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Fern on the Four Mile Trail, Yosemite National Park

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (48% of Full)


Hetch Hetchy- Rancheria Falls- Vernon And Laurel Lakes T.R.

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Hetch Hetchy- Rancheria Falls- Vernon And Laurel Lakes T.R.
August 15, 2016 02:52PM
Back in May I enquired in this forum about possible backpacking opportunities in Yosemite during Memorial Day Weekend. At that time, I decided to do the Rancheria Creek, Vernon Lake, Laurel Lake Loop.
I then got some really excellent advice about probable spring trail conditions including brush, high water, and snow. In considering my comfort level ,and despite some really excellent
alternative routes and location possibilities from Chick-on and JKW, I did a bike event in Paso Robles.

In July it was time to put on a pack and head out. It was a hot day by the time I had picked up a permit and headed out, and I was soon reminded that I hadn't had a pack on in almost a year.

I had plenty of day hiking company to Wapama Falls, as well as a baby bear near the start of the trail.

After the falls there were few people on the trail, and almost no one camped at Rancheria Falls

The next day it up past the Tiltill Valley, headed for Vernon Lake. Having spent most of the last year on a bike, with no pack, I was feeling it on the ridge.

Finally Vernon Lake appeared below me, and I spent a lovely evening at a campsite with a view.

The next day it was over the Falls Creek Bridge-I am really glad I did not attempt this at a time when water crests this bridge.

On through fields of flowers, and with the exception of three very pleasant people that I ran into almost every day on this trip, almost no one else on this loop.

My third night's camp- Laurel Lake was a short pleasant walk, and being tired from the previous days efforts, that was just fine.

The fourth day the hike out, was hot- and my 61ist birthday. On the way down to Hetch Hetchy I came upon a large multigenerational group of males struggling up the trail.
After enduring one of them telling me how great it was that a woman my age was out on the trail, I mentioned my B.D. The whole group sang Happy Birthday to me-very sweet.
Unfortunately my new backpack- this was it's first trip-revealed itself to be defective.

I would need to replace that pack before my next trip- a little over a week later - the PCT from Sonora Pass to Highway 50.

For a tune up,-remember how to backpack hike, it turned out very well.
For more photos-

Thank you to everyone on the forum- especially JKW, Chick-on and Mr. Condron for the excellent advice back in May

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Re: Hetch Hetchy- Rancheria Falls- Vernon And Laurel Lakes T.R.
August 15, 2016 05:23PM
Nice report and more great photos. Sounds like a good way
to spend a birthday.
avatar Re: Hetch Hetchy- Rancheria Falls- Vernon And Laurel Lakes T.R.
August 15, 2016 05:46PM
Great pictures and I'm glad you liked the route. You picked a good time. I'm surprised that HH is full. By the way, it's Michael Robert Condron. mrcondron is a user ID I started using back in the days when Al Gore was busy inventing the internet.

Old Dude
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