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Re: Valley Reservations

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Valley Reservations
May 16, 2006 07:39PM
Have been trying to get reservations in the valley for June 16-21 for months (since Feb) but the valley was booked only hours after the reservation line opened.

Have reservations at Hodgdon Meadows; but it seems a ways from the valley.

Was wondering if it was worthwhile to continue efforts to get into the valley, or if Hodgdon is equally as nice.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Forgive the long post, I am a novice.
Re: Valley Reservations
May 17, 2006 05:56AM

As you've noted, available campsites in Yosemite Valley are often reserved as soon as they become available. Hodgdon Meadow is about 40 minutes from the Valley.

You have a few options 1) you could consider is trying to get reservations for a tent cabin in Curry Village (prices start at around $70). The phone # for the front desk is 209-372-8334 or 8333. Another option (2) is Sunnyside campground which is also in the Valley. It is a first-come first-served campground...but there is often a line of people wanting to get the sites. 3) At times you can get a campsite by getting in line early and hoping for a cancellation for that day. Only thing is, if you're planning on staying for say, 4 days, and the person that cancelled was only staying two nights then you will be doing the same thing again in a couple of days.

You may find that Hodgdon Meadow is most appealing to you at this point.

Jon Shannon
Re: Valley Reservations
May 17, 2006 07:53AM
Hodgdon Meadows isn't a bad campground. It's decently close to the Valley. I camped their last year and it only took me 40-50 minutes to get into the valley in August even with roadwork going on.

The only complaint i had while there was the fact that the ground wasn't flat. There is a gas station close to the entrance to the park near Hodgdon Meadows. It's cheaper than gas in Crane Flat and pretty well stocked on things you might need. I also didn't encounter a single bear there though that might be because i went in late august.

I'd take the reservation there. Your other options are all going to be worse. Wawona is further away from the valley than the H. Meadow. I tried booking for curry village weeks ago but there were no openings. You might get into camp 4 since it's first come first serve but why take a chance?
avatar Re: Valley Reservations
May 21, 2006 09:38PM
I wouldn't waste my money on booking tent cabins at Curry Village. It's the most unpleasant way to spend a night in Yosemite Valley. You get to enjoy all the inconveniences that camping (noisy neighbors, no food in cars or inside tents, no indoor plumbing) and lodging (expensive, no cooking) have to offer.

If you can't find a campsite in the Valley, Housekeeping Camp located by the Merced River in the Valley offers a better value than a tent cabin at Curry Village. At least at Housekeeping Camp, the bear lockers are located next to your unit; you get to also park your car near your unit, and best of all, you are allowed to cook by your unit.

Re: Valley Reservations
June 05, 2006 12:29PM
I know it seems like a 40 minute drive is a long way from the Valley, but we're not talking about a commute through urban rush-hour traffic. You're looking at a 40-minute drive through some of the most beautiful country in California. Unless you're doing a hike, such as Half Dome, that requires that you get started at the crack of dawn, I would suggest you camp wherever you can and relish the opportunity to see as much of the park as possible.

I've found that, no matter where I camp, I end up doing a good deal of driving in the park, because the various places I want to visit are far apart. It's a big park, and that's how it goes. I don't mind it at all.
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