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Re: Glen Aulin area camping options

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Glen Aulin area camping options
August 13, 2020 10:48AM
First time backpacker, in Yosemite at least, so apologies if these questions have been answered a hundred times before, but I'm trying to understand what I can and can't do. I scored a permit to go solo down Murphy Creek, and on my permit I put Glen Aulin as my destination for 2 nights. My understanding is that the HSC is closed this year... so where does one camp at Glen Aulin then? Are there pleasant sites that aren't right next to a canvas tent-cabin?

Or, can I just go down the river another mile or so (beyond the tip of the green arrow on the NPS map) and just camp anywhere, as long as it's 100+ feet from trail or water? But then, how do I find a "previously impacted campsite" as the regulations require? Will it be obvious to spot one? Any recommendations?

Thank you!
Re: Glen Aulin area camping options
August 13, 2020 11:10AM
There is a backpacker campground near the Glen Aulin HSC--it's north of the camp itself, and it will be open for camping (although the toilets and running water may not be). Since the camp is closed, there won't be any canvas tents erected--but the backpacker camp isn't right next to the HSC anyway.

Most established sites are visible from the trail--but otherwise, you just have to look at the terrain. Most likely any flat spot visible from the trail anywhere near Glen Aulin has been previously used. Specifically, down-river from Glen Aulin, there are established sites north of the trail west of the sandy "beach" area, in flat sandy areas on the granite knoll the trail goes over, south of the trail just past this knoll, and north of the trail again east of the Mattie Lake outlet. There are also established sites heading north, up Cold Canyon--mostly east of the trail. I don't have specific locations--we will waypoint campsites in places where they are few and far between (mostly in Kings Canyon/Sequoia due to the terrain), but we've never had a problem finding a suitable campsite in the Glen Aulin area.

You can also ask the ranger for suggestions after the mandatory training video conference--just jump on another one if you've already done this.

Please keep in mind that fires are not allowed in Yosemite this year, even in any existing fire rings that may be near these sites.
Re: Glen Aulin area camping options
August 13, 2020 01:18PM
Wow, thanks so much @basilpop, super helpful!
Re: Glen Aulin area camping options
August 25, 2020 04:44PM
When you get to Glen Aulen, you will see that it is a pool of water with a waterfall dumping into it. It really is beautiful and worth the hike. But if you continue on another 1/4 miles there is another pool at the bottom of another waterfall and at this time of year you can cross the river there or lower down in a few spots. The area is HUGE and there is no reason to be crowded into a "backpacker's camp". When the river is high, no one camps on the other side and likey even now few do.

I just did this hike in the other direction, from Pate Valley up to May Lake. If doing your trip and had two days I would camp a bit below Glen Aulen (assuming then now there are no as many bugs) and then explore the area around Glen Aulen one day and the area below and around Waterwheel falls the other day.

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