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Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice

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Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice
June 02, 2019 12:40PM
Good Morning!
My family has secured permits to hike up into the ten lakes area and continue through to Murphy Creek trail head (TH). Our reservation begins on June 26 thru the 28th.
I have a couple of questions.
-Based on the snowfall this year, Should we be prepared for some residual snow at higher elevations? I'm guessing it will be a bit chilly swimming in the lakes!
-Do you know much about the section of trail heading east from the ten lakes basin, past Tuolomene peak out to Murphy Creek TH? If there is not much to see on the way, we may just consider spending an extra day at the basin (27th) and hike back out the way we came in on the 28th. If there are some sights or favorable camping spots, feel free to share! There's not much trail feedback on that section.
-Parking and getting around. With us starting and finishing in two different TH's How would you recommend we get around? Bus? Hitch hike? Park at which TH?

Thanks for the help!
Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice
June 03, 2019 01:59AM
For transportation, you'll either need two cars, or plan for at least one person to hitchhike back to the starting TH, or exit the way you came in. Or some of you can go back to the car and some to the other TH. The YARTS bus will be running once a day but doesn't stop to pick up people at either of your trailheads. The Tuolumne Meadow shuttle bus didn't operate last year, and in any event only went as far as Olmstead Point at its western-most end when it ran, which won't really help you.

Since Chick-On for all intents and purposes lives in the park, he can give you a better idea about snow conditions. Brown Chicken
avatar Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice
June 03, 2019 05:20PM
Ok, I'll bite.

My best guess right now … with all my knowledge and power. (don't take me toooo seriously)
Is that Ten Lakes Basin will be nearly 100% snow covered into July.
Getting to Murphy from Ten Lakes involved cross SF Cathedral which will be interesting then
and the trail up from there (from the xing) will be covered in snow then and if you haven't
done before will probably be very difficult to impossible to follow.
I'd recommend staying in Ten Lakes area and explore. I'd suspect many heading there will
report they could not make it down to the Ten Lakes basin without crampons or such.

Ten Lakes Pass will be beautiful. Regardless.

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice
June 04, 2019 04:09AM
Thank you guys for the responses. I'm looking forward to whatever adventures we can get into! Sticking around the Ten lakes area sounds like a plan.

Any particular areas you guys would recommend for a base camp to explore the area?
avatar Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice
June 04, 2019 07:24AM
Most people camp at the first 3 lakes. The one S of the trail … then the first two n of the trail..
The last big one is a climb back out … maybe not as picturesque.

In the past we have seen people way off the trail... (don't follow us btw)
So... make sure you are comfortable traveling without knowing exactly where trail is.
Probably there will be signs at the trailhead saying so... or when you get your permit
they may tell you as such...

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice
June 04, 2019 09:30AM
+1 for what chick-on has to say.

We were in 10 Lakes basin for July 4th 2011 (similar-ish snow year) and were climbing over 6'+ snow drifts down in the basin when trying to stay on trails.

Not sure if you've seen the descent into the basin from the west (Ten Lakes Pass). It's not particularly difficult IMO, but there are switchbacks, steps, drop-offs and some exposure. I took someone that is not comfortable with heights on that trail without thinking about it much, and was surprised that it caused him angst (it was late in the year and dry). Take note of chick-on's comment about crampons - a slip in the wrong spot would definitely ruin your (last) day. If I can find a picture of the descent I'll post it.
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