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A Yosemite bear

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (99% of Full)


Re: 2015 trip slideshow

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2015 trip slideshow
August 16, 2015 05:26PM
This year of 2015 has been an active one for this photographer despite the drought and my old age. In fact, I've been so busy from week to week that for the last 3 months have not been able to keep up with trip report features on my web site. Of course I have for the last 6 years held an 8-5 m-f hi tech job in Silicon Valley that takes up a demanding portion of my life. But today have finally caught up and uploaded dozens of files to my site. Like the rest of my site, I've manually coded all the html besides having to do vast amounts of post processing on images. A visitor would need quite a lot of time to read through all the trip pages in the feature. At the top right on my homepage at:


One may select the sub-page link at:

2015 Trip Chronicles

That brings one to a Contents page that links to 2015 trips in chronological order and includes 3 backpacking trips and numbers of day and multi-day road trips, including a couple into Yosemite. At the top of the Contents page is a Notes link to a page that describes navigating within the feature and other information.

Easier and shorter is a slideshow linked to at the bottom of the Contents page that sequences through a selection of 90 images. Or select the below link. From the slideshow set up page, the default is for an image change every 8 seconds but can be sped up by keying >



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Re: 2015 trip slideshow
August 16, 2015 07:07PM
Beautiful slide show. The ones from Prairie Creek make me want to go there again for it has been decades. Thank you for posting. I will have to look at the trips later.
Re: 2015 trip slideshow
August 18, 2015 09:21AM
Thanks parklover. Would advise a visit during May because that is when those forests most look like lush green temperate rain forests and many of its wildflower species bloom. Of course that is when the High Sierra is still too snowy and after our Southern California desert landscapes have turned brown so is a good fit between seasons.

A few of my wildflower close-ups in the slideshow and feature.

Salinas River

Point Reyes

Tuolumne River

Trinity River

MF Bishop Creek

Re: 2015 trip slideshow
August 18, 2015 09:54AM
The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I can't remember what month it was when we went but most likely it was May or June because in those days we didn't have a child and would do a lot of our vacationing before the kids got out of school so we would miss the crowds. One of these days we need to go up the coast again. One thing that I do remember was accidentally sitting on a banana slug. We were out hiking and my boot lace became untied and I sat down on a downed log to tie it. I didn't look before I sat and got a squishy feeling. The slug was not hurt but I had to wash my hiking pants a few times before the slim was removed.
avatar Re: 2015 trip slideshow
August 18, 2015 05:10PM
Really wonderful photographs in the slide show. That's for the link!
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