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Re: Help me decide where to go backpacking

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Help me decide where to go backpacking
June 06, 2013 08:54PM
Ok so ive been going back and forth about what I want to do for my backpacking trip on the 10th. Its a two night trip and Ive narrowed it down to a few options.

Agnew Meadows> Thousand Island Lake and back

This is a pretty short trip, but I figure it might be kinda nice to have a full day to explore the thousand island lake area. Because the YARTS shuttle doesn't run on weekdays it is not feasible to hike to tuolomne and catch the shuttle back, which is what I would do for sure if it was avalable.

Parker Pass>Koip Pass>Donahue Pass Loop

This is more attractive because it is a loop (which I like) but less attractive because from what I can tell Parker pass is less scenic and pretty strenuous. Also I am concerned about lots of snow on the multiple passes on this trip. Everyone in my group is pretty fit, but my goal is to see awesome wilderness, not take the toughest trail.

Tuolomne>Sunrise>Merced Lake>Vogelsang Loop

This is another alternative I was considering. Its lower elevation which is probably better in early June, but I kind of wanted to something in the ansel adams wilderness area because i've never been up there.
avatar Re: Help me decide where to go backpacking
June 07, 2013 07:19AM
I won't babble.... Just do #1.

Get off the trail... and explore. I could spend a week there exploring. Easy.

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Help me decide where to go backpacking
June 07, 2013 08:05AM
I agree with Bill. Lots of wonderful things to explore in that area.

Check our our website: http://www.backpackthesierra.com/
Or just read a good mystery novel set in the Sierra; https://www.amazon.com/Danger-Falling-Rocks-Paul-Wagner/dp/0984884963
Re: Help me decide where to go backpacking
June 07, 2013 09:11AM
Vote for the above too, but want to mention Carson-Iceberg and Emigrant in the case you want a couple other options to look at. Tons of loop opportunities in Carson-Iceberg.
Re: Help me decide where to go backpacking
June 09, 2013 10:34AM
I was kinda leaning towards that option anyways, but your posts helped affirm my decision. Ill post pics when I get back smiling smiley.
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