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Re: Yosemite Bear Facts October 11-17

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avatar Yosemite Bear Facts October 11-17
October 21, 2020 04:47PM
2020 Total Bear Incidents: 29
2020 Total Property Damage: $ 4,198
Compared to 2019 (the lowest year on record for number of bear incidents), bear incidents are up by 31.8% and property damage is up by 219.2%. Compared to 1998 (when incidents in the park peaked), bear incidents are down by 98.0%, and property damage is down by 99.3%.

Bear Activity Summary: Bears have been busy in Yosemite Valley, mostly eating acorns from the black oaks which seem to be producing a lot of food for all kinds of park wildlife. Four bear incidents occurred in the park this week, all in Yosemite Valley. One bear got food from picnickers at Cathedral Beach Picnic Area and also from people at Swan Slab climbing area. There were also two incidents in park housing this week. One incident involved a bear ripping siding off of a house going after a wasp nest, and another involved a bear damaging a camper shell on a truck in an attempt to get in for an attractant.

There are many bears in Yosemite Valley right now, so please remember to store your food properly and to report bear sightings and incidents. If you see a bear in the park please give the bear plenty of space—at least 50 yards—more if the bear is reacting to your presence. Bears drawn into the Valley for plentiful natural foods (like acorns) can easily become habituated to human presence leading to problems later in the bear’s lifetime. With Halloween approaching, remember that pumpkins are food! Do not leave them out in the park or other areas with bears.

Red Bear, Dead Bear: Please help protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and being prepared to stop for animals in roadways. At least fourteen bears have been hit by vehicles this year in Yosemite, and at least five of those died.

Fascinating Bear Facts: The home range of the black bear can depend on food source availability, season, and gender. Males generally range between 8-60 square miles, while females generally range between 1-15 square miles. These large ranges allow black bears to seek out many food sources as well as find mates when breeding season approaches. For more information visit https://KeepBearsWild.org

Please report bear incidents and sightings: Call the Save-A-Bear Hotline at +1 209 372-0322 or e-mail yose_bear_mgmt@nps.gov.
avatar Re: Yosemite Bear Facts October 11-17
October 22, 2020 10:58AM
Thanks for the update.
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