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98894. Four Mile Trail is Open eeek
98890. Chowchilla Mountain Road Open eeek
98889. Glacier Nat'l Park or Banff/Lake Louise recycling1991
98888. Sonora Pass eeek
98885. Re: Amazing Virtual Yosemite Photo page The Other Tom
98880. Re: John Muir Trail to Nevada Falls hotrod4x5
98875. Re: Tioga Road plowing eeek
98873. Glacier Point Road eeek
98872. Ebbetts Pass eeek
98867. Re: National Park Service says Yosemite contractor endangered visitors DavidK42
98861. Yosemite Bear Facts — April 14– April 27, 2024 eeek
98858. Re: Temporary Road Closure and Termination of Shuttle Service at Curry Village Registration mtn man
98857. Re: Ahwahnee - Outside/porch area completely closed off balzaccom
98843. Re: re. previous TM lodge discussion Coolburn
98837. Re: Butterfly on dogwood flower eeek
98836. Tioga Road Plowing Update eeek
98829. Re: Hetch Hetchy hiker's tunnel DavidK42
98824. Re: Rockfall closure of the John Muir Trail recycling1991
98823. Re: Wildernes Permit rules, when do they end? Coolburn
98820. Re: Greetings from Alaska! recycling1991
98817. Tioga Road plowing update eeek
98815. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 17, 2024 (last update of the season) Coolburn
98814. Mist Trail Open eeek
98811. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 10, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98805. Re: Spring in the Desert crocodile235
98802. Re: Happy birthday, chick-on! :cake: recycling1991
98801. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 3, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98797. Re: Glacier Point Road Closed for Plowing Operations nwhkr
98793. Re: Badger Pass Nordic Condition Report Week of March 25 balzaccom
98792. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 27, 2024 eeek
98784. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 20, 2024 balzaccom
98783. Badger Pass Nordic Condition Report Week of March 18 eeek
98780. Re: John Muir Trail closure lifted eeek
98779. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 13, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98775. Yosemite National Park Announces Park Entry Reservation Pilot for Summer 2024 eeek
98774. Yosemite people to follow hotrod4x5
98770. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 6, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98757. Re: Park Closure hotrod4x5
98754. Blizzard Warning eeek
98753. Re: Yosemite - Finding a campground gsc
98752. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 28, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98751. Suspicious Activity Reporting - Arson Attempts eeek
98747. MSR Recall balzaccom
98744. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Report for 21 Feb 2024 FatFlatlander
98742. Blasting Operations on the John Muir Trail 2/25-3/2 eeek
98728. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 14, 2024 balzaccom
98725. Re: Dehydrated food recommendations? tomdisco
98721. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 7, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98720. Atmospheric river deals temporary setback in Death Valley’s road repairs eeek
98716. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 31, 2024 The Other Tom
98712. Winter Storm Warning eeek
98711. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 24, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98709. Winter Storm Warning eeek
98708. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 17, 2024 balzaccom
98697. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 10, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98696. Re: Upper Pines Site 024 available from 1/12 - 1/15 Coolburn
98691. Badger Nordic Opening Today eeek
98690. Winter Trail Closures eeek
98684. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions for January 3, 2024 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98677. Re: Half Dome and the Sierra crest from about 20,000 feet up Humpal
98669. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 27, 2023 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98658. Re: Happy Holidays parklover
98653. Re: They're back! Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 20, 2023 The Other Tom
98652. Re: Winter Storm Warning Humpal
98649. Chytrid Fungus killer of Amphibians such as Yellow Legged Frogs KenS
98648. Re: Early July Rafferty Creek to Vogelsang? caneperseus
98637. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Park Entry Reservation Pilot for Summer 2024  eeek
98635. Re: Sen. Wyden blasts Crater Lake concessionaire over ‘serious concerns’ in the national park balzaccom
98634. Chiura Obata balzaccom
98633. Re: Curry Village Ice Rink Humpal
98629. Re: Tioga Humpal
98626. Re: Mountain Climber Fights off Mother Bear with cub KenS
98625. Chowchilla Mountain Road Seasonal Closure eeek
98613. Re: White Wolf Lodge The Other Tom
98603. Re: Transport to Mono Meadow TH The Other Tom
98602. Re: Glacier Point and Tioga Road Closures eeek
98600. Re: These names are for the birds Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98599. Vernal Fall Foot Bridge Facilities eeek
98597. Campground Update eeek
98596. Tioga Road eeek
98595. West-side of Camp 4 Closing eeek
98590. Wilderness Permit Update eeek
98586. Re: Aramark Closes Vogelsang and Merced High Soerra Camps parklover
98579. Another Reported Rescue on Half Dome 2Sept23 KenS
98575. Re: High Sierra Camps in 2024 balzaccom
98574. Jack goes to Yosemite eeek
98572. El Capitan from Tamarack Creek jhoran
98570. Re: Trip Report: TM -> Young Lakes -> Glen Aulin -> TM Justin-T
98566. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
98564. Re: Does Rafferty Creek dry up this time of year? The Other Tom
98562. Quarry Fire eeek
98557. Re: Half Dome Hikers Struck by Lightning and Another Fell onto the N Ledge Last Thrusday The Other Tom
98554. Tuolumne Meadows Season Nearing the End eeek
98552. Re: Yosemite Observer Dashboard crocodile235
98550. Any beta on gully route down Pywiack Cascade in Tenaya Canyon? IgS
98548. Yosemite Fire Update September 10th, 2023 eeek
98547. And it's a federal offense balzaccom
98545. Re: walk-up wilderness permits balzaccom
98543. TR: Rockbound Pass in Desolation Wilderness balzaccom
98542. Yosemite Bear Facts — Aug 27 - Sept 2, 2023 eeek
98541. Yosemite Has It's Own Library KenS
98540. Ninth Circuit halts gold drilling project in eastern Sierra Nevada eeek
98539. Yosemite Valley Lodge Pool Season Ending eeek
98535. Re: Hiking Naked Sierra Miguel
98531. Now Hiring Winter Wilderness Patrol Volunteers eeek
98530. Re: US 395 Humpal
98523. Re: Flood Watch hotrod4x5
98518. Porcupine Flat Campground mkbgdns
98515. Wawona Road Delays eeek
98505. Re: upper river campgrounds Humpal
98501. Re: YNP and Mahler’s 3rd Sarahopkins
98499. Pika Fire Trail Closures Lifted: Update 8/8/23 eeek
98495. Re: High Camps 2024 UncleDenny
98491. Science Fiction Novel on Climate Change KenS
98489. Apps & Devices to Keep You Safe Outdoors Becoming a Crowded Field KenS
98488. Conditions on trail White Wolf to Pate Valley? kungfulettuce
98484. Re: Entrance Lines to Yosemite hotrod4x5
98482. Re: Tourist Climbs Over Safety Rail at Top of Yosemite Falls hotrod4x5
98466. White Wolf Road Open klsmith1953
98461. Tamarack Flat campground is open FatFlatlander
98457. Re: Logistical questions for GCT backpacking trip 8/5-8/9 klsmith1953
98451. Re: Apple Picking Day at Curry Village calberry
98449. Re: Lembert Dome DavidK42
98447. Peak flows on Mono Lake’s tributary streams eeek
98433. Re: "A Yosemite Camping Trip, 1889" by Joseph N. Le Conte recycling1991
98427. Re: Road To May Lake Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98425. Cowtrack Lightning Fire Update eeek
98423. Re: Camino de Santiago -- Completed! FatFlatlander
98418. Re: 93-Year-Old Summits Half Dome recycling1991
98417. Bikes on Tioga Road eeek
98413. Re: Reds Meadow Road Coolburn
98405. Re: Tioga Road to open DavidK42
98402. Yosemite Valley Lodge Pool hours eeek
98397. Re: Sycamores in Escalon along 120 The Other Tom
98382. Re: Tioga Road July 14, 2023 The Other Tom
98380. Road openings and closures update on Inyo National Forest eeek
98377. Re: New server DavidK42
98374. Re: Highway 120 to park border FatFlatlander
98372. Re: If you see these, push them over, Yosemite National Park says parklover
98370. PIKA FIRE Update 7/31/23 eeek
98368. Mist Trail near top of Vernal Falls closed most weekdays 7-3:30 KenS
98362. Re: Pictures from my recent Yosemite stay hotrod4x5
98356. Re: Visitor Access Management Plan Coolburn
98355. Fire Season Declared, June 26, 2023 eeek
98354. Re: Trail Crews in 2023 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98351. Re: Happy Isles Mileage Sign Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98348. Suncups Around Yosemite KenS
98343. Glacier Point Partial Reopening begins 01 July FatFlatlander
98330. Re: PorcupineCreek TH to Top of YosemiteFalls UncleDenny
98319. Re: Where is chick-on? tomdisco
98316. Hogdon Meadow Campground reservation June 27-30 that I can't use Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98306. Re: Historical Fire Dates? hotrod4x5
98301. Re: Trip Report: Half Dome* Backpack hotrod4x5
98297. Re: Rest in Peace Lodge Cafeteria hotrod4x5
98293. Crane Flat Fire Lookout - gate closure at night? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98291. Hodgdon Meadows, Crane Flat mkbgdns
98289. Sonora Pass eeek
98287. Ebbetts Pass eeek
98281. Re: 2 - 3 hour wait to get into the park? Anyone with current info? calberry
98270. Re: Park newspaper? hotrod4x5
98265. Re: Cell carriers in El Portal? hotrod4x5
98260. Those ghost reservations? balzaccom
98258. Re: Hwy 140 - will they ever repair the slide area? Humpal
98254. Want to Make a Difference? balzaccom
98252. campground closures? shaunsmomo
98244. Re: White Wolf Smith Meadows Trailhead Options klsmith1953
98237. Wilderness Permit Pickup in Yosemite Valley FatFlatlander
98232. Re: Tioga Pass/Lee Vining snow removal eLeMeNOhPee
98228. Todays game of “what mountain is that?” thsftw
98227. New road condition updates on YNP Facebook page: 120 and Mariposa Grove calberry
98225. Re: Yosemite lodging reservations: Why it pays to be hopeful, patient and tenacious calberry
98224. Re: Sentinel Drive: Closed (June 5 through July 6) Coolburn
98219. Re: Glacier Point road opening? rahill
98211. Re: Just go - Time to see the Park :-) eLeMeNOhPee
98210. Closures and Restrictions National Parks Western US KenS
98209. conditions above Yosemite Falls? Tedbay
98208. Closures and Restrictions in Other Parts of the Sierra KenS
98205. Re: Access to Elizabeth Lake Trailhead this summer FatFlatlander
98204. Re: North and Lower Pines and Housekeeping closing May 15 calberry
98191. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Lodge and White Wolf Lodge will not open in 2023 hotrod4x5
98189. Re: sentinel bridge and parking lot. calberry
98185. Hetch Hetchy Gate Hours eeek
98182. Re: Big Oak Flat Road (Hwy 120) closed until at least mid June mkbgdns
98181. Re: lower Merced River Canyon 2023 wildflowers parklover
98180. Clearing Snow Lee Vining / Tioga Pass KenS
98179. Hetch Hetchy Turned 100 KenS
98177. Re: Our visit to Yosemite The Other Tom
98175. Mist Trail Open eeek
98161. Re: Special Weather Statement mtn man
98160. New Comprehensive River Management Plans finalized on Inyo National Forest eeek
98154. June Lake Loop eeek
98151. Re: Most of Yosemite Valley will close starting Friday, April 28, 2023 at 10 pm mtn man
98150. Re: Yosemite Flood of 1996-1997 hotrod4x5
98145. Vernal Fall Comfort Station eeek
98144. Re: Yosemite Falls Snow Backpacking hotrod4x5
98141. Re: Merced River, Yosemite Valley mtn man
98128. Re: :whiteflag:Aramark has cancelled the High Sierra Camps yet Again! calberry
98124. Re: pay to park at the Ahwahnee recycling1991
98123. Tulomune Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 18, 2023 (last update for the season) Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98118. Re: Portland REI to close due to break-ins; Other REIs to unionize hotrod4x5
98113. Re: Help wanted with trip planning. 120/140 and midpoint? sanderson
98106. Re: Tulomune Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 12, 2023 calberry
98091. Re: Looking to snowshoe Dewey point rahill
98085. Re: Critique My Big Yosemite Backpacking Loop Greyhkr
98084. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
98079. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 5, 2023 FatFlatlander
98077. Re: Aramark has closed Badger Pass for the season already hotrod4x5
98076. Stanislaus National Forest Asking for Public’s Help Identifying Damaged Roadways and Other Hazards eeek
98075. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 28, 2023 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98074. Expanded gate hours coming to Hetch Hetchy in April eeek
98071. Re: South America balzaccom
98069. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail will be dangerous this year KenS
98067. Re: Anticipated conditions for early June 2023? MYsd
98066. Roads Opening Today eeek
98064. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 21, 2023 tanngrisnir3
98059. Obsidian from Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone KenS
98053. Re: Crossing Yosemite Valley while backpacking Coolburn
98052. Winter Storm Warning eeek
98051. Highway 395 Near Mono Lake Closed After Avalanches KenS
98048. Yosemite Partial Reopening eeek
98046. Special Weather Statement eeek
98043. Re: Historical California Snow Water Graph hikerchick395
98041. Tuolumne Meadow Winter Conditions Update for March 14, 2023 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98040. Re: waiting period or approval for new sign-ups? eeek
98033. Park closure extended through Thursday, March 16 at least FatFlatlander
98031. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 7, 2023 FatFlatlander
98027. Re: Park Closed Through Sunday, March 12, Possibly Longer eeek
98026. Snow Survey eeek
98025. Avalanche Watch eeek
98016. Some Winter Photos from Yosemite KenS
98015. Special Weather Statement eeek
98014. Road Closures, 3/2/23 9am eeek
98013. Re: Yosemite closure extended indefinitely Acadia
98012. Re: High Sierra Camps 2023 The Other Tom
98009. Re: Hiker Charged for Starting Rescue Fire that Turned into a Wildfire GreenieHops
98007. Re: Yosemite Park closed through Wednesday eeek
98005. Avalanche Warning eeek
98003. Hogdon Campground Closed eeek
98002. Badger Pass Road is Closed eeek
98001. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 21, 2023 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
98000. Hetch Hetchy Closed eeek
97993. Re: Northside Drive closed from Camp 4 to El Capitan Crossover due to El Cap rockfall eeek
97990. Blizzard Warning eeek
97987. SEKI wants your opinion balzaccom
97986. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 14, 2023 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97985. Inyo National Forest winter recreation: updates and reminders eeek
97984. Upper Pines Campsite 069 available for this week nwhkr
97983. High Wind Warning eeek
97982. Badger Pass Nordic Report February 10, 2023 eeek
97980. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 7, 2023 FatFlatlander
97975. First Snow Surveys of 2023 eeek
97969. Bald Mountain Helitak Base Break-In Most Recent in Series of Thefts eeek
97967. Trans Sierra on Snow Shoes Izzo
97950. Re: The Green Comet parklover
97949. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 31, 2023 FatFlatlander
97948. Winter Storm Warning eeek
97947. Evergreen Road Closure 1/31 eeek
97945. Special Weather Statement eeek
97944. Hwy 140 is open w/ delays 24 hours per day. No overnight closure. eeek
97942. BLM and Inyo National Forest seek public input for off-highway vehicle grants eeek
97941. Re: Yosemite's Winter Rangers -- SFGate article The Other Tom
97939. Re: TM conditions Jan 24 The Other Tom
97938. Re: Horsetail Fall Traffic Control KenS
97936. Re: Update on Hwy 140 Closure eeek
97935. The Badger Pass A-frame is open for the 2023 Season eeek
97934. YARTS Continuing Limited Service eeek
97933. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 17, 2023 FatFlatlander
97932. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
97931. Badger Pass Update eeek
97930. Mountain Room Closure eeek
97927. Highway 140 is closed eeek
97924. 395 closing eeek
97923. Hetch Hetchy Closure eeek
97921. Winter Storm Warning eeek
97920. Snow pack eeek
97919. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 10, 2023 FatFlatlander
97918. Highway 6 closed eeek
97916. Agencies with a sense of humor balzaccom
97913. Avalanche Warning eeek
97911. Valley Campgrounds Reopening Today eeek
97910. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 3, 2023 FatFlatlander
97907. Special Weather Statement eeek
97904. Re: Aerial views of the Sierra and other California mountain ranges crocodile235
97902. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 20, 2022 FatFlatlander
97897. Flood Watch eeek
97893. Oldest Yosemite Valley Bridge Turns 100 eeek
97889. Re: Happy Holidays balzaccom
97888. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
97885. Re: Badger Pass Opening Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97882. Re: They're back! balzaccom
97881. Avalanche Warning eeek
97880. In put on the future of Yosemite balzaccom
97875. Special Weather Statement eeek
97874. Village Store Closure eeek
97872. Re: Who invited you in? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97869. Berkeley Analysis Reveals the Age of Yosemite Valley eeek
97866. Winter Storm Warning eeek
97865. Tioga Road eeek
97863. North Pines Campground Lottery gtbhiker
97858. Re: Engagement Photographer recycling1991
97856. Re: Yosemite National Park ends controversial reservation system The Other Tom
97855. Yosemite Declares End of Fire Season eeek
97854. Big Oak Flat Road Closure eeek
97853. Chowchilla Mountain Road Closure eeek
97851. Winter Storm Warning eeek
97850. BLM Bishop Field Office and Inyo National Forest Lift Seasonal Fire Restrictions October 31 eeek
97847. Tioga Road is closed eeek
97846. Glacier point ski hut chulavista
97844. Mountain Room Restaurant Open (Wed - Sun) through Dec 5 eeek
97842. Hetch Hetchy now Self-Register Wilderness Permits eeek
97840. Re: Whitney Portal Road next Thursday/Friday? eeek
97839. Re: Next year is going to be another dry one plawrence
97838. Want to spend more time in the mountains? balzaccom
97837. Tamarack Fire Project balzaccom
97835. Re: Potential prescribed burning week of October 23, 2022 balzaccom
97833. Mist Trail Repair Through November 2nd (Update) eeek
97831. Re: Tioga Mobil Gas Mart Complex Is Up for Sale balzaccom
97830. Parking Closure eeek
97827. Re: Fall Trail Crew around Tahoe balzaccom
97825. Upcoming Campground Closures eeek
97824. Bridalveil Meadow Restoration Work eeek
97823. Yosemite National Park’s Ahwahnee Hotel to undergo major upgrades eeek
97820. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center The Other Tom
97819. demobilizing the traffic pilot in Yosemite Valley parklover
97814. Re: Chiura Obata--xc from Lake Elizabeth DavidK42
97811. Re: parking on Tioga corridor mkbgdns
97809. Reds Meadow Road Seasonal Closure Update eeek
97806. Re: Wine Words and Murder balzaccom
97805. 4 spots opening up for May Lake - Friday 10/7 nwhkr
97800. Inyo National Forest is hiring 2023 seasonal staff eeek
97799. Re: Trip Report: Vogelsang Backpack KenS
97797. Re: This is a crazy adventure balzaccom
97792. Re: Valley Meadow parklover
97791. Camp 4 Remaining On Reservations eeek
97790. Hiring Winter Wilderness Patrol Volunteers eeek
97789. Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center Closure eeek
97788. Fall trip in the Mok balzaccom
97784. Re: Hikers who cairn too much hotrod4x5
97783. S'moked out balzaccom
97782. Special Weather Statement eeek
97780. Dog Lake Fishing daddyray831
97779. Bear Facts September 1-17 eeek
97776. Special Weather Statement eeek
97775. Escaped campfire causes wildfire in Mammoth Lakes eeek
97774. Fire Update & Smoke Forecast For September 8 eeek
97773. Doctor Dies of Heat Exhaustion Near Phoenix, AZ KenS
97772. August 5, 2022 recognized as rainiest day in Death Valley’s history eeek
97771. USA Today and Yosemite balzaccom
97768. Re: Clean up duty balzaccom
97766. Re: Ostrander Hutkeeper Position Available with Yosemite Conservancy for Winter 2022-2023 eeek
97765. Yosemite Valley Lodge Pool eeek
97760. Looking for a few good men and women balzaccom
97757. Park officials work to clear new storm damage on park roads eeek
97753. Red Fire Trail Closure eeek
97750. Fire Update & Smoke Forecast For September 6 eeek
97748. Hiker histories balzaccom
97745. Aggressivee Bear Warning from Last Year KenS
97742. USFS to Close Middle Fork Campground (WA) to Install Bear Proof Storage Bins KenS
97741. Re: Merced Grove Trail Safety Closure starting August 22nd DavidK42
97740. Re: Obata Art Weekend - Saturday, 27 Aug 2022 balzaccom
97739. Special Weather Statement eeek
97736. Re: What to do with bags at night balzaccom
97733. Yosemite Fire Update for August 15, 2022 eeek
97732. Tips learned the hard way balzaccom
97730. Off the main track -- Mokelumne Canyon balzaccom
97729. So about my permit, Mr. Ranger... balzaccom
97727. Re: Current fire restrictions in campground fire pits? marmot
97724. Mist Trail Repair eeek
97722. Yosemite Museum Reopening Wednesday eeek
97721. Sugar Pine Floodplain Restoration eeek
97720. Re: Yosemite National Park Seeks Witnesses of Reported Assault Gary A
97719. Rattlesnakes in Yosemite Valley eeek
97713. Re: Frustration with Recreation.gov Website mtn man
97712. Re: Very weird hikerchick395
97711. Re: Tioga Road & Tuolumne Meadows Update 8/3 marmot
97709. Re: Desolation trail work balzaccom
97706. Re: Furthest north peaks in the Sierra by elevation? KenS
97705. OT - Redwoods NP posts notice about fines for going off-trail to see tall tree Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97700. Re: Garmin issues balzaccom
97699. Re: McGee Creek report...not all sunshine and roses DavidK42
97697. Yosemite Bear Facts July 23, 2022 eeek
97695. Re: Volunteer Apple Picking Day August 2 balzaccom
97694. Wawona Opens To Public Thursday eeek
97693. Book Review, "The High Sierra: A Love Story" KenS
97692. Re: Sierra Mystery balzaccom
97691. Wawona Road Reopens Saturday eeek
97690. Tunnel Inspections eeek
97685. Re: Camp spot between North dome and Tenaya Lake? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97680. Tioga Road Hazard Tree Removal Until Further Notice eeek
97676. Re: White Wolf Campground to open on 18 July mkbgdns
97672. Re: Satellite Communicator recommendations? basilbop
97668. Re: Washburn Fire Update KenS
97665. Re: Where to see marmots on 108 or 4? balzaccom
97663. Tioga Road & Tuolumne Meadows Update 7/6 eeek
97662. Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series 2022 eeek
97660. Stanislaus National Forest Implements Temporary Fire Restrictions in High Fire Hazard Areas eeek
97655. Re: Alaska, including Kenai Fjords balzaccom
97647. Re: Marmots and Mosquitos at Sunrise Lakes Area jayahc
97639. Wawona Road Hazard Tree Removal Until Further Notice eeek
97634. Re: RIP - JRinGeorgia nwhkr
97632. Fire restrictions lifted at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
97631. Re: CATHEDRAL LAKES -> CLOUDS REST -> HALF DOME [email protected]
97623. Re: White Wolf mkbgdns
97618. Re: Yosemite Falls -> North Dome -> Tenaya Lake -> Clouds Rests [email protected]
97616. Curry Raft Rentals eeek
97614. Re: Tioga Road & Tuolumne Meadows Update 6/21 chulavista
97613. Re: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne - Pictograph/Petroglyph Locations & Campsite recommendations Royalist
97593. Re: Medlicott Dome + backpacking mkbgdns
97590. Reds Meadow hikerchick395
97587. Re: Yosemite logging unprecedented for a national park, says conservation group suing to stop it parklover
97585. Yosemite Creek Campground Opens July 15th FatFlatlander
97582. Grand Canyon hosts 32nd Annual Star Party eeek
97581. Yosemite Valley Information Station Remains Closed eeek
97580. Wawona Information Station Open Intermittently eeek
97572. Re: Want to get away? balzaccom
97571. Re: Yosemite Falls Vandalism LRK
97565. Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center Opening Saturday eeek
97562. Lassen National Park Highway Open to Vehicles eeek
97561. Re: Anyone Know What Happened to the High Sierra Topix web site? webdweeb
97557. Re: Tioga Road & Tuolumne Meadows Update 6/5 mkbgdns
97556. Tuolumne Store Delayed Opening eeek
