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Re: Shoes for trekking?

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Shoes for trekking?
February 07, 2017 07:31PM
Hey Guys! I am a rookie trekker. I have gone for only easy and moderate level trekking. I am planning to go for more trekking in next few months including one through Yellowstone. Just to confirm, are there moderate level trekking near Old faithful area? Another concern is about trekking shoes I am about to buy. I am looking to buy one of these: https://shop.mistersafetyshoes.com/products/302120-trail with me. Are they good enough for trekking purpose? It would be great if someone could provide some model names I can have a look at. Thanks!
Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 07, 2017 08:31PM
Those shoes look like they may have enough support. However, I prefer shoes with higher ankle support, as my ankles tend to wobble.
avatar Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 09, 2017 11:57AM
my ankles tend to wobble.

Me too, and usually after one too many martinis in the Mountain Room bar! grinning smiley
Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 08, 2017 06:02AM
These appear to be safety shoes. IMO these are probably a lot heavier than you need for trekking. For the $$ you can do better. As a start, try the REI website. Then go to your local outfitter and talk to the experts.
Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 08, 2017 06:32PM
Most of the walking around Old Faithful is flat or slight elevations changes with the exception of Observation Loop Trail which is steep but short and worth it because of the view. There are other moderate hikes in the area. I suggest you go to the park website and look at the hikes. I have both low, mid and high boots so I can deal with multiple kinds of hiking and conditions. However these are my favorite boots and use them the most. Just remember that boots are a very personal thing and what I like you might not.

Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 08, 2017 06:52PM
Thank you guys! I will look at other options then. Is there any good brands or models you can suggest that can be used for any conditions?
avatar Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 09, 2017 11:29AM
I prefer Asolo light hikers. They have the mid-height sides for added stability but are not too heavy. REI sells them as well as other sights. The exact model name has likely changed since I purchased. I think REI has a sale on right now for the women's Tacoma boot. Hiking boots are a personal thing. Some people prefer heavy weight, some middle weight, some light weight, and some just use trail runners. I don't think you can go wrong staring out with a pair of light hiking boots. The other important thing is to make sure they are the correct size for you.
Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 09, 2017 04:30PM
Thank you guys! I will look at other options then. Is there any good brands or models you can suggest that can be used for any conditions?
The ones I suggested above can be used in any conditions. They are water proof so I have worn them in snow and rain but also have worn them in Arches, Capitol Reef and Canyonlands in the heat of the summer. The height is good enough to keep out sand and also can be used in snow if it is not too deep and for crossing shallow streams or standing in puddles. I also like the ankles support. If I want to wear trail runners and know it is not going to rain, I have Vasque Velocity VST and I tend to wear those when we go to the more desert parks and where I am not going to do any hike where I feel I need more ankle support. Unfortunately, I just looked and they don't make that Velocity model anymore but have similar ones. I have a pair of Vasque Grand Traverse which are a nice options that I can wear in town but also on the trail. http://www.vasque.com/USD/product/womens-footwear/grand-traverse-aluminum-coral-07319

I used to wear Merrill boots but they don't fit well since I was pregnant and had a baby and my feet changed. Funny things is that I wear Merrill Nova 2 slides as a daily shoe almost 95% of the time and they feel good but boots don't anymore. The best thing to do is find a boot that you can use in multiple situations and also one that feels good for you.

I found the Talus has been a great choice when I only want to take one pair of boots on a trip with me. They can be used in all kinds of conditions and give me great ankle support without a lot of stiffness. And they are not very heavy. Since you are going to Yellowstone and could get anything from dry weather to snow and a variety of trails, that boot or something like it would be a good choice.

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avatar Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 09, 2017 05:50PM
REI has a clearence on Vasgue Breeze. Limited sizes though. I've been using this boot for the last couple of seasons and it fit like a glove and is water proofish. I need a higher top boot due to ankle rolls from time to time. (your joints get wobbly when you get older kids)

Old Dude
avatar Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 09, 2017 07:57PM
(your joints get wobbly when you get older kids)

More than just wobbly. Sigh.
Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 12, 2017 08:38AM
Re: Shoes for trekking?
February 12, 2017 11:51AM
There seems to an ongoing boot evolution.
Days past, when Vibram soles were still stitched on, you bought your leather Sundowners or Voyagers...went through a lengthy break-in period (read blisters)...then enjoyed them for decades - thousands of trail miles...probably resoled them a few times too before finally giving up the ghost.

Today, lightweight and throw away rules. Glued-on soles, a "keeping the weight down" philosophy, synthetics, trail runners...For me, off trail, lucky to get 500 - 600 miles before total failure. YMMV. Have hiked in Vasque, Asolo, Lowa, Brooks, Salomon...
If you are replacing every season or so anyway...why spend $200+ for anything?

Fit is everything, but... try the Moab Ventilators - mid - non GTX.
just my 2ยข
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