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Pothole Dome (Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park)

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (92% of Full)


Re: Close to Inspiration

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avatar Close to Inspiration
March 28, 2017 05:53PM
Was in yosemite on Friday.
It rained most of the day on Friday.

As is often the case, the rain was followed by a beautiful storm clearing the next day

Headed up the Pohono Trail on Saturday. Put on snowshoes near 6000 foot elevation. I must have been near Old Inspiration Point, but overshot it.
Found this semi obstructed view, that must have been near Old Inspiration. Slopes were very steep heading down from this spot.

I was pretty happy with this view. It was similar to Old Inspiration, but was not out far enough to see silver Strand Falls.
On the plus side, the trees that blocked some of the view, also blocked a lot of dead trees on the valley floor.
I think I had been to Mount Beatitude several years ago, and saw Silver Strand and Ribbon. Had view of Bridalveil and Ribbon this time.
Need to go back and see Silver Strand, Bridalveil, Ribbon and Horsetail at the same time from Old Inspiration Point next time. Horsetail was flowing pretty good for a little while,
but it shortly sputtered out. The always elusive Horsetail Falls.

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avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 28, 2017 06:26PM

You missed us by a day... was wondering... ok, they went off the switchback.. um where they going?
up steep slopey... and back down...
We followed your trail out to Tunnel View... after visiting Old Inspiration...

smiling smiley

Have fun!

and tanx fur sharon

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 28, 2017 09:29PM
I saw about 5 other people snowshoeing on Saturday. Somebody went up the slope and back down.
avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 07:43AM
Ok. Still.

Not trying to upset. Please say so if am. From the last video I'd say you didn't
go past Artist Creek and it is taken more from "Wherever Point" and "Ladies Rock".
Or what I think is Mt. Beautitude. But then there's Standpoint of Silence, Inspiration,
Old Inspiration, Former Miss Inspiration.
Anyway, hope you can get out to Old Inspiration someday. It's VERY shrubbery
once the snow melts...

Have fun

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avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 10:42AM
I crossed the creek that I thought was Artist Creek. Was a ways past the creek crossing. It is definitely a bit confusing up there. Any info is appreciated.
avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 11:52AM
There was a creek crossing before the N/S traverse where the hill is about a near 45 angle of the dangle.
Then you cross Artist. After Artist you head east. I'm thinking maybe you are thinking that the
first creek (which really doesn't show on the map) was Artist.
So the question is... did you do a long traverse to the south... and then cross Artist?
There's no doubt in my mind that your video is not south of Old Inspiration. The angle of
Sentinel Rock and Half Dome isn't right.

The first creek crossing was about here:

My guess is your photo is from here:

Most people (both weekends) lost the trail here:

There's a lot of snow... and it's just not marked at all and it's very very hard to follow...

It's all good though. You were out there and had fun. It was stunning out Saturday.

I'm pretty sure about all this... I'll post a few pix maybe later today or will have to be
next week. Some of this is other threads... I'll poke around some...

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avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 01:55PM
avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 02:41PM
Let's try this:
What is being called Hills Pt:
(it's just north or Ladies Rock)

If you went beyond Old Inspiration (you'd be east of it ... and south of it) you'd get this:

Between those two is Old Inspiration:

Anyway... You're probably more confused.

Chick-on is looking at you!

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avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 03:10PM
That must have been the first creek. I'm surprised it isn't on the map, but it must dry up pretty quick. You can see the indentation on the map, of where the creek is.
I thought I stopped just short of the creek for Silver Strand, but that must have been Artist. Some people coming down said that the next creek crossing was close and it was a tough crossing, and I didn't check it out.
I think your maps are right on. This info is very helpful. This was my first time snowshoeing, after carrying them around on a few other trips. I'll definitely have to find more excuses to use the snow shoes.
avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 04:52PM
Happy to help.

Since it had just snowed... the conditions were great!
Hope you can get out there more with your snowshooz.

Artist had a bank that was about 3ft. on one side and 4ft on the other.
Not toooo terrible... smiling smiley

We crossed Meadow Brook on a snow bridge...

The prior weekend there was some neat "calving" along Meadow Brook higher up in a meadow:

have fun!

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
March 29, 2017 05:49PM
I was on the other side of the valley, when you were coming down Pohono

avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
May 30, 2017 06:06PM
What a difference 2 months makes.
Headed up Pohono trail on Friday. Definitely a lot less effort, and easier to find things with the snow melted.
Passed the trail to Old Inspiration Point, but saw the spur trail towards Mount Beatitude(or whatever the point south east of Old Inspiration Point is called).
Negotiated some steep slopes to get to this point, but nothing too bad. Could easily see nearby Old Inspiration Point from there.
It was nearly a stones throw to Old Inspiration Point. Headed back down Pohono, and easily found a spur trail to Old Inspiration Point.


This was the closest that I got to the crowds on Friday

Thanks to Wherever and Chick-on for info about Old Inspiration Point.
I never knew about it, but had to go there after seeing a picture of the Pink chicken between Bridalveil and Silver Strand Fall.

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avatar Re: Close to Inspiration
June 05, 2017 07:32AM
Kewl Beans!


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