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Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

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Re: Yosemite Fires - Update #24

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avatar Yosemite Fires - Update #24
September 27, 2011 02:15PM
The three most active lightning ignited fires have experienced moderate growth over the last few days. All fires are being monitored, patrolled or are staffed. The predicted weather will be the driving force for fire growth over the week. However, as warmer weather settles into the region, smoke may become more visible. Another cool weather front, and with precipitation, is predicted for the end of the week.

Wilderness Fire Unit:
  • Smith (37 55.249 x 119 45.945; 6,300” el. Tuolumne Co. 9/14) It is at approximately 23 acres. Note the acreage change downward due to ground based GPS mapping of the fire perimeter. It continues to burn and smolder in down and dead logs and duff. Light smoke is visible in the afternoons. Crews remain on scene and the fire remains within the wilderness boundary. All trails through this area are closed: Cottonwood Creek, Smith Meadow, Smith Peak, and the Aspen Valley trails.
  • Tamarack (37 45.982 x 119 44.436; 7,700’el. Mariposa Co. 9/13). Over 124 acres have burned and the fire perimeter is 50% active, with 1’ to 2’ foot flame lengths, burning in red fir, duff, brush and forest litter. It is approximately 1 mile northeast of Tamarack campground, and near the footprint of the 1988 Walker fire. The fire is moving toward the north/northwest and is within .2 of a mile of the Tioga Rd. Fire crews are removing brush along the Tioga Road and are poised to black line (fire or burning out excess fuels) along the road if needed for visitor and firefighter safety. Drivers are urged to use caution, and adhere to posted 25 mph speed limits and traffic officer instructions when driving in the area of Gin Flat. The Tamarack Creek trail though the fire area is closed. Smoke is visible from many locations throughout the park, including the Tioga and Wawona Roads, Olmsted and Glacier Points and Sentinel Dome. Due to smoke impacts to campers, the Tamarack Campground is closed.
  • Cascade (37 45.879 x 119 41.846; 7,700’ el. Mariposa Co. 9/12). This fire has become more active and a smoke column is visible in the afternoons. It remains less than 1 acre. It is approximately 2.5 miles southeast of the Tamarack Campground near Ribbon Meadow.
The other 14 lightning caused ignition fires are either out or are not active. Other fires may continue to be found during predicted drier weather this next week.

Bishop Creek Prescribed Fire: This proposed project is mostly in Wilderness and the primary objective is Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) protection. The project will buffer the communities of Yosemite West, Wawona, Glacier Point Historic District and El Portal, from unwanted wildfire by reducing an over accumulation of fuels. The project is 5,224 acres and is broken into five segments. It will build off the recent 1,068 acre Avalanche fire, other prescribed fires and mechanical thinning treatments in Yosemite’s Suppression and Wilderness Fire Management Units. Additionally, this project is another step in restoring fire dependent forest ecosystems in Yosemite’s lower mixed conifer pine forest. More information about this project will be available on a separate Bishop Creek Prescribed Fire Information update. The start date is to be determined, due to the number of naturally caused ignitions within the park.
avatar Re: Yosemite Fires - Update #24
September 27, 2011 06:51PM
Thanks for the update. I drove past the Tamarack Fire last Sunday night and wanted to look that up. It wasn't too large but quite near the road; the light it emitted was pretty impressive. One large trunk was a huge glowing ember. A couple of cars had stopped to check it out, but I was on the clock so I had to boogie past it. The road was pretty smokey for a fair distance.
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