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Re: Pizza, Ahwahnee bar, Degnans, fall colors,dead trees and detour

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Pizza, Ahwahnee bar, Degnans, fall colors,dead trees and detour
October 10, 2016 12:36PM
We were in Yosemite this past weekend and have a few comments. Pizza Wars: We now have had the Loft and Curry Pizza Deck pizza within a few weeks of each other. After having Curry pizza this weekend, we have to cast our vote for the Loft pizza because it had almost twice as much cheese as what we got on the Curry pizza. In fact, the Curry pizza had some blank spots where there was no cheese on it, only toppings and sauce. Sorry Curry, but as Jeff says in Survivors - "The Tribe has Spoken." The newly redecorated Ahwahnee bar ,we will never call it the Majestic, was opened so we decided to drop in and have a drink and an appetizer. The antipasti for two was really good but that with a sparkling water and one beer was expensive, like is always is. New decor is too modern for me and IMHO does not reflect the architecture, location and history of the Ahwahnee and could be located in any hotel anywhere. In fact it looks almost exactly what I have seen in a Courtyard Marriott in San Diego. They still have not finished the bar's kitchen so the menu for food was very limited. However, it was nice doing something different while in Yosemite. While getting a #3 and #6 at Degnans found out that Sunday was the last day and the whole building will be closed for 4 - 6 months for remodeling. When I commented my disappointment about it closing for that long and I will miss my sandwich this winter, I was told there was other places to eat. Yeah, I guess that person was not aware that during the slow season, especially during the week, not many places are opened. Fall colors are just starting and I hope that the leaves will stay on long enough for people to enjoy them. Sugar Maple by the Chapel is about 1/3 in color. Each time I go, I am shocked with the amount of dead and dying trees since the last time I was there and it makes me wonder, how many will survive this. The detour and road changes from one to two lanes was interesting and we could see that some drivers were really confused how to get where they wanted to go. Lots of people pulling off the road, looking at maps. Even saw one car trying to back up so they could get back to the El Cap cross over. I also feel bad for the employee with the detour going past some of their housing. As for us, we found it a bit disconcerting to drive the "wrong way" on roads that we are not used to doing that. However, it did give us a different view point of some things. I was also surprised how many people were there and the amount of tours. I guess October is not as slow as it used to be. Well it is Yosemite and one can never have a bad time in Yosemite so it was a nice break from normal life.

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Re: Pizza, Ahwahnee bar, Degnans, fall colors,dead trees and detour
October 11, 2016 02:21PM
Re: Pizza, Ahwahnee bar, Degnans, fall colors,dead trees and detour
October 11, 2016 07:56PM
I knew someone would disagree about the pizza. LOL
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