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Re: North Pines Site 217 - 1st Timer Questions

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North Pines Site 217 - 1st Timer Questions
August 29, 2017 10:35PM
My family and I will be camping in North Pines the end of September at site 217. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the site that they could share with me. The only 2 pictures I have seen are the two (one each) on the Yosemite Valley Campgrounds and ReserveAmerica sites. We will be camping using an 18' x 10' tent. Is there room for this? In addition we would like to also put up a 12' x 12' canopy. Would there also be room for that?
Two more questions:
1) Is it possible/allowed to move the picnic table to some other spot on the site?
2) How will we be able to tell what the perimeter of the site is? In other words, how do we know where our site ends and the next site begins?
Any info/pictures on Site 217 is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
avatar Re: North Pines Site 217 - 1st Timer Questions
August 30, 2017 11:31AM
The picnic table that comes with your campsite, you can pick that up and move it to pretty much anywhere in your site you wish, that's not a problem.

On the boundaries of your site, that is often a gray area regarding where exactly your site ends, and the neighboring sites begin. Without multiple photos of your site taken from different sides and angles, it's really hard to say before you get there. Here is another photo of your site that may help a bit:

Noth Pines Site # 217
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