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Yosemite Valley

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White Wolf to Ten Lakes

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White Wolf to Ten Lakes
August 06, 2014 11:40AM
I am backpacking from White Wolf campground trailhead to Ten Lakes next weekend and am struggling to find information about the route, since most trail descriptions start from the Ten Lakes trailhead instead.
I am just looking for any type of guidance on how to get to Ten Lakes once on the trail, and about how long you think it will take. (route is 9.3 miles). Do we take the Lukens Lake trail until it runs into Ten Lakes?
Also, any suggestions on where to set up camp once we get there? We are hiking in on Saturday morning and leaving Sunday!

Any help would be SO appreciated!
Re: White Wolf to Ten Lakes
August 06, 2014 03:02PM
I don't recall anything special about that section of trail. It's wooded, relatively viewless, pleasant enough. Gentle duff (compared to most of what we do) is what I remember most. After you junction with the main Ten Lakes trail you'll really start to go up. I don't have a good memory for trail details unless they are particularly pretty or particularly difficult. The connector is not something I remember well.

I have been to the overlook over the Ten Lakes basin more times than I can count, from the main trailhead and from the east. But I haven't camped in that basin much. Others will hopefully give you more advice. The drop into Ten Lakes basin is steep, and then you have to find a camp. From previous posts, it sounds like taking the time to explore past the first big one is worth it if you want peace.

Honestly, with a Tom Harrison paper map (or electronic equivalent) and the signs, you shouldn't get lost on that section from WW to the main Ten Lakes trail. It's the only one in the area that cuts across like that. I don't have a picture of the signs at the trailhead handy, but I wouldn't be surprised if at least one mentions Ten Lakes. I always think of the "Lukens Lake Trail" as the one from the road to the lake. The trail from WW to Ten Lakes trail, I think of as a convenient connector.

As for time... it all depends on you and your groups' abilities. Generally, I'd factor 2 miles an hour including breaks, maybe add more for lunch? It gets pretty at Half Moon Meadow and the climb up from there is steep. If this is your first Yosemite hike, play the time conservatively so you don't have to rush. And you'll be getting close to 10k' elevation. That can affect your speed, too... and pack weight, and weather, so many variables... So that is a hard question for anyone to answer for you.

I *know* others have been to Ten Lakes more frequently, I'm sure they can help out more, but wanted to say hi!

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avatar Re: White Wolf to Ten Lakes
August 06, 2014 04:24PM
If you're looking to get to Ten Lakes ... then I'll tell you the same thing I told another forum personage
just a day or so ago... Take THE Ten Lakes Trail.
As she said... from WW to Ten Lakes trail... it's forested and not many views... it's pleasant and all
but you are going to climb 1K feet in that distance... and not go by Lukens Lake at all.
On the way out you have a climb back up and over the ridge to get back to WW.
Maybe Ten Lakes TH is full??

Of WW->Ten Lakes, Lukens->Ten Lakes, and Ten Lakes TH proper. WW to Ten is the last one I
would take in order of ranking... unless you are doing a GCT loop...

Have fun... there's a lot of great things to explore in Ten Lakes Basin.

gmap4 is a great map if you don't have one... try this:

Have fun

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: White Wolf to Ten Lakes
August 06, 2014 04:29PM
The Ten Lakes trailhead start was full for the day that we needed, and they recommended starting at White Wolf instead (I think mainly because of parking)

Is there a way to get around this, or a better way to go starting from WW to get to Ten Lakes?? I agree with you it seems pointless to add 1000 feet of climbing on a boring trail for no reason.
avatar Re: White Wolf to Ten Lakes
August 06, 2014 05:39PM
There's plenty of parking at Lukens. But you don't save any elevation climb. You actually end up climbing more...
and then there's the whole Lukens Trail to the South is closed... so maybe they don't want you leaving a car
at Lukens... but then they would close Lukens to north too... anywho...
Lukens start you do get to check out Lukens Lake..
It's a good haul from WW or Lukens start. A good 1000 ft. then - 500- ish followed by nice , what 1600 ft. to
Ten Lakes Pass. Maybe get there bright and early and just hope for same-day. Dunno what size of
your group is... that obvious plays a big factor.
Same day is, wow, 16. So your chances are perhaps decent... but then there's the whole getting a permit
the day before thing that can take up the Sat. FCFS quota.
24+16 per day to Ten Lakes. Wow. That's a lot.
It's only 6+4 for WW campground... so I'd say you have a decent shot at Ten Lakes.
School is not in yet though. I dunno. Best of luck.

Have fun whichever way you end up going

Chick-on is looking at you!
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