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Re: Young Lakes Loop info

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Young Lakes Loop info
July 08, 2020 03:14AM

Planning on doing an overnight solo backpacking trip up to Young Lakes at the end of July. Planning on getting to the trail head pretty early hiking up to the lower lake and setting up camp. Probably wander up and explore around the middle and upper lake later. If anyone has hiked that loop is the trail easy to follow? I will be using gaia to navigate and just recently purchased a satellite communicator just in case i have an emergency. Any info from someone who has been up there would be great!

Thank you!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 08, 2020 01:44PM
Hi. The trail all the way up to the upper lake is easy to discern and follow. Also, about a mile after Dog Lake, you'll be out of the forest. Young Lakes was my first backpacking trip in Yosemite. Have fun!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 08, 2020 02:33PM
Thank you for the info! It is my first time at Yosemite. Due to the fact I will be alone I just wanted to make sure the trail was discernible. Really don't want to get lost out there. Lol! I will have access to the Gsia navigation App but just really wanted someone with experience to give me the heads up! I appreciate it.

Take Care!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 08, 2020 09:48PM
There are actually two ways to get there via trail, one via the trail to Dog Lake (either leaving from the Lembert Dome parking lot, or leaving from the "Tuolumne Lodge" parking lot and heading up over Tioga Road, then crossing north of Lembert Dome toward Dog Lake), the other leaving from the Lembert Dome parking lot and initially briefly heading in the direction of Glen Aulin. If your local library is open, get a copy of Schaffer's book on hikes in Yosemite, this one is described in there. Or buy a copy online. The advantage of starting toward GA and then returning via the other route is that, if you're up to it, you can head up Lembert Dome near the end of your trip, for a nice view of TM, which I would recommend since this is your first time at YNP.
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 09, 2020 04:16AM
Thanks!! I haven't decided which trail I am taking up there. I have read that the East trail has better views but looked like the West trail had a slightly more gradual incline. Does that seem right?

Thank you for the info!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 09, 2020 07:47AM
Your permit will dictate which trail you must take heading into the lakes (you should have either "Young Lakes via Glen Aulin Trail" (the "west" trail) or "Young Lakes via Dog Lake" (the "east" trail) trail to be able to camp at Young Lakes on your first day. I'd recommend taking the "other" trail on your way out--they are both nice.
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 09, 2020 07:52AM
Ok. Yeah my permit is for Young Lakes via Dog Lake Trail. So thats what I will do. Thank you!!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 23, 2020 01:11PM
Welcome to Yosemite!

Make sure to spend plenty of time looking back as you go up from Dog Lake. There's a long meadow stretch with spectacular views back to the south. You should clearly see Mt Lyell.

The trail from Middle to Upper Young is quite "unofficial", but I didn't have trouble following it. Time permitting, you may be tempted to continue farther. One of these days, I'd like to get to Roosevelt Lake.

Do you know how to prevent and treat yourself for altitude sickness? When I was hanging out by the shore of Lower Young, two guys stumbled off the trail with one pack. One of them was weak and disoriented from altitude sickness, and they had left his pack about a mile away. (Not a good idea.) A few of us chipped in to help, and one young lady was kind enough to make him hot food, and he felt better.
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 23, 2020 01:15PM
I am concerned about alt sickness. I plan to pace myself and stay super hydrated. Take a break when needed. Not gonna be in a hurry!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 24, 2020 07:51AM
Sounds like a good plan. Good luck!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 24, 2020 08:02AM
Just to be safe, I had my general practitioner
prescribe me a script for acetazolamide. I was a little nervous after your message yesterday and didnt want any similar episodes with myself. I really do appreciate the information you shared! I live at 719 feet so i think it might be better to travel on the side of caution!

Thank you again!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 24, 2020 09:16AM
I would also add that one of the best option to manage altitude sickness is to move downhill about 1000', assuming that it's safe. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes just a painkiller and rest can help but continuing uphill is more tricky.
In the instance that iivvgg shared, those guys were probably better off going downhill with the backpack instead of going up, even without the backpack.
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 24, 2020 09:21AM
Got it! Thank you!
Re: Young Lakes Loop info
July 25, 2020 07:58PM
The best way to acclimate is to spend a night before the hike at the TM backpacker's campground or outside the park in any campground before the East entrance on HWY 120. Coming from Bay Area I always do this if my destination for the 1st night is above 9000.
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