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Re: White Wolf Lodge Status

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White Wolf Lodge Status
July 31, 2016 08:46AM
Hello, newbie poster here with a question-does anyone have the latest "open/close" status on the White Wolf Lodge and/or dining hall? The Aramark web site originally had an opening date in June, which was recently changed to July 22, but there is no answer on the phone number provided for the dining hall (to make dinner reservations), and the reservations staff does not seem to know the status. I believe there were several building that undderwent renovation this past year (I may have seen that on this forum), so I am wondering if the work had finished on schedule for the lodge to open. I plan to call the NPS general info line this morning (after they open) to see if they have a status update, but I thought I would also pose the question here. Any info on this topic would be most appreciated.

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Re: White Wolf Lodge Status
July 31, 2016 10:03AM
An update: I was able to get current info from Aramark on White Wolf Lodge, which is indeed open for business but has no phone service-the phone lines to the main building are apparently damaged and need to be repaired, but the service provider (AT&T) has been slow to respond to repair request. ETA for the repaired phone lines is still unknown, but the Aramark staffer did say that seating for dinner will be provided for all guests staying at the lodge-the web site states that reservations are recommended, but since the phone is non-functional, it is not possible to call for reservations at the moment. Hope this helps others staying (or planing to stay) at WWL.
Re: White Wolf Lodge Status
August 01, 2016 10:31AM
I stayed at White Wolf Lodge last Monday, and at Tuolumne Meadows Lodge after that. Both were operating normally, except maybe that the restrooms were a lot cleaner than in previous years.

However, the landline to both was messed up. White Wolf has installed a tiny satellite dish for backup, but it was more than swamped trying to handle credit card transactions. One such would take more than ten minutes to go through, blocking everything else. (Do web sites no longer offer "low bandwidth" options? It seemed to be mostly doing hand shaking and trying to display unnecessary stuff.) Tuolumne Lodge actually went to "cash only" or "charge to room" at the restaurant for several days....
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