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Yosemite Falls

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Re: Route 132?

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avatar Route 132?
June 06, 2013 07:38PM
Have never taken 132 in from Modesto. Heading out on Friday morning. Is this a good route to take? Google says it will save at least 40 mins from the 140 route.
avatar Re: Route 132?
June 06, 2013 07:48PM

Is this a good route to take?

It depends on what you're looking for. It's definitely not the fastest way to Yosemite. But if you seeking less traffic and a change of scenery, it fits the bill.

Re: Route 132?
June 06, 2013 08:25PM
Used to take it home all the time from SF. Just take it, it's nice.
avatar Re: Route 132?
June 06, 2013 08:38PM
You might not save 40 minutes, but it will be time well spent in some beautiful country.

If you are coming from the Bay Area, when you get to Livermore take the Greenville Road exit. Go south and then turn left on Patterson Pass Road. That will take you though the hills to 580. Stay on 580 for about 10 miles and then take the 132 exit.

The fun part about taking that road is just after the crest, in the road cut on the right, there is a bed of oyster shells that are 28 million years old.
avatar Re: Route 132?
June 06, 2013 10:38PM
Cool. Thanks for the info.
avatar Re: Route 132?
June 06, 2013 11:17PM
Back in January, you asked for suggestions for alternate routes to Hwy 140, and Dave was nice enough to offer this detailed suggestion that starts with Hwy 132 and goes on from there. If you want a very scenic drive incorporating Hwy 132, this would be it:

In reply to http://yosemitenews.info/forum/read.php?3,62618,62625#msg-62625


If you are coming from the East Bay, take 580 south from the Altimont Pass. Then take the Modesto exit and stay on C132 through Modesto, through Waterford, through La Grange, until you reach Merced Falls Road. Turn right. Stay on that for a ways until you get to Hornitos Road. Then turn left on that and then an immediate right across the bridge over the river. Stay on that road - Hornitos Road AKA J16 - bearing to the right when you get to Hornitos, and then turn left on Old Toll Road. That will bring you to HW 49, then turn right to Mariposa.

That should only add a half hour to 45 minutes to the drive.

avatar Re: Route 132?
June 07, 2013 06:52PM
I'll be going that way on Monday. I rarely take the freeway. This way I get there more relaxed and probably it's a bit safer too.
Re: Route 132?
June 09, 2013 12:14PM
Thank you for digging this quote up. I had not seen the original thread and will definitely incorporate this on ym way to and from the park when convenient.

Also, big thanks to Dave for suggesting the route initially.
avatar Re: Route 132?
June 10, 2013 07:01AM
I am about to head for the Bay Area, from Mariposa, so I checked the CHP website; http://cad.chp.ca.gov/Traffic.aspx

On 140 and 99 there are 5 incidents including a big rig on it's side. All good reasons to take 132.
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