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Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (74% of Full)


Tenaya Canyon Rockfall

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Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
June 19, 2015 06:28AM
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
June 19, 2015 05:19PM
Here's the video of the photos he shot:

Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
June 25, 2015 08:02PM
Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 05, 2015 10:30AM
Just hearing of this here. Arrived in Yosemite Valley June 14...hiked up Clouds Rest June 19. Hmmmm. A ranger was on top...no mention of this either.
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 05, 2015 09:18PM
Did you do it in one day, out and back? I have a few nights booked at Tuolumne in September. It will be my groups third attempt at CR. The last two seasons our trips were cut short due to the fires.
Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 06, 2015 05:39AM
I did it on Wednesday, June 17, from Tuolumne Lodge. Took the 8 am free shuttle bus from the lodge to the trail head. Was on the trail before 8:30. Back at the trail head around 3:20.

The 3:34 bus did not run. Neither did the 4:04 bus. Around 4:15 an outbound bus passed by, and came back from Olmstead Point ten minutes later. I got the usual excuse: only one bus of the supposed three was in service, and the one that did run paid no attention to the posted schedule. In theory, the bus run should take a half hour from Tuolumne Lodge to Olmstead Point, and there should always be two on the course at any time (starting from either end on the hour and half hour). Same thing happened last year. So if you have a car, it is better to avoid the shuttle (Unless you enjoy standing for an hour by the highway. You have to be visible at the bus stop or he won't even slow down).

The river crossing was low enough that the stepping stones were uncovered. There were several possible water spots before the last slog up to the summit. I saw about three dozen people on the summit, and a similar number along the trail. This was in contrast to Mount Watkins the next day, which was deserted.

This hike is a real grind for someone who has just arrived from sea level. You might be better off trying something easy, like Mt Watkins on your first day:
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 06, 2015 08:35PM
Thanks for the great info. Which trailhead did you start at? Sunrise? I plan to stay two nights prior to the hike if weather and fires cooperate; to acclimatize. Hike the next day, then stay at Tuolumne one last night and leave the next day. Three nights/four days.
Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 06, 2015 12:11PM
Did it as a dayhike from Sunrise. Drove up from Yosemite Valley, leaving early enough to avoid the Tioga Road construction...they were just setting up. Happy to see the rocks exposed to cross the creek.

Seven of us including 3 noobs. And the longest hike for my husband, so far, with his new hip. It was quite warm, too. We all made it up and back fine. As wherever said, water was available and we filtered on our way back. Just didn't miss the construction delays on the way back to the valley.

(Was in Tuolumne the next week. We used the shuttle and the driver said all three shuttles wouldn't be in service until the weekend of the 4th.)
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 06, 2015 08:37PM
Thanks for the info. Was your hike from the Sunrise trailhead or Sunrise HSC? Our trip last year was aborted when they had us evacuate Sunrise HSC the day before our planned CR hike due to the fire.
Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall
July 07, 2015 09:04AM
Sunrise trailhead and, by the description, wherever started from the trailhead also
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