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Tuolumne Meadows and Lembert Dome during a summer storm, Yosemite National Park

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Drinking water and restroom availability?

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avatar Drinking water and restroom availability?
July 04, 2020 04:36PM
I don't expect to make it back to Yosemite Valley till September at the earliest. Granted, things are likely to change in the meantime, but I'm trying to glean some information on what the situation is now and what I might expect then.

I've been counting on topping up my drinking water at the Visitor Center; at Camp 4; at Happy Isles; and sometimes inside the Lodge. Are any of the above currently closed? I don't expect to get to Glacier Point this year but if I should (or for anyone else who might wonder) -- is the water on there?

I can get along fine without official restrooms when I'm out on the trail. Unfortunately, when I'm stranded in civilization (just arrived in the Valley or waiting for a YARTS bus out of the park) the bushes aren't an adequate substitute. Which of the following restrooms are currently open to the public, and/or likely to be?

-- Camp 4

-- Lower Yosemite Falls Trail area

-- Yosemite Lodge, behind the registration desk

-- Yosemite Lodge, in the food court

-- Swinging Bridge picnic area

-- Valley Visitor Center

-- Anywhere around the Village Store

-- Curry Village, near the registration building

-- Happy Isles

-- Vernal Falls footbridge

Are any restrictions in effect, like needing to wait in line six feet apart for previous users to leave?
Re: Drinking water and restroom availability?
July 05, 2020 05:01PM
I don't know about water availability because I didn't try to get any. I know that the toilets are opened in the picnic areas, Swinging Bridge, Glacier Pt and near the parking lot by the Tuolumne Meadows VC because I saw people using them. Also saw people going in and out of the one near the museum. The other areas I didn't go into. Frankly since I am a high risk person and my trip to the area was not for pleasure, I stayed away from places that had people around. The amount of the lack of social distancing and not using masks that I saw just by driving around frankly concerned me so I either didn't get out of the car unless we were the only ones around or stayed at least 20 feet from people and wore two masks. I did not go into any buildings. From what I saw how people were acting, I would not be surprised if they start having cases in the park and will eventually close down again. When we stopped for gas in Oakhurst there were people going in and out of stores not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.
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