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Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??

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Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 04:08PM
Thinking about going this weekend and am not sure if my family and I can even enter the park?? Of course we don't have to go into the valley this weekend it can/would be next week. I'm not sure with the covid problem how things work now. We want to do Yosemite falls trail and some other "not so in demand" trails. What say you Yosemite experts?
Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 04:29PM
You will need a reservation to enter the park for day use: https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/reservations.htm. They are available on this website: https://www.recreation.gov/ticket/facility/300015
Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 04:30PM
Thank you very much!
Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 05:32PM
We are thinking of flying into the area this weekend. When I say area, I mean maybe Vegas, Reno and driving a bit as we have done before. We will be in the surrounding area for a couple of weeks so we have the flexibility of those two weeks. Is there a chance that I won't be able to acquire a permit to even enter the park in that time period? Is the demand or the limiting of people that critical?

I appreciate the warning of the risk of covid. I had the virus and was lucky enough that it was more of an inconvenience than life threatening in my case. My wife was sick at the same time and tested negative???????? We believe that both of our college age kids had the virus last November in Raleigh NC while at school, their symptoms were very similar to mine. I'm in a very rural area was pretty safe and not around many people and I caught it so if you're in one of the groups due to health or age be very careful as it is IMO very contagious. It's very strange how different people have different results with the virus. I did lose my taste for a week or so but have regained it fully. No idea how at risk I am "again" but will treat it cautiously.

Thanks again!!
Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 05:04PM
If you can get a reservations, please keep this in mind, especially if you have family or friends that are in high risk groups. When I was there a few weeks ago, most people were not wearing masks when they could not practice social distancing. This was especially true at Glacier Point, Tunnel View and Gates of the Valley where it was really crowded at times. We did not get out of the car in those areas. I didn't go inside of any stores or restaurants but a friend who has, did tell me that not everyone wears a mask when inside. We saw cars from states that are across the country and/or from states that are having huge increases in Covid-19 cases. Also, keep in mind that not all of the facilities are opened so take your own food and water.
Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 05:12PM
I was in the Valley Store on Sunday and it was wonderfully well run. Only 60 people in the store at a time, being rigorously well run by someone at the door. That person was checking for masks as well and disinfecting baskets. Probably the most well run shopping experience I've had anywhere.

Trails weren't so good. Descending the JMT maybe 30% of folks had masks / wore them when they got close to others. On the other hand the trails were much less crowded than in a normal year.

So going to the Valley wasn't the worst experience ever by far. Whether it's safe enough is a decision you'll have to make.
Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 09:57PM
My friends that live in Yosemite have complained to Aramark, the NPS and Mariposa County about the lack of wearing a mask in stores, so maybe they tightened things up since I was there a few weeks ago.
avatar Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike??
July 14, 2020 08:37PM
You'll typically need a day use reservation in order to drive your own vehicle in. If you take a bus (primarily YARTS, but I suppose including a tour bus) you won't need a reservation. You could also get a lodging reservation inside the park, as well as a vacation rental at Foresta, Wawona, or Yosemite West. I believe that once you're in they don't specifically care if you head straight or somewhere else.


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