97552. Re: Gaming the System parklover
97549. Re: Fire Restrictions set to increase in the Eastern Sierra balzaccom
97543. Mariposa Grove Update eeek
97541. Re: Cause of death revealed for woman forced out of Yosemite home Ohnivy-Drak
97540. Lakes Basin Road open eeek
97533. Re: USA Today acticle from last week on Gas Prices in Lee Vining The Other Tom
97530. Raising Mono Lake requires a new plan eeek
97529. Re: Tioga Road & Tuolumne Meadows Update 5/27/22 mkbgdns
97524. Re: Visitor Center? crocodile235
97520. Re: Wawona Trail Crew Blasting Operations DavidK42
97514. Re: Tioga Road Opening vdrummer
97512. Re: Hetch Hetchy Access after 5/20 FatFlatlander
97510. Re: Getting back to White Wolf Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97503. Re: New shuttle bus routes in the Valley. parklover
97500. Tamarack Flat Campground opens on 20 June FatFlatlander
97498. Traffic Pattern Changes In Yosemite Valley eeek
97495. Re: Wi-fi at Degnan's rahill
97488. White Mountain Visitor Center Opening Delayed eeek
97487. Rattlesnake Fire Update 5/12/22 eeek
97479. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Lodge and White Wolf not opening this summer. parklover
97477. Southwest Cities Learn to Thrive Amid Drought KenS
97476. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts — May 1-7, 2022 UtahBrian
97470. Special Weather Statement eeek
97466. North Rim of Grand Canyon to open May 15 for 2022 season eeek
97465. Chowchilla Mountain Road eeek
97464. May 2022 Snow Surveys eeek
97462. Glacier Point Road eeek
97461. Sharing a lodge at Housekeeping camp from 2nd of May FrenchInSF
97457. Inyo National Forest to Enforce No Vehicles Off Roads at Grant Lake eeek
97453. Re: early crowds in Yosemite parklover
97451. Camping politics balzaccom
97447. Re: Tioga Road plowing lonelugger
97443. Mariposa Grove Road eeek
97439. Re: Highway Enthusiasts - Why do 120 and 108 have "freeway sections" in random places? cmon4day
97430. Re: Four Mile Trail Open To Glacier Point DavidK42
97425. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 13, 2022 (Final Report) FatFlatlander
97424. Re: Historic locations around the Valley? crocodile235
97418. Open Campgrounds eeek
97414. Re: Mariposa Grove Road DavidK42
97413. Special Weather Statement eeek
97410. Re: Devils Hole Pupfish Spring Season Population Count Highest in 22 Years balzaccom
97408. Re: South by Southwest parklover
97404. Seasonal Opening Of Facilities At Vernal Fall Footbridge eeek
97400. Re: No First-Come, First-Served Camping in Yosemite this Summer mkbgdns
97399. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 7, 2022 FatFlatlander
97387. Re: Happy Isles -> Illilouette-> Clouds Rest Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97384. Re: April 1 Snow Surveys abetterpitchfork
97383. Glacier Point Road Nordic Trail Conditions Final Update eeek
97382. Re: Hetch Hetchy Update LJK123
97380. YVL Mountain Room Reopening Postponed eeek
97378. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 29, 2022 The Other Tom
97377. Re: Climate Change in the Canadian Rockies GreenieHops
97369. Re: Winter Weather Advisory Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97368. Glacier Point Road Nordic Trail Conditions Update eeek
97367. Four Mile Trail eeek
97365. Re: Fern Spring parklover
97364. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 22, 2022 FatFlatlander
97362. Conifer Removal North Of Lower Pines Campground Through April 14 eeek
97359. Mist Trail Open eeek
97357. High Wind Warning eeek
97356. Re: Death Valley last week gonehiking
97355. Badger Pass Ski Area Closing eeek
97354. Glacier Point Road Nordic Trail Conditions & Wilderness Operation Update eeek
97352. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 16, 2022 FatFlatlander
97345. Re: No High Sierra Camps for the 4th Straight Year parklover
97332. YARTS Schedules For Late Spring & Summer 2022 eeek
97330. 35-Year Anniversary Of The 1987 Middle Brother Rockfall Today eeek
97327. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 8, 2022 balzaccom
97326. Re: March 1 Snow Survey Results FatFlatlander
97324. Grand Canyon National Park announces backcountry camping fee increase eeek
97320. Special Weather Statement eeek
97319. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
97318. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 1, 2022 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97317. Seasonal Climbing Closures March 1 - July 15 eeek
97314. Re: Major hurdle cleared in plan to demolish 4 California dams balzaccom
97302. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 22, 2022 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97301. Glacier Point Road Nordic Trail Conditions Update eeek
97300. Re: RPP Conditions/Snowpack Early August? FatFlatlander
97295. Re: Changes in the works for First-Come, First-Served Wilderness Permits? FatFlatlander
97289. Re: Yosemite Map Sierra Miguel
97288. Re: Special Weather Statement balzaccom
97285. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 15, 2021 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97284. Ansel Adams in the Guardian balzaccom
97276. Valley winter wilderness permits chulavista
97275. Re: Yosemite National Park Launches Temporary Peak Hours Reservation System May 20 Gary A
97274. Valley Campground Office Hours eeek
97273. Trail help in Mariposa balzaccom
97271. Casa Diablo IV geothermal development affecting recreation activities eeek
97269. Re: My second mystery novel, set in the Emigrant Wilderness, is now out! crocodile235
97267. Re: Trip Report: Manzanar National Historic Site parklover
97266. Special Weather Statement eeek
97259. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 8, 2022 Acadia
97257. Napa Valley College balzaccom
97253. Re: Yosemite, Top Shot from 2021 Intl Landscape Photographer of the Year FatFlatlander
97252. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 1, 2022 FatFlatlander
97251. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions 01 February 2022 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97250. Permits are now available--we got one! balzaccom
97248. Re: Horsetail Fall Traffic Control FatFlatlander
97246. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 26, 2022 FatFlatlander
97244. Re: Control burns eeek
97242. Re: What did you not buy today? balzaccom
97240. Mountain Room Lounge Closed eeek
97238. Re: Lottery for North Pines Campground. mtn man
97237. SAR statistics not always accurate KenS
97236. High Wind Warning eeek
97232. Re: Yosemite National Park may limit visitors this summer due to major construction projects parklover
97229. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 18, 2022 FatFlatlander
97226. Re: Tuolumne Meadows winter conditions 18 January 2022 balzaccom
97220. Re: 2022 Wilderness Permits---things are getting better jayahc
97216. Re: Today's Fresno Bee article about plans for reopening services parklover
97215. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 11, 2022 FatFlatlander
97213. Re: Camping reservations hikerchick395
97210. Re: SAR in our national parks Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97207. Badger Pass Ski Area – Operations Update for 1/5 – 1/8 eeek
97192. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 4, 2022 FatFlatlander
97189. Re: Still snow on the ground in Upper Pines? Have a friend going uo Wednesday and she is wondering if they will be tenting on snow or dirt? eeek
97188. Israeli version of Yosemite's Horsetail Falls Firefall KenS
97187. Yosemite is forcing homeowners to leave without compensation eeek
97183. Re: tm winter conditions report for dec 28 The Other Tom
97179. Re: Curry Evacuation- Short Trip Report recycling1991
97178. Big Oak Flat Road Closure eeek
97177. Badger Pass Road and Ski Area Closed 12/27 eeek
97176. Avalanche Warning eeek
97173. Re: Happy Holidays balzaccom
97172. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 21, 2021 FatFlatlander
97158. Merced Grove Closure Update eeek
97157. Re: Merced River Gauge Webcam - Just for fun recycling1991
97155. Re: Free Yosemite Valley Shuttle Returns JohnC
97154. Winter Storm Warning eeek
97147. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
97146. Re: Winter Grooming of GP Road? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
97145. Curry Village Ice Rink eeek
97144. Roads and Trails Winter Updates eeek
97141. Santa's Nice list balzaccom
97140. Re: Santa's naughty list balzaccom
97138. Winter Storm Warning eeek
97123. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
97115. Re: pizza deck season parklover
97113. Wawona Road Delays Through December 31 eeek
97110. Re: Campsites/Temperature at Grand Canyon of Tuolumne? Sierra Miguel
97107. Bike Rental & Ice Rink eeek
97103. Re: Happy Thanksgiving balzaccom
97096. Campgrounds eeek
97095. Gold Hill Mill EECA eeek
97091. Wapama Falls Bridge Open eeek
97090. Re: EV Chargers In Yosemite Valley Temporarily Down The Other Tom
97087. Re: Yosemite’s largest campground, Tuolumne Meadows, shutters for years-long rehabilitation work eeek
97086. Sierra Nevada shown to have two geologic birthdays eeek
97085. Fatality at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes eeek
97084. Southside Drive Hazard Tree Removal Starts Today eeek
97082. Re: Glacier Point Road Ohnivy-Drak
97080. Work Planned to Begin on Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project eeek
97078. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
97074. Fire Update 11/1/21 eeek
97067. Wapama Falls Bridge Closed eeek
97066. Camp 4 eeek
97065. Inyo National Forest Fire Restictions Lifted eeek
97064. Seasonal Campground Closures eeek
97063. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Closed eeek
97062. Winter Use Cabins eeek
97057. Lassen Volcanic Highway Closes to Through Traffic for Winter Season eeek
97053. Flood Warning eeek
97047. Yosemite Fire Restrictions Rescinded eeek
97045. Reds Meadow Road, Lakes Basin Road Seasonal Closures eeek
97039. Fires Update 10/18/2021 eeek
97035. Re: Lost post iivvgg
97033. Re: 2021 Fall/ Winter Prescribed Burns iivvgg
97031. Tuolumne Meadows Water Shutdown Thursday eeek
97030. Trail Crews balzaccom
97028. U.S. Navy Super Hornet Crashed in Death Valley National Park eeek
97027. Inyo National Forest Returns to Stage I Fire Restrictions eeek
97025. Convict Lake Rd. subject to temporary closures October 7 through October 15 eeek
97020. Special Weather Statement eeek
97017. Re: You Got Lost and Had to Be Rescued. Should You Pay? recycling1991
97015. Bridalveil Fall Through October 15 eeek
97014. Tioga Road Closure Thursday eeek
97010. Re: Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project AppaREVISED: Work Planned to Begin on Long Valley Exploration Drilling Projectroved NuvNatil
97009. Cleanup started on exposed waste in historic dump eeek
97007. Bear Activity Yosemite Valley eeek
97006. YARTS Seasonal Schedule Update eeek
97004. Visit in the Fall balzaccom
96999. Great news for Mono Lake’s tributary streams eeek
96993. Re: Bridalveil Creek and Crane Flat Campgrounds will be closed in 2022 as well! Coolburn
96992. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Closed until 2024! balzaccom
96988. Re: Toting your bear canister LVRAY
96987. Three Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Sites cleaned up on the Inyo National Forest eeek
96986. Toilet replacements and upgrades at high use areas eeek
96981. 18th Annual Yosemite Facelift September 22-26 eeek
96980. Re: Author's night--join me this Tuesday balzaccom
96979. Yosemite Bear Facts — September 12, 2021 eeek
96978. Woman suffers significant thermal burns in Yellowstone National Park; Stay on boardwalks and trails in thermal areas eeek
96977. NPS and NWS announce new weather station at Badwater Basin eeek
96975. Re: GCT September 15-16 lilagray
96970. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Closing balzaccom
96969. Re: Harmful Algae Blooms detected in Deadman Creek, observed in Hummingbird and Odell Lakes MY HAPPY PLACE
96964. Illilouette Creek water situation Gonehiking
96962. May Lake Toilets Closing 9/20 eeek
96959. Update And Guidance On Harmful Algal Blooms In Yosemite Valley eeek
96958. Re: Toxic Algae Found At Yosemite The Other Tom
96957. Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center Closing eeek
96955. Missing person MY HAPPY PLACE
96949. Fire updates 9/10/2021 eeek
96946. Re: Answers to common questions regarding Forest Closure balzaccom
96943. Stoneman Raft Launch Restoration Project eeek
96941. Re: California Condor Nestling #1111 Fledges at Zion National Park balzaccom
96937. vogelsang beta mkbgdns
96936. vogelsang beta mkbgdns
96932. Re: What is Best Starting Day of the Week to Visit Yosemite for Camping? balzaccom
96930. Yosemite National Park Fire Restrictions eeek
96926. Re: Alternatives iivvgg
96925. Hiker Fatality Near Manly Beacon eeek
96924. White Wolf Construction eeek
96923. Re: Now Hiring Winter Wilderness Patrol Volunteers parklover
96922. Village Grill Reopening Tuesday eeek
96916. Re: USDA Forest Service Temporarily Closing All California National Forests for Public Safety The Other Tom
96914. Re: TR: Tuolumne Meadows circumnavigation, Aug. 15-17 The Other Tom
96902. Search for Matt Thoke in Sequoia National Park Ends, His Body Recovered Sunday August 8 eeek
96895. Yosemite Fires Update 8/27/2021 eeek
96891. Yosemite Bear Facts - August 21, 2021 eeek
96888. Re: Lassen Volcanic National Park Closed Due to Dixie Fire The Other Tom
96887. Juniper Lake Cabins Destroyed eeek
96886. Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center shifting to off-season hours eeek
96884. Inyo National Forest moves to Stage II Fire Restrictions eeek
96875. Re: Gibbs Lake TR balzaccom
96872. HWY 140 YARTS Service Reductions To Continue Through 9/12 eeek
96870. Hiker fatality in Death Valley eeek
96869. Updates to Mask Requirements eeek
96868. Re: Trail crews maintain and improve trails for all crocodile235
96866. Re: UPDATE: Hyperthermia blamed for death of family near Yosemite KenS
96861. Eldorado National Forest Closed through September FatFlatlander
96857. Badger Pass Ski Area Early Bird Season Pass eeek
96853. Re: TR: Benson-Matterhorn loop – Part 3 of 3 JRinGeorgia
96852. TR: Benson-Matterhorn loop – Part 2 of 3 JRinGeorgia
96851. Re: TR: Benson-Matterhorn loop – Part 1 of 3 The Other Tom
96850. Special Weather Statement eeek
96844. Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center hours change eeek
96843. Re: Oversize Load Transport On Wawona Road Friday balzaccom
96839. Re: Sequoia Removal in Front of the Yosemite Museum The Other Tom
96838. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Grill tanngrisnir3
96835. Re: Smoke in Yosemite DavidK42
96832. Fire Update 8/20/21 eeek
96831. Re: advice sought on Ten Lakes route and bus gjanee
96830. Re: The Grand Tour: Yellowstone, Tetons, RMNP, and moree balzaccom
96821. Temporary Changes To Hours Of Operations eeek
96820. Starbucks Closed Through August 18 eeek
96819. 8.6.2021 Yosemite Fires Update eeek
96814. Lassen Volcanic Implements Temporary Closures and Restrictions eeek
96813. Re: Lower Merced Pass Lake and fire damage Sierra Miguel
96812. Tiltill Fire Closes Trail between Tiltill Valley and Lake Vernon FatFlatlander
96805. Bridalveil Fall Rehabilitation Project eeek
96802. Flash Flood Watch eeek
96801. Yosemite Creek Fire eeek
96799. Covid Update from YNP bobasquith
96797. Public comment period extended for River Management Plan eeek
96796. Missing Hiker Alert 7/25 Yosemite Maverick
96795. Need Your Help Maverick
96794. July 27, 2021 Yosemite Fires Update eeek
96791. looking for advice re Twin Peaks Pass and Stanton Pass dsklansky
96789. Re: Forum for Sequoia NP? mbazeley
96788. Flash Flood Watch eeek
96785. Special Weather Statement eeek
96784. Lightning Strike Causes Injuries at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
96783. Inyo National Forest Wilderness permit reservation and pickup procedures eeek
96782. Dexter, Glacier and Lightning Fires update July 26 eeek
96780. Looking for an advice marvinnielsen
96779. Missing Hiker Alert 7/21 SEKI Maverick
96778. Hoover Fire eeek
96775. Missing Hiker Alert 7/17 Yosemite Maverick
96768. Glacier Fire update July 17 eeek
96767. Trail Crew Blasting JMT July 27 eeek
96765. Missing Hiker Alert 7/14 Boundary Peak Maverick
96761. Dexter Fire Update July 17 eeek
96760. Traffic Control For Lukens Fire eeek
96759. Roads closed near Laurel Ponds due to monitoring well drilling eeek
96757. Mono meadow Red peak pass Yosemrick
96751. Re: Ride needed Y Village to Tuolumne 7/15 Kjaggie
96747. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts — June 27-July 3, 2021 balzaccom
96744. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Crowds and RV Info Katie B
96742. King Fire Trail Closures Lifted eeek
96741. Overcrowding at Other National Parks KenS
96740. 5.9 Earthquake near Coleville plawrence
96737. Yosemite Fires Update 7.16.2021 eeek
96735. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Ban All Campfires July 1, 2021 eeek
96734. South Tufa Day Use Site will be closed July 16 eeek
96733. Excessive Heat Warning eeek
96732. Re: Buckeye Creek T-storms crocodile235
96731. Ahwahnee Drive Traffic Delays eeek
96715. YOSAR Needs Your Help Maverick
96714. Stoneman Meadow Restoration July 6-29 eeek
96710. Volunteer Opportunity eeek
96706. Public comments sought for River Management Plan eeek
96697. Re: Anyone done the River Trail to Thousand Island Lake in a day? shastacatfish
96696. Inyo Creek Fire Update for July 2, 2021 - Final Update eeek
96693. Re: TR: Kuna Crest crossing, June 19-21 The Other Tom
96692. Tree Removal, Happy Isles Loop eeek
96690. Yosemite Bear Facts - June 19, 2021 eeek
96689. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Store – Updated Hours of Operation eeek
96681. Re: Getting around Yosemite Valley with no shuttle service pjmccarthy
96669. Reds Meadow area update eeek
96667. Re: Old horse trail, Sunnyside Bench, Old Big Oak Flat Road Trail, etc. (long) wherever
96658. Zion National Park Shuttle Ticket Update eeek
96657. Arches National Park thinking of reservation system similar to Yosemite KenS
96654. Re: Hundreds of historic Scotty's Castle photographs published online hotrod4x5
96653. High-Elevation Misstep Results in Fatality in Sequoia National Park eeek
96652. Power Line Right Of Way Work Along Hetch Hetchy Road Through August eeek
96651. Inyo National Forest visitor centers reopen eeek
96650. Ahwahnee Meadow Southwest Restoration eeek
96646. Re: Proposed Campground Fee Increases bobslominski
96640. New Hoover permit system balzaccom
96637. Re: Mt. Hoffman chick-on
96634. Re: Mystery novel set in the Emigrant Wilderness balzaccom
96622. Re: River rafting in the valley longnstrait
96619. Re: Kings Canyon Day Hikes chick-on
96618. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions eeek
96616. Yosemite National Park and Stanislaus National Forest Announce Release of the Ackerson Meadow Restoration Environmental Assessment for Public Review eeek
96611. Re: Part of party arriving late to TM CG Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
96606. Registration for the virtual Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua is now open eeek
96603. Re: Rafferty Creek to Merced Lake this mid-June? Sierra Miguel
96595. Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry chick-on
96589. Re: Recreation . Gov Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
96588. Prescribed fire projects planned near Sunny Slopes/Tom’s Place and Mammoth Lakes eeek
96587. Fruit is here balzaccom
96577. Re: Upcoming Tioga Road Delays Coolburn
96574. Re: Tioga Road to open eeek
96573. Inyo National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office Enter Fire Restrictions eeek
96568. Glacier Point Road Temporary Closure, 8pm Today eeek
96566. Re: Tonight on Zoom balzaccom
96565. Half Dome Cables eeek
96560. Re: Traffic pattern pilot study in eastern Yosemite Valley gophersnake
96557. Re: Bug Reort balzaccom
96549. Sonora Pass is open balzaccom
96548. Re: Dangerous Marijuana Grow Site Discovered in Jail Canyon Releaseone
96547. National Park Service Seeks Public Input on Project to Rehabilitate Mineral King Road Within Sequoia National Park eeek
96544. Re: Tioga Road Administrative Access Markanthonydj
96543. Mariposa Grove Open eeek
96542. Extension of Scoping Period for Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project eeek
96541. May 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
96538. Re: Sequoia Car Camping TR The Other Tom
96537. Permits now required for Yosemite overnight climbs y_p_w
96536. Re: Degnans free wi-fi? chulavista
96528. Re: Trailhead parking Pohono
96526. Tioga Road eeek
96525. Re: RV parking (not camping) in the Apple Orchard parking lot at Camp Curry chulavista
96524. Arch Rock Traffic Safety Patrols eeek
96523. Wawona Meadow Loop Trail Open eeek
96522. Glacier Point Road Opens Friday eeek
96512. Re: Yosemite Falls markskor
96509. Re: Tioga Inn project denied abetterpitchfork
96508. Campgrounds open for this weekend eeek
96506. Missing Hiker Alert Yosemite Maverick
96504. Glacier Point Road Status Update eeek
96501. Re: The West Is Burning balzaccom
96498. Antelope Prescribed Fire Planned eeek
96495. Re: 10 ways Yosemite will be different this year chulavista
96494. Walk-Ups This Year mkbgdns
96493. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 15, 2021 (Final Update of the Season) The Other Tom
96490. Re: Tuolumne Store opening Coolburn
96483. Re: Upper Pines camping trailer advice - site 145 gorgbroza
96480. Investigators seek more information, possible additional victims, concerning sexual assault in Yosemite National Park eeek
96479. California Condors Will Take Flight eeek
96478. Re: Upper Pines Site 43 mtn man
96477. April 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
96476. Meadow Loop Trail Temporary Closure eeek
96475. Wawona Road Delays April 13-16 eeek
96473. Helicopter work scheduled for Gem Lake Dam eeek
96472. Re: Yosemite Entrance Reservations To Begin 5-21 mtn man
96470. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 7, 2021 FatFlatlander
96469. Antelope Springs Road grading eeek
96468. Re: Curry Village Reopening Hours crocodile235
96467. Vernal Fall Footbridge Seasonal Facilities Open Today eeek
96465. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 31, 2021 FatFlatlander
96463. Mist Trail Open eeek
96458. Re: Question re: Merced River (Mist trail) near Nevada Falls basilbop
96455. Re: Caltrans To Resume Work On Ferguson Project recycling1991
96451. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 24. 2021 FatFlatlander
96450. Correction: Badger Pass Road Closing eeek
96447. High Wind Warning eeek
96446. Upper Pines campground eeek
96428. Re: High Sierra Camps will not open in 2021 Ariamis
96427. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96424. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 17, 2021 The Other Tom
96421. Re: I'm confused mkbgdns
96420. Some Athletes May Be Predisposed to High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) KenS
96418. Wawona Tunnel Road Delays March 16-18 eeek
96413. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 10, 2021 balzaccom
96412. Re: Explosion in Stovepipe Wells hotrod4x5
96405. Re: Elizabeth Lake day hike parking? tomdisco
96404. Winter Storm Warning eeek
96402. Re: horse trailer parking razorbackcaller
96397. March 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
96395. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 3, 2021 FatFlatlander
96388. Bridalveil Falls Project Traffic Control Update 3/5/21 eeek
96381. Re: DAY USE PERMITS tomdisco
96378. Re: Skiers complete first descent of Half Dome to Yosemite Valley balzaccom
96373. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 25. 2021 FatFlatlander
96372. Modified Traffic Patterns Extended Through February 28 eeek
96370. Seasonal Climbing Closures March 1 - July 15 eeek
96369. Re: Southwest--Joshua Tree and Southern Arizona Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
96361. Special Weather Statement eeek
96358. Re: Henness Ridge Winter Conditions Update for February 12-15, 2021 The Other Tom
96357. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 17, 2021 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
96356. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 10, 2021 FatFlatlander
96354. Petition To Change Back To Pre-Covid Walk-in Permit System Maverick
96353. Lower Pines c.g. sites mtn man
96350. Horsetail Fall Traffic Control Begins Today eeek
