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Re: 5 dead 2 injured in auto collision near Yose

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5 dead 2 injured in auto collision near Yose
October 25, 2015 03:36PM
Looks like the crash occurred on HWY 120 near groveland.


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avatar Re: 5 dead 2 injured in auto collision near Yose
October 25, 2015 11:47PM
Really sad news. According to news reports the accident occurred at around 6:30 PM. That would be about 20 minutes after sunset.

The video shown on KNTV11 showed that the accident occurred where center strip was double-yellow (no passing) and not at the portion just to the east of Smith Station Road (County Hwy J132) that's fairly straight with a dashed yellow line (passing allowed). The CHP is asking for anyone who might have witnessed the crash to contact them as they can't determine right now which vehicle crossed over the double-yellow.

Re: 5 dead 2 injured in auto collision near Yose
October 26, 2015 12:46PM
Horrible may they RIP. SR120 between Groveland and the park is a dangerous highway due to impatient speeders passing slower vehicles. With all the hilly grades there is a tendency for larger slower vehicles to stack up chains of following vehicles. At passing sections speeders scream ahead only to be quickly stuck behind the next slow chain of cars a mile or two ahead. So from that perspective they gain little with their emotional tantrums and should instead be content to wait until they reach Don Pedro Reservoir where 2 lanes in each direction is more common.



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Re: 5 dead 2 injured in auto collision near Yose
October 26, 2015 05:45PM
There are certainly quite a few aggressive, impatient drivers out there. I use the pullouts and let them all pass, particularly at night. Don't enjoy anyone following behind. Tailgating or not, either way it's annoying.

However, the speeders don't compare to the truly reckless, mindless drivers. For instance, about a month ago I was caught behind a car where the driver and passenger were goofing off watching videos on a phone. Fairly certain it was the driver holding the phone with her right hand. Repeated pattern of speeding up, slowing back down, swerving across the double-yellow into the other side. That went on from Porcupine to beyond a few miles beyond Tamarack, before finally getting a chance to safely pass. Two young ladies in that car. My hiking buddy and I contemplated reporting their license plate to the authorities, probably should've. When a police/ranger SUV sped east just outside the park entrance with its lights on, we thought an incident might have occurred involving that car. Luckily didn't hear or read about any accident reports on that day. Also a couple of rather close calls this past summer at night - dangerous passers in the Oakdale/Escalon/Manteca stretch. Un-nerving when you see headlights coming directly at you. But there was enough shoulder, emergency-lane to use for escape. Each time, the car passing in the opposite direction barely found a spot to sneak into. Probably a couple of seconds to spare, if I don't react. And he's still behind a long line of cars. Might have been more dangerous for the car behind me, honestly. He would have less time to react.

For those involved in the Smith Station SR-120 accident, it's just awful & unfortunate. What can you say. Perhaps completely avoidable, but finding out who was ultmately at fault won't bring back the deceased. Hopefully the two individuals that were airlifted out, survive.
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