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Yosemite Falls

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Feeling low....

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Feeling low....
June 24, 2013 08:02PM
No--it's not the rain....

You may have noticed that we haven't posted any trip reports yet this summer--we're usually good for five or six trips a summer, and had big plans for this year. In fact, we've had two different hikes on our agenda, and we've had to cancel both of them because I have been under the weather.

And today, after two weeks of lesser drugs and numerous doctor's visit, we now know that it is more than just the lingering after--effcts of all that air travel. It's pneumonia.

The good news? New drugs and some enforced rest should lead to a relatively speedy cure.

We're aleady looking at the calendar and allowing our thoughts to wander to distant mountains and thin air...

Cough cough.

Maybe wait a week.

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avatar Re: Feeling low....
June 24, 2013 10:21PM
Hope you feel better soon!
avatar Re: Feeling low....
June 24, 2013 11:07PM
Hopefully with some rest and antibiotics you should be cured of your pneumonia in the very near future.

I came down with pneumonia earlier this spring but within two days of contracting it, I was pretty sure what I had and I stopped by the local urgent care center to see a doctor to confirm it. Based on my symptoms and x-rays of my lungs, it was confirmed that I indeed had contracted pneumonia. Fortunately, the antibiotic I was prescribed was very effective and within three days my high fever was completely gone. My cough did linger for about three more weeks.

avatar Re: Feeling low....
June 25, 2013 05:50AM
I had an elderly relative go through that a year ago. It's a very nasty illness that sneaks up on you. Only cure is rest, hydration, and antibiotics. Hang in there. Hope you can get on the trails soon.
Re: Feeling low....
June 25, 2013 08:57AM
My condolences...when it comes to Yosemite, it's hard enough to keep the "hikes-to-do" list under control when you're able to get on (or off, as the case may be) the trails on a regular basis. It really sucks that you've had to keep a couple of the entries on there longer than you'd planned. Hope your new regime gets you back into your hiking boots quickly!
avatar Re: Feeling low....
June 26, 2013 01:59PM
Best wishes. Hope you can get back on the trails soon.
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