96347. Special Weather Statement eeek
96345. Re: Posting photos JRinGeorgia
96344. Re: Day use reservations parklover
96343. Upper Pines Update eeek
96342. Badger Pass Update eeek
96341. Special Weather Statement eeek
96339. Re: February 1 Snow Survey Results FatFlatlander
96338. California's rainy season starting nearly a month later than it did 60 years ago eeek
96337. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 3, 2021 FatFlatlander
96336. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 20, 2021 FatFlatlander
96335. National Park Service Implements Mask Requirement Across All Parks and Federal Buildings eeek
96334. Yosemite Hospitality Operations Phased Reopening Schedule eeek
96333. Yosemite National Park To Require Day-Use Reservations Starting February 8 eeek
96329. Re: wind/snow damage at Yosemite DavidK42
96328. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions - Quick Update for January 29. 2021 FatFlatlander
96327. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96326. Watching the snow fall via webcam FatFlatlander
96322. Re: Winter Storm Warning balzaccom
96315. Re: Missing woman found dead at base of Upper Yosemite Fall balzaccom
96313. All Inyo National Forest lands open in association with SQF Complex eeek
96312. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96310. Special Weather Statement eeek
96307. Yosemite still closed eeek
96306. High Wind Warning eeek
96305. Re: High Sierra Camp Loop Question SierraCPA
96301. Crane Flat Prescribed Fire eeek
96300. Badger Pass Update 1/15/21 eeek
96295. Re: Sierra Nevada 2020 (video) Bearproof
96294. Yellowstone National Park treasure hunter pleads guilty eeek
96291. Re: Big Oak Flat Road Traffic Delays eeek
96290. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 13, 2021 FatFlatlander
96289. El Portal Road Traffic Control eeek
96288. Inyo National Forest Terminates Creek Fire Closure eeek
96282. Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2020 eeek
96278. Re: Our trip to Joshua Trip NP ( Not :-( ) AdonisOsborn
96277. Beach Fire Declared out, Closure Order lifted eeek
96274. Modified Concessions Hours eeek
96273. USFS Extends Developed Campground Closures on Twelve National Forests eeek
96267. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 31, 2020 eeek
96265. Re: RIP George Whitmore balzaccom
96264. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96260. Re: Tuolumne Meadows campground reservations rbell1
96259. Re: Happy New Years parklover
96257. Special Weather Statement eeek
96256. Badger Pass Nordic Opening Thursday eeek
96255. Mist Trail-JMT update eeek
96254. 4 Mile Trail Closed Below Union Point eeek
96249. Shameless self-promotion balzaccom
96248. 2020 Fire Restrictions Removed in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks eeek
96243. Re: Happy Holidays recycling1991
96242. Biking On Badger Pass Road eeek
96241. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96240. How much Covid is really in the park? parklover
96238. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96237. Ansel Adams Gallery Closed eeek
96236. Re: Happy holidays parklover
96235. Yellowstone's winter season starts December 15, 2020; Tour most park roads by snowcoach or snowmobile eeek
96233. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96232. Seasonal roads and trails on Stanislaus National Forest close Dec. 15 eeek
96231. Yosemite Hospitality Operations eeek
96228. Inyo National Forest Modifies Creek Fire Closure eeek
96225. Re: Winter Recreation Around Badger Pass Paris92
96224. Mist Trail One-Way eeek
96218. Black bear gut biome surprisingly simple eeek
96217. Re: Yosemite changing hours (8-5) recycling1991
96216. CA to close campgrounds balzaccom
96215. Grand Canyon National Park Transitions to Winter Operations eeek
96212. Re: Public Input Sought on Death Valley Stovepipe Wells Projects sjhikers
96211. Death Valley again balzaccom
96210. Wawona Road Delays Update December 3 eeek
96209. Rattlesnake Fire spreads onto the Inyo National Forest eeek
96208. Yosemite Bear Facts November 21 eeek
96206. Researchers quantify carbon changes in Sierra Nevada meadow soils eeek
96205. Yosemite National Park Announces Glacier Point and Tioga Roads are Closed for the Season eeek
96204. Mist Trail & JMT Open eeek
96198. Re: Wawona hotel? JoeCole17
96196. Re: Winter Weather Advisory eeek
96195. Inyo National Forest Fire Restrictions Lifted effective Nov. 17 2020 eeek
96193. Vernal and Nevada Falls Winter Trail Closures eeek
96192. Yosemite National Park Honors the Recipients of the 2020 Volunteer of the Year Awards eeek
96191. Fire Update November 13, 2020 eeek
96190. Bike Rental Closed eeek
96189. Mast Year balzaccom
96187. Prescribed Fire and Fuels Projects: Fall and Winter 2020-2021 eeek
96186. Mist Trail Closed eeek
96184. Re: Off topic, but NP related - don't try this at home, kids wherever
96183. Re: Road Access to Badger Pass Ski Area nwhkr
96182. Mist Trail Closed Wednesday eeek
96180. Fire Update November 6 eeek
96179. Tioga & Glacier Point Roads closing eeek
96176. Winter Storm Warning eeek
96175. Inyo National Forest Reopens most of John Muir Wilderness, part of Ansel Adams Wilderness eeek
96174. Chowchilla Mountain Road Open eeek
96172. Traffic Delays Starting Today eeek
96171. Re: Ten Lakes trail to Grant Lakes LJK123
96170. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions eeek
96169. Fire Update October 30 eeek
96167. Wawona Road Delays Increasing Today eeek
96162. Re: New head of Yosemite parklover
96161. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Closed eeek
96160. Forrest Fenn treasure hunter indicted for damage to Yellowstone National Park eeek
96159. Scotty's Castle Update eeek
96158. Fire Update October 23-29 eeek
96157. Inyo National Forest Re-opens some Sierra Nevada Wilderness Areas eeek
96154. Re: Ski Hut Information for this Winter 2020 Paris92
96153. Special Weather Statement eeek
96152. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts October 11-17 Paris92
96147. Relocation project of Pika like rodent in Chile KenS
96143. Inyo National Forest Rescinds Forest Order eeek
96139. Re: Yosemite Fire Update October balzaccom
96135. Wawona Graffiti Removal October 20 eeek
96134. Re: American Pikas show resiliency in the face of global warming balzaccom
96133. Half Dome Cables Down Today eeek
96132. North Rim Transitions to Day Use Operations Beginning October 19, 2020 eeek
96131. Trail Crew Blasting October 20 & 22 eeek
96128. Re: Valley Backpackers Campground Closes November 1 basilbop
96127. Fire Update eeek
96126. Fire Weather Watch eeek
96124. Ansley Singer Receives The 2019 Barry Hance Memorial Award At Yosemite National Park eeek
96118. Tioga Road Traffic Advisory eeek
96117. Re: Wilderness Volunteers for Winter 2020/21 chulavista
96116. Yellowstone National Park sees an increase in positive employee-COVID-19 cases in September eeek
96113. Re: South Lake Road Construction Information October 2020 Update Coilavana
96112. Inyo National Forest Partial Re-opening, eeek
96111. Yosemite fire update eeek
96110. Re: Enhanced Stage 2 Fire Restrictions in Effect Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
96109. Ahwahnee Bar Hours eeek
96108. Yosemite National Park is Modifying Operations - Yosemite News Release September 29, 2020 eeek
96107. Curry Village Reopening Schedule eeek
96105. Crater Lake Level 1 Evacuation Notice Lifted eeek
96103. Camera traps show impact of recreational activity on wildlife eeek
96102. Mariposa Grove Tree Work eeek
96096. Re: A stop along the way swimmer
96095. Numerous Heat Records Set in Death Valley This Summer eeek
96094. Inyo National Forest Welcomes New Forest Supervisor eeek
96093. Re: Forest Service Extends Closure Orders and Fire Restrictions in California nwhkr
96086. Trail Crew Blasting Monday & Tuesday eeek
96085. This woman’s tribe was evicted from Yosemite. Now it's her job to protect it from wildfire nwhkr
96084. Opening MY HAPPY PLACE
96080. Wawona fire advisory eeek
96079. Re: Trip Report: Red Peak & Merced Peak 8/20-8/23 tomdisco
96071. Re: The Age of Megafires balzaccom
96065. Re: Yosemite entrance quota mkbgdns
96064. Re: Aging not so gracefully parklover
96063. Clay Jordan Selected as Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Superintendent eeek
96062. Forest Service to Increase Access to National Forests in California eeek
96059. Re: Fire Update September 18-24, 2020 eeek
96055. Re: Yosemite is closing JustKeepWalking
96054. Red Flag Warning eeek
96053. Curry Village Temporary Closure Extended Through September 30 eeek
96052. Blasting Operations Today eeek
96049. Arizona Man Pleads Guilty to Starting 2019 Cottonwood Creek Fire in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
96048. Re: Sequoia National Park Closed chick-on
96041. Hiker Fatality at Joshua Tree National Park eeek
96040. Death Valley National Park Increases Fire Restrictions eeek
96031. Tioga Road open hours eeek
96029. Re: Yosemite Fire Update September 11, 2020 white rabbit
96028. Village Grill Closed eeek
96023. Re: People are behind costly, increasing risk of wildfire to millions of homes Jurlilane
96016. Re: Forest Service Temporarily Closes All National Forests In Pacific Southwest Region chick-on
95998. Re: Graveyard Lakes---and the Creek Fire balzaccom
95991. Re: Dense Smoke Advisory parklover
95990. Re: Fire may cause evacuation of Wawona eeek
95989. Massive Rescue Operation Underway As Crews Battle California's Creek Fire eeek
95988. Special Weather Statement eeek
95987. Re: Wilderness Permit Zoom lilagray
95983. Yosemite Fire Update September 4, 2020 eeek
95982. Re: SR120 drive thru permits mtn man
95981. Re: Yosemite Hospitality Dining Updates chulavista
95980. Re: Convict Creek and Rock Creek backpacks balzaccom
95973. Re: Overnight parking in TM mkbgdns
95971. Trail Crew Blasting September 10 eeek
95969. Re: Mist Trail Closure Beginning September 8 abetterpitchfork
95967. Body Found in Joshua Tree National Park eeek
95966. 08/28/2020 Segment of Golden Trout Wilderness Closed for SQF Complex Fire eeek
95963. Blue Jay & Wolf Fire Update August 28, 2020 eeek
95962. Mount Everest summit success rates double, death rate stays the same over last 30 years eeek
95961. YARTS Hwy 120 West Service Suspended By Moc Fire Operations eeek
95960. Proposed New National Park Trail Open for Public Comment eeek
95955. Re: Please suggest route from Glacier Point Illilouette trailhead Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95948. Washburn Point Parking Closed Monday eeek
95947. Yosemite Bear Facts — August 16-22, 2020 eeek
95944. Re: Buena Vista TR (8/14-8/16/20) Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95943. Camping Indoors Popular in Taiwan KenS
95941. SCE Sabrina Lake Dam Project Advisory 8/21/20 eeek
95939. Fire Weather Watch eeek
95936. Pacific Crest Trail to reopen after Apple Fire closure eeek
95934. Alaska's salmon are getting smaller, affecting people and ecosystems eeek
95933. Special Weather Statement eeek
95927. Visitors Illegally Enter the Caldera at Crater Lake National Park eeek
95926. Beach Fire Area Closed under Forest Order eeek
95925. Half Dome Spring Shoeon
95922. We have bears; they have boars balzaccom
95918. Marmots eeek
95916. Re: Red Flag Warning balzaccom
95912. Re: Last min destination suggestions? DavidSenesac
95911. Combined Fire Update August 21, 2020 eeek
95910. South Lake Road Construction Information eeek
95909. Re: Mok Canyon balzaccom
95906. Glacier Point Road Hazard Tree Removal eeek
95904. Re: Glen Aulin area camping options ChrisA
95902. Blue Jay Fire Update August 12, 2020 eeek
95900. Re: Special Weather Statement balzaccom
95894. What Yosemite/Sierra/Nature related blogs do you read? recycling1991
95893. Zion National Park Rangers Request the Public’s Help After Someone Painted Large Blue Squares on Sandstone on the Kolob Terrace eeek
95889. David Vela out as NPS Director y_p_w
95887. Expect detours and delays at Old Faithful in Yellowstone eeek
95881. Re: California congressman pulled rank to get Yosemite tickets, emails indicate y_p_w
95880. SCE Gem Dam Valve Replacement 08/05/20 eeek
95879. Re: Porcupine creek/snow creek Water availability early September lilagray
95878. Re: Military Plane Crash in Death Valley: One Year Later balzaccom
95873. Yosemite National Park Announces the Opening of Civic Engagement for the Ackerson Meadow Restoration Project eeek
95872. Fire investigation underway in Yosemite National Park eeek
95862. Cancelling day use pass for August 10 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95856. Re: Who's looking forward to "gaze upon Yo-seh-mite's Yo-seh-mite's towering sequoias"? buster
95850. Yosemite Bear Facts—July 26 to August 1, 2020 eeek
95848. Re: Ruby Mountains TR Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95842. Re: White Wolf to Aspen, Pate, Smith Advice Please ChrisA
95836. Re: Gaylor Creek x-country? chick-on
95834. Re: Crane Flat gas station open? sammydee
95829. Re: TM campground reservation cancellation mkbgdns
95826. Blasting In Yosemite Backcountry Today eeek
95820. Deer Fawns & Protective Does eeek
95818. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts—July 12 to August 25, 2020 parklover
95813. Re: Tioga Entrance Station basilbop
95807. Re: Hot or cold, venomous vipers still quick to strike balzaccom
95806. Iris Fire Update Juy 27, 2020 eeek
95794. Surge of Coronavirus in Mammoth Lakes KenS
95792. Re: Pre-1970's Yosemite Campground Numbers Corntortilla
95791. Special Weather Statement eeek
95784. Inconsistent mask regulations in national parks parklover
95779. Scientists predict dramatic increase in flooding, drought in California eeek
95775. Re: There were no reports of coronavirus in Yosemite. Then they tested the park’s sewage buster
95774. Missing Hiker Alert 7/17 Maverick
95772. Ahwahnee Meadow Torched troutwild
95771. Forest Service initiates public scoping for new SERAL project eeek
95768. Re: Drive through nwhkr
95760. Re: Dumb bear canister question tomdisco
95758. Change of Hours eeek
95757. Blasting At Mirror Lake July 22 eeek
95755. Re: The phone system for the Inyo National Forest is being upgraded over the next week balzaccom
95747. Re: Campground Reservations nwhkr
95728. New Valley Closures troutwild
95723. Re: Able to drive into the Valley? Hike?? parklover
95722. Fire Weather Watch eeek
95721. Tioga Road Work eeek
95717. Re: Day pass help. y_p_w
95700. Re: Nelson Lake TR balzaccom
95697. Need a Ride - No Shuttle Service this year coppersummit
95694. Re: Gaylor Lakes Trail FatFlatlander
95691. Re: Itinerary review? North and South Loops, 160ish miles lschaaf
95688. Re: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Initiating Second Phase of Increased Recreational Access Corntortilla
95684. Re: California Condors Spotted in Sequoia National Park, First Time in Nearly Half a Century balzaccom
95683. Construction Information: SCE Completing Sabrina Lake Dam, Access Trail Maintenance eeek
95682. Fire danger in Yellowstone is MODERATE eeek
95676. Re: Favorite camping/lodging spots around the Eastern Sierras The Other Tom
95671. Re: Hetch Hetchy to Tuolumne Meadows hiking video SergiyP
95670. Re: Yosemite Valley Backpackers Campground balzaccom
95669. Re: Young Lakes Loop info SergiyP
95668. Grand Canyon National Park Requests River Guides and Boaters Bypass Havasu Canyon eeek
95667. Updates on Inyo National Forest Virtual Wilderness Permit Process eeek
95665. Excessive Heat Watch eeek
95664. Tioga Road Tree Work eeek
95658. Visitor injured by a grizzly bear while hiking near Fairy Falls; Always hike in groups of three or more eeek
95657. Woman gored after approaching bison in Yellowstone National Park; Always stay more than 25 yards away from bison eeek
95655. Missing Hiker Alert 7/5 Maverick
95654. Valley Forestry On Glacier Point Road eeek
95649. Re: off-topic - far from YNP trail quest chick-on
95647. Re: Drinking water and restroom availability? parklover
95639. Carson-Iceberg TR balzaccom
95633. Re: Stanislaus National Forest extends closure of some campgrounds through July 15 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95632. Pizza At Mountain Room Lounge eeek
95623. South Lake Road Reconstruction Implementing No Overnight Parking eeek
95622. Whitney Portal Area Evaluated by Geologists Southern area of Whitney Portal remains closed, Most Trails to Re-open eeek
95618. Re: Advice on camping at empty HSC camps in August Coolburn
95616. Multiple Search and Rescue Incidents Over Weekend Due to Excessive Heat eeek
95615. North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park to Open for Day Use eeek
95614. Grand Canyon National Park Announces Modifications to Phantom Ranch Operations eeek
95613. Zion National Park to Begin Shuttle Bus Operations and Resume Collecting Entrance Fees July 1, 2020 eeek
95612. Death Valley National Park Continues a Phased Reopening eeek
95609. SEKI Trail Conditions eeek
95600. Whitney Portal Evacuation Remains in Effect eeek
95599. Re: Yosemite experience (with covid closures) recycling1991
95594. Re: PG&E Failure recycling1991
95591. Re: Yosemite Creek Water? Coolburn
95590. Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Services eeek
95584. Re: Casio Pathfinder PRW-1300 Lost Corntortilla
95583. Lakes Basin Road Opening June 25, 2020 eeek
95579. Whitney Portal Area Evacuated due to Rockfall eeek
95569. Reds Meadow Road opening June 26 eeek
95564. Re: Yosemite Campgrounds closed through end of July nwhkr
95562. some humor Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95561. Re: Quarter Fire update 6/22/20 a.m. balzaccom
95560. COVID-19 lockdown reveals human impact on wildlife eeek
95556. Re: Lassen Volcanic National Park Increasing Services balzaccom
95550. Re: TR--Lassen front and back balzaccom
95546. Anyone following the protests in DC y_p_w
95544. Re: Made reservations at the Lodge today calberry
95539. Vernal Fall Facilities eeek
95538. Re: Aramark Vice President Mike Grisar Hitting Golf Balls in Ahwahnee Meadow y_p_w
95537. Bridalveil Falls Closed For Rehabilitation eeek
95535. Tioga Road is open eeek
95528. Re: High of 91 too hot to hike half-dome? what about social distancing? recycling1991
95525. Re: Upper Pines - Spots Available for October nwhkr
95521. Grand Canyon of Tuolumne Loop lilagray
95519. Red Flag Warning eeek
95518. Trail Crew Blasting At Bridalveil Falls June 16 eeek
95516. Re: A new hiking scale for Bugs recycling1991
95499. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Will Begin a Phased Increase of Recreational Access on June 4, 2020 eeek
95492. Yosemite National Park Continues a Phased Reopening on Thursday, June 11, 2020 eeek
95489. Re: Backpacker camps and buses y_p_w
95480. Re: Yosemite Re-opens June 11th DavidK42
95479. Re: Yosemite opening on 6/11, Tioga pass road on 6/15 nwhkr
95465. Yosemite National Park Institutes Stage 2 Fire Restrictions eeek
95464. Everest balzaccom
95463. Merced River Boating eeek
95462. Yellowstone reports zero positive COVID-19 tests in first round of employee testing eeek
95460. Yosemite National Park settles on a reopening date eeek
95457. Re: No walk up wilderness permits will be issued in 2020 Corntortilla
95455. Glacier Point Road to open June 5th (wilderness & Half Dome permit holders only) FatFlatlander
95454. No walk-up wilderness permits this year... all will be done by lottery FatFlatlander
95453. Forest Service extends closure of most developed recreation sites on Stanislaus National Forest through June 15 eeek
95452. Re: Fire Season Declared abetterpitchfork
95441. Re: chat with Cicely Muldoon and Frank Dean calberry
95440. Reintroduction of wolves tied to return of tall willows in Yellowstone National Park eeek
95439. Redwood National and State Parks is Beginning to Increase Recreational Access to Trailheads, Parking Lots, and Some Restroom Facilities eeek
95438. SEKI concessionaire tentative reopening schedule crocodile235
95436. Re: Red Flag Warning hikerchick395
95432. Minaret Vista open eeek
95430. Campgrounds eeek
95420. Re: Daily Park Ticketed Entry nwhkr
95418. Re: Desolation Wilderness balzaccom
95412. Re: Lodging cancelled through 6/10/2020 Corntortilla
95411. Devils Postpile National Monument Announces the Retirement of Superintendent Deanna Dulen eeek
95410. Four Mile Trail Open eeek
95407. Re: Tioga Road Plowing Status? Coolburn
95402. Re: Old Coulterville and Briceburg Rds - current conditions? krisrayner
95399. Inyo National Forest Provides Wilderness Permits Virtually eeek
95398. Re: Inyo NF permit news Coolburn
95397. Inyo National Forest Encourages Visitors to be Safe this Memorial Day Weekend eeek
95386. Campground Reservations eeek
95381. Re: Yosemite Park to POSSIBLY re-open first week of June KenS
95375. Re: Deposit refunds? DavidK42
95374. Re: Opening the parks balzaccom
95370. Pile burning eeek
95367. Re: Twin Lakes - Mammoth / Inyo National Forest mtn man
95363. Re: Yosemite Reopens for Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hikers buster
95362. Yellowstone National Park Set To Reopen — But With Caveats eeek
95360. Can't help thinking this is good news... balzaccom
95358. Re: Winter Storm Warning nwhkr
95356. Inyo National Forest extends Closure of Developed Recreation Sites eeek
95344. Bureau of Reclamation News Release: Water experiment to be conducted along the Colorado River while maintaining hydropower production this summer eeek
95343. Grand Canyon National Park is beginning to increase access to South Rim Viewpoints eeek
95340. Tioga Road Maintenance eeek
95333. Inyo National Forest Enters Fire Restrictions eeek
95330. Some Yosemite amenities reportedly won't reopen for 2020 eeek
95329. Paul Vasquez, Double Rainbow Guy, Dies hotrod4x5
95321. Monitor Pass is open eeek
95319. Eastern Sierra Restaurants and Businesses Open for Delivery & Takeout eeek
95317. Re: Park Employees Evicted hotrod4x5
95316. Re: Crazy Times shastacatfish
95314. Mother Lode Mountain Pass Opening Update eeek
95309. Re: How to pet a bison PineCone
95308. Notice on Inyo National Forest Campgrounds/ Wilderness Permits eeek
95307. Re: Blasting At Bridalveil Falls May 13 eeek
95306. Re: Ice Cut Now Open Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95302. Re: South Lake Road Reconstruction to Begin hikerchick395
95300. May 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
95295. Stanislaus National Forest revises forest order, extends seasonal road closure for high elevation roads eeek
95292. Re: World turned upside down... balzaccom
95291. Forest Road 4N85 closed on Stanislaus National Forest for repairs eeek
95288. Yellowstone River Bridge to be replaced eeek
95287. How Bears Come Out Of Hibernation Jacked eeek
95286. Re: Inyo National Forest Update on Recreation Closures mtn man
95283. Re: Campgrounds closed until at least 5/24 chulavista
95282. Community Updates As Of April 24 eeek
95275. Re: Mist Trail Open DavidK42
95274. Wawona Hotel To Remain Closed For Upcoming Visitor Season eeek
95271. Xanterra annouces limited services and lodging for the summer parklover
95268. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 22, 2020 balzaccom
95255. With shrinking snowpack, drought predictability melting away eeek
95251. Grand Canyon National Park Closed eeek
95245. Re: Highway 140 is closed eeek
95244. Re: Community Call nwhkr
95243. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 15, 2020 FatFlatlander
95241. Re: Is everything okay? balzaccom
95240. Re: Rangers Seek Assistance Identifying Vandal troutwild
95237. This is a good trend... balzaccom
95232. Zion National Park Temporarily Closed eeek
95231. Re: Man Pleads Guilty for Two BASE Jumping Incidents at Zion National Park Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95229. Re: Google lost our site...we hate Google balzaccom
95226. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 8, 2020 FatFlatlander
95225. Interview about Fly-fishing...with me! balzaccom
95221. Re: Better Late Than Never! :cake: Bearproof
95213. Bryce Canyon National Park Temporarily Closed eeek
95210. Re: April 1 Snow Survey Results balzaccom
95208. Re: Highway 140 will close today eeek
95207. Yellowstone biologists spot first bear of 2020 eeek
95203. Winter Storm Warning eeek
95201. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 1, 2020 DavidK42
95200. Extension Of Campground Closures And Reservation Cancellations eeek
95196. South Entrance closure eeek
95190. Re: Sign Board parklover
95186. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 26. 2020 FatFlatlander
95185. Forest Service closes developed recreation sites in California until April 30 eeek
