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Re: Water, Granite, Fun!

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Water, Granite, Fun!
June 07, 2016 07:49PM
The sun was still up when I arrived late Friday at the trailhead. I had heard from the advance party on the radio that they had found a nice campsite. The first bit of the hike was snow-free, then I entered a section where the coverage was nearly 100%.

The snow was firm enough that snowshoes were not needed... but I did manage to break one of my trekking poles in the firm snow.

Closer to the campsite the snow disappeared and the trail entered open granite. I had to cross one small, shallow stream to get to the campsite. Oddly, it was just a few feet from a campsite M and I had found in the dark last year, Once there, I unloaded and we all started dinner, including the chicken nuggets I had brought in from Oakdale.

The evening was mild and there were not many mosquitoes.

The next morning after the traditional breakfast of pancakes and bacon, the pink one and I took a day hike while JKW rested her back some more. We explored some open granite and pretty seasonal cascades.

Our small stream's cascades were impressive, but they would be gone in a month or less.

At one point in the distance we spied a coyote who hadn't gotten lost in our previous adventure's jungle.

We also passed a log completely covered with termites and ants.

There were many pools that JKW would have found inviting, despite the just-melted-snow temperature of the water.

After hiking a short TrailQuest segment, we were back at the car, where we picked up our boats for our next mini-adventure.

But first, we stopped for lunch on a small dome and enjoyed our sandwiches and cold drinks.

We encountered patches of snow along our route, but the travel was easy and straightforward.

According to the Boat Quest list, we had to hit three lakes... starting with #1.

My exit from #2 left a bit to be desired (specifically, one dry foot...), but we were soon on the largest lake enjoying the views and its many little islands.

Despite the high, thin clouds and lingering snowfields, the air was generally warm. The cool air near the patches of snow was refreshing.

The boating done, we headed along a ridge back towards camp, enjoying the views and removing a rather absurd number of ducks that seemed to lead everywhere and nowhere.

With a bit of radio coordination, we could see JKW near camp in the distance, and she could see us high on our dome.

A smooth granite ramp led us down to camp.

A nice wall along it apparently was used for some top-rope climbing, based on the hangers we saw on top of it.

Closer to camp the smooth granite was littered with various erratics.

After returning to camp, we washed a bit, rested, and then had dinner--including a dessert that required some actual cooking. The evening was a bit chillier than the previous one, but fortunately the mosquitos were still largely absent.

The next day, after a quick breakfast, we packed and returned to the trailhead. We picked a new route that turned out to be quite nice...

...especially compared to the trail, which was built more for horses and patrols going from point A to point B than hikers looking for good views.

JKW and the bird finished off a short TQ segment, then we were driving back "home". Well, almost... there was one lake that they had done a few weeks ago that I wasn't able to due to ice.

Overall, a very nice and relaxing trip, and I got to check four lakes off the "to be boated" list.

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Re: Water, Granite, Fun!
June 07, 2016 08:03PM
There were many pools that JKW would have found inviting, despite the just-melted-snow temperature of the water.

"despite"??? Hm.. "because of" might be more accurate at times!

I have recently been putting myself back into cold water and though the first hit on Memorial Day weekend was painful, I've grown accustomed to it again pretty quickly!
Re: Water, Granite, Fun!
June 08, 2016 08:19AM
If you don't mind me asking, what general area of the park were those photos taken at? We are heading up to the Ten Lakes area in a couple of weeks so if this was in that general area would give me a gauge of the snow.

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