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Re: Pohono Trail-- 2 people, 2 days?

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Pohono Trail-- 2 people, 2 days?
May 11, 2015 09:00AM
This is a very similar question to an earlier thread, but since that poster was hiking in a group of 8 I hope you'll forgive the new topic.

Two of us are hiking in from Tunnel View mid-week at the end of May. We have done a fair share of backpacking though this is our first visit to Yosemite. (This forum is super helpful, thank you!)

There seem to be a lot of options for an overnight on the Pohono Trail so I thought I'd seek your advice. I was originally thinking we would get an early start from the Yosemite Village backpackers camp, make camp somewhere in the neighborhood of Bridalveil, hike out to Glacier and back without our packs, then hike back out the way we came in the next morning. But now I'm wondering if we should consider going down the 4-Mile Trail and hitching back to the car (we only have one), or even hiking up from Tunnel View in the evening when we first get there (instead of sleeping in the backpackers camp)? I only have a wilderness permit for one night but can try to change it...

Basically wondering what the ultimate best thing to do given two nights in the park, two pretty fit human beings, and the Pohono Trail.

Thank you!
Re: Pohono Trail-- 2 people, 2 days?
May 11, 2015 11:45AM
If I was in your shoes, I would do the same thing that was suggested to me - hiking up in the evening and camp 1 mile, 1200' up from the tunnel view instead of camping at the backpacker's campground.

In our case, we rushed through the Panorama trail so much so that I would be tempted to go down via 4 mile trail. In all fairness, all of us had been to falls at least once so it's probably different for you guys.
avatar Re: Pohono Trail-- 2 people, 2 days?
May 12, 2015 06:51AM
Since first time ...
I would without question go down 4 Mile or Panorama Trail/JMT and hitchhike back to your car.
I would also start on day you get permit. Hike up to Inspiration Pt. or Stanford for night 1.
I'd rec. take it slow and stay at/nr Inspiration (Inspiration is on your RIGHT when you
hit the junction) (there is/was a firering there ... and it's a really nice view... even though it's
getting kinda destroyed by peeps imo having to have a fire and whatnot)
i.e. imo it's not as pristine as it should be... but still imo you will find it spectacular
Day 2 up Pohono ... enjoying the views... take ur time... stay at Bridalviel Crk.
No views there...
Day 3... past Taft/ go up Sentinel Dome / go to GP and go wow! ... then either
down 4 Mile (really about the nicest trail in the park that is in Yosemite Valley
that has Mile in it) (hint: they are all nice) smiling smiley
Hitchhike back to car..
Bridalviel Crk to Valley via 4 Mile about 11 miles
Bridalveil Crk to Valley via Panny/JMT about 16 miles

You can't go wrong really...
If you want most bang for your buck.. you could dayhike a lot more and back
in to Dewey from McGurk (4 miles... pretty easy) ...
Lots of options. Usually my Chick-on is looking at you! head hurts after awhile trying to do it
all every trip.

Have fun

n opologeez fur the too many use of imo and spellinz errorz

Chick-on is looking at you!
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