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Yosemite Valley

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Re: Backpack trip in mid September

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Backpack trip in mid September
August 27, 2014 10:18PM
Hello all, very happy to have stumbled onto this forum….I am a relatively inexperienced backpacker having made 4 previous trips to Yosemite (Glen Aulin, May Lake, Lehamite Creek, and Young Lakes) usually going with my son and/or daughter and grandson. Due to scheduling problems, we couldn't make a trip this summer sooooo, since I would love to get a quick (kinda easy) mountain fix in, I am thinking of making a quick (2 night) solo trip around September 15th. I have 3 tentative potential trip plans, somewhat depending upon getting a walk-in permit:

1. Cathedral Lakes (1st night) to one of the Sunrise Lakes (2nd night) and 3rd day exit at Tenaya Lake
2. Lyell Canyon to Ireland Lake (1st night) to Vogelsang (2nd night) and exit 3rd day via Rafferty Creek
3. Mono Pass/Parker Pass trailhead to one of the Sardine Lakes just into Ansel Adams Wilderness (1st & 2nd night base camp) and maybe just explore that general area around Parker Pass, etc

Do any of you have any thoughts or comments or preferences re these proposed trips? I will obviously have to pay close attention to weather but it seems like I can make a pretty quick exit if weather appears to be an issue. However, do you happen to know if the Tuolumne Meadows store/grill will be open in mid September? How about the backpackers campground and/or the Tuolumne Meadows shuutle buses? Anyway, thanks for this fun and informative forum and the help.
avatar Re: Backpack trip in mid September
August 28, 2014 06:05AM
Typin on iPhoney so ani spellin errors nut mi fault.
That order purty good.
You should go n just walk down list.
Or maybe go with Lyell in Raffery out.
Or vice-versie. Grill n Shuttle n CG pretty
sure gonna be closed.
With only u u should def be able to get
one of those fcfs.
Be flexible on those THs.
Just be prepared for a bit of snow
worse case... been snowed on in
Sept many times... but always v little
accum with still easy to see trail.

Have fun

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Backpack trip in mid September
August 28, 2014 10:50AM
Thanks chick-on. If the shuttles aren't running, I may just do an out and back of some sort on the Cathedral Lakes option (which is kinda my first choice anyway) and provided I get a FCFS permit. If I'm reading the map correctly, it looks like the walk from Tenaya back to the car at the Cathedral Lakes TH is around 7 or 8 miles. I'm a lazy hiker/backpacker so I may not wanna do that!!!
Re: Backpack trip in mid September
September 02, 2014 09:16PM
The Lyell to Ireland/Evelyn Lakes to Vogelsang to Rafferty and out is a favorite hike of mine, though I haven't camped at Ireland itself -I've camped in the area. I'd put that at the top of my list - and you don't have to worry about shuttles.

I LOVE Mono/Parker Pass area (and on to Koip Peak Pass and beyond)... but haven't gone down to Sardine Lake, but if you use that as your base camp so you can go back to Parker Pass and explore around there... Yummy.

And if the shuttles are running, or you feel comfortable trying to hitch, Cathedral to Sunrise TH is nice... But that's the order *I'd* put them in, for me, to just tool about up there. But... ending at Tenaya Lake... a nice swim there at the end of the day... aaaah smiling smiley

But my bias is towards alpine scenery. You'll be in the trees more with the Cathedral to Sunrise hike and it's also very lovely. Hopefully, you'll end up doing them all.

See what you can get this time (with an eye on the immediate weather forecast) and enjoy! smiling smiley
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