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Yosemite Valley

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Re: looking for 6-12 mile day hike this wknd in Yo valley area - any recs given low snow?

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heading to Yosemite this weekend - know there is less snow than usual - looking to do a hike anywhere from 6-12 miles - med to strenuous. prefer Yosemite Valley but happy to hear all thoughts.......need advice for hikes this time of year and given unfortunate low snowpack..... any thoughts by Sat morn would be appreciated! thanks friends & cheers! annie
Re: looking for 6-12 mile day hike this wknd in Yo valley area - any recs given low snow?
January 29, 2015 05:09PM
This might be a good weekend to do a trip in the valley... Good idea! You'll have lots of options, all good. You might encounter some ice up high, so traction devices for your footwear might be needed.

  1. Vernal and Nevada Falls via Mist Trail, head into Little Yosemite Valley as far as you want (where the Meadow Fire devastation starts...?) and turn around
  2. Up and back down Four Mile Trail*
  3. Out and back to the top of the Snow Creek switchbacks
  4. Out and back to the top of Yosemite Falls or Yosemite Point
  5. Out and back on Pohono Trail from Tunnel View (or Bridalveil via old Wawona Road)
  6. In and out to Rancheria Falls in Hetch Hetchy
  7. Out and back on the Old Big Oak Flat Road Trail to Cascade Creek (from Foresta Trailhead)
  8. Out and back on the Old Big Oak Flat road to Rainbow View or Gentry's (from valley)
  9. Out and back in both the Merced and Tuolumne Groves

There are a few nice traverses that don't require retracing your steps (North Rim, El Cap, Four Mile-Panorama) but they are all beyond your mileage range and would require a car shuttle.

* Might need to watch out for strange birds on this one...
SUCH an incredible array of hikes, some i know, some i don't ---- i can't pick just one!

thank you so much. this give me a lot to think about, research, and look at lots of maps -- my favorite thing.

really appreciate it. can't wait to get up there. cheers & see you in the mtns, annie
Up 4 mile to Glacier Pt., and down Panorama and Mist trails to
Valley floor. See every inch of Yosemite Falls and stand at the
top of 3 other waterfalls. Visual gluttony of GP. Side trips to
Union Pt. and Panorama Pt. Several vantage points of
Half Dome, Tenaya Canyon, Clouds Rest, etc.

Probably 13-14 miles all told, but you will wish it was longer.
wow - fantastic. Visual Gluttony is probably my favorite phrase of the year/ever.......... any sense of what the snow on the trail be like right now ---- ? don't mind tromping on some snow pockets here and there at all tho not a super snow hike. cheers! annie
Snow won't be a problem on any of the above mentioned hikes, although ice and icey patches will be. Of the trails mentioned, the 4 Mile Trail will be the iciest as it is north facing. I did the trip up to Little Yosemite Valley a couple of weeks ago and it is pretty much snow and ice free and could be done without traction devices...but they are still nice to have just in case.

If you do that trip...right as you get to the trail split in LYV that has the sign that indicates that both trails lead to the campground, look for the unmarked climber's trail heading off to the left. Follow this just a few steps to the top of the low ridge that runs back the way you just came from, and head that way, towards Liberty Cap. It is an east meander to some great slaps with nice views of the back of Half Dome, and leads to a pretty easy scramble up to the top of Liberty Cap.

Have fun, be safe!
thank you SO much - excellent info to add to my list and about the current snow/ice info........ and love the tip about the climber's trail, really appreciate that! can't wait to get on the trails -annie
Soooo... what did you end up doing?? I wonder if we might've seen you?
hey, thanks for checking back in, Just Keep Walking!

wow- the weather stayed "epic" as you know, gorgeous for hiking and trails were in xcellent no-snow condition. since i was hiking solo on Sunday, decided to keep it to something simple, safer and extraordinary - did the Yosemite Falls hike and then couldn't resist and went the last mile up to Yosemite Point, which was my fave mile of the hike --- seeing the wilderness back behind the falls.

i'm a blogger and i write about what i love: The Outdoors and specifically hiking, so i'll be posting a Trail Report soon if u have any interest at www.OutdoorsyMama.com

would like to THANK this group for all the great suggestions -- i CAN"T WAIT to explore some of these other hikes, specifically the loops, and am hoping to get back in April.

*which hike did you do? did you see me? big red backpack, solo me smiling smiley -a
Too bad you won't be posting here... Oh well... I can barely keep up with the TRs here...

Anyway, our TR is in this forum: Glacier Point - Panorama Trail
hey very cool - didn't realize we can post at TR on this --- i'll have to look into that... just getting to know this system

and love your TR - phenom pics

yes, agree..... SO MUCH READING, so little time to hike winking smiley

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