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Re: Back Home

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Back Home
June 15, 2015 07:47PM
JKW had already been in the backcountry a couple of days daleing around when I arrived Saturday morning at the trailhead. After confirming it did have a trail, I opted for a more trail-free start to my hike.

The route was familiar to me, but I also knew that the forecast was for certain rain by mid-afternoon; I hoped to be safely (and dry-ly) under my shelter at camp by then. In the distance the clouds re-affirmed the forecast.

I was surrounded by landmarks that, despite several months' absence, were very familiar.

The highest peaks still held a surprising amount of snow given how mild winter had been.

After a short stop for lunch, I climbed the final switchbacks to camp, located a suitable campsite, pitched my shelter, and watched the storm while waiting for the others to arrive.

The destination had in part been chosen since it was an ideal place to observe the forecast storms--and they didn't disappoint.

Lots of gratuitous storm pr0n...

Despite the short hike to camp, I had no trouble falling asleep for a nap, lulled to rest by the sound of rain hitting my shelter.

Soon enough the others did arrive, and after pitching the tent, the clouds enveloped our campsite.

A few times the clouds broke, and the sun almost felt warm, but these brief interludes of light were the exception, and the clouds would soon return.

Eventually the clouds did seem to be dissipating a bit, and we watched low clouds blow from the direction of Tenaya Lake towards Glen Aulin and beyond.

The next morning there were a few lingering clouds, but--so far--no threat of immediate storms.

We took our time cooking and eating breakfast and packing to go... we really didn't have anywhere to be in a hurry.

We followed the trail back to the Glen Aulin/Raisin Lake/Murphy Creek/Ten Lakes/Mystery Trail junction area, but of course chose to first head towards Raisin Lake, then dropped down to Murphy Creek following open granite most of the way.

After crossing a small meadow along Murphy Creek...

...we sought out more granite on the far side of the trail.

We stopped near the trailhead so JKW could get a final soak before we returned to civilization proper.

Since this had been our first visit to Tuolumne in quite a while, we did the normal touristy things: had a cheeseburger and soft-serve at the grill, then headed to Tioga Pass to look for a boundary marker, which unfortunately appears to have been a victim of the widening of the Tioga Road.

More Pictures
Re: Back Home
June 15, 2015 08:12PM
The title says it all. We went back home. Finally. After some amazing trips around the edge of Yosemite, we were back in the heart of it all.

We basically had to scurry and set up camp before storms hit every evening until our gloriously sunny exit on Sunday. But it was beautiful every day and the sound of the thunder and rain was so welcome and enjoyable.

We know how to handle this weather, and though others may have suffered a bit (we had to cancel trips with other friends yet again because of weather), we enjoyed the storms with a relish.

I'd always had fond memories of South Fork Cathedral from a trip a long time ago when we passed through on the way back to White Wolf after our first GCT. I am so glad I was finally able to drop in and stay for a visit this time. So very lovely.

As always, the company was stellar, the views spectacular and I didn't want to back to what others may call my home. I do not want anyone to claim a chunk of Yosemite as their permanent home. I want everyone who wishes *to feel as if it is* their home and for all to cherish and protect it for future generations.
avatar Re: Back Home
June 15, 2015 08:59PM
Thank you x100 for another amazing trip.

A few of mine... you may enjoy (already posted a couple ... but here's some new ones)

we are going up there, ... you knew it... you saw it coming... smiling smiley

It duznt get old.

Would do it all over again. (and probably will)

Have fun!
Chick-on is looking at you!

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Back Home
June 16, 2015 08:55AM
Noice! Wonderful photos as always.
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