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Yosemite Falls

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (37% of Full)


Re: misc Yosemite ramblings

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misc Yosemite ramblings
September 06, 2013 09:43AM
Just found this forum...Hi all from Mammoth Lakes

Being a teacher, spent 3 months backpacking Yosemite this summer. Weather was sometimes sketchy but the fishing fine. Additionally, spent a few nights in Yosemite Valley, taking art classes in the Village…(Alas, Fire now prohibits coming over from Mammoth any more this year.) FYI, Aline the Art Class curator does an amazing job here…professional artists are readily accessible for cheap… (But probably does not bring in any major coin to Delaware North.)

In Yosemite Valley not impressed with Delaware North – (the idiots now running all the concessions…BTW whose contract is up for renewal soon.)
The once famous Curry Buffet breakfast has been replaced by a pay-by-item regime…much employee disgust… many now see as this as a money-grabbing rip-off…$3.50 for cold pancakes? Pizza prices are also up…$10 for a burger and fries combo.

The 40-year-old tradition of the Barn Dance in Wawona is now cancelled over cost issues…(no regard for history?) Both Pepper Jack cheese as well as rye bread discontinued at Degnon’s – cost issues again. The art classes in Wawona discontinued as not bringing enough money in. (Anybody see a pattern?)

The head wilderness ranger in Tuolumne (best ever at his job!) left the permit desk last week as no benefits offered him after 11 magnificent years. Well trained, the wilderness desk with Jen, Rosa, etal will continue but the desk will not be as bright. Thanks for all Craig! The off-site Half Dome lottery (next day type) is a joke.

A raft rental…The color of the rafts was changed from Brown to Aqua because the head of Delaware decided (from looking down atop the big falls) it a better color…waste of money issue. High Tea at the Ahwahnee now restricted to room key holders only…too much trail trash I guess.

Plenty of (un-bought) packages of tofu curd, curry eggrolls, dehydrated eggplant, miso dim sum, etc in Tuolumne store but no Mac-n-Cheese or Crystal lite seen. Seems that the ordering is not done at the store anymore? Tuolumne Store complex was a real hoot earlier in the year, especially with all the PCT traffic. The crew up there does a great job…(well, some Lodge folk have a bit of attitude). Harry (and his hat) - always a smile there. Nobody ever tips the crew at the Tuolumne burger counter…One dollar once and a smile gets me gigantic swirl cones every time, the rest of the entire summer. The backpacker camp up there is the cleanest of any camp seen…never saw a Ranger up there all season…Great job everyone.

Most people hiking in Yosemite are only doing 4 trails: PCT/JMT, Sunrise – LYV, Glen Aulin, HD…most all other trailheads were wide open all summer long.

TPR has good pie. The BBQ place in Bishop works very well after 15 days in…good chili and corn bread too.

A bear atop Snow Creek trail has figured out how to open any bear can. This bear raids the oft-used camp above/just before that 3000 foot drop-off…and throws the cans over the ledge.

Active mountain lion in the park…multiple sightings LYV/Tenaya Canyon area.

Someone committed suicide by flying a wing suit off El Cap…into the wall… (A note found.)

Still confused as to why no potable water at Valley backpacker site…others issues exist there too but better left silent for now.

Caught the Persiad Meteor shower on North Dome…cool! Just 2 weeks prior, the smoke prohibitive - extreme.

21 new bear signs in the park so far.

markskor...admin HighSierraTopix

mountain man who swims with trout
Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 06, 2013 12:04PM
Just so you know the Wawona barn dances are still being held through out the summer from the beginning of June to the end of August. Their biggest problem is that they can't get enough men to dance. It has been at least 10 years since non guests could partake of the Ahwahnee high tea. BTW, I heard that DNC has a temporary contract because they don't want to put out a new contract until the Merced River Plan is finalized and it is known what activities/facilities will or will not be removed.

As for the rest, totally agree with you. Degnan's no longer carries my favorite bread and $28 for three sandwiches, three drinks and a small bag of chips is outrageous. I can eat at a four star restaurant for less than the Mountain Room now charges. Don't even get me started on the cost of things you buy there and the price that is charged for one to get the privilege of staying in a filthy, falling apart room. Rafts should be brown or dark green so they blend in. As you see I could go on and on about this.
Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 06, 2013 12:18PM
No more curry breakfast buffet?? I am going to stay there over Veteran's day in Nov. Was looking forward to that crappy buffet!
Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 06, 2013 05:50PM
Hi Mark. Welcome to the forum. There's a few of us from HST over here as well.
Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 07, 2013 09:01AM
Hey Mark, welcome to the forum! I will be up in Mammoth next weekend.
avatar Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 06, 2013 07:10PM
avatar Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 07, 2013 08:13AM
A bear atop Snow Creek trail has figured out how to open any bear can. This bear raids the oft-used camp above/just before that 3000 foot drop-off…and throws the cans over the ledge.
Is this known to Yosemite Park management?
It looks like a clear case for allowing Ursacks in the park.
avatar Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 07, 2013 09:02AM

Of course they knew about the bear. Last I heard is that he is not long for this world...

The rangers went out with trip cameras and paintball gun in tow to try to re-habilitate the bear.
Doubt it worked.

This bear would love to see everyone with an Ursack. Nom nom nom.
(I guess I'll assume you were joking on the Ursack)

Ursack only works b/c the people using it a) never ran into a bear that is persisent
b) never leave the sack for too long c) they are lying d) giving some food / reward to a bear is ok
e) all of the above

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: misc Yosemite ramblings
September 07, 2013 10:21AM


Of course they knew about the bear.


Here's a quote from NPS in one of their weekly "Bear Facts" bear activity reports posted in late July:

“A bear continues to be very active around the top of the Snow Creek trail. Many visitors have reported seeing it in or around their camp. Additionally backpackers have been losing bear cans due to the bear rolling them off the edge of a cliff or into the nearby stream.”


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