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Re: Red Peak Pass Loop in May 2016

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Red Peak Pass Loop in May 2016
March 31, 2016 03:23PM

My buddy and I are heading out to Red Peak in mid May. We expect a lot of snow, especially over the pass coming down into Lake Merced.

Does anyone have pictures/status/updates of that direction? Has anyone been up there on the north aspect in early season after a heavy snow year?

Much appreciated
Re: Red Peak Pass Loop in May 2016
March 31, 2016 03:54PM
I don't think this year will end up with as much snowpack as 2005, but May is still fairly early in the season.

July 4 weekend, 2005

What was more problematic than the snowpack were the deep streams--the two crossings between Merced Pass and Lower Ottoway Lake were almost dangerously deep and swift.

Have fun and stay safe!
Re: Red Peak Pass Loop in May 2016
March 31, 2016 05:44PM
I did a loop of RPP in May of 2013. It wasn't as heavy a snow year, but you may find some helpful information in responses to questions posed prior to my trip, and in my trip report found here.

I don't recall if it was in the linked thread, but I did receive a piece of advice that, although you may already know, is good to remember. Where rocks are exposed in the snow, the heat from the sun warms them, melting the snow immediately around them, sometimes leaving a snow bridge around its perimeter. Be careful when navigating these, as even though I was conscious of it, I still find myself mid belly into the snow. I was lucky not to have gotten injured.

Be safe, have fun.
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