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Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance

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Stacy Arras Disappearance
July 18, 2016 12:54PM
As many of us know, Stacy disappeared 35 years ago in the Sunrise Lakes / HSC area. Unfortunately she was never found. It's sad that we may never know what happened.
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
July 30, 2016 09:57PM
Having never heard of her I googled. Found this facebook page article. https://www.facebook.com/WeWontForgetThem/posts/1051603444853692:0

And this on the NPS site https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/foia/upload/Released-files-for-Stacy-Arras-case.pdf

What a VERY strange and sad case. What in the world happened to her? We will probably never know.
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
August 04, 2016 03:56PM
This is one of the great mysteries. Other than dropped lens cap, not a single trace of her. No piece of clothing, jewelry, camera, or fanny pack. The fatigued older guy that had been following her alerted others promptly when she didn't return. The searches were organized timely. The area is just so vast, who knows which direction she went. Did she climb a dome and slip on the way down? Was there foul play from a backpacker she came across? If someone ever found her skeletal remains, the metal braces would be still attached to her teeth. So the ID would be relatively easy.

It's baffling how someone can disappear like this. Happens to solo hikers a lot more regularly. Her father must live with constant guilt and regret. Different story if he tagged along.
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
August 04, 2016 05:24PM
This description from the Facebook page is, well, interesting:


Stacy rode into an area of Yosemite with her father and 6 others where they reached a cluster of cabins, where people could rest up overnight. The group tied the horses and some of them went into the cabins to freshen up. After getting changed into different clothes Stacy left her cabin with the intention of photographing the lake, she had her camera with her. She asked her Dad if he wanted to go with her to lake but he declined and instead a 72 year old man from their group decided to go with her instead, after a little while down the hill the elderly man felt tried and sat down, the rest of the group watching from up above saw the man sit down. They all watched as Stacy went on a little further towards the lake, go behind a couple of trees and eventually disappear from sight, after a few moments when she didn't return the elderly gentleman was a little worried and gathered the others for a search, they found Stacy's lense from her camera just a little way into the woodland but no other clues were found.

I wonder how accurate the above portrayal is. There are no lakes near/visible to Sunrise HSC, and if only the elderly man accompanied her (implying the rest of the group stayed at camp) how was the rest of the group watching "from above"... unless the lake in question is pooling/flooding in Long Meadow, below Sunrise HSC. The problem with that hypothesis would be that 1981 was a dry year, so Long Meadow would probably have had little that resembled a lake by late-July... except perhaps the no-longer-used sanitation pond, which a trail used to lead to--following the route of the buried wastewater pipe.

On the other hand, the other news clippings suggest she was heading to Sunrise Lakes, a much more likely target (but only if they arrived at the camp via Cathedral Pass or Echo Creek/Merced Lake, otherwise they would have already passed the lake on horseback...) and it would make more sense that the "elderly man" got tired heading up to the pass between the camp and lakes. But the nearest Sunrise Lake is over a mile away, so the elderly man wouldn't have had any reason to expect her missing for at least an hour, not after "a few moments"--unless they didn't have any sense of how far away the lake was, something the choice of flip-flops vs. hiking boots suggests was the case...

Very odd...
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
August 04, 2016 05:54PM
Several of the comments on the FB page (many of which are firmly in the whack-job/conspiracy-theorist genre) allude to a book (series of books?) by David Paulides called "Missing 411." I followed a couple of links on the FB page and came across excerpts from the book discussing Stacy and, at least out of context, they make it sound like when Paulides tried to get the NPS files about Stacy through a Freedom of Information request, he was told point blank, "no way you're ever getting to see THAT file!" At first glance, that again sounds like conspiracy-theory babble but has anyone ever read any of these books? Does the full context make these impressions seem any more grounded in fact? Even in the unlikely event something untoward befell her at the hands of an NPS or other government employee, it seems like something concrete would have surfaced after all these years.
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
August 04, 2016 07:24PM
This website has a transcript from Paulides:


This again sounds like the "lake" was easily visible from camp--suggesting a flooded (lower) Long Meadow, not Sunrise Lakes.

Maybe there was a recent thunderstorm that created a temporary lake/flooding in the meadow? But, it's hard to see how anyone could go missing in Long Meadow--it's quite open, even in the "wooded" areas.

Bonus question: in the PDF from the web site linked above, why is the "search area map" of the Glen Aulin area...?
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
August 04, 2016 08:04PM
Bonus question: in the PDF from the web site linked above, why is the "search area map" of the Glen Aulin area...?

Isn't it obvious? That's where the aliens dropped her off for the government to conduct their secret experiments! I thought everybody knew that! Smiling dogpile
Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
May 23, 2017 05:54AM
There are a bunch of Youtubes out there on Paulides stuff. He has added a Hunters list. No conclusions w/o evidence, just facts. Great listening.
avatar Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance
May 23, 2017 07:51PM
I wonder why her case isn't listed among the cold cases listed here? Other cold cases of that era are listed. Maybe her case has been finally solved (though not publicized that it has been solved).


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