95181. Re: Bishop is open balzaccom
95180. Grand Canyon National Park is Modifying River Operations to Implement Latest Health Guidance eeek
95175. Closure Updates as of March 23 eeek
95174. Park Operations March 19 eeek
95173. Yosemite campgrounds close parklover
95172. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 18. 2020 FatFlatlander
95170. Yosemite National Park is Modifying Operations to Implement Latest Health Guidance eeek
95169. Aramark announces closings parklover
95166. Re: Highway 140 will close today eeek
95165. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 12, 2020 FatFlatlander
95163. Winter Storm Warning eeek
95160. Re: Non-reservable campgrounds in Yosemite balzaccom
95159. Re: Flash Flood Watch eeek
95158. Interagency Bison Management Plan bison operations begin in Yellowstone eeek
95156. Delays on Southside Drive, March 9th-March 12th eeek
95153. Re: Winter Weather Advisory Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95152. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 4. 2020 FatFlatlander
95150. Re: Joshua Tree National Park Investigates Recent Vandalism hikerchick395
95149. Re: Successful rescue in Cottonwood Canyon SteveHall
95148. March 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
95141. Re: Backpacking trip advice for family... thank you! balzaccom
95140. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
95138. Granite View Road Closed at Forest Boundary eeek
95137. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 26. 2020 FatFlatlander
95133. Re: South Lake Road Reconstruction Planned for 2020 eeek
95131. Forest 'duff' must be considered in controlled burning to avoid damaging trees eeek
95129. Re: repairs PineCone
95126. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 19. 2020 FatFlatlander
95125. recreation.gov & Inyo Wilderness Permits ? ags
95112. Re: Cross-country route planning balzaccom
95109. Re: Camping near Mono Pass? DavidSenesac
95107. Re: Cross country from 60 Lakes to Rae Lakes? xiainx
95106. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 13. 2020 FatFlatlander
95105. Yosemite National Park Presents the 35th Annual Yosemite Renaissance Art Exhibit eeek
95103. Camping on east side of Lyell Canyon? iivvgg
95096. Public Meeting for the Eastern White Mountains Road Management Project eeek
95094. Re: Tent trailer PineCone
95091. Upper Pines Campground, Camp 4, and Curry Village closed parklover
95090. Re: Roads closed eeek
95089. Skier bitten by coyote in Yellowstone eeek
95084. Great gray owl sightings Vishal
95081. Yosemite National Park Special Events and Fee Free Days for 2020 eeek
95080. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 5. 2020 FatFlatlander
95079. Celebrate Dark Skies in Death Valley February 21 - 23 eeek
95078. Yosemite Hydroclimate Update eeek
95071. Customer Service to tix a tent balzaccom
95069. Lantern slides from 1903 donated to the Yosemite archives plawrence
95068. Re: Tuolomne -> Agnew Meadows or vice versa (w Kids) The Other Tom
95060. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 29, 2020 FatFlatlander
95056. Re: Trip Report: Yosemite High Route (August & September, 2019) Celinkadev
95050. Mist Trail Closed eeek
95047. Yosemite National Park Reports Multiple Cases of Gastrointestinal Illness eeek
95045. Sierra Stories by Gary Noy balzaccom
95042. Re: Why would Yosemite cut down 7 Sequoias?!? parklover
95040. Mystery of Grand Canyon's water supply eeek
95036. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 22, 2020 Pantheism
95029. Re: Other permit questions Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
95028. Two men sentenced to ten days in jail for Yellowstone thermal trespass violations eeek
95026. Wawona Road Delays eeek
95019. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 15, 2020 FatFlatlander
95011. Winter Storm Warning eeek
95008. Re: First-time permit questions riverhikerva
95004. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 8, 2020 eeek
95000. Re: Ahwahnee Hotel Loses Four-Diamond Rating lonelugger
94999. Two Yellowstone wolf pups fatally hit by a vehicle eeek
94993. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 1, 2020 eeek
94974. Re: 2020 vision is looking good iivvgg
94973. Special Weather Statement eeek
94967. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 25, 2019 eeek
94966. Re: Happy Holidays parklover
94965. Policy Announced for Electric Bicycle Use at Lassen Volcanic eeek
94962. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
94961. Snow Creek Cabin Open eeek
94957. Seasonal roads and trails on Stanislaus National Forest closed Dec. 16 eeek
94956. Re: House sinks Hetch Hetchy boating proposal durski
94955. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 18 eeek
94951. Mariposa Grove eeek
94945. Re: Happi Bird-day Basilbop 2019! lschaaf
94943. Bat Fungus Potentially Detected at Grand Canyon eeek
94942. Death Valley Christmas Bird Count 2019 eeek
94941. Re: yos valley campimg reserv for early May hikerchick395
94939. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
94938. Badger Pass Opens Friday, December 13th eeek
94937. Yosemite Christmas Bird Count - Sunday, December 15 eeek
94936. Traffic Advisory, State Route 140 eeek
94935. Intermittent Cell Phone Interruptions eeek
94934. Ice Cut on John Muir Trail Closed eeek
94932. Four Mile Trail Closure eeek
94931. Changing wildfires in the California's Sierra Nevada may threaten northern goshawks eeek
94929. Winter Storm Warning eeek
94928. Most of America's national parks are facing a grave and immediate threat eeek
94927. Yosemite National Park Announces Glacier Point and Tioga Roads are Closed for the Season eeek
94926. Special Weather Statement eeek
94923. Winter Storm Warning eeek
94921. Re: River Otter plawrence
94920. Accomplished free solo climber Brad Gobright dies in climbing accident eeek
94919. Highway 120/Big Oak Flat Rd. closed eeek
94916. Re: Happy Thanksgiving balzaccom
94915. Pile Burning eeek
94914. Mist Trail Update eeek
94913. Study shows Yellowstone bison have positive effects on the landscape eeek
94912. Glacier Point Road Closure, Monday 6pm eeek
94907. Inyo National Forest Seeks Input for Eastern Sierra Fire Restoration and Maintenance Project eeek
94906. Wind Advisory eeek
94905. SElf-promotion...wine lectures balzaccom
94904. South Kaibab Trail Shelter Now Available eeek
94899. Temporary closures of Tioga and Glacier Point Roads eeek
94896. Winter Storm Warning eeek
94894. Fallen Boulder Blasting and Debris Removal on State Route 140, November 18-19 eeek
94889. Re: Spillway Lake, Parker Pass and Mono Pass, 10 November 2019 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
94887. All Death Valley National Park Campgrounds Opening Soon eeek
94886. WWII Training in Yosemite KenS
94885. Mariposa Grove Update eeek
94878. Does anyone know yet another service that provides cheap accommodation? Beulah L. Hoy
94876. Re: MIssing Hiker Alert 11/3 nwhkr
94875. Re: Crickets Sarah456
94873. Woman killed after car rolls down embankment on Tioga Pass eeek
94872. Camp 4 Update eeek
94868. Royal Arches Meadow Restoration Through Mid-November eeek
94867. Yosemite National Park to Host Public Meeting on the Curry Former Waste Disposal Site eeek
94866. Mississippi Woman Found Alive and in Stable Condition (SEKI) eeek
94865. Record Number of SW Condor Chicks eeek
94864. Grand Canyon North Rim to Begin Seasonal Day Use Operations eeek
94863. Wawona Campground Closing Sunday, November 3 eeek
94857. Re: Packing list from king Solomon's Mines eeek
94856. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
94854. Power may be shutdown in Yosemite eeek
94853. Hetch Hetchy and Cherry Lake Roads Guardrail Improvements Road Closures on Hetch Hetchy Road (USFS Road 1S02) eeek
94852. Climate warming promises more frequent extreme El Niño events eeek
94848. Inyo National Forest releases Record of Decision for Forest Plan eeek
94847. Re: Fairwell, Mike Reynolds! parklover
94846. Rolling Traffic Control In Valley & Near South Entrance 10/23-11/14 eeek
94845. Scotty's Castle Flood - 4 Years Later eeek
94844. Death Valley Sunset Campground Opens October 15, 2019 eeek
94843. Wilderness Centers Closed eeek
94842. Analysis of recent Ridgecrest, California earthquake sequence reveals complex, damaging fault systems eeek
94841. ENSO-neutral is favored during the Northern Hemisphere fall 2019 eeek
94840. Re: Mystery on Mount Williamson troutwild
94836. Half Dome Cables eeek
94833. Mist Trail Open eeek
94830. Re: Safari in Africa soarerwp
94827. National Park Service Plan Approved to Protect Native Aquatic Species in the Colorado River eeek
94826. Two-day closure of Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone eeek
94825. The Inyo National Forest Plans Fall Prescribed Fires eeek
94823. Preparing for Winter on Reds Meadow Road and Devils Postpile National Monument eeek
94820. Red Flag Warning eeek
94819. Briceburg Fire Update 10/12/2019 eeek
94813. Highway 140 is open eeek
94812. Man suffers severe thermal burns in Yellowstone eeek
94811. Re: Yosemite Archive Upcoming Public Tours abetterpitchfork
94809. Climate Change Refuge in the Sierra KenS
94790. Re: Hetch Hetchy Loop chick-on
94787. Re: Tuolumne Meadows and Porcupine Flat Campgrounds Closing Paris92
94786. Re: Petroglyphs chick-on
94785. Road Closures eeek
94784. Special Weather Statement eeek
94783. U.S. Highway 50 Closure at Echo Summit Postponed eeek
94782. Joshua Tree National Park to End Shuttle Service eeek
94781. Otherworldly worms with three sexes discovered in Mono Lake eeek
94778. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Rescinded eeek
94777. Fall Season Begins at Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
94776. Springs Fire Road Reopening 9/22/19 eeek
94773. 16th Annual Facelift To Be Held In Yosemite National Park eeek
94767. How rock expands near soil surface in Southern Sierra Nevada eeek
94766. Re: Campground Closures Paris92
94763. Re: TR: Bear Lakes Basin Pine Creek TH 09-05/11-19 KenS
94761. Re: Bats Found in Grand Canyon National Park Test Positive for Rabies John Wick
94760. Second Death Valley Fatality in Three Days eeek
94759. Inyo National Forest releases final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Forest Plan eeek
94754. Re: Interesting Read parklover
94753. Fire Weather Watch eeek
94752. Temporary John Muir Trail Closure Monday eeek
94747. Re: whitney portal campground reservation for 2020 eeek
94738. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
94735. Tamarack Campground Closing Early eeek
94734. Swinging Bridge Riverbank Restoration eeek
94733. Preservation Work On Four Yosemite Bridges eeek
94730. Red Flag Warning eeek
94729. Marine heatwave hits Pacific, raising fears of a new hot 'blob' eeek
94728. Taboose Fire Update eeek
94727. Re: Yosemite National Park visitor dies after falling from the Half Dome cables pkatz
94726. Stanislaus National Forest again revises Donnell Fire closure order eeek
94721. Re: Bumpass Hell Trail to Open September 13 FatFlatlander
94720. TM hours mkbgdns
94714. Re: Taboose Fire hikerchick395
94713. LADWP to close part of Owens River Gorge Sept. 9-17 eeek
94711. Joshua Tree National Park Fuels Reduction Project to Begin eeek
94710. TR: 5-Day Trip out of Mono Meadow hulkman75
94706. rx: nature balzaccom
94705. Yosemite Bear Facts—August 25 to August 31, 2019 eeek
94702. What are those loud insects? buster
94700. Re: Clouds Rest Trail Water Options? Paris92
94698. Special Weather Statement eeek
94697. Stanislaus National Forest plans fire operations on Groveland Ranger District beginning Sept. 3 eeek
94695. Valley Mountain Lion Observation eeek
94693. Dinkey Lakes balzaccom
94688. Re: Long Hikes with Shorter Turnarounds? DavidK42
94686. Re: 6192' Elev sign @ Crane Flat? eeek
94681. Yosemite National Park Designates Wildlife Protection Zones Throughout the Park eeek
94674. Re: Poor marks for Aramark... parklover
94673. Yosemite National Park Ranger Jack Hoeflich Receives the 2018 Harry Yount Award eeek
94672. El Capitan Shuttle Hours eeek
94671. Mosquito incognito: Could graphene-lined clothing help prevent mosquito bites? eeek
94670. Re: White Wolf Campground Now Open eeek
94665. Re: Bridalveil Campground Advice hulkman75
94664. Recommendations for dispersed camping spots around Lee Vining or Sonora Pass nwhkr
94658. Cow fire update 8/26/2019 eeek
94656. Schedule Changes for Bus Services and Weekend Parking Shuttle to Reds Meadow and Devils Postpile Coming Soon eeek
94651. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions In Effect eeek
94647. Action alert: Threat to scenic Mono Basin, letters needed by August 21 eeek
94646. Shasta dam releases can be managed to benefit both salmon and sturgeon eeek
94645. Saline Valley’s ‘Chicken Strip’ Airfield Authorized eeek
94644. Re: Day Glow Wilderness camping hikerchick395
94642. Re: Tenaya Canyon chick-on
94640. Re: Checking your gear hulkman75
94639. Tuolumne Meadows Campground Season Extended eeek
94637. Public invited to release of endangered California Condors on Saturday, Sept. 28, at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument eeek
94635. Re: Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park to be closed for road construction during the 2021 visitor season MY HAPPY PLACE
94628. Re: Sabrina Basin Lakes hikerchick395
94627. Springs fire update 8/26/2019 eeek
94611. Re: Mount Dana dayhike recycling1991
94604. Re: Glacier Point Road Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
94602. Missing PCT Hiker 8/19 Maverick
94593. Re: Chain Lakes, Emigrant Wilderness balzaccom
94588. Ikes Fire Command Transitions To Type 4 Team - Closures Remain eeek
94576. Re: current Return Creek flow? Sierra Miguel
94571. Re: Yosemite National Park Debuts New App That Helps Visitors Explore the Park balzaccom
94567. How wildfires trap carbon for centuries to millennia eeek
94564. Yosemite Bear Facts July 21-27 eeek
94557. Re: I'm going to be driving to Vegas after TM. Best route? basilbop
94556. Precipitation Temporarily Slows Ikes Fire Growth on North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
94555. Happy Burger Question Wickett
94552. NPS Housing information Wickett
94547. Fearing cougars more than wolves, Yellowstone elk manage threats from both predators eeek
94546. Remains of 2015 Yellowstone River drowning victim found and identified eeek
94542. SEKI Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in Effect August 5, 2019 eeek
94541. Tuolumne Meadows Employee Cabin Construction eeek
94535. Meadow restoration on Summit Ranger District could cause traffic congestion eeek
94533. Crane Flat Opening Today eeek
94531. Re: F-18 has crashed in Death Valley NP balzaccom
94520. Re: May Lake road rbell1
94519. Re: 100-unit workforce housing village proposed adjacent to Lee Vining near Mono Lake and Yosemite National Park FatFlatlander
94518. Ikes Fire Holding After Tested By Winds eeek
94517. Campground Updates eeek
94513. Re: Chilnualna Falls -> Crescent Lake/Johnson Lake basilbop
94512. Re: Tuolumne Meadows hikers shuttle bus again JustKeepWalking
94510. Re: Ursack? iivvgg
94508. Springs fire update 8/8/19 eeek
94501. Medlicott climbers' trail mkbgdns
94500. Final Report Concludes No Radiation Exposure from Uranium Ore at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
94497. Temporary Fire Restrictions in High and Moderate Fire Hazard Areas eeek
94496. Campground Updates eeek
94495. Nine-year-old girl injured by bison eeek
94487. Flash Flood Watch eeek
94484. Re: National Forest camping basilbop
94476. Re: Happee Birthday JKW!:cakeandcandle::cakeandcandle::cakeandcandle: DavidK42
94471. Re: Campsite reservations question on recreation.gov rbell1
94469. LADWP issues water-spreading report eeek
94464. National Park Service Requests Public Input on a Telecommunications Plan at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
94463. Scenic Vista Management - Restoring Bridalveil View From Bridalveil Straight eeek
94457. Re: Restaurant report: Walker Burger (on 395); no good. Tuolumne grill and lodge - good. ags
94456. Re: Tuolumne River crossing at Pate Valley- current conditions? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
94454. Leidig Meadow Restoration eeek
94447. Re: Glen Aulin trail conditions for a dayhike? (for July 21 2019) durski
94444. Re: Trip Advice, Please VaeVictis
94442. Crane Flat Campground Opening Friday And Saturday eeek
94441. Re: Carson Pass trail work mckee80
94439. Thomas Karl Standen III Receives the 2018 Barry Hance Memorial Award at Yosemite National Park eeek
94418. Joshua trees facing extinction eeek
94410. Scenic Vista Management-Restoring Yosemite Falls View From The Majestic Dining Room eeek
94409. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Store & Grill DavidK42
94405. Re: Missing Camper Alert 7/11 troutwild
94401. Re: Lawsuit Settled Between National Park Service, DNC Parks and Resorts, and Yosemite Hospitality, LLC Over Trademarks and Service Marks Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
94399. Chowchilla Mountain Road Open eeek
94398. Campground Openings eeek
94397. Re: Lower Pines Camping Question hotrod4x5
94396. Stanislaus National Forest extends high-country road closure eeek
94395. Crater Lake Rim Drive Open for 2019 Season eeek
94394. Bridalveil Creek Campground eeek
94389. Re: Man gets jail for mischief at Yellowstone balzaccom
94367. Re: TR - 40 mile loop in Yosemite Valley over 4th of July jartelt
94365. Re: Stanislaus National Forest further revises closure order for Donnell Fire balzaccom
94364. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Opening July 12 nwhkr
94355. Re: Recent earthquakes and (lack of) rockfalls ags
94347. Re: Stanislaus NF ags
94346. Re: Tuolomne - Valley questions balzaccom
94343. Hiking Pohono mid-July HikingPohono
94341. Re: campsite recommendation along yosemite creek trail eeek
94336. Re: Tuolumne news... nwhkr
94332. Sherman Prescribed Burn Planned in Sequoia National Park eeek
94331. Re: YARTS Mammoth Lakes To Yosemite Valley hikerchick395
94328. Re: Foresta Road Status Humpal
94322. Re: Restricted permit-only access to Yosemite National Park's Half Dome summit, anticipated to improve hiker safety, did not buster
94321. TM Lodge mkbgdns
94320. Road Construction Begins in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks July 8, 2019 eeek
94315. National trash: Reducing waste produced in US national parks eeek
94313. Re: Tuolumne Meadows And White Wolf Lodge Operations NVRDUNN
94312. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Tioga Road To Open to Unrestricted Vehicular Traffic on Monday, July 1 DavidK42
94304. Re: Campfire alternative??? chick-on
94297. Campfires Permitted Only in Designated Areas of Crater Lake National Park eeek
94285. Re: Bridalveil Creek campground Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
94281. Re: Ten lakes, mono meadow, Pate valley bridge? chick-on
94277. Opening Thursday eeek
94273. Rancherias falls loop, ten lakes, lower ottoway-current conditions? Yosemrick
94270. Re: Forest Service reopens Clark Fork Road on Summit Ranger District balzaccom
94269. Keys View at Joshua Tree National Park is Temporarily Closed eeek
94268. Re: Recommendations for Fourth of July chick-on
94265. Chowchilla Mountain Road Temporary Closure eeek
94264. More Trail Crew Work balzaccom
94259. North Entrance Opens for 2019 eeek
94255. Car Camping to avoid the snow...the Southwest! balzaccom
94249. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts For June 2-16 2019 FatFlatlander
94244. Forest Service seeking members to advise on regional recreation resource committee eeek
94240. Re: Stanislaus National Forest revises closure order for Crabtree Road ags
94239. Re: Stacking Rocks KenS
94238. Re: Missing Hiker Alert 6/14 nwhkr
94234. Re: Ferguson Fire Closure and Pinoche Ridge Trail chick-on
94233. Hetch Hetchy Closures Tuesday And Wednesday eeek
94230. Fossils Exhibit of Joshua Tree National Park eeek
94229. Jordan Fire Update 6/16/19 eeek
94228. Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway to Open June 22 eeek
94222. Glacier Point Road is now open eeek
94221. Ignitions Complete for Cedar Central Prescribed Burn eeek
94212. Re: Rafting in the Valley question recycling1991
94211. Re: Fire Season Declared in Yosemite National Park chick-on
94204. Re: HELP - Planning 5 Day Backpacking Trip from Bridalveil Creek rjzepfel
94201. Jordan Fire Update 06/11/19 eeek
94200. Re: Good 2 night/ 3 day beginner backpacking trip Dolgoipa
94193. Re: Hydrologic Outlook hikerchick395
94182. Re: Went over Tioga Pass eeek
94181. Cedar Central Prescribed Burn Scheduled in Cedar Grove eeek
94165. Re: Hikes around Midpines? recycling1991
94163. Re: Yosemite Ski Area webcam pic today at 3 PM rbell1
94160. Half Dome Cables Up FatFlatlander
94158. Re: Planning 1st Yosemite Backpacking Trip End of June (5 Days Starting at Cathedral Lakes TH) rjzepfel
94153. Re: Flooding in Yosemite Valley? hikerchick395
94152. Re: Hiking around Glacier Point Road Week of June 24 2big2ride
94135. Re: Campsite advice between Porcupine Creek Trailhead, Northdome, and Lehamite creek? Coolburn
94134. Re: White Wolf opening? wherever
94130. Re: TR: 5/19/19 - valley/Merced/Quarter Domes/Panorama Point hikerchick395
94128. Re: Ten Lakes/ Murphy Creek Advice ags
94127. Re: Ebbetts Pass is open ags
94126. Re: Sonora Pass is open chick-on
94125. Re: Tioga Road is open from 395 to Yosemite entrance eeek
94121. Stanislaus National Forest revises closure order for 2017 storm damaged roads eeek
94120. National Park Officials Urge Visitors to Use Extreme Caution Around Waterways eeek
94118. Casa Diablo Prescribed Fire Planned eeek
94116. Royal Arches Meadow Restoration (As Part Of Merced River Plan Implementation) eeek
94114. Re: Wawona Road is closed eeek
94112. Re: parallel trail to west of JMT? Jeffrey Olson
94111. Yosemite National Park Preparing for an Extremely Busy Memorial Day Weekend eeek
94110. Re: Glacier Point Road is open FatFlatlander
94108. Weather-permitting, Yellowstone's Dunraven Pass to open Friday, May 24 eeek
94107. Four Mile Trail Now Open eeek
94104. Crane Flat Campground opening Friday, 24 May... closing 04 June FatFlatlander
94103. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
94102. Stanislaus National Forest revises closure order for Donnell Fire eeek
94098. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
94096. Re: Rattlesnake Activity In Yosemite Area nwhkr
94095. Yellowstone announces strategic priorities eeek
94094. Hay Truck Burns on Death Valley National Park Road Closed to Commercial Traffic eeek
94090. Re: Sierra Point May 4th 2019 - Failed attempt lonelugger
94088. Winter Storm Warning eeek
94082. Honk! If a bear comes near your car eeek
94081. Power Line Repairs For Big Oak Flat Tunnel Lighting eeek
94080. Re: Planning first trip to Yosemite Jmac
94078. Backcountry Users Advised of Changes to Water Availability on North Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails eeek
94077. Newly Discovered Fossil Footprints from Grand Canyon National Park Force Paleontologists to Rethink Early Inhabitants of Ancient Deserts eeek
94076. Land purchases help piece together Death Valley National Park eeek
94068. Re: Special Weather Statement Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
94067. Some seasonal roads in Stanislaus National Forest will remain closed until June 30 eeek
94064. Blasting On Four Mile Trail Tuesday eeek
94057. Re: Acclimating to High Altitude DavidK42
94056. Saline Valley Warm Springs Plan Finalized eeek
94049. Celebrate Grand Canyon National Park's 100th Anniversary during Star Party Week, June 22-29 eeek
94045. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
94044. Transcanyon Water Distribution Pipeline project in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
94038. looking for campsite cancellation hikerchick395
94032. Men sentenced for illegal mountain lion hunt; Hunting is prohibited in Yellowstone National Park eeek
94031. Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park to Open for the Season on Friday, May 10, 2019 eeek
94029. Re: How many times have you hiked the mist trail? hikerchick395
94027. Re: Don't eat the Marmots recycling1991
94026. Fire Managers Plan Prescribed Fire Adjacent to Grand Canyon South Entrance Road eeek
94025. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed underburn for resource and public benefit in Summit Ranger District eeek
94024. Threatened California Red-Legged Frogs Making a Comeback in Yosemite National Park After a 50-Year Absence eeek
