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Nevada Falls

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Re: Daze Quiz

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Daze Quiz
November 10, 2014 09:46PM
I figured that I would challenge myself to see how many of the wonderful photos that chick-on took for his daze series that I could identify. I allowed myself to looks at maps but not to go back and search through chick-on's past posts or his bountiful photo galleries. I'm guessing I will get about 70% right. Maybe a scoring system of 2 for a correct answer, 1 for a partially correct answer (i.e. In the ballpark) and of course 0 for an incorrect answer. I guessed for a few locations but also kept some blank. Here are my answers, lets see how I do.

1. Wawona Dome
2. Chilnulna
3. Alder Creek Drainage
4. Chilnulna Creek
5. In between # 4 and # 6
6. Alder Creek
7. Empire Meadows or Deer Camp
8. In Between # 7 and # 9
9. Wawona Meadow
10. Rancheria Creek
11. Somewhere up Rancheria Creek
12. Mist Trail
13. Starr King, from East
14. Merced River Canyon
15. Diving Board
16. Liberty Cap Gully

1. Grizzly Peak
2. Back of Half Dome
3. Nevada Falls
4. View of Moriane Dome
5. South Dome (Original Name)
6. El Cap Meadow and Merced River
7. Panorama Cliffs
8. Devil's Bathtub
9. Off of Hwy 41
10. Bridalveil Creek Drainage
11. Near Badger Pass
12. Hetch Hetchy (Original Dam Height)
13. Swamp Lake
14. Hetchy, near Wapama Falls
15. Lake Eleanor
16. Kibbie Lake
17. Lake Eleanor Dam
18. Lake Eleanor Trail
19. Yosemite Creek
20. Mt Watkins area

1. Waterwheel
2. Mattie Outlet
3. Tuolumne Peak area, above GCoT
4. Ten Lakes
5. Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne
6. Near White Wolf
7. Double Rock
8. Near top of #2
12. Falls Creek
13. Andrews Lake
14. Echo Creek
15. Mt. Lyell and Maclure from the west
17. Echo Lake
18. Half Dome from Hidden Lake area
19. Pothole Dome
20. Grand Canyon

5. Kuna Creek
6. Donohue Peak
7. Ireland Lake from Amelia Earhart Peak
8. In between Siesta Lake & Yose Creek Campground/Tioga Rd Junction, ~.3 mile south of Tioga Rd
9. Illilouete Creek, nearish Grayling Lake
10. Going up to Gray Peak
11. Looks like oak trees, lower elevation ??
12. Edith Lake
13. Unmaned Lakes Below Edith
14. Looking up Kendrick Creek, towards Edith
15. Seki?
16. Seki?
17. Same as # 15
18. Near 8235 Dome in Illilouette Basin
19. Lake Below Gray Peak, Mt Clark in Backgroun
20. Looking towards Red Peak from Gray Peak
21. Hoover Creek, Mt Starr King background
22. Buena Vista Crest in background, Near Mono Meadow area
23. Clark Range View from Mt Bruce/ Buena Vista Area
24. Buena Vista Crest
25. Horse Thief Canyon
26. Merced Peak Fork
27. Post Peak Pass
28. Isberg

1. Meadow Fire from Illilouette Ridge
2. Dewey Point
3. Old Inspiration or Stanford/Crocker Points
4. Above Tenaya, Stately Pleasure Dome I believe
5. Somewhere in the Domes south of Glen Aulin and North of Tioga Road
6. South Fork of Cathedral Creek, by GCoT
7. Tenaya Peak (or approach)
8. Mildred Lake
9. Echo Lake
10. Tenaya Canyon
11. Mt. Hoffmann
12. May Lake area (ridge east of lake or along the trail to it)
13. Tenaya Canyon
14. Barney Lake
15. Rock Island Lake in the distance, one of the canyons by crazy mule gulch, more to the west
16. Kerrick Canyon
17. Thompson Canyon
18. East Side somewhere, descending into Robinson Creek, maybe from Little Lake
avatar Re: Daze Quiz
November 11, 2014 08:58AM
To help you (and others) self-grade...here are the trip reports for the ones above that I was involved with:

Jan/Feb #10-11 here.

May/June #9-12 here.

July/August 25-28 here.

Sept/Oct #10 here.

All great trips...wish I could do more with Da Bird...but as you can tell it always seems to take me a couple of recovery months before I am ready to go out againConfused
avatar Re: Daze Quiz
November 11, 2014 11:06AM

I know Buster knows Yosemite. Not sure he wants his score tho.
Since he took the time... Here's his score:

1. 1+2+0+0+1+0+0+1+2+0+0+2+1+1+2+2=15/32
2. 1+1+2+1+1+2+2+1+1+0+0+2+1+2+2+2+2+1+2+1=27/40
3. Numbers off... Gave credit for Mattie/GCT 2 per. and 1 per Echo Crk + Lyell/Mac= 6/42 (ouchie)
4. 0+0+0+0+2+2+2+2+0+0+0+2+2+2+0+0+0+0+1+2+2+2+1+1+2+2+2+2+2+0=33/56
5. 2+2+1+2+2+0+2+2+2+2+2+2+1+2+2+2+2+0=30/36 (crushed it)

Total: 111/206

In the spirit of Whose Line Is It Anyway? ... He really gets 9 billion pts.

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Daze Quiz
November 11, 2014 02:35PM
A little over 50% is better than I expected but worse than I hoped. At first I thought it wouldn't be too hard because of all the places I did recognize, but once you try it, it is really hard to pin down locations. I went through my own photos of trips past and it can be difficult to find the locations, especially for off trail areas. The change of perspective can be subtle but dramatic. If you haven't been at the exact location it can be hard to pin it down. Plus, the longer time since I had been in the area made it harder to remember the location. Guess that means I need to get out more often.

Anyhow, thanks to chick-on for putting up all the wonderful photos in the first place and then giving me a grade for each location. Could there can be an answer key in the future just to know the actual locations.
avatar Re: Daze Quiz
December 14, 2014 09:24AM
Here be the exact locations...

Clicky Here and Zoom Around and Stuff

Obviously I need to get out more

Still Wurking on Nov/Dec

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Daze Quiz
November 11, 2014 02:01PM
Over 50% is way better than I could do.

For July/Aug #9 and #10 you're thinking too far east, into the Clark Range. Not quite that far, here's my TR: http://yosemitenews.info/forum/read.php?17,76415
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