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Re: Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground

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Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground
April 03, 2015 10:22PM
In late July, three friends and myself will be backpacking in Yosemite, and I have a question about the Tuolumne Meadows backpacker campground. If we arrive into Tuolumne Meadows on Tuesday (7/21) mid afternoon, will we be able to grab a site in the campground? I don't know the size of the campground, but I have read it is busy during the summer season, so I wanted to ask.

Appreciate any insight,
Re: Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground
April 04, 2015 07:07AM
Afternoon and a weekday...no problem getting a site Tuolumne BP.
BTW, safe to leave gear unattended - backpackers do not steal. So set up your tent, reserving your night-space... recommended.
All food, etc in the bear box - paid receipt left on the small square numbered site pole.
BTW, they also recommend leaving backpack inside the bear box, but if pack is completely empty/ tent set...never had a problem.

To add...maybe 20 numbered sites and when busy, 50 groups may camp over, so any flat hole is fair game.
Expect many late arrivals - 7:00 PM YARTS will always deposit a few souls too...sharing, the only way to go.
Re: Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground
April 04, 2015 02:26PM
Just to add, some might consider going up the hill in the afternoon, bagging/paying for a site, ($6 pp/night), just stashing their loaded packs in the large bear box... and then heading down to the store. While good thinking beer-wise and safe gear-wise, do not be surprised to find that exact spot you expected to sleep on occupied by a tent when you get back. Just because you have left your receipt (yellow thing), under a rock on a numbered post, that does not mean the whole numbered site is all yours.

Since Tuolumne BP doesn't really start to fill up till about 5 - 6 PM, always a good idea to get a site as early as possible, set up your tent, (spread out a little), and then it is safe to head down to the grill/store. When you return later, you will discover a procession of late arriving hikers, all looking for any level place to crash. Tuolumne BP camp rules (Valley BP too) protocol/etiquette says all those with gear and wilderness permits are always welcome here - nobody ever gets turned away. Better to take the high road and invite a few of those passing by to join you...pick and choose who looks right...than having Joe frat-house (with his Colt 45 ghetto blaster) just settle in (legally) next to your tent.

just my 2¢
Re: Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground
April 04, 2015 04:57PM
That all sounds perfect! We'll definitely get spots selected and setup as soon as we arrive, then go to the store, post office, etc… Burgers and beer are on the to do list.

Agreed…I've never had a backpacker or hiker steal any gear, and don't worry about that. We'll be sure to share our space as needed. I'm always more worried about the real residents of a given backcountry area.

Thanks for all the good advice.
Re: Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground
April 06, 2015 07:52PM
You might also plan to pick up your permit in the afternoon. The wilderness office is always less crowded in the afternoon than in the AM
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