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Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC?

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Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC?
June 14, 2015 10:50PM

So, from the above image routing, is it a doable xc backpacking route to go from the Seavey area, up to Rock Island Lake, down into Piute Creek from Rock Island, then over to Dog Lake?

Red line is main trip loop on park trails.

Blue lines are: camp at smedberg, xc to dog lake camp, then day hike loop to rock island, then xc from dog lake to benson pass.

Orange lines: Seavey camp, then xc to rock island, into piute creek from slide area, then up to camp at dog. xc to camp at smedberg after that.

Plan has been to camp around Seavey, then trails to Smedberg camp, then follow the blue routes.

But, if it won't be a technical problem-solving challenge, I'd like to change it up and pack xc from Seavey to Rock Island to Dog to Smedberg.

Topos and Google Earth seem to suggest it will work.

And, I've seen several GE 'chicken' pics of the area, but I can't see the particular details I need heading into and out of the Rock Island Lake area.

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avatar Re: Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC?
June 15, 2015 06:27AM
It's not supremely difficult xcountry what you drew in. You have ur
hike-on ability as Advanced. I would say the only thing that is iffy
is your route down Crazy Mule Gulch. I would not recommend that
since you asked. LVRAY did that route and I thought I posted more
pix from below ... but it's sometimes difficult to follow.
I would recommend your orange from Seavey then the purple one
that is on the right... to Doe. From Doe you can go a number of
ways. Done a number of treks in this area and it's all stellar.
Am not sure why you want to go to top of Suicide Ridge from Doe
on a dayhike though. There are loads of other stuff in the
area near Doe which are worth the time and effort.
The upper reaches of Big Meadow and Wilson Creek are spectacular.

AndrewF and I were in that area last October... but we stayed on top
of the Ridge to the south the entire way instead of in the valley you
have drawn the orange line in...
Some here:

I actually still have some maps here if you want to follow part of it..

If you want a map of where have been or better Topo drawn of
which way I would take someone who has never done xcountry...
lemme know... I can prolly do that...

Have fun..

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC?
June 16, 2015 06:41AM
Hopefully that was useful. My MO is... ask more and you shall receive. Unless eye donut.
But will tell you if so.

here's the gully from Seavey-ish to Rock Isle...

Obliviously am on that ridge from 10417 to 9921 .. and that's Benson down yonder
and the gully is on the right there...

And looking back to Rock Isle a few minutes later:

If you haven't done the trail though... it's worth doing... may be doing it myself v v soon...
(although quite honestly... I have a hard time staying on trail)
Grinning Devil

Chick-on is looking at you!

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Re: Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC?
June 16, 2015 07:03PM
(although quite honestly... I have a hard time staying on trail)
Grinning Devil

Re: Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC?
June 19, 2015 11:51PM
Didn't realize I gave the lake the wrong name, but I guess from now on I should refer to it as D'oh Lake!

Thanks for the info and options.

Other features and routings I've thought of and still not certain which one(s) I'll do, but I can't let myself go a trip without some xc/bushwacking fun!

I do know I leave for Yosemite in the morning and will be hitting the trail on Sunday, so...

Figure it out on the fly. It's a solo adventure, so no big thing to just go where the views take me and the spirit moves me!

Post up when I get back at the end of the month.
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