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Re: TR: South Rim of Yosemite Valley (4/11-4/12)

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TR: South Rim of Yosemite Valley (4/11-4/12)
April 16, 2015 11:23AM
Hello again. Decided to hike along the south rim of Yosemite Valley this time around. Started on the Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point, and then continued on the Pohono Trail to Wawona Tunnel. For this trip, we did a car shuttle leaving a few cars at the Pohono Trail / Wawona Tunnel overnight parking area, drove half the group and backpacks to the Four Mile TH, parked the cars at the Curry Village overnight parking lot, took the shuttle to the Yosemite Lodge stop, and walked over to the Four Mile TH.

This was my first time on this trail and was surprised to see how well maintained and graded it is. Compared to the hike up Snow Creek two weeks ago, this is a walk in the park. The trail was clear of snow up to about 6000'; beyond that, there were about 3 inches of snow on the trail all the way up to Glacier Point, sporadic where the sun hit, and continuous where the sun didn't reach. Both the Four Mile Trail and the Pohono Trail up to Bridalveil Creek had been well traveled and the snow packed. Temps were in the low 60s for most of the day. It was a long day, partly because of taking time to savor the views, and partly due to the slow trekking through the ice, snow, and slush. We camped just west of the footbridge on Bridalveil Creek. I counted 3 other parties and a total of 17 tents including our group. Nonetheless, there was plenty of space for everyone. At night, the temperature probably dipped into the high 20's. It was 31F at 6:30am on Saturday.

Most of the creeks were still carrying a fair amount of water: Sentinel Creek, the creek east of Taft Point, Bridalveil Creek, and Meadow Brook. Artist Creek was a small trickle near the trailhead.

We encountered many day-hikers along the way, but it wasn't as busy as in the summer. The views all along the trail and points are amazing. Some time in winter, when it snows again, I'd like to redo this loop. Below are some photos, and many more here. Enjoy.

Four Mile Trail

Yosemite Falls from the Four Mile Trail

Half Dome, Diving Board

View east from Glacier Point

Taft Point

Footbridge @ Bridalveil Creek

El Capitan

Butterfly, Painted Lady?

Meadow Brook

Artist Creek

View east from Inspiration Point
avatar Re: TR: South Rim of Yosemite Valley (4/11-4/12)
April 16, 2015 11:47AM
Tanks fur Sharon

smiling smiley

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: TR: South Rim of Yosemite Valley (4/11-4/12)
April 16, 2015 01:01PM
Thank you! I gotsta get my fixes in when I can't get out there...

But, knock on wood, leaving tomorrow to go back for 3-day! Yay!!

Oh, and 4MT has definitely been improved over the years we have hiked it! It's fabulous now!!!
Re: TR: South Rim of Yosemite Valley (4/11-4/12)
April 17, 2015 04:49AM
I always enjoy looking into that fissure in your picture. I've
taken a similar shot and showed it to little kids at home,
telling them that those are two dinosaur eggs, and when
they hatch, some hideous beasts will crawl out of that
crack and GET them.

Maybe this is why I always end up hiking alone.
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