear that a "famous" person turns out
to be a decent human being.

I've never met anyone that you'd call famous, so nothing to report. Perhaps
other readers of this forum have, and could share their stories.
Re: Lucky me
April 08, 2013 05:09PM
That is a really cool story and what a nice guy.

I have met several movie stars and famous photographers and all but one were very nice. Jay Leno was at a British car show years ago that we had a car at and was a real jerk to us and everyone else around him. All we did was compliment him on one of his cars and he jumped all over us.

My favorite story is my meetings with Clint Eastwood in LA many years ago. My husband and I went to a Cafe 50's for lunch and he was there giving a interview and gave us a nod as we went by. The following week, I saw him in one of the local clothing stores and again a nod. A few days later I was in a local market and came face to face with him in one of the aisles. He gave me a strange look as if to wonder if I was stalking him so I said "Mr. Eastwood, you really have to quite following me around." He had a huge laugh about that.
Re: Lucky me
April 08, 2013 07:29PM
Hahah that's very funny! I bet he still remembers that one!
avatar Re: Lucky me
April 09, 2013 08:49AM
i was in a mall one time when i noticed Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Weaver sitting in the center of the walkway, with no one recognizing him.. being a boxing fan i instantly recognized him... walked up to him and asked for his autograph... he also was very nice.

being a UFC nutcase, i went to a UFC Expo and got autographs from:

Cain Valesquez
Cowboy Donald Cerrone
Michael Torres
Brandon Schaube
Ben Rothwell
Phil Barroni
Melvin Gulard.
Randy Coture
Clay Guido
Don Frye.
Wanderlei Silva
avatar Re: Lucky me
April 09, 2013 01:19PM
Cool story. It's always nice to hear that a "famous" person turns out to be a decent human being.

I worked at a major TV station at one point in my life. The only person there that wasn't decent was the head news anchor. I don't think he's working these days.
avatar Re: Lucky me
April 09, 2013 08:24AM
Cool story Forest Ranger! (yours too Parklover). That guy is amazing, good to hear he's a nice guy. I wonder how often he gets recognized?

I met Chuck Billy a few years ago on the Santa Cruz boardwalk, very friendly. Just two weeks ago I met the band The Joy Formidable in Sacramento after a concert and they were super cool as well. I know, everyone is thinking "Who?"...... but still very cool for me. smiling smiley
Re: Lucky me
April 09, 2013 04:52PM
My wife and I did a backpacking trip to Ventana Wilderness back in 2011. We ran accross Andrew Garfield (The Social Network / The Amazing Spiderman). He was bp'ing solo and was on his way out. He was a pretty cool guy and gave us a minute of his time. It was such a random place to meet a celebrity.We were caught off gaurd so much we forgot to ask for a picture. Lol!
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