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Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler

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Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 12, 2015 05:43AM
After a few year trying to catch the bus around Yosemite, I have created an app to help me https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yosemite-bus-schedule/id954918018?ls=1&mt=8

Hope helps other visitors.

Yosemite provides free shuttle service around the valley. Yosemite does not provide a service to let you know how long will take the bus to arrive to your stop in the middle of the valley.

This app provides visitors to the Yosemite Valley an schedule to know when the next bus will be arriving to your stop. The schedule gets better as more people contributes. Please help as well, and let us know when the bus arrives to your stop number.

You can also check a table of the last busses reported. This application uses your location to determine what stop are you located and how far is the bus from you.

This application is not endorsed by Yosemite National Park.

- Provides a list of busses servicing the Yosemite Valley reported by users.
- Only people located at the Yosemite Valley can report busses.
- Creates a matrix of all the stops at Yosemite and their location including 13a and 13b at Camp Curry.

This application may continue to use GPS in the background, which can dramatically decrease battery life.
Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 12, 2015 08:15AM
Having availed myself often of the many Valley, Tuolumne, and Yarts buses, (and knowing many of the drivers) -
All I know is that even with set schedules, actual times often vary greatly - even hourly depending on -
Crowds, traffic, time of day, weather, (phase of the moon?), driver attitude, and whether or not some dufus spots something like a deer, bear, or rock and stops their car right in the middle of road.
Good luck with that Ap thing.
Buses in the park run on "Yosemite time" - not exact schedules...(Well maybe the Yarts comes close but not the shuttles.)
just my 2ยข
Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 12, 2015 08:23AM
Having spent 21 volunteer seasons in Yosemite . . .I can only mirror whatMarkskor says. In an ideal world the system would work great. In the Yosemite world of summer, just get to know your fellow passengers and have a good timeDancing GIrl
Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 12, 2015 08:35AM
Oh, forgot to add the typical 20 minute delays due to road maintenance issues, and the length of the lines at entrance stations.
Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 12, 2015 08:08PM
Respectfully, something about this thread boggles my mind. Does anyone in Yosemite Valley really need an Ap of the Yosemite shuttle bus schedule? Why would that be when the shuttle buses do not run on time?

Too often have seen someone lambaste/ berate a Valley shuttle driver because the bus was a few minutes late...then get on the bus and refuse to move back, even when asked...or enter by the rear door even though clearly it says not to... and then get off and cross in front of the bus, delaying it for all... leaving their empty water bottle as trash on the bus.

I guess shouldn't be surprised about this bus Ap thing when half the bus riders have their noses buried in their cell phones ...Probably nothing to see in Yosemite Valley anyway...important to be on a tight vacation schedule, check that email, stay connected, and get that Ap.

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avatar Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 13, 2015 12:58AM
Does anyone in Yosemite Valley really need an Ap of the Yosemite shuttle bus schedule?

No. And why do we need an "app" for everything when we have browsers that do just as good?
avatar Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 13, 2015 08:12AM
Why bother with an app? You're on vacation - RELAX. DNC puts out a little map of all the bus stops, and the dates those stops are in use. Find the nearest stop, sit there, relax, enjoy the scenery, a bus will be along soon.
Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler
January 13, 2015 11:30AM
There is already an app that has Yosemite shuttle routes and times on it. It is call Chimani Yosemite and one of the features this app has is the schedule of the shuttles. However, it does not take in account delays and just posts the schedule and there is no way people can post if the shuttle is running on time or not.
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