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Re: Yosemite Falls -> North Dome -> Tenaya Lake -> Clouds Rests

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Yosemite Falls -> North Dome -> Tenaya Lake -> Clouds Rests
June 25, 2022 01:51PM
Hey Guys, this is my first post and first time in Yosemite and backpacking SOLO.
I have many questions so sorry before hand.

1. My idea was to do Mainly Clouds Rest and Half dome (if i get a lottery pass). But there wasn't any Wilderness permits available from any near trail to Clouds Rest.

I achieved to obtain a permit from Yosemite Falls Trail.

I was planning to do a 4/5 day backpacking, so my main doubt is if my plan is doable:

My plan is to start from Yosemite falls to North dome (that could be done in 1 day?) then Indian Rock, and then i will take the only trail to Tenaya lake. How many days i will need for that?
And how can i see where are the water supplies, places recommended to camp and so.

I couldn't find a lot of information of this trail. I guess that there isn't much to see? It seems long and with not too many famous spots. Maybe i'm wrong?

Then the idea is to start from tenaya lake to half dome and come back to the Valley.

how many days, water spots, and recommended places to camp?

2. i would like to have info about bear zones where NOT to camp also.

any information/recommendation would be really useful.

i am open to changing my plans, this is some idea that i manage to do only because that permit was the only available.

thank you, David
This has all been covered in this forum before, you just need to look for it. Biggest issue for this itinerary will likely be water between your trailhead and Tenaya Lake - if yosemite creek is dry by the time you go, you're going to have to carry two days of water up from the valley.

This is also covered in Schaffer's classic book on hikes in Yosemite. And there are mapping tools (e.g. caltopos, or the usgs maps online) that can help you figure out if this is doable.
Re: Yosemite Falls -> North Dome -> Tenaya Lake -> Clouds Rests
June 26, 2022 05:40AM
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately i am on Argentina and dont have access to that book. Any recommendations? solutions to change de trail?
avatar Re: Yosemite Falls -> North Dome -> Tenaya Lake -> Clouds Rests
June 26, 2022 09:38AM
According to the app Trailon: https://www.traillon.com/routes/eTRumk8

That route is 43 miles minimum from Yose creek to North dome to halfdome to valley.
It might be doable for you, but in my opinion it will be difficult in 5 days., especially if you want to wander to all the amazing viewpoints on north rim.

24 hrs 55 min

43.0 mi

elevation gain
10943 ft

elevation loss
14424 ft

My advice is sign up for Gaia premium and play with the different overlays to plan your trek.
Check the Yose NPS wilderness conditions page to moniter water in the creeks.
Have fun, thats amazing country, add at least a n extra day on the trail.
Re: Yosemite Falls -> North Dome -> Tenaya Lake -> Clouds Rests
June 26, 2022 01:27PM
Thank you. What could be another nice trail for 4-5 days including Clouds rest and starting from a point where a permit would be available?
I am Watching videos and so and between indian creek and tenaya lake does not seem to be anything to amazing? Like i dont know if it is worth it.
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