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Yosemite Valley

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (70% of Full)


Re: Hetch Hetchy Update

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Hetch Hetchy Update
April 01, 2022 10:55AM
does anyone have an update on the Hetch Hetchy area? I am thinking about a trip to Lake Vernon area.
Re: Hetch Hetchy Update
April 17, 2022 08:12AM
Checking in again, thanks. Thinking of going this weekend.
Re: Hetch Hetchy Update
April 17, 2022 05:23PM
Seems very early to me. Snow, high water in the creek crossing, icy conditions.
This is the link to the National Weather Service site and the Lake Vernon Area


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Re: Hetch Hetchy Update
April 18, 2022 06:33AM
We are expecting two storms this week that should bring rain to Yosemite, and snow down to about 6,000 or lower.

Not sure how that would affect a trip to Rancheria Falls, for example, unless the bridge over Wapama Falls is closed...Lake Vernon, on the other hand, will probably get some snow during the storms. That would probably cover the trail--not enough to make walking really hard, but certainly enough to obscure the trail. If you're not accustomed to following a route without a visible trail, it might make more sense to stick to Rancheria Falls....or maybe hike in from Lake Eleanor through Miguel Meadows.

On any spring trip, the key is to watch the weather carefully, be extremely cautious about stream crossings, and be prepared to turned around or change itineraries if things go wonky.

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Re: Hetch Hetchy Update
April 19, 2022 09:54PM
Thank you, very helpful!
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