94023. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
94012. Re: Sunrise Lake hikerchick395
94011. Public comment sought for Forest-Wide Invasive Plants Treatment Project eeek
94006. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed underburn for resource and public benefit in Calaveras Ranger District eeek
94004. Re: May 1 Snow Survey Results Ohnivy-Drak
94002. North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park to Open May 15 for 2019 Season eeek
93998. Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Monthly Update eeek
93997. Yosemite National Park Announces Public Meeting to Provide Updates on the Big Oak Flat Welcome Center and the Tuolumne Meadows Parking Relocation Projects eeek
93996. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed underburn for resource and public benefit in Summit Ranger District eeek
93994. Bald Mountain/Antelope Prescribed Fire Planned eeek
93993. Re: Valley Kennels and Boarding Paris92
93992. Horse Trail / John Muir Trail Closure eeek
93991. Release of North and Lower Pines Flood Sites FatFlatlander
93990. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
93989. North Pines Backpacker Camp Access eeek
93988. John Muir Trail Ice Cut Open eeek
93983. Americans' beliefs about wildlife management are changing eeek
93976. Snowmelt caused seismic swarm near California's Long Valley Caldera eeek
93973. Re: Monitor Pass is open hikerchick395
93972. Re: Flood Watch FatFlatlander
93971. Re: Public Invited to Comment on Wilderness Ranger Station Environmental Assessment Paris92
93970. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 25, 2019 (last update for the season) Paris92
93969. Temporary Road Closures In Effect on Monday, April 29 through Thursday, May 2, 2019 eeek
93968. Yosemite National Park Hosts 7th Annual Law Day - Yosemite News Release April 25, 2019 eeek
93966. Re: Lost for 11 days in snowed in Yosemite back in 1946 gophersnake
93964. Re: Glacier Point Road FatFlatlander
93963. Re: Tioga Road Ohnivy-Drak
93959. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed underburn for resource and public benefit on Mi-Wok Ranger District eeek
93958. Re: Caltrans video of Tioga Pass snow clearance operations The Other Tom
93954. Full Closure Of State Route 49 North eeek
93950. trusted users mtn man
93949. Re: just canceled lower pines res. for 4/28 4 nights and its back on the system immed. mtn man
93948. Lundy Canyon inholding heading toward permanent protection eeek
93947. Re: Glacier Point Road eeek
93944. JMT Permit hack balzaccom
93933. Re: Yosemite Valley skeeters? mkbgdns
93932. Landsat 8 mosaic on Yosemite eeek
93930. Re: Hwy 140, The Ferguson Project: What is status? gophersnake
93926. Vernal Fall Facility Opening eeek
93923. Re: Guesses on odds/timing of names reverting back? recycling1991
93918. Data mining digs up hidden clues to major California earthquake triggers eeek
93917. Select Yellowstone roads and services open April 19 eeek
93913. Re: Cathedral Lakes > Sunrise Lakes > Lake Tenaya (Late September) Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
93912. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 17, 2019 FatFlatlander
93907. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces The Launch Of A Pilot Daily Lottery For Camp 4 Campground DavidSenesac
93904. Golden eagle dies from lead poisoning; Yellowstone’s first golden eagle marked with a transmitter eeek
93903. Some seasonal roads in Stanislaus National Forest may remain closed past April 15 eeek
93902. Grand Canyon National Park to Apply Herbicide Along Colorado River Corridor eeek
93899. Re: Tuolumne Meadows hikers shuttle bus The Other Tom
93896. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
93895. Re: New device creates electricity from snowfall Ariamis
93894. Badger Pass Remains Open eeek
93891. Re: Mist Trail is Open gophersnake
93888. Lodgepole Campground in Sequoia National Park Season Opening Will Be Delayed eeek
93887. Re: Eastern Sierra Snowpack Measured at Well above Average for 2019 recycling1991
93886. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed underburn for resource and public benefit on Groveland Ranger District eeek
93882. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 11, 2019 FatFlatlander
93873. Re: Tioga Pass entrance station, March 11, 2019 Ohnivy-Drak
93869. High Sierra Camps will not open this summer calberry
93863. Re: HSCs not opening this year parklover
93861. Re: Grand Canyon National Park Rebuilding Maswik South Lodge JohnC
93858. Re: Glacier Point Road DavidSenesac
93857. Re: 27 FT Trailer sites in North or Lower Pines Campground? hikerchick395
93856. Re: Trail Crew Blasting On Four Mile Trail April 16 gophersnake
93855. Re: Campgrounds Update calberry
93854. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 3, 2019 FatFlatlander
93853. Yosemite National Park to Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday April 20, 2019 eeek
93852. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Expect Some Late Facility Openings Due to Heavy Snowpack and Hazard Trees eeek
93851. April 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
93850. Devils Hole Pupfish Population Reaches 136 eeek
93849. Serious Climbing Accident in Joshua Tree National Park eeek
93848. 2019 late winter survey of northern Yellowstone elk eeek
93847. Inyo Mountains eeek
93845. Yosemite National Park Announces the Mariposa Grove Road and the Free Visitor Shuttle Open for the Season on Friday, April 12, 2019 eeek
93834. Re: A Whole Lotta Snow The Other Tom
93832. Re: Old Big Oak Flat Road JasonS
93826. Re: Cancelled reservations turn into walkup campsites calberry
93824. Keystone Mine's Plan to Use Sourdough Spring Approved eeek
93823. Select roads open for spring bicycling in Yellowstone: Cyclists – anticipate hazards and vehicles on the roads eeek
93819. Re: North Rim / South Rim / Merced chulavista
93818. Prescribed Fire Planned Near Sunny Slopes/Tom’s Place eeek
93815. Re: Top 25 Hikes balzaccom
93813. Yosemite National Park Announces Glacier Point Road and the Surrounding Trails to Remain Open for Extended Winter Season eeek
93811. How much is Mono Lake going to rise or fall this year? eeek
93810. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 27, 2019 FatFlatlander
93808. Re: How mosquitoes smell human sweat (and new ways to stop them) Ohnivy-Drak
93803. Re: midnight joyride at Badger? parklover
93801. Highway 140 closing eeek
93800. Lower and North Pines Opening Dates calberry
93799. Canyoneering Fatality in Death Valley National Park eeek
93798. New senior park managers for Yosemite Leadership Team parklover
93797. Camping in the Mojave and navajo Reservation balzaccom
93792. Death Valley National Park Gains Land and More eeek
93781. Re: A View from Red Hills Recreation Area - What Peak Is This? buster
93780. Special Weather Statement eeek
93779. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 20, 2019 FatFlatlander
93778. Camp 4 Staff Returns eeek
93773. Los Alamitos man falls to death in Mono County eeek
93766. Re: East Side The Other Tom
93765. North Pines Campground Opening Delayed eeek
93759. Special Weather Statement eeek
93756. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 13, 2019 FatFlatlander
93754. Re: Request for Information: Theft of Campground Funds at Zion National Park balzaccom
93752. Inyo National Forest Cautions Snowmobilers of Off-Limit Use eeek
93750. Delays in opening facilities in Yosemite parklover
93749. Missing Hiker eeek
93746. Re: Don't understand reservations forrestranger
93738. Missing Marine Officer on Sierra High Route KenS
93729. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
93725. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 6, 2019 rbell1
93722. Re: Yosemite backpacking trip planning advice jartelt
93721. Nature, One of the Top Ways to Experience Awe KenS
93720. Cal Fire to Speed Up Thinning of Forests Around At Risk Towns KenS
93719. DWP’s request to dismiss Mono lawsuit overruled eeek
93718. Highway 140 closure eeek
93717. El Portal Waste Water Treatment Operations Beginning Thursday eeek
93716. Wildfire risk in California no longer coupled to winter precipitation eeek
93713. Re: March 1 Snow Survey Results balzaccom
93708. NatureBridge Summer Backpacking Programs for Teens in Yosemite and Olympic National Parks Builds Future Scientists and Leaders eeek
93704. Non Sierra trip report - Teton Crest Trail, Aug 2019 jartelt
93697. Special Weather Statement eeek
93694. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 27. 2019 nwhkr
93691. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces that the 2019 Half Dome Preseason Lottery will be Delayed markskor
93690. Preliminary Findings Indicate No Current Uranium Ore Exposure at Grand Canyon eeek
93684. Re: Photos of Valley Floor 2-24-2019 The Other Tom
93682. Campsites forrestranger
93672. Re: Woman dies while hiking on closed Mist Trail Ohnivy-Drak
93670. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
93669. Predicting how forests in the western US will respond to changing climate eeek
93666. Horsetail Firefall forrestranger
93657. Re: Campgrounds outside Yosemite on Hwy 140 JustKeepWalking
93656. Recent drought may provide a glimpse of the future for birds in the Sierra Nevada eeek
93654. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update For February 20, 2019 eeek
93652. Painting in stripes balzaccom
93620. Quicksand 2-Day Rescue during Winter Storms at Zion National Park eeek
93617. Re: Camping reservations JohnC
93616. Re: Campfires in the Valley campsites hulkman75
93614. Re: Horsetail Fall Parking JohnC
93599. Badger Pass Open Today eeek
93596. Re: Newcomer to Yosemite Needing help re; campsites dqniel
93594. Re: Another Old Dood birthday! ags
93590. EF0 Tornado 8 miles south of Mariposa - Feb 2, 2019 eeek
93586. Re: Once again some roads are closed eeek
93585. Badger Pass is closed eeek
93584. Re: New Valley Accommodations coming parklover
93583. Rainy days in Death Valley balzaccom
93580. Re: Celebrate Dark Skies in Death Valley March 1-3 balzaccom
93578. Wawona Road has opened eeek
93576. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 13, 2019 nwhkr
93575. Road conditions eeek
93567. Re: It was that kind of day: Half Dome from the Central Valley (geotripper blog) abetterpitchfork
93564. Yellowstone recruiting for 2019 Youth Conservation Corps program eeek
93563. Mt. Whitney Lottery Rescheduled eeek
93562. Travel could be treacherous on Stanislaus National Forest during possible rain-on-snow event Feb. 12-13 eeek
93557. Re: Any Word On Permit Parking For Horsetail Viewing This Year? JohnC
93552. Flood Watch eeek
93551. Scenic Vista Management At Bridalveil Fall eeek
93546. Agreement In Principle' Reached On Border Security Funding eeek
93544. Roads closed again eeek
93542. Re: Yosemite National Park Impacted By Recent Winter Storms dqniel
93541. Storm troubles in Yosemite Valley phantum
93540. Campground Closures eeek
93539. Kolob Canyons Reopens eeek
93534. Winter Storm Warning eeek
93533. Open House for USFS and BLM Off-Highway Vehicle Grants Scheduled for Feb. 13 eeek
93532. Tuolume Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 6, 2019 FatFlatlander
93530. Re: XC Skiing in YOSE (& surrounding areas) ags
93529. Roads opening eeek
93523. Heavy Rains Cause Road Closures In Joshua Tree National Park eeek
93521. 4 Mile Trail Closure eeek
93518. Re: Roads closed eeek
93516. NW Forest Plan 25 years later: Wildfire losses up, bird populations down eeek
93515. Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2018 eeek
93514. Re: Badger Pass is closed eeek
93512. Re: Weather update in Valley Floor forrestranger
93508. Re: Winter Storm Warning Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
93505. Highway 140 is closed eeek
93496. Death Valley Back Open & Assessing Shutdown Impacts eeek
93494. Avalanche Warning eeek
93477. Re: Yosemite History Pohono
93476. Flash Flood Watch eeek
93475. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for 30 Jan 2019 FatFlatlander
93471. Mariposa Grove parking reopens on Thursday, January 31 eeek
93470. Joshua Tree National Park Resumes Full Operations eeek
93469. Watch For Debris On Roads In Ferguson Fire Footprint eeek
93468. Mt. Whitney Lottery Postponed eeek
93466. Pinecrest Campground Reservations buster
93465. Lassen Volcanic National Park Resumes Full Operations eeek
93464. Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Services Reopen Following End of Government Shutdown eeek
93463. Timeline for Resumption of Operations at Yellowstone National Park eeek
93462. Re: Statement on Resumption of Full Operations Alison77
93457. Re: With the Shutdown over..... eeek
93451. Re: Quick question recycling1991
93422. Re: Rescue in Yosemite Coolburn
93420. Re: Ten lakes? iivvgg
93417. Winter Storm Warning eeek
93416. Grand Canyon National Park accessibility and services made possible through recreation fee dollars and support from the State of Arizona eeek
93415. Death Valley National Park to Restore Accessibility and Resume Limited Visitor Services eeek
93412. Re: Roads closing due to storm eeek
93407. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
93400. Re: Hydrologic Outlook balzaccom
93398. Lassen Volcanic National Park restoring access to recently closed areas after cleanup/maintenance operations eeek
93397. Update to operations at Yellowstone during the lapse of appropriations eeek
93395. Re: Camp site during shutdown forrestranger
93394. Special Weather Statement eeek
93391. Re: Grand Canyon of tuolumne hike hikerchick395
93390. Grand Canyon of tuolumne bridges Yosemrick
93387. Re: Cathedral Lakes to Happy Isles, 4 day/3night iivvgg
93384. Re: Sierra Storm survivor tells his tale Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
93382. Joshua Tree National Park to Remain Accessible eeek
93380. Park Service takes ‘extraordinary step’ of dipping into entrance fees to bolster operations at popular sites eeek
93376. Re: Casualty in YNP during government shutdown gophersnake
93370. Access to Yosemite National Park will be Limited Along the Highway 41 Corridor Due to the Lapse in Federal Appropriations eeek
93369. High Wind Watch eeek
93366. Campground closures forrestranger
93354. Re: About Clarence King... eeek
93345. Re: Visitor Services are Limited Inside Yosemite National Park Due to the Lapse in Federal Appropriations chulavista
93344. Re: Valley Winter Conditions nwhkr
93341. Crowds Visit While Death Valley’s Services are Limited eeek
93339. Yosemite National Park is open eeek
93338. Grand Canyon National Park Accessible to Public during Partial Government Shutdown eeek
93336. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
93335. Operations at Yellowstone during the government shutdown (12-22-2018) eeek
93332. Re: Winter Season Begins at Lassen Volcanic balzaccom
93324. Re: NASA to Basilbop: Yes, there is a Santa Claus parklover
93323. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 19, 2018 eeek
93322. Behind The Scenes Of The Dawn Wall Film Half Dome Hiker
93308. Re: The Most Epic Birthday EVER! (Happy Birthday Basilbop):cake: basilbop
93307. Re: Sad commentary on the NPS mkbgdns
93302. Re: Yosemite campground reservation site this morning Coolburn
93299. Rogers Peak Telecommunications Site Assessment Completed eeek
93296. Re: Seasonal road and trail closures on Stanislaus National Forest begin Dec. 16 balzaccom
93293. Re: Did Basilblop go blonde?, This is why people are buzzing basilbop
93292. Steamboat Geyser erupts and breaks all-time record eeek
93291. Death Valley National Park Invites Public to Christmas Bird Count eeek
93287. Re: A Theatrical Experience Like No Other (or... blop turnz 50) basilbop
93283. Re: Yosemite Christmas Bird Count Sunday, December 16 chick-on
93281. Re: Basilblop's dress causes stir on The Red Carpet basilbop
93280. Re: Basilblop, 50, spent 2018 breaking the internet in bikinis chick-on
93278. Sierra snowpack could drop significantly by end of century eeek
93269. Yosemite Forum Today eeek
93264. Re: Internet is ablaze of amazing incredible literally stunning video of Basilbop on a Boat Yeah! [Best One] [Ever] The Other Tom
93263. Re: Avengers: Endgame Fan Theory Suggests Basilbop is really 52 JustKeepWalking
93256. Re: Basilblop visited The Sierra, what happened next was truly amazing (he turned 50)! JustKeepWalking
93250. Re: Hite Cove Trail Crew balzaccom
93246. Re: Remember Basilblop? Try not to smile when you see him now (he's like 50 or something)! mrcondron
93245. Re: Basilblop turns 50 ... and looks totally different today. JustKeepWalking
93240. Wawona Road Delays eeek
93238. Re: Winter Trail Closures chick-on
93236. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts - November 18-27th, 2018 eeek
93235. Photo credit balzaccom
93230. Re: Highway 140 is closed eeek
93228. Tioga and Glacier Point Roads in Yosemite National Park Close for the Winter Season eeek
93227. Public Meeting Canceled eeek
93218. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
93216. Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route iivvgg
93214. Re: Hiking from May Lake toward Mt Hoffman balzaccom
93211. Re: Backcountry Fires Allowed? markskor
93210. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
93209. Two Fires Grow in Remote Area of Sequoia National Park eeek
93208. Re: Eastern Sierra - Log Cabin Mine Rd/Hike balzaccom
93205. Re: HappyThanksgiving chick-on
93201. Yosemite National Park Announces Winter Operations in the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias to Begin on Friday, November 30, 2018 eeek
93199. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts November 4th - November 17th, 2018 iivvgg
93198. Watch For Debris On Roads In Ferguson Fire Footprint eeek
93196. Winter Storm Watch eeek
93194. Re: The Guardian on our National Parks Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
93190. Tioga and Glacier Point Roads in Yosemite National Park will Close Beginning at 6:00 pm Tuesday, November 20, 2018 due to Incoming Winter Weather eeek
93189. Special Weather Statement eeek
93188. Winter Preparations at Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
93186. If Yosemite had no wilderness and was not a national park KenS
93185. Update on Eden Fire in Sequoia National Park eeek
93184. Yosemite National Park Announces the Release of the Wawona Wastewater Treatment System Rehabilitation Project Environmental Assessment eeek
93180. Re: Old Dood Site-in JustKeepWalking
93174. Re: Hiking the old pioneer road over Sonora Pass cmon4day
93173. TPR and Saddlebag markskor
93169. Re: NY Times article on Yosemite after the Ferguson fire chick-on
93167. Yosemite featured in Amazon's Homecoming series y_p_w
93166. Yellowstone streams recovering thanks to wolf reintroduction eeek
93165. Tiny footprints, big discovery: Reptile tracks oldest ever found in Grand Canyon eeek
93164. Trail Crew Blasting On JMT November 14 eeek
93162. Rangers Seek Public’s Assistance in Elk Poaching Case eeek
93159. Re: Can I brag a bit? Mentor7
93154. Re: is Tuolumne Meadows Campground open still? iivvgg
93153. Missing Person Alert 10/28 Maverick
93152. Nearly all entrances and roads close in Yellowstone Monday, Nov. 5 eeek
93151. Eden Fire Grows in Remote Area of Sequoia National Park eeek
93150. John Muir Trail Reopened eeek
93146. Sequoia National Park Seeks Public Comment: Environmental Assessment for Cellular Facility at Wuksachi Village eeek
93141. 3rd Man Sentenced in Devils Hole Pupfish Case eeek
93136. Mono Lake Committee objects to Inyo National Forest Plan elements eeek
93132. Re: Chapel Sugar Maple parklover
93131. Re: Just saw this about Taft Point. Ohnivy-Drak
93129. Yosemite Valley Lodge Reservation June 4, 2019 - anyone interested? Half Dome Hiker
93127. National Park Service Seeking Tips to Aid Double-fatality Investigation in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
93126. Re: interesting photo from the Taft Point area chulavista
93122. Cathedral Beach Restoration eeek
93114. Sherman Prescribed Burn Postponed Due to Fuel Conditions eeek
93113. Cedar Grove Early Closure Date 10/22 in Kings Canyon National Park eeek
93112. Sierra National Forest plans temporary/seasonal closure of campgrounds and picnic areas along Merced River eeek
93111. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Closed eeek
93104. John Muir Trail Closure From Clark Point To JMT/Panorama Trail Junction eeek
93102. Lost Fire Update eeek
93099. Re: Stampede on The 120 ERICG
93095. Re: From the mouths of babes... parklover
93094. The Inyo National Forest plans fall prescribed fires eeek
93091. Re: Valley Camping Reservation question: recreation.org calberry
93090. October Bear Update eeek
93089. Joshua Tree Clean-up Continues After Heavy Rains eeek
93085. Death Valley Burros Heading to New Homes eeek
93084. Re: Question re Lower Pines 2019 Opening Date calberry
93082. Re: Devils Hole Pupfish Population Reaches High balzaccom
93080. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed fire in Summit Ranger District eeek
93077. Mosaic Canyon Road Closed for Upgrades to Stovepipe Wells eeek
93076. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed fire in Groveland Ranger District eeek
93074. Tioga Road Tree Removal eeek
93067. Re: Ferguson Fire Cause eeek
93066. Re: Bear Nest The Other Tom
93062. Yosemite National Park Celebrates the 9th Annual Volunteer of the Year Awards eeek
93061. Yosemite National Park Hosts 18th Annual Hydroclimate Meeting in Yosemite Valley eeek
93060. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Lift 2018 Fire Restrictions eeek
93055. Inyo National Forest lifts fire restrictions eeek
93051. Repairs to Start On Saddlebag Lake Leaks eeek
93050. Re: North Fork of Bishop Creeks fall leaf trip parklover
93049. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts September 16 - 29, 2018 chick-on
93048. Flash Flood Watch eeek
93047. SEKI Announces Fall Prescribed Burn Plans eeek
93043. Recreation.gov Unavailable October 1-5 eeek
93042. More Mokelumne Trail work balzaccom
93041. Watch For Debris eeek
93040. Yosemite Forum, Tuesday Oct 9th, 3:30-4:30 East Auditorium eeek
93038. Re: The season begins nwhkr
93037. Missing Hiker in Dusy Basin Found Alive eeek
93036. Stanislaus National Forest revises closure order for Donnell Fire eeek
93035. Zion National Park Again Issuing Narrows Permits eeek
93034. Wildlife Biologists to Begin Gathering GPS Data for Elk at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
93032. Unplucking the Chick-on? eeek
93031. Bat Tests Positive for Rabies Within Grand Canyon National Park eeek
93026. Gunshots fired along Yellowstone's East Entrance Road eeek
93025. Camp 4 Update eeek
93024. Fire Update September 27th, 2018 eeek
93023. Wawona Road (South Entrance) Delays Next Tuesday (10/2) and Wednesday (10/3) eeek
93020. National Parks and Climate balzaccom
93011. Re: Stufts Ohnivy-Drak
92996. Re: 20 Lakes Basin backpack Sept 4>7, 2018 FatFlatlander
92992. Public Input Sought Regarding Mine Operations on Death Valley’s Border eeek
92991. Public Input Sought on Saline Valley’s Airfield eeek
92990. New thermal activity in the Upper Geyser Basin eeek
92989. Fire Update September 20th, 2018 eeek
92988. Rare Collection Of Ansel Adams Photography Donated To The Yosemite Museum In Yosemite National Park eeek
92987. 15th Annual Facelift to be Held in Yosemite National Park - Yosemite News Release September 20, 2018 eeek
92986. Re: TQ help?? Chossy
92977. Re: Getting up to Tuolumne Meadows in early October hulkman75
92964. Re: Medlicott Dome - intel needed chick-on
92956. Re: Congradulashuns Stick N Fedders fur Completing Yosemite Trail Quest hikerchick395
92955. South Lake Blows Us Away balzaccom
92954. Re: Whitney via Cottonwood Lakes lschaaf
92953. Re: Lost Coast trail description hulkman75
92952. Re: Up a tree chick-on
92949. Re: hole punch cloud from 2006 abetterpitchfork
92947. National Park Service Seeks Public Comment on the Expanded Non-native Aquatic Species Management Plan eeek
92946. Attend Yellowstone’s Hawk Watch September 22 eeek
92945. Re: Fire Update September 14th, 2018 Ohnivy-Drak
92944. Grand Canyon National Park North Rim Operations Begin Seasonal Changes, October 16, 2018 eeek
92943. Traffic Count Station Construction Schedule Updates eeek
92941. Red Flag Warning eeek
92938. Re: Saddlebag TR DavidSenesac
92936. Archeology-focused Yellowstone Science magazine released eeek
92935. National Park Service releases Yellowstone Vital Signs Report eeek
92933. Re: Donnell Fire damage ags
92918. Backlash to Walmart's plan to sell high-end outdoor gear KenS
