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Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire

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avatar Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 14, 2018 11:13AM
SR 140

Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 14, 2018 09:01PM
Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 15, 2018 04:52PM
Towering plume of smoke visible from Tioga Road last night near Olmsted Point.

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Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 16, 2018 12:26AM
Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 16, 2018 08:02AM

Per map (input: Ferguson), yet another wildfire in the Merced South Fork drainage. Since the north perimeter is along the SR141 highway/river and daily breezes tend to move west to east up canyons, it tends to point towards a source of some human like an urban moron cigarette smoker with an inane reckless habit of tossing butts out of a car or some psycho cretin firebug.

For we backpacking enthusiasts, all these fires popping up in the state are once again threatening each of our mid to late summer summer plans with miserable air quality. Something that was uncommon decades ago but in this era of state overpopulation with endless insane development, a plague. sad


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Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 16, 2018 05:32PM
I took some pics from the Watkins/Basket/NorthDome area, Saturday. The mushroom of smoke got larger and larger, orange mixed in. Visibility into the valley got worse and worse as well. No wonder the valley was so traffic free.
Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 16, 2018 05:41PM
You know it's bad when you read "Fire doubles in size" and you realize that was yesterday's headline also.

Ferguson Fire Doubles in Size (SF Gate)

Over 9300 acres now.

LA Times Story
Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 16, 2018 11:02PM
R.I.P. Picasa, so much easier to use than this Flickr crap.

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avatar Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 17, 2018 03:24AM
It's not that difficult...

Want detailed instructions?

Here's your pix...

Thanks for sharing... You need to clean your camera. Sorry about that.

We were there too...

It got a LOT worse as day went on...
Could not see Z dome from Olmsted by 4 ish...

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Highway 140 closed due to fire
July 17, 2018 07:18PM
Watched the smoke roll in from Virginia Pass Sunday afternoon. Camped at Return Lake and by late afternoon could barely see Virginia Peak. Was fairly clear the next morning but could see the smoke to the south and it rolled back in later in the day. Camped above Nutter Lake last nigh and could not see any of the peaks in the area. Visibility was probably less than 1/2 mile. By this morning smoke was almost completely gone for the hike out.
avatar Highway 140 Closed from Midpines to Yosemite National Park
July 18, 2018 02:49AM
Road closed to Yosemite Valley due to Wildfire on the Sierra National Forest

Highway 140 from Midpines to El Portal is closed due to a wildfire on the Sierra National Forest near El Portal that started on the evening of Friday, July 13, 2018. Highway 140 is currently closed just east of the Yosemite Bug Hostel to just west of Cedar Lodge in El Portal. Visitors planning to travel from Mariposa or Merced to Yosemite National Park are encouraged to use alternative routes and enter the park via Highway 120 or Highway 41. Highway 140 will remain closed until further notice. There is no anticipated time for Highway 140 to reopen.

Power in Yosemite Valley has been impacted by the wildfire. Powerlines in the canyon that provide electric power to Yosemite Valley have been turned off for the safety of firefighters. There is no anticipated time for power to be fully restored.

For details on this wildfire, please contact Alex Olow at +1 559 269-2259 with Sierra National Forest. Firefighters and resources from Yosemite National Park are working to help fight the fire.
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