92915. Re: TR: Labor Day Weekend Nelson Lake to Cathedral Lake Loop balzaccom
92911. Re: TR: Humphreys Basin and French Canyon 9/3-9/6 Ursa Minor
92910. Interagency Marijuana Grow Eradication eeek
92903. Weekend Intervalley Shuttle Designed to Alleviate Vehicle Congestion eeek
92901. Yosemite Bear Facts - August 26 to September 1, 2018 eeek
92900. Re: Teenager Falls to Death Ohnivy-Drak
92899. Yellowstone's Inspiration Point reopens after rehabilitation eeek
92897. Comments sought for sage-grouse habitat enhancement project eeek
92893. Re: Delaware North trademarks - "cancelation pending"? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
92891. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
92889. Re: Trip Report: Alger Lakes 8/24 - 8/26 JasonS
92888. Aspen is making a comeback in and around Yellowstone National Park, because of predators eeek
92887. Reds Meadow Road closure planned October 9 for necessary repairs eeek
92886. Inyo National Forest Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Record of Decision for Mammoth Base Land Exchange eeek
92885. The Inyo National Forest to Re-open Fern/Beck Trails eeek
92880. Section of Sherman Pass Road Closing temporarily eeek
92878. Yosemite National Park Announces Glacier Point Road to Reopen to All Vehicle eeek
92877. Re: Glen Alpine and Humphreys basins balzaccom
92870. Re: 50ish Miles of Crazy balzaccom
92867. Re: TR - Glamping in Devils Postpile and Glen Aulin (04-11 Aug) JasonS
92864. Except for bears eeek
92863. Update: Boy injured by a bear in Yellowstone National Park eeek
92862. DWP to dry up 6400 acres eeek
92858. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Temporary Closure of El Portal Road (Highway 140) eeek
92857. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Wawona Road (Highway 41) will Reopen Between Wawona and Yosemite Valley on Friday, August 24, 2018 basilbop
92854. The bright ways forests affect their environment eeek
92850. Re: Lucky, lucky, lucky balzaccom
92848. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
92844. Native fish reintroduction work continues on Yellowstone’s upper Gibbon River eeek
92843. Biologists set to begin grizzly and black bear trapping for research purposes in Yellowstone eeek
92840. Re: Stage 2 Fire Restrictions (i..e NO Campfires in Backcountry) The Other Tom
92833. How the idea for a bear canister came about KenS
92830. Happy Isles Art and Nature Center eeek
92829. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Open eeek
92828. Updates eeek
92827. Study of greater Yellowstone pronghorn finds highway crossing structures a conservation success eeek
92821. Re: Valley Campgrounds nwhkr
92816. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions eeek
92815. Ferguson Fire Morning Update for August 14, 2018 eeek
92813. Typical cat eeek
92810. Re: Mok Wilderness Trail Crew cmon4day
92808. Missing Person Alert Yosemite 8/11 Maverick
92806. Re: Man wades into water to take selfie with bears in Katmai National Park parklover
92804. Yosemite Valley to Reopen to Visitors on Tuesday, August 14th, at 9:00 a.m. eeek
92802. Suspects arrested in connection with starting the Morris Fire eeek
92797. Ongoing Road Repair for Reds Meadow Road Scheduled eeek
92792. Inyo National Forest Seeks Input for Reds Meadow Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project eeek
92790. Re: Ferguson Fire - economy impact (USA Today) mtn man
92788. New fire start in Yellowstone National Park eeek
92779. Ferguson Fire Update eeek
92777. Re: Highway 120 is now open eeek
92775. Carr Fire Survivors Ohnivy-Drak
92773. Re: (smoke) conditions around Cherry Lake? lschaaf
92772. Suspect in Yellowstone bison incident pleaded guilty eeek
92766. Re: Trip Planning and Fire Activity lschaaf
92765. Re: In search of old trail to Hite's Cove from Hwy 140 chick-on
92762. Evacuation Order for Wawona has been lifted eeek
92760. Yosemite Valley and other Sections of the Park Remain Closed Indefinitely Due to Impacts from the Ferguson Fire eeek
92758. Ferguson Fire Map (very big image) eeek
92752. Inyo National Forest Enters Fire Restrictions eeek
92751. Obi Fire Winds Down, Temporary Road & Trail Closures Set to End eeek
92750. Donnell Fire Update Monday, September 10, 2018 eeek
92749. Hottest Month in Hottest Place eeek
92747. Inyo National Forest releases revised land management plan and draft decision eeek
92746. Mandatory EVACUATION for Yosemite Valley eeek
92741. Re: Alternative backpacking trip location due to smoke hikerjay
92737. Re: Dense Smoke Advisory KenS
92735. Owens, Hot Creek Fire Update eeek
92733. Humpback Chub Successfully Released in Bright Angel Creek in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
92728. Yosemite National Park Announces Yosemite Valley and Other Areas Will Remain Closed through Sunday, August 5, 2018 eeek
92727. Wawona evactuated eeek
92726. Re: Ferguson Fire closes Hwy 120 east of Groveland balzaccom
92725. Pneumonia Detected in the Zion Bighorn Sheep Herd eeek
92724. Forest roads closed in Stanislaus National Forest due to Ferguson Fire eeek
92723. Free Solo DVD (Honnold) Ohnivy-Drak
92722. Take two,,,or take three... balzaccom
92720. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Yosemite Valley to Reopen at 4:00 pm on Friday, August 3, 2018 Coolburn
92716. Yellowstone super-volcano has a different history than previously thought eeek
92715. Re: Highway 168 is open eeek
92708. Re: Fire impact: Red Peak Pass loop Aug 8? Maggie
92706. Re: Ten Lakes smokie? basilbop
92705. Lions Fire Update Aug 23, 2018 eeek
92703. Grand Canyon National Park Implements New Temporary Road and Trail Closures on the North Rim; Obi Fire Grows to 8,100 Acres eeek
92699. Crews respond to Lions Fire near Cargyle Creek eeek
92698. Heavy work being done to clear mudslide on State Route 168 eeek
92692. Re: Happy Birthday JustKeepWalking! :cakeandcandle: :cakeandcandle: :cakeandcandle: JustKeepWalking
92689. Vogelsang HS Camp Question apetel
92686. Re: Staying One Step ahead of the smoke at Kearsarge Lakes. hulkman75
92685. Yosemite National Park Announces Additional Temporary Closures eeek
92681. Re: Still charged $10 cancellation fee Fire Unhealthy air quality balzaccom
92680. 3rd Man Pleads Guilty To Violations at Devils Hole eeek
92676. Re: TR - 4 days in the Ritter Range yosemitejim
92671. Missing Person Alert 7/23 Maverick
92670. Hiker Fatality in Death Valley NP eeek
92662. North Lake & Lake Sabrina Trailheads/Campgrounds Closed eeek
92660. Re: The original Yosemite camp cook The Other Tom
92651. Mammoth Lakes Area Fuels Reduction, Shrub Mowing eeek
92646. Glacier Point Road Administrative Temporary Closure eeek
92641. Re: Day hikes on east side of Yosemite/Hoover?? balzaccom
92640. Re: Short-ish "not-TR": Hetch Hetchy "the loop" (& Pate Valley bridge) bigskymtns
92636. Re: Air pollution in National Parks balzaccom
92631. Curry Orchard Apple Picking July 26 eeek
92630. Re: Yosemite Valley closing down Ohnivy-Drak
92629. Raft Rentals Closed for the Season eeek
92626. Re: Bridalveil campground closed for use as a fire camp basilbop
92621. Re: TR - John Muir Trail (most of it, at least) balzaccom
92609. New evidence of two subspecies of American pikas in Rocky Mountain National Park eeek
92604. Re: Special Weather Statement balzaccom
92603. Inyo National Forest Enters Fire Restrictions eeek
92601. Highway 140 Closed from Midpines to Yosemite National Park eeek
92595. Re: White Wolf Campground Open Today pines
92441. Re: TR - Backpacking Twin Lakes zone of Desolation Wilderness lschaaf
92438. Re: Hiking to Vogelsang apetel
92436. Red Flag Warning eeek
92425. Georges Fire Morning Update eeek
92415. Re: camping: yosemite b/p site. pines
92406. Re: Tuolumne meadows hikers shuttle bus eeek
92405. Porcupine Flat Campground Opening eeek
92398. Yosemite Bear Facts June 17 To June 30 eeek
92397. Crows are always the bullies when it comes to fighting with ravens eeek
92394. Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Monthly Update eeek
92391. Re: Slim odds these days in getting a JMT wilderness permit reservation KevinD
92390. Bridalveil Creek Campground Now Open eeek
92389. Trail Blasting and Periodic Closures 7/10 and 7/11 eeek
92386. Re: The Geologic Story of Yosemite Valley DavidK42
92385. Re: Scotty’s Castle Update balzaccom
92382. Yellowstone's Mount Washburn to close for the season eeek
92378. Re: Rapid 3D analysis of rockfalls in Yosemite balzaccom
92376. Lions Fire Morning Update 7-5-18 eeek
92375. Yosemite Creek Campground eeek
92374. The future of Sierra Nevada snow: Dr. Alex Hall on the climate future of the Sierra eeek
92372. Yosemite granite 'tells a different story' story about Earth's geologic history eeek
92370. Endangered Frogs Reintroduced in Angeles National Forest eeek
92356. Re: Our Southwest Trip, Version B Half Dome Hiker
92352. Re: Indian Canyon Decent - 1972 chick-on
92349. Re: Tenaya Canyon - a few Qs KevinD
92348. Lions Fire Reaches the Inyo National Forest eeek
92343. Re: Devil’s Dance Floor hike report AnotherDave
92342. Re: Emigrant - Cow Meadow check dam ags
92341. New research on avian response to wildfires eeek
92340. Yosemite National Park Offers Electronic Park Entrance Passes Beginning on June 21, 2018 eeek
92338. Summersong Summersong
92335. Re: Is Mt Dana melted out (off) yet? ags
92334. Joshua Tree NP - more bodies found Half Dome Hiker
92330. Cherry Season! Three days in the Emigrant... caeiro
92312. Re: Lower Cathedral Lake and 10,450? fitzhugh
92309. Re: Five years after the Rim Fire chulavista
92304. Re: Mariposa Grove open to the public again JohnC
92303. Re: Help finding grouse lake chick-on
92292. Cameron Sholly Named Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park eeek
92286. Re: Trail conditions off Tioga Road? Gaylor Lakes/Mono Pass/Cathedral Lakes snorkus
92285. Reds Meadow Road to open June 15 eeek
92280. Re: Waterwheel n More yosemitejim
92267. Re: Help with Foodplan, meal ideas for GA/May/Sunrise//Cathedral hike in Sept EdelKev
92264. Re: TR: Long Weekend Paddling, Hiking, & Fishing hulkman75
92263. Valley Campground Office Hours eeek
92259. Desert bighorn sheep are crossing Interstate 40 in California eeek
92258. Woman gored by bison after crowd gets too close eeek
92251. Re: Photo-sharing services? cantakowep
92246. Re: Second Person Injured By Yellowstone Elk In Accidental Encounter parklover
92241. Yosemite campgrounds though Aramark parklover
92238. Re: TR 5-6 An Attempt to find a beautiful pink-ish Sunset in SEKI abetterpitchfork
92237. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Opening June 14 hikerchick395
92236. Wilderness Permit Strategy for After Labor Day UPDATED EdelKev
92230. Re: Glen Aulin camp chick-on
92225. New way to estimate magma beneath Yellowstone supervolcano eeek
92221. Tuolumne Wilderness Center eeek
92214. Re: Annual Spring Pilgrimage Ursa Minor
92211. Re: El Cap Fatalities Half Dome Hiker
92210. Re: Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk announces retirement in 2019 parklover
92207. Re: Nevada Fall Facilities basilbop
92206. Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center And Bookstore eeek
92204. Trailwork planned on South Fork of Merced River-in SNF Explorer10K
92200. Re: The Nose: Alex Honnold once more sets a new speed record Half Dome Hiker
92195. Re: Advice for new point-and-shoot DavidK42
92191. Re: Crane Flat Campground Opening mkbgdns
92190. Re: Memorial Weekend crocodile235
92189. Top 7 Lists of Best National Parks in the USA JohnBelly
92187. Essential Hiking Gear List For Amateur Hikers (Article) JohnBelly
92185. Re: Months Long Investigation Leads to Arrest of Local Burl Poacher balzaccom
92183. Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway to Open May 27 eeek
92179. Re: Any Guide For Light backpacking? JustKeepWalking
92177. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
92176. Inyo National Forest Welcomes District Ranger eeek
92175. Tick bite protection: New CDC study adds to the promise of permethrin-treated clothing eeek
92165. Re: Rain Poncho JustKeepWalking
92162. Re: Free wi-fi in the Valley? troutwild
92149. Re: Hiker falls from cables on Half Dome :( hikerchick395
92135. Re: Rancheria Falls overnighter 5/19-5/20 chick-on
92129. Re: Waterwheel Falls chick-on
92128. Re: Backpacking meals EdelKev
92122. Re: Donkey Rescue Group to Relocate Burros from Death Valley SteveHall
92120. Significant Damage to Reds Meadow Road eeek
92117. Yosemite National Park Announces that Tioga Road Will Open for the Season on Monday, May 21, 2018 eeek
92114. Seven-day two-park pass (Yellowstone and Grand Teton) to end eeek
92100. Re: NPS electronic technical Info Center hulkman75
92097. Zion Visitor Cited For Graffiti eeek
92095. Grizzly & black bear trapping announcement eeek
92089. Re: Road Closed parklover
92086. Inyo National Forest Opening the Lakes Basin Road eeek
92079. Re: Hans Florine on his El Cap fall hikerchick395
92078. Re: Book recommendations - Wanted! cmon4day
92076. Re: El Cap timelapse video of record parklover
92070. Re: Weather next week - camping in Valley JustKeepWalking
92068. Yosemite National Park Announces Bus Parking Reservations for the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias eeek
92065. Forest Service begins road repairs on Spicer Road, 7N01 eeek
92064. Re: Dantes View Open After Facelift balzaccom
92063. Astronomers to Provide Free Telescope Viewing at Grand Canyon National Park, June 9-16 eeek
92051. Re: TR 3-25-2018 SEKI (way late!): A Short but Memorable Trip! JustKeepWalking
92049. Half Dome Cables in Yosemite National Park will be in Place for Visitors on May 11, 2018 Daily lottery for permits will open Wednesday, May 9, 2018 eeek
92046. May 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
92040. Re: Mineral King Late May chick-on
92039. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces the Opening of Public Scoping for the Big Oak Flat Visitor Contact Station and Emergency Services Facilities Project MY HAPPY PLACE
92037. Re: The meaning of life eeek
92035. Comments Sought on Saline Valley Warm Springs Plan eeek
92032. Ebbetts Pass is open eeek
92028. Re: Sonora Pass Opened today, May 3rd 2018 at 2pm nwhkr
92023. Re: SF Chronicle: Yosemite Valley Under Siege Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
92022. American pikas tolerate climate change better than expected eeek
92019. Hetch Hetchy Road Day Use Hours eeek
92011. Re: Four "Announcements" Sub-forums? yose42
92008. Glacier Point Road Temporarily Closing Due To Weather eeek
92006. Lassen Volcanic National Park Invites Public Comment on Alternatives for a Wilderness Stewardship Plan eeek
92005. Re: Early Season Camping Spot Recommendations around Cathedral Lakes Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
92002. Latest Tioga Road Plowing Update FatFlatlander
91993. North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park to Open Tuesday, May 15 for 2018 Season eeek
91990. Re: Glacier Point Road to open plawrence
91987. April 2018 photo forrestranger
91986. San Gabriel Mountains National Monument plan nears completion eeek
91985. Yosemite National Park Launches Pilot Program to Address Traffic Congestion eeek
91984. Re: Tioga Road Plowing Status FatFlatlander
91977. Re: New server DavidK42
91974. Re: Clouds Rest / Glacier point balzaccom
91972. Re: Gaylor/granite lakes Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
91969. Hiking in Paris balzaccom
91968. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 18, 2018 (last update for the season) FatFlatlander
91966. Monitor Pass is open eeek
91954. Re: Yosemite Falls Webcam snorkus
91952. Bear Awareness phantum
91946. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
91938. Yosemite National Park Changes Entrance Fee to Address Infrastructure Needs & Improve Visitor Experience eeek
91936. Hetch Hetchy Road Hours eeek
91933. Next On-sale Date for Campsites eeek
91932. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 11, 2018 Jeffrey Olson
91928. Yosemite Valley Parking and Road Work eeek
91927. Inyo National Forest Welcomes New Forest Supervisor eeek
91926. Some Stanislaus National Forest seasonal roads may remain closed past April 15 eeek
91919. Valley is opening today at noon. mtn man
91917. Looks like the flooding has just peaked... mtn man
91915. Re: Flooding video/pics from today (4/7/18) W7SG
91901. Re: Yosemite Valley to be closed, evacuated today. eeek
91900. Yosemite Valley Closing April 6 @ 5:00 pm... basilbop
91899. Re: Yosemite Valley to be closed, evacuated today eeek
91895. NatureBridge Summer Backpacking Program for Teens in Yosemite and Olympic National Parks Builds Future Scientists and Leaders eeek
91893. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 4, 2018 eeek
91888. Scoping Comments Sought for Trail Improvements in the Sherwins eeek
91882. Re: it's a chick-on birthday! DavidK42
91881. Flood Watch eeek
91880. Bus Driver with Gloves chulavista
91879. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
91875. Re: Tioga pass opening date nwhkr
91871. Re: Plan to ease crowding at Yosemite, from the park's new chief balzaccom
91870. Yellowstone opens select roads for 2018 spring bicycling eeek
91869. Test Well Installation at Phantom Ranch March 29 to April 5, 2018 eeek
91868. Glacier Point Road Closure eeek
91867. Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Conditions Update for March 28, 2018 eeek
91866. Campground Updates eeek
91865. El Portal Road Delays Update 3/28 eeek
91854. Re: Middle Cathedral Waterfall The Other Tom
91849. Re: Nevada Falls Bridge to Mount Clark? chick-on
91845. Re: Cooks Meadow ERICG
91842. North Pines sites 526 and 529 starting 3/26 for 4 nights mtn man
91841. Just cancelled #529 north pines 3/26 to 3/30 mtn man
91840. Re: Just cancelled North Pines # 526 for 4 nights starting 3/26 if any one is interested mtn man
91839. Tuolumne Winter Conditions Update for March 21, 2018 eeek
91838. Re: The End of Winter parklover
91832. New data confirm increased frequency of extreme weather events eeek
91810. Re: Southwest trip parklover
91804. Winter Storm Warning eeek
91803. Kolob Canyons to Close for Construction Projects eeek
91802. Re: Restoration Work at Death Valley Racetrack balzaccom
91800. Death Valley Hazmat Spill Due to Vehicle Accident eeek
91778. Re: YVL Base Camp Eatery unveiled pines
91773. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 14, 2018 eeek
91766. Global warming increases the risk of avalanches eeek
91765. First bear sightings of the year in Yellowstone National Park eeek
91755. Re: Cascading Rainbow at Yosemite Falls KevinD
91748. Re: Spring Break Camping calberry
91743. Lassen Volcanic National Park Seeks Public Review of Bumpass Hell Trail Visitor Use Improvements Environmental Assessment eeek
91740. Special Weather Statement eeek
91738. Re: High Sierra Camp date swap Yosemitegirl
91737. Public comment sought for Master Permit Renewal of SCE powerlines eeek
91736. Snow Creek Cabin eeek
91735. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 7, 2018 eeek
91734. Date swap for high Sierra camp in 2018 Ann m
91727. March 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
91726. Re: Targeted Fee Increases? troutwild
91716. Re: Upper Pines- Yosemite hikerchick395
91715. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has been closed today due to an avalanche eeek
91714. Virus that lives in Yellowstone hot springs described eeek
91707. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 28, 2018 eeek
91705. Blizzard Warning eeek
91696. Winter Storm Watch eeek
91695. Fire at Golden Canyon eeek
91686. Re: Dine and Discover Upgrade Cost onesaltytwo
91671. Special Weather Statement eeek
91669. Re: Dewey Point Snowshoe Advice? chick-on
91664. Re: Grey peak ford to Merced lake? chick-on
91663. Re: TR Cloud's Rest 2-17/2-19 VengeanceASX
91658. Re: Trail Closure Update chick-on
91654. Re: Best Day Hikes from Tuolumne Meadows? balzaccom
91648. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 21, 2018 eeek
91645. Re: Missing Person Alert Yosemite 2/21 balzaccom
91633. Special Weather Statement eeek
91631. Re: Death valley IV balzaccom
91630. Re: Yosemite climbing legend Jim Bridwell dead at 73 phantum
91626. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces the Opening Date for the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias JohnC
91624. Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed fire for resource and public benefit on Mi-Wok Ranger District eeek
91621. Re: curry cabins holiday weekend fleecing hulkman75
91619. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 14, 2018 eeek
91618. Re: Happy Birthday Old Dood JustKeepWalking
91606. Re: Birdz The Other Tom
91604. Re: Bridalveil Fall Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment Open for Public Review eeek
91600. Hiker Dies after Fall in Zion National Park eeek
91599. Special Weather Statement eeek
91593. Re: Cookware... VengeanceASX
91592. Tuolumne Winter Conditions Update for February 7, 2018 eeek
91591. Re: High country creeks jizdepski
91582. Re: TR: I knew I shouldn't have brought snowshoes! (:P) hikerchick395
91581. Four Mile Trail Reopened eeek
91580. Re: Yosemite-Inyo Loop JasonS
91579. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, February 13 eeek
91577. February Snow Survey eeek
91576. Digital entrance pass now available for Yellowstone eeek
91570. Re: Sounds of Glee balzaccom
91569. Mesquite Springs Campground Opens eeek
91563. Re: High Sierra Camps The Other Tom
91560. Re: Snowshoes for CR in 2 weeks:S VengeanceASX
91559. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Pilot Program for Horsetail Fall Event February 12-26, 2018 chick-on
91558. Comments Sought on Invasive Weed Removal Project eeek
91557. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 31, 2018 eeek
91540. Re: Whitney Shirt hikerchick395
91538. Re: Ready for Toga Pass to open. VengeanceASX
91537. Mist Trail eeek
91536. Winter weather weeks away KenS
91530. Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2017 eeek
91526. Re: CR in 3 weeks nwhkr
91524. Re: Ostrander Hut VengeanceASX
91523. Eight drownings on Maui over the past 2 weeks KenS
91522. Two Plead Guilty to Violations at Devils Hole eeek
91521. Death Valley Road Maintenance Includes Acoustic Research eeek
91520. Pregnant Elk Poached in Zion National Park - UPDATE eeek
91518. Re: Yosemite National Park’s Michael Pieper wins Prestigious Award balzaccom
91515. Re: Alaska Quake Shakes Water in Devils Hole KenS
91514. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 24, 2018 eeek
91513. Yellowstone initiates criminal investigation related to bison release eeek
91497. Re: New Superintendent Named For Yosemite National Park eeek
91489. Dantes View Closed for Upgrades eeek
91487. Re: Saturday, January 20 Badger Pass Ski Report parklover
91486. Re: All Wet and PO'd in South Fork basilbop
91481. Special Weather Statement eeek
91479. Re: Government Reopens, any guesses on when Recreation.gov would be up nwhkr
91470. Sierra Paintings at Irvine Museum yosemitejim
91465. Re: Upper Pines Site 225 RV Size mtn man
91453. Re: Yosemite would close: How a federal shutdown would affect people JustKeepWalking
91452. Trail Closures eeek
91441. Re: Camping Reservations Math JohnC
91439. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 17, 2018 eeek
91429. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
91424. Re: 3 Week Yosemite Trip buster
91417. Article: Why I quit advising the National Park Service eeek
91413. Re: Happy Holidays 2017 (A Trip Report) balzaccom
91410. Re: Helipad qumqats
91409. Great scat! Bears -- not birds -- are the chief seed dispersers in Alaska eeek
91403. Re: May 2 - May 9 Hopefully Backpacking Trip Help outdoormarsh
91398. Re: Trump plan would turn Yosemite into refuge for the wealthy snorkus
91396. Re: Department of the Interior Names New National Park Service Deputy Director balzaccom
91394. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 10, 2018 nwhkr
91393. Wawona Road Delays eeek
91392. Missing Person Alert Yosemite 1/11 Maverick
91390. Pile Burning eeek
91386. Re: Too Many Options, Looking for Help hulkman75
91379. Flash Flood Watch eeek
91372. Re: Starbucks headed for Yosemite? JohnC
91356. Re: Great Winter Day Hikes? AnotherDave
91355. Re: Canyoneering piute creek below pleasant valley LVRAY
91353. Re: September 2017 Backpacking Video Trip Report buster
91350. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 3, 2018 eeek
91348. Re: Bearproofin-poofin Birthday! Korisib
91345. Re: Twitter feed eeek
91344. Cathedral fork/echo creek to Merced lake HSC jizdepski
91343. Special Weather Statement eeek
91342. Re: Great Grizzly Bear Fall – Yosemite Valley Bearproof
91339. United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Rules in Favor of National Park Service in Lawsuit Challenging Grand Canyon National Parks Colorado River Management Plan eeek
91338. Mandatory Water Conservation at Grand Canyon National Park Due to Water-System Issues eeek
91337. Heat from below Pacific Ocean fuels Yellowstone eeek
91329. Lassen Volcanic National Park to increase fees eeek
91328. Re: Planning Onion Valley to Mount Whitney lschaaf
91322. Re: Happy Holidays! KevinD
91320. Death Valley National Park Issues Finding of No Significant Impact, Approves Wilderness and Backcountry Stewardship Plan eeek
91313. Re: Happy Holidays JustKeepWalking
91312. Re: Nice show tonight parklover
91308. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 20, 2017 eeek
91280. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditons Report - Dec 2017 lilagray
91265. Re: Basil-Boppin Birthday basilbop
91262. Re: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne hikerchick395
91257. Re: Escalante National Park? parklover
91255. Sore mouth disease suspected in Yellowstone bighorn sheep eeek
91254. Ice Rink Opens December 16 eeek
91253. Re: Mi-Wok Ranger District front desk on Stanislaus National Forest closes Dec. 18 balzaccom
91244. Re: The Sierra Lost Water Weight, Grew Taller During Drought hikerchick395
91243. Los Padres closes National Forest due to Thomas Fire eeek
91242. Re: Valley Campground Reservation Tips? parklover
91241. Stanislaus National Forest Seasonal road and trail closure begin on Dec. 15 eeek
91240. Ansel Adams - not only for photographers Half Dome Hiker
91239. The Inyo National Forest Hosts Employment Open Houses eeek
91235. Controlled burns limited severity of Rim Fire eeek
91234. Death Valley National Park Invites Public to Annual Christmas Bird Count eeek
91232. Decades-past logging still threatens spotted owls in national forests eeek
91210. Re: 28.5 hours in Yosemite - October 24-25, 2017 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
91205. Wawona Road is closed eeek
91202. Re: Clouds Shadow Unrest hikerchick395
91200. Reorganization underway on Angeles National Forest eeek
91194. Tioga and Glacier Point Roads Closed for the Season in Yosemite National Park eeek
91191. Re: Gear repair company suggestions? nwhkr
91186. Re: Upper Pines Campground Winter Reservations Humpal
91184. Re: Missing Person Alert 11/22 balzaccom
91181. Re: Herring Creek abetterpitchfork
91177. Structure and origins of glacial polish on Yosemite's rocks eeek
91176. Lake was lowered for a utility project; now fish are dying from lack of oxygen eeek
91175. Article on freeze-dried food company Wise KenS
91172. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
91171. Lots of water heading to Los Angeles eeek
91168. algonquin park maraya
91165. Happy Thanksgiving parklover
91156. Re: Yosemite Aerial Photos parklover
91155. Stanislaus National Forest ends temporary fire restrictions in high hazard areas eeek
91152. Re: Middle! chick-on
91149. All fires burning in Stanislaus National Forest are contained or out eeek
91146. Re: Hwy 140 (inside the park) closed eeek
91145. Re: Christmas Tree Permits Available enriquesanchez12
91144. National Park Service Seeks Public Scoping Comments on the Expanded Non-native Aquatic Species Management Plan eeek
91138. Re: Road Conditions? yose42
91129. Re: Yosemite National Park is Now Recruiting for Summer Seasonal Positions KenS
91128. Glacier Point Road - Temporary Closure eeek
91123. Fire Update Nov. 10 eeek
91122. Ostrander Ski Hut eeek
91121. Camp 4 Campsite Registration eeek
91120. Repairs close sections of Cottonwood Road through Dec. 15 eeek
91117. Cool idea: Magma held in 'cold storage' before giant volcano eruption eeek
91116. Ecological research and monitoring site approved in Yellowstone eeek
91107. Re: Arches NP Traffic Congestion Mgt. comment period parklover
91106. Sonora Pass is open eeek
91095. Re: Ok, I give up... Where is this?!?!?! chick-on
91091. Re: R.J. Secor Passes Away chick-on
91088. Re: Snowcamping! JustKeepWalking
91086. Fire Update November 6, 2017 eeek
91085. Fatal Big Rig Accident in Death Valley NP eeek
91081. Winter Fees and Seasonal Road Closures at Crater Lake National Park eeek
91079. Ebbetts Pass is closed eeek
91078. Winter Storm Warning eeek
91072. Yosemite National Park to Close Glacier Point Road and Tioga Road at 5:00 pm on Thursday, November 2, 2017 eeek
91070. Re: What is this? iivvgg
91069. New roads in the Valley floor forrestranger
91066. Re: October 29, 2017 forrestranger
91064. Re: TR - last of the season markskor
91055. Re: 10/30 Missing Hiker Alert Paradise Valley KevinD
91053. Re: Trip Report: Banner Peak 10/26/17 - 10/29/17 mckee80
91045. Re: Special Weather Statement Ursa Minor
91039. Yosemite Museum’s web catalog expanded phantum
91037. Re: Need forum login help chick-on
91034. Yellowstone spawned twin super-eruptions that altered global climate eeek
91033. Huge runoff raises Mono Lake, reshapes streams eeek
90915. Re: Yosemite on list for possible fee increase KenS
90914. Re: John Muir Trail damage hikerchick395
90913. Fire Update 10/24/2017 eeek
90911. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Closure eeek
90909. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announces $2.5 million in grants from Angeles National Forest - Wildfires Restoration Grant Program eeek
90908. Fall Ignitions Complete on Cedar East Prescribed Burn eeek
90907. Re: Food and other needs in valley for campers parklover
90906. In the Shadow of White Mountain eeek
90905. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Lift Fire Restriction eeek
90904. SEKI Postpones Lost Grove Prescribed Burn and Plan Smaller Project in Cedar Grove eeek
90903. Yellowstone proposes trail project eeek
90899. Re: Empire Fire Update phantum
90893. Tioga Road is open eeek
90891. Re: Yosemite National Park Implements Road and Campground Improvements phantum
90883. Re: Fire Update - October 16th JohnC
90882. Re: Seasonal Closing Dates Extended for Glacier Point Store and Yosemite Valley Lodge Bike Stand Paris92
90875. Re: Staggered Opening of Death Valley’s Campgrounds hikerchick395
90873. Re: Preparing for winter along the Reds Meadow Road hikerchick395
90869. Nevada Falls Facilities Closed eeek
90868. Campground Updates eeek
90857. Re: Fires in Napa balzaccom
90852. Re: Trip Report 10/06 - 10/08: Tenaya Lake -> Cloud's Rest -> Quarter Domes -> Half Dome -> Yosemite Valley chick-on
90850. Stanislaus National Forest ends temporary fire restrictions in Moderate Hazard Areas eeek
90838. Re: Mesh upper hiking/trail running shoe? JustKeepWalking
90833. Re: Bear attacks parklover
90832. A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone eeek
90827. Forest grazing counteracts the effectiveness of trees to reduce flood risk eeek
90817. Re: JMT record attempt starts Oct. 14 eeek
90815. Re: Any beta for current conditions around Mt Florence chick-on
90813. Old Faithful's geological heart revealed eeek
90810. Grand Canyon National Park North Rim Yurt Permanently Closed eeek
90809. The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) and the National Park Service (NPS) recently renewed their agreement addressing maintenance on the three airstrips in Death Valley National Park eeek
90805. Re: Missing Hiker in Sequoia National Park Located The Other Tom
90804. Re: October Consession Closures phantum
90798. June Lake Beach Toilet Replacement Planned eeek
90794. Re: Tuolumne Meadows to Glen Aulin Kjaggie
90790. Re: 2017 Was A Record Water Year For The Merced River balzaccom
90789. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, October 10 eeek
90783. Re: SEKI Redwood Canyon TR Ursa Minor
90779. Re: TR: Yay! A little stroll to Vogelsang. Ursa Minor
90778. Re: Question: What to do when local wildlife is using trail? pines
90774. Grand Canyon National Park North Rim to Begin Seasonal Closures; Will Stay Open for Day Use eeek
90773. Stanislaus National Forest Campsites and Day Use Areas close for the season Oct. 1 eeek
90772. Re: Epic Yosemite peak bagging trip abetterpitchfork
90770. 3rd Incident This Week troutwild
90766. Erosion from ancient tsunami in Northern California eeek
90765. Re: Another Rockfall in Yosemite National Park hikerchick395
90759. Re: Mono Basin fall colors are just around the corner JohnC
90758. Public invited to release of California Condors eeek
90757. 14th Annual Facelift to be Held in Yosemite National Park eeek
90742. Re: Rockfall in Yosemite today? JohnC
90739. Yellowstone Experiences Busiest August on Record eeek
90738. Yellowstone kills aggressive bear near Heart Lake eeek
90737. Inyo National Forest Fire Restrictions Lifted eeek
90734. Re: Five Long Lakes make a Left? chick-on
90732. Re: Interesting chat with ranger at BOF entrance station about bears ags
90731. Aqueduct Prescribed Fire Planned eeek
90728. Re: Advice for Tuolumne Meadows to YV ruggeri
90725. Yosemite Bear Facts—September 3rd to September 16th, 2017 eeek
90724. YARTS Begins Winter Service Schedule September 30 eeek
90723. Campground Closures eeek
90707. Re: Trail work party eeek
90703. Yosemite Valley Parking and Road Construction Update eeek
90702. Yosemite - virtually phantum
90700. Re: September Snow wanderingboy
90697. Tioga Road is open eeek
90694. Bars Fire Update eeek
90680. Glacier Point Road Delays eeek
90673. Re: Anyone know what this thing is on trail from Bishop over Paiute Pass? ProgMtl
90671. Re: Never Meet Your Hero? AnotherDave
90669. Glacier Point Road is open eeek
90668. Yosemite Valley yesterday forrestranger
90662. Re: Lost Nikon DSLR 3300 -- REWARD!!--- Vernal Falls, Yosemite JohnC
90661. Lost Nikon DSLR 3300 -- REWARD!!--- Vernal Falls, Yosemite kaymacha
90660. Lost Nikon DSLR 3300 -- REWARD!!--- Vernal Falls, Yosemite kaymacha
90655. Death Valley High winds damage September 2017 eeek
90654. Re: Water additives iivvgg
90652. Fire Update September 13th, 2017 eeek
90649. Cool image from Yosemite Conservancy webcam phantum
90642. Stanislaus National Forest urges hunters to be fire safe during hunting season eeek
90639. Re: Will it be too cold to backpack Ansel Adams (Thousand Island Lake area) last weekend of Sept? Marilami
90634. Sierra National Forest Officials Issue Forest Closure Order eeek
90628. Re: Texas Boot chick-on
90611. Reconstruction begins for Pinecrest Day Use Area parking and roads eeek
90610. Two Yellowstone Visitors Injured by Bison at Mud Volcano eeek
90609. Lassen Volcanic National Park Asks for Public Comment On Evaluation Report of Former Firing Range eeek
90607. Re: Showing the kids some of Yosemite mckee80
90606. Fire Update September 10th, 2017 eeek
90605. Yosemite Valley Parking and Road Construction Update eeek
90590. Re: Wilderness regulations and Leave No Trace KenS
90570. Highway 41 opening schedule eeek
90569. Re: TR: Pear and Precipice Lakes chick-on
90567. Re: Labor Day Trip Nelson Lake/Vogelsang Area Brief TR hulkman75
90565. Re: Doodad chick-on
90558. Re: 8/30-9/2: Crown Lake, Mule Pass, Peeler Lake chick-on
90557. Big Oak Flat Road is closed eeek
90556. Yosemite Bear Facts August 20th to September 2nd, 2017 eeek
90555. Yosemite Creek Campground eeek
90540. Summit Ranger District front desk moves to fall schedule eeek
90539. Re: Jason Kuiken named Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor balzaccom
90538. The Creek Fire eeek
90535. Re: sailing in tenaya lake. bobby1017
90533. Glacier Point Overflow Shuttle eeek
90532. Re: Bridalveil Creek Campground ryanmj
90526. Re: TR: Nelson Lake and vicinity to Lyell Canyon iivvgg
90522. Re: 8/26-29: Young Lakes, Roosevelt, Upper McCabe, Glen Aulin Loop ttilley
90521. Re: fire and air quality woes mckee80
90519. Re: Fire Update September 4th, 2017 hikerchick395
90518. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
90515. Re: Hiking Summit City Canyon Jeffrey Olson
90511. Re: Where was this photo taken? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
90509. Re: Big Oak Flat Road eeek
90497. Re: American pika disappears from large area of California's Sierra Nevada mountains DavidSenesac
90496. Why are coyote populations difficult to control? eeek
90495. Volunteer for a National Public Lands Day project in Yellowstone eeek
90491. US 395 is now open eeek
90489. Re: A Scofflaw Deer eeek
90486. Fire Update August 29th, 2017 eeek
90485. Re: Yosemite National Park Adds Two New Shuttle Buses to Serve Park Visitors pines
90484. Re: North Pines Site 217 - 1st Timer Questions PineCone
90477. Railroad Fire, Sierra National Forest (NF), California. eeek
90473. El Capitan Meadow Improvement Project eeek
90472. Glacier Point Road Closed eeek
90471. Bridalveil Campground Closed eeek
90461. Stagecoach Rides Have Resumed Operation eeek
90460. Fire Update August 27th, 2017 eeek
90456. Re: Snow is finally melting off.... ttilley
90449. Re: itinerary help? mckee80
90448. Inyo National Forest Fire Restrictions eeek
90447. Re: Red Devil Lake off trail csmart64
90443. Stanislaus National Forest enacts temporary fire restrictions in Moderate Hazard Areas eeek
90439. South Fork Fire Update August 25 eeek
90438. Empire Fire Update #18 August 24 eeek
90437. Four Incidents in SEKI Last Week eeek
90436. Public Hearing Reds Meadow Road Improvements Project eeek
90435. Re: Cherry Lake boat ramp, dispersed camping area to close Aug. 28 eeek
90432. Re: Canyoneering / Canyoning balzaccom
90429. Re: Makeshift gear better than store-bought? JRinGeorgia
90419. South Fork Fire Updates eeek
90418. Re: Saddlebag Lake Reservoir spills DavidSenesac
90415. TR: Glen Aulin -> Burro & Mule Passes -> Buckeye Sierra Miguel
90414. Re: Where was I? (2017 edition) eeek
90409. Some Random Things in the Eastern Sierra yosemitejim
90408. Porcupine Flat Campground eeek
90406. Re: trip report: Cherry Creek Canyon + Kibbie Lake JRinGeorgia
90404. Re: 3 Trip Reports - Yosemite Clouds Rest, Sequoia Mineral King, and Kings Canyon Rae Lakes jartelt
90397. Re: Nice car camping spot near Lone Pine? jishaq
90396. Re: It got dark today KevinD
90395. Re: Thoughts on Empire & South Fork fires? DavidK42
90379. Death Valley Seeks Input on Proposed Rogers Peak Projects eeek
90378. Re: Water System Turned Off at Whitney Portal DavidK42
90375. White Wolf Campground eeek
90370. Re: TR: 8-5-2017 Short trip up to the Sequoias yosemitejim
90368. Operational Changes Due To South Fork Fire eeek
90359. Re: Fire Update August 15th, 2017 parklover
90357. Road Work this Friday night at "The Narrows" eeek
90355. Re: Oregon: Earth Wind and Fire. And Water, too. yosemitejim
90346. Yosemite Fire Update Aug 14, 2017 eeek
90334. Re: Evening Permit Pickup basilbop
90333. Re: South Fork Fire - August 13, 2017 Jelf
90332. Re: Best route from Yosemite to Las Vegas in late April ? The Other Tom
90331. Re: Indian Fire Update eeek
90321. Yellowstone expects heavy visitation around August 21 eeek
90317. Re: 8/11 Missing Persons Alert Kings Canyon troutwild
90313. Re: Water from Edison and Florence Lakes hulkman75
90310. Ski season is finally over eeek
90309. Re: It pays to get there early pines
90307. Re: Ideas for improving this itinerary? gjanee
90306. Re: 8/11 Missing Person Alert Palisade ERICG
90300. Empire Fire Update #4 August 8th, 2017 eeek
90299. Fire Update Aug 10, 2017 eeek
90297. Re: Tent-potty and Tuolumne on a Thursday eeek
90294. Re: Hiking along Matthes Crest hikerchick395
90290. Re: Clouds rest "foot trail" near the summit obelix74
90264. Tuolumne Meadows Lodge Reservation Opening waninggibbous
90263. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Open eeek
90262. Re: (drinking) water safety ags
90257. Skeeters Oscar
90254. Re: Smoke KevinD
90252. Re: Nelson Lake area hulkman75
90248. Re: Flash Flood Watch gorgbroza
90244. Re: Snow at Dicks Pass- Desolation Wilderness lschaaf
90237. storage lockers. pines
90236. Recreating the wild: De-extinction, technology, and the ethics of conservation eeek
90233. Apple Picking Wednesday eeek
90232. Yosemite Fire Update - August 2nd, 2017 eeek
90227. Re: TM Backpackers Camp rgliebe
90223. Adorable alpine animal acclimates behavior to a changing climate eeek
90221. Grant Fire Contained eeek
90219. Tuolumne and Bridalveil Campgrounds Open Today eeek
90211. Re: Grouse Ridge/Five Lakes, Tahoe NF lschaaf
90204. Re: Things to See East of Fresno lschaaf
90196. Fire Crews Monitor Goodale Fire eeek
90191. Re: Another Missing PCT Hiker Alert (Kerrick Canyon) Half Dome Hiker
90187. Re: Trail conditions inquiry for Red, Post, Fernandez & Merced Pass loop (:P) hulkman75
90177. Yosemite Hospitality - Tuolumne Meadows Operations eeek
90157. Re: Happy Birthday JKW (it's July 28) JustKeepWalking
90156. Re: Five Day loop out of Mineral King lschaaf
90148. Nighttime Work Begins On El Portal Road eeek
90147. Re: Red Peak Pass Loop Advice Wanted lschaaf
90142. Big Oak Flat Road Hazard Tree Removal eeek
90138. Inyo National Forest Re-opens Most Rush Creek Trails eeek
90132. Re: Rainier, Baker and North Cascades nwhkr
90131. Re: Cathedral Lakes Trip Report KevinD
90128. Re: 7/24 Missing Hiker Alert PCT Hiker plawrence
90120. North Guard Fire eeek
90114. Re: Degnan's update parklover
90108. Re: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne chick-on
90098. Yosemite National Park Remains Open eeek
90094. New Report: Predicting Climate Change Impacts on Future Distributions of Sierra Nevada Whitebark and Foxtail Pines eeek
90093. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center hotrod4x5
90092. Vernal Fall Comfort Station eeek
90091. Cottonwood Road in Stanislaus National Forest reopens July 21 eeek
90090. Re: New Trail & Overlook Protect Yellowstone's Resources plawrence
90087. Stanislaus National Forest enacts temporary fire restrictions in High Hazard Areas eeek
90086. Re: 7/18 Missing Hiker Alert (Resolved) Maverick
90079. The Reds Meadow Road to Open July 21 eeek
90075. Limited Number of Day Parking Reservations Still Available for Yosemite Valley eeek
90061. Inyo County Uses Eminent Domain in Water Fight With Los Angeles eeek
90052. Re: Tent Recommendation ags
90051. Re: Air Quality Alert JRinGeorgia
90049. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground mellowyellow
90048. Zion Visitor Use Management Plan Alternatives Available For Review eeek
90037. Re: Emigrant Wilderness, Granite Lake chick-on
90033. Re: benson lake loop rgliebe
90031. Winter's snow is disrupting this Sierra Nevada summer eeek
90021. Re: Rafting troutwild
90012. Re: Cathedral Lake Updates??? BlairSF
89992. Re: Hiking North Rim From Tamarack to Snow Creek Coolburn
89982. Re: TR: Buena Vista Crest July 2-7 2017 hulkman75
89971. Re: Congressionally Mandated Senior Pass Price Increase to Take Effect on August 28 y_p_w
89970. Re: Wilderness Trail Updates xiainx
89958. Re: Counting bighorn sheep in Anza-Borrego State Park plawrence
89957. Re: Glen Aulin Pothole Dome Use Trail, Need Info. hikerchick395
89942. Re: Trip Report: Mount Florence 7/7/17 - 7/9/17 abetterpitchfork
89938. Re: book review: Walks of a Lifetime troutwild
89935. Reds Meadow Road Remains Closed eeek
89933. Re: Kern County SARs volunteers robbed chulavista
89927. Water flow comparison below Vernal Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
89918. Re: May Lake hike The Other Tom
89913. AREAL FLOOD WARNING: Mono County plawrence
89911. Ebbetts Pass closure eeek
89910. Re: Fly fishing parklover
89909. Re: Degnans troutwild
89906. Inyo, Stanislaus and Plumas National Forests seek input for Mammoth Base Land Exchange eeek
89905. Re: WP Socks waninggibbous
89883. Re: Long-Term Camping Opportunities Available in the Eastern Sierra DavidSenesac
89878. Re: No Shuttle To Bridalveil hotrod4x5
89873. Re: YV-TM Hikers Bus waninggibbous
89870. Yosemite Nature Notes #30 California Grizzly hotrod4x5
89865. Re: Need Ride to May Lake Trailhead July 15th WILL PAY MUCHO!!! Creakyknees
89854. Yosemite travel tips in the Seattle Times newspaper KenS
89852. Flood Advisory eeek
89825. Re: Yosemite High Country over the 4th RSilva
89818. Re: Buckeye Creek over the 4th chick-on
89814. Re: Desolation Wilderness: Middle Velma/Phipps Peak Backpack yosemitejim
89808. Re: Ebbetts Pass is open DavidSenesac
89807. Highway 140 is open eeek
89806. Re: July 4th Holiday Traffic Ohnivy-Drak
89805. Re: Some quick front country walks. chick-on
89804. Yosemite Bear Facts - June 11th to June 24th, 2017 eeek
89803. Re: When the Road Opens before the Trails are Passable DavidSenesac
89798. Ansel Adams before he became really, really famous Half Dome Hiker
89797. Re: Cherry Creek at Styx Pass Half Dome Hiker
89796. Raging waters Half Dome Hiker
89795. Winter and Summer Collide at Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
89782. Re: Rafferty Creek or Vogelsang Reports??? basilbop
89779. Re: Inyo National Forest Closes Segments of Rush Creek Trails balzaccom
89774. Re: 6/29 Missing Hiker Alert (Whitney Trail) Maverick
89769. Calaveras Ranger District roads, campgrounds reopen to the public eeek
89759. Re: Pohono Trail - is 3 nights too much for this area? iivvgg
89757. Dept. of Interior Seeks Public Comment in regards to revoking National Monument status to 27 sites plawrence
89755. Crane Flat Campground is open eeek
89753. Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park Open to All Vehicular Traffic Thursday, June 29, 2017 - Yosemite News Release June 27, 2017 eeek
89751. Chowchilla Mountain Road eeek
89734. Re: Man slips on Yosemite's Wapama bridge, falls to his death Ohnivy-Drak
89720. Re: Hike To Sierra Point ags
89713. Re: Clouds Rest End of July chick-on
89693. River Conditions are Deadly: A First Hand Perspective plawrence
89692. Pohono Stats hikerchick395
89689. Re: Placing food in food locker for later pick-up lschaaf
89687. PCT hiker slides out of control on Donohue Pass KenS
89686. Whitney Peak hotel, not in Lone Pine but in Reno KenS
89684. North Entrance Road Opens at Crater Lake National Park June 23, 2017 eeek
89683. Re: Help with itinerary: 5d/4n Cathedral to Happy Isles JustKeepWalking
89681. Re: 8-9k feet elevation next week - with crampons? ags
89675. Re: Tioga Road Update hikerchick395
89674. Re: Tioga Road update - options for other trails waninggibbous
89671. Re: Yosemite NP footage from 1916 plawrence
89668. Tioga Pass drone video 6/22 phantum
89663. Re: Does Tamarack Flat campground have extra parking for Backpackers? chick-on
89651. Re: Bedding requirements in an RV in Yosemite in July balzaccom
89650. Previously unknown pine marten diversity discovered eeek
89649. Fire Crews Respond to Brush Fire in Joshua Tree National Park eeek
89646. Re: Tamarack Flat Campground Open plawrence
89639. Re: Epic snow level is challenging for PCT hikers balzaccom
89632. Re: Old Roads, Fading Trails basilbop
89631. Re: Buena Baldy TQ Re-do chick-on
89630. Diaz Fire Update eeek
89629. Environmental Assessment on proposed National Ecological Observatory Network Site available for Public Comment eeek
89625. Yosemite National Park Announces Pilot Day Use Parking Reservation Program for 2017 eeek
89623. Re: Recommendations for pillow - thinking down filled?? ags
89622. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
89621. Re: Mountain lions fear humans, fleeing when they hear our voices plawrence
89620. Stage 2 Fire Restrictions in Effect June 28, 2017 for SEKI eeek
89615. Inyo National Forest Opens Lakes Basin Road eeek
89614. Death Valley Forecasted for First Week of Over 120° of Year eeek
89594. Re: Elephant sightings in Yosemite last year chick-on
89584. Acetaminophen: A viable alternative for preventing acute mountain sickness eeek
89580. Re: Yet another Snow Condition post... Merced Pass (request) chick-on
89574. Ampitheatre Wildfire Contained in Sequoia National Park eeek
89570. Third River Fatality in Sequoia National Park eeek
89564. Nekked, on the Nose troutwild
89563. Re: Cathedral Lakes to Happy Isles 3 day/2 night jkokbaker
89551. Re: What is party-poodles.com... eeek
89535. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
89533. Re: Bridge to Glen Aulin camp damaged DaveF
89530. Re: Will my trailer fit in site at Lower Pines Campground? BolenRN7
89519. Re: Tioga Road Update ERICG
89507. Re: First time backpackers: Sunrise TH -> Cloud's Rest -> Half Dome (?) -> Yosemite Valley in 2/1 days/night a plausible/good idea? balzaccom
89506. Yosemite Bear Facts - May 27th to June 9th, 2016 eeek
89505. Re: Yellowstone earthquake plawrence
89502. Re: Man Severely Burned in Yellowstone Hot Spring plawrence
89496. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
89489. Re: Mac OSX "High Sierra" Picture hikerchick395
89487. Yosemite attendance on Memorial Day forrestranger
89486. Don Pedro Lake (Hwy 120 on your way to Yosemite) forrestranger
89485. Don Pedro bridge construction (Hwy 120) forrestranger
89474. Re: Voluntary Water Conservation now in Effect in Yosemite Valley gophersnake
89471. Re: Degnan’s Kitchen & Loft Opening Soon JohnC
89470. Re: El Portal Road in Yosemite National Park Remains Closed eeek
89466. Re: Trip report 6/3-6/9 blondguy
89458. Re: Tips for bear encounters JustKeepWalking
89445. Re: Hwy 140 Closed Due to Rockslide gophersnake
89426. Yosemite: Soupbowl Prescribed Fire starts June 11 (today) plawrence
89421. Re: Advice for 3 night/4 day High Sierra Camp loop in Sept backpackingdad
89419. Re: Alternate to ship food other than TM Post Office JRinGeorgia
89411. Re: High Sierra Camps to remain closed for 2017 season Paris92
89408. Re: Clark Range circuit in August Lowell
89406. Re: Best source for elevation profiles iivvgg
89405. Re: PCT thru-hiker's tale of survival in the Yosemite Backcountry plawrence
89402. Special Weather Statement eeek
89399. Trip Report: Chilnualna Falls, 6/6/17-6/8/17 squirble
89387. Re: Bear washed downstream plawrence
89384. Re: The best 3 night Yosemite Backpacking trip waninggibbous
89382. Re: Sonora Pass opens today, June 9 eeek
89379. Re: Tioga Pass Resort Damaged By Record Snowpack, Closed Until Further Notice nwhkr
89368. Re: Mammoth Mountain ski area might stay open into August troutwild
89365. Re: Snow Plows Reach The Top Of Tioga Pass In Yosemite plawrence
89362. Wawona Road Delays Near South Entrance eeek
89357. Hydrologic Outlook eeek
89351. Re: HOw much Snow is there? ags
89350. Re: Yosemite Hiker Missing Ohnivy-Drak
89344. Sierra Nevada Escarpment - South to North eeek
89321. Night Closure to Take Place on Big Oak Flat Road Inside Yosemite National Park eeek
89307. Re: Senior Annual Pass y_p_w
89293. Re: First rope-free ascent of El Cap ::o DavidK42
89292. Body Discovered in Zion National Park eeek
89290. Flood Warning eeek
89280. Re: New Waterfall Activity eeek
89270. Re: Mist Falls Kings Canyon chick-on
89263. Re: Tioga Road Shortcut? phantum
89262. Re: Tioga Road Plowing June 2, 2017 Update chick-on
89261. Half Dome Cables in Yosemite National Park will be in Place for Visitors on June 2, 2017 - Yosemite News Release May 31, 2017 eeek
89260. Re: Yosemite's newest thrill: Running through a 'dangerous' waterfall nwhkr
89258. Re: Stanislaus National Forest's Mi-Wok Ranger District front desk to open only on Fridays balzaccom
89257. National Park Service Extends Public Comment Period on Initial Bison Herd Reduction Environmental Assessment for Grand Canyon National Park eeek
89256. The Role of Fire and Smoke in the Sierra Nevada Workshop eeek
89255. Selfie Attempt Kills Hiker at Palouse Falls Ohnivy-Drak
89239. Quick Overnight off 108 balzaccom
89234. Woods Creek bridge damaged, might affect JMT/PCT hikers KenS
89230. Astronomers to Provide Free Telescope Viewing at Grand Canyon National Park, June 17-24 eeek
89220. Sleep Apnea NVRDUNN
89216. Re: SEKI Park Rangers Make Arrests in Major Marijuana Operation Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
89215. Re: Just a bear reminder ... ERICG
89214. Yosemite official says: Expect to wait up to three hours for a parking space this weekend eeek
89208. District 10 Mountain Passes 2017 eeek
89207. Re: Tioga Pass: Memorial Day weekend update Coolburn
89204. Re: Bucket List Newbie tomdisco
89201. Mother Lode Mountain Passes To Remain Closed Until Late June, Early July eeek
89197. Four Mile Trail eeek
89181. Yosemite National Park Anticipates Extremely Busy Memorial Day Weekend - Yosemite News Release May 23, 2017 eeek
89172. Re: Travelling mid of June from Mammoth Lakes to Rush Creek Lodge balzaccom
89171. Re: Upper Yosemite Falls trip report? amtoyama
89136. Re: North Pines Site 310- Suitable for both RV and tent(s)? hikerchick395
89134. Re: Transition Plan To Change Detours In East Yosemite Valley Back To Normal By Memorial Day plawrence
89133. Half Dome Cables Update eeek
89129. Re: Update 5/23 KevinD
89127. Re: Permit Question chick-on
89126. Re: Welcome back (home) chick-on
89115. Re: Panorama Trail Weather Update? love2kwilt
89112. Plowing snow eeek
89110. Study refutes findings behind challenge to Sierra Nevada forest restoration eeek
89109. Zion Hidden Canyon Trail to close on June 5, through September 1, 2017 eeek
89101. Yellowstone Seeks Additional Public Input on Effects to Historic Mt. Washburn Lookout eeek
89100. Re: Creationist sues National Park Service, Grand Canyon for religious discrimination tomdisco
89099. Damaged Grand Canyon Water Pipeline Fixed, North Rim to Open as Scheduled eeek
89096. NPS Cold Cases: Missing Persons & Unsolved Murders plawrence
89095. Re: Bridalveil Fall Rehabilitation public scoping period. parklover
89094. Re: Uber in Yosemite?? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
89092. Re: Tioga Road plowing update Ohnivy-Drak
89090. Flood Watch eeek
89088. Special Weather Statement eeek
89082. Re: Clouds Rest, Early June chick-on
89075. Re: Yosemite Flood Sites hikerchick395
89072. Big Oak Flat Road Paving Postponed eeek
89064. Re: Glacier Point next week for Newbies Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
89062. Re: Likely conditions of 4-mile in mid-june? Nathan
89054. Road Work on Highway 140 May 15-20 eeek
89053. Re: Crane Flat Snowshoe in mid May? mkbgdns
89041. Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team Grizzly Bear Trapping Announcement eeek
89040. Yellowstone Increases Reward for Information about Wolf eeek
89039. Lassen Volcanic National Park Opens Highway to Devastated Area eeek
89038. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces One Night Closure on Big Oak Flat Road eeek
89035. Hetch Hetchy warm up backpack DavidSenesac
89030. Re: Bots for reserving a campsite at Yosemite gjanee
89028. Re: Max trailer size Upper Pines site 148 mtn man
89027. Re: The Great American Eclipse KenS
89026. Tree die off in Southern California KenS
89019. Re: Lake Sabrina is still frozen eeek
89001. Re: Snow Creek chick-on
89000. Re: Merced Lake Memorial Day Weekend JustKeepWalking
88994. Re: Yosemite National Park to Increase Half Dome Permit Fees sactown23
88992. Yellowstone Irrigation Water eeek
88964. Re: Pohono Trail Memorial Day Weekend Nathan
88952. Re: Figure this out MY HAPPY PLACE
88948. Re: Glacier Point Timing chick-on
88947. Re: Camp Curry Free Wi-Fi? JohnC
88941. Re: Current Conditions: Laurel Lake - Lake Vernon - Rancheria Falls l8aarx
88937. Re: Glacier Point Road Opening Tomorrow (May 11, 2017) JohnC
88929. Re: Little Yosemite Valley Camping rgliebe
88916. Re: Lower Pines camping - thoughts on this table? electricone
88914. Re: Tioga Road Helicopter View Aril 2017 phantum
88900. Re: Big Oak Flat Road Trailhead chick-on
88889. Re: HWY 120 Open hikerchick395
88882. Re: backpacking north rim late may? amtoyama
88881. Re: Footwear strategies for Yosemite in May Sierra Miguel
88876. Re: MISSING PERSON: Alexander Joseph Sevier y_p_w
88875. Re: Two Night Backpacking Trip Coolburn
88873. Re: Bike Trails in Yosemite Valley PineCone
88871. Re: Degnan's Deli...Opening? parklover
88869. Re: National Park senior lifetime pass to increase from $10 to $80 DavidK42
88861. Re: Reds Meadow opening eeek
88857. May 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
88852. Re: Bicycles on Glacier Point Road eeek
88851. Crater Lake National Park draws on water reserves and calls for water conservation eeek
88850. Yosemite Valley Lodge and Half Dome Village Bike Stands eeek
88849. Big Oak Flat Road night closures eeek
88838. Re: Flood Warning electricone
88837. Law Day Yosemite 2017 Addresses the Japanese Internment During World War II eeek
88836. Re: Murphy Creek to Glen Aulin iivvgg
88832. Re: Mammoth Stamp Mill Site to be Temporarily Closed Acadia
88831. Re: campground reservations bobslominski
88829. Re: 4 mile trail caedo12
88828. Hetch Hetchy Entrance Hours eeek
88826. Re: Tioga Road Plowing Update plawrence
88824. Update Maverick
88816. Re: Snow Levels in Emigrant Wilderness mkbgdns
88813. Re: Yearly Pass NVRDUNN
88812. Re: Hwy 140 qumqats
88802. Re: Campground Openings 2017 itchbay
88801. Re: Kit Carson - South of Lake Tahoe itchbay
88797. Stanislaus National Forest suffers extensive storm damage, some roads closed until 2018 eeek
88794. Re: location question qumqats
88776. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 26, 2017 ERICG
88768. Yosemite National Park Opens Public Scoping Period for the Bridalveil Fall Rehabilitation Project Environmental Assessment eeek
88756. Re: In search of giant sequoias plawrence
88755. Re: Illilouette Falls - Early May chulavista
88754. Re: In search of giant sequoias chicagocwright
88743. Re: Buena Baldy Booping jeffrey
88732. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Re-Opening of Big Oak Flat Road balzaccom
88731. Re: Found It! chick-on
88710. Re: Two die in separate falls in Sequoia National Park. Dave
88708. Re: Rules About Building Man-Made Structures Lowell
88706. Missing Backcountry Hikers Near Tapeats Creek at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
88699. Re: 50-foot snow drifts blocking way to Tioga Pass itchbay
88691. Re: TR: A nice little valley south of Mammoth! 4/14-4/16 JustKeepWalking
88686. Re: Just in case...Government Shutdown info hikerchick395
88682. Re: Tuolumne Trek eeek
88665. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 19, 2017 eeek
88664. Re: Administrative Traffic Only Only on Glacier Point Road arthas86
88656. Re: Another proposal question ... mckee80
88649. Re: Yosemite National Park Continues to Repair Big Oak Flat Road ERICG
88637. Re: May 3-May 9 Florida visitors to Yosemite Bearproof
88631. Re: Removing snow and rumors along the Tioga Pass Road plawrence
88628. In a geological instant, climate change rerouted a river in Canada eeek
88622. New era of Western wildfire demands new ways of protecting people, ecosystems eeek
88621. Re: Let me tell you a story, and maybe you can help me love2kwilt
88620. North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park to Open as Planned May 15 with Limited Visitor Services and Water Conservation Measures eeek
88619. Joshua Tree National Park Invites You to Take a Hike eeek
88613. Re: Old Coulterville Road condition (from Crane Flat to Foresta) ??? plawrence
88609. Grand Canyon: Tapeats Creek / Surprise Valley area Ohnivy-Drak
88591. Re: Moor Grove - Sequoia NP MuirKat
88582. Updated Hetch Hetchy Hours eeek
88577. People driving too fast in the park. parklover
88576. Re: Recommendation for long day hike in May markskor
88566. Re: Mariposa Update ? plawrence
88559. Re: Tree work in Upper and Lower PInes ERICG
88554. Re: Recommendation for 3 day, 2 night backbacking trip from Yosemite Valley chick-on
88547. Re: Roundabout construction photo eeek
88538. Re: Need directions for posting pictures in a forum y_p_w
88532. Well-Known Yellowstone Wolf Severely Injured and Killed in Park eeek
88525. Prescribed Fire Planned Near Sunny Slopes/Tom’s Place eeek
88524. Re: :)-D Free Admission to Yosemite this weekend (April 15-16) and next weekend (April 22-23) plawrence
88523. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 12, 2017 eeek
88511. Re: End of May 3 days trip Dave_Ayers
88504. Some seasonal roads in Stanislaus National Forest will remain closed past April 15 eeek
88503. Re: Inyo National Forest Cautions Snowmobilers of Off-Limit Use ttilley
88497. Re: End of June wilderness permit JustKeepWalking
88465. Spring Conditions on Trails eeek
88464. Vernal Fall Water System and Comfort Station Opening eeek
88460. Re: Found it! eeek
88459. California’s huge tree die-off expected to slow after wet winter KenS
88456. One-lane traffic between Yosemite Lodge and Camp 4 eeek
88455. Re: Mid-May Yosemite Hiking Limitations DCHook
88448. Joshua Tree National Park Makes it Easy for the Public to Report Graffiti eeek
88447. Crater Lake Invasive Vegetation Management Plan EA Available for Public Comment eeek
88446. Yosemite National Park to Celebrate Earth Day Saturday April 22 2017 eeek
88440. Re: Clark Range jizdepski
88439. Re: Big Pine Creek eeek
88438. Re: Spring clearing underway on Sonora Pass, Monitor Pass plawrence
88435. Re: April 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
88433. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 4, 2017 eeek
88431. Foresthill Bridge Selfie Survivor Ohnivy-Drak
88414. Flood Watch eeek
88405. Re: (tu) April Snow Survey Results (Statewide) eeek
88404. Yosemite National Park and Yosemite Conservancy Launch New Website to Protect Bears with First-Ever Online Bear Tracker eeek
88403. Campground Updates eeek
88374. Re: Yosemite Bear Tracker balzaccom
88370. Re: Happy Birthday Great Pink One! chick-on
88369. Re: More Inspiration chick-on
88362. Re: Mt Conness to McCabe Creek? markskor
88351. Re: Sec. of Interior, Ryan Zinke, signs executive order to rename the Majestic Hotel in Yosemite Dave
88347. Re: Donald Trump commissions project to carve Putin's face onto Half Dome tomdisco
88341. Re: Close call @Sub/Half Dome Ohnivy-Drak
88332. Re: Fossils Stolen from Death Valley National Park KevinD
88326. Re: Mid April Snow Creek Trail NickyWicky
88324. Re: Yosemite National Park Continues to Repair Big Oak Flat Road - Yosemite News Release March 29, 2017 eeek
88323. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 29, 2017 eeek
88318. Re: Any Suggestion for a 5 day backpacking Tour beginning of May tom.pongratz
88317. Re: TR: Under the Rim trail 1st segment - Bryce Canyon AnotherDave
88315. Re: Owens Valley prepares for the spring melt hikerchick395
88313. Re: How Climate Change is impacting Yosemite ERICG
88308. Mono Lake likely to rise four feet over the next year eeek
88304. High Wind Warning eeek
88303. Re: Glacier Point Road Closure plawrence
88286. Re: Close to Inspiration chick-on
88283. Re: Asian dust providing key nutrients for California's giant sequoias Dave
88281. Re: Backpacking suggestions for mid-April - Snowcreek trail or Pohono trail? newinCA
88245. Re: While I'm asking for advice... SEKI day hikes? itchbay
88244. Re: Taking the next step: overnight backpacking... help! DavidK42
88243. Re: Getting to Glacier Point in Mid May Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
88238. Before Cars Come In, Bikes Accompany Bison In Yellowstone eeek
88236. Re: Yosemite Conservancy Provides $12 Million to Yosemite National Park KevinD
88235. Re: Rockslides!!! Trail ... plawrence
88231. Re: One for gophersnake (4 Mile Trail) chick-on
88230. Re: Mist Trail Open scl94556
88228. Re: Shuttle service up Bishop Creek plawrence
88219. Re: :cam: Do you still take a dedicated camera (P&S, SLR, etc.) when visiting Yosemite? Yosemrick
88218. Grand Canyon National Park to Temporarily Close North Kaibab Trail and Restrict Rim-to-Rim Traffic while Crews Clear Rockslide Debris; Ribbon Falls also Closed eeek
88217. Road Reconstruction Planned for Scotty’s Castle eeek
88216. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
88215. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 22, 2017 eeek
88209. Re: NY Times article about the snowpack in the Sierra plawrence
88206. Re: Hike to Half Dome beginning of May. Possible? Other challenging hikes? Dave_Ayers
88199. Re: Free USGS Topo Maps for print or pdf Jeffrey Olson
88178. Re: Yosemite Chick-on boop chick-on
88176. Re: A few for wherever chick-on
88173. Crystal Cave Upgrade Project Moves to the Next Phase eeek
88170. USFS Pacific Southwest Region invites public to help identify Priority Trail Maintenance Work eeek
88169. Special Weather Statement eeek
88165. Outdoor access for those with a disability balzaccom
88158. Re: Falling trees yosemitejim
88152. Re: Possible to use HI to Illilouette wilderness permit to access TM? chick-on
88147. Too Many People Are Going to New Zealand KenS
88145. Re: Lukens Lake Trailhead to Eagle Peak JustKeepWalking
88140. Tuolumne Winter Conditions Update for March 15, 2017 eeek
88123. Re: Wise words about Tuolumne this year... markskor
88111. Re: Best route if Tioga Pass is closed ERICG
88109. First Yellowstone Bear Sighting of the Year eeek
88105. Re: Bippity Boppity Booping Through the Sequoias JustKeepWalking
88103. Re: The Two Towering Trees: The Fellowship of the King chick-on
88102. Re: Royal Robbins, RIP (1935–2017) Dave_Ayers
88098. Reds Meadow Road Improvements Project eeek
88088. Re: Climbing Icon Passes wherever
88076. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Opening Date hikerchick395
88074. Re: Turlock Homes and the Case of the Missing Dome Ohnivy-Drak
88062. Spring Snow Melt Causes Annual Turbidity in Grand Canyon Drinking Water eeek
88051. Re: Hume Lake chick-on
88048. Re: Mist Trail to Glacier Point Hike- am I crazy? chick-on
88047. Horseshoe Meadows Road Update eeek
88046. Yosemite National Park Continues Work to Repair Big Oak Flat Road eeek
88024. Re: Highway 41 into Yosemite expected to reopen Sunday for one-way traffic eeek
88015. Successful Rescue of Woman Stranded Overnight in Death Valley National Park eeek
88013. Re: weather conditions for March 12, 2017 parklover
88006. Re: Killer-tree threat cancels Cupertino schools [Yosemite] field trips hikerchick395
87999. Re: Wilderness bike ban resurfaces mrcondron
87994. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 8, 2017 eeek
87979. Re: When will Tioga Road open? hikerchick395
87978. Re: Advice for Hammocking through the north rim JustKeepWalking
87961. Re: Park(s) to visit this summer? Dave
87956. Re: March 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
87951. Re: Hikers' bus to Glacier Point gophersnake
87943. Re: Entrance sign on 140 stolen plawrence
87934. Re: Falling tree kills woman in HDV troutwild
87931. Don Pedro Dam chick-on
87929. Re: Rostrum chick-on
87923. March snow survey results eeek
87922. Re: Valley wind closures tanngrisnir3
87917. Roads in Yellowstone Begin to Close for Spring Plowing eeek
87910. Re: Humans sparked 84 percent of US wildfires, increased fire season over two decades Dave
87907. USFS and BLM 2017 Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Applications are Available for Public Comment eeek
87897. Yosemite National Park Working to Repair Big Oak Flat Road eeek
87896. Re: Yosemite: Yesterday and Today yosemitejim
87891. Winter Storm Warning eeek
87885. Re: Sentinel Drive To Become One Way For Spring Construction plawrence
87882. Seasonal Climbing Closures March 1 - July 15 eeek
87864. Re: Range of Light Dave_Ayers
87856. Re: Scotty's Castle Flood Recovery Tours balzaccom
87855. Re: New Zealand: Travers-Sabine Circuit, Angelus Hut ttilley
87854. New Zealand: Cobb Valley Track ttilley
87853. Re: New Zealand: Abel Tasman Coast Track KevinD
87844. Re: Confluence of San Joaquin River & Tuolumne River east of Vernalis buster
87842. Re: Big Oak Flat Remains Closed Ohnivy-Drak
87832. Re: At least the price is right plawrence
87819. Re: cutting zig-zags Dave
87813. Re: Holy Moly Chick-on Frihole.. That's a LOT of Snow!!! The Other Tom
87790. Re: Last year's El Niño waves battered California shore to unprecedented degree Dave
87785. Re: Crane Flat Gas Station Closed for Duration of Big Oak Flat Road Closure ags
87781. Re: Aramark adds food to Mountain Room Lounge parklover
87779. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 22, 2017 eeek
87778. Re: Lower Yosemite Falls Access chick-on
87771. Vehicular Access to Yosemite Valley Available Only via Highway 140 eeek
87770. Re: Big Oak Flat Road Closure PineCone
87761. Big Oak Flat Road closed..... again Dave
87755. Redwood National and State Parks Seek Tips on Another Elk Poaching Incident eeek
87751. Re: Highway 41 is closed yose42
87748. Valley Campgrounds Temporarily Closed eeek
87735. Re: Down Pants? chick-on
87731. Re: In the Sierras, New Approaches to Protecting Forests Under Stress mrcondron
87728. Yosemite article in Honolulu StarAdvertiser travel section KenS
87721. Re: Snow on the PCT chick-on
87687. Winter Storm Warning eeek
87686. Re: Snow conditions on Valley trails chick-on
87684. Re: A few pix off my iPhone love2kwilt
87680. Re: Yosemite Hiking Map qumqats
87672. Re: Parque Nacional de los Glaciales balzaccom
87671. Re: Map ideas? recycling1991
87649. Re: Horsetail 2017 Hiker Dad
87647. Re: Is camping allowed at Gaylor Lakes ? recycling1991
87646. James Richardson Named Superintendent of Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
87635. The Big Oak Flat Road (Hwy 120) in Yosemite National Park will be Closed Daily from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am eeek
87634. Hetch Hetchy Trail Closures eeek
87633. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 15, 2017 eeek
87617. Winter Storm Warning eeek
87608. High Wind Watch eeek
87593. Re: More Sequoia Road Walking chick-on
87591. Re: skis for son need your thoughts parklover
87587. Re: Ideas for beginner backpacking trips? ttilley
87582. A bit too close for comfort: avalanche on Glaciar del Francés in Chile plawrence
87581. Re: Snowcone chick-on
87562. Re: Winter Hike to Merced Lake Area? jeffrey
87555. Re: Happy Birthday Old Dood - 2017 vershun mrcondron
87549. Re: Highway 140 Closed from Bug to Incline Dave_Ayers
87541. Update - 5000 Dollars Offered for Information about Ammunition Theft at Crater Lake National Park eeek
87540. Visitors to Yosemite Encouraged to Delay Arrival on February 10, 2017 eeek
87528. Major Rockfall on Whitney Portal Road eeek
87527. Re: More rain/snow to come? Dave
87519. Re: Current Road access to Yosemite Ski and Snowbaord area from bay area newinCA
87515. Re: Looking for a Good Place to Buy Hiking Boots in the Greater Bay Area W7SG
87509. Re: Backpacking in Yosemite valley this April Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
87503. Big Oak Flat Road and El Portal Roads are now open eeek
87489. Re: Shoes for trekking? markskor
87488. Re: Ladybugs, Old Trails, and Paradise JustKeepWalking
87486. Flood Warning eeek
87481. Stanislaus National Forest recreation areas closed due to storm eeek
87475. Re: June or July waninggibbous
87474. Re: El Portal and BOF roads closed Dave
87467. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, February 14 eeek
87459. Re: 6 Day Backpacking Trip Advice Needed tomdisco
87456. Re: Big Oak Flat Road closed Dave
87454. Flood watch eeek
87452. January's Weather eeek
87451. Tuolumne Meadows Snow Report eeek
87450. Re: February Snow Survey eeek
87445. Re: Trail Closure Updates Ohnivy-Drak
87439. Re: Black Arch chick-on
87438. Re: Top o Wapama ags
87437. Grand Canyon Park Rangers Recover Body Below the Rim Near South Kaibab Trailhead eeek
87427. Winter storm warning eeek
87426. Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2016 eeek
87419. Re: Snowshoeing the Sierra in a great snow year - redux JasonS
87413. Re: Young Lakes to Glen Aulen iivvgg
87410. Re: LA Times: What all those dead trees mean for the Sierra Nevada Dave
87409. Re: Down Booties - recommendations? KevinD
87407. Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area Reopens Today eeek
87406. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 25, 2017 eeek
87399. Zion Canyon Shuttle Services to Resume eeek
87397. Re: Credit Card Skimmers Located at Stage Stop & Chevron in Mariposa TrevorDavies
87396. Re: Trail Closures plawrence
87380. Re: Rainy Day Hike chick-on
87375. Snowpack is 104% eeek
87366. Re: Conditions in the Valley now? gophersnake
87363. Re: Birds Just Want To Have Fun, Time After Time Bearproof
87338. Re: The Last (Major) Trail in Yosemite chick-on
87336. Re: An Admirable Start to Winter Dee
87322. Re: Three Defendants from the High On Life Group Plead Guilty parklover
87313. Re: California Condor Reintroduction Planned for Redwood National Park EmilyFields
87311. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 18, 2017 eeek
87308. Open House for USFS and BLM Off-Highway Vehicle Grants Scheduled for Feb. 2 eeek
87293. Re: Dewey Point SnowCamp MLK Weekend mrcondron
87292. Re: Winter storm warning Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
87286. Re: First Yosemite Backpacking Trip in June markskor
87285. Special Weather Statement eeek
87279. Public Meeting for Eagle Mountain Boundary Study eeek
87274. El Portal Road (Highway 140) into Yosemite National Park has Reopened eeek
87273. Lassen Superintendent Steve Gibbons Retires eeek
87271. Badg...Yosemite Ski area will open this saturday KevinD
87259. Ice Rink Closed Temporarily eeek
87228. Re: Suggestions for Challenging Full 3 Day Backpacking Trip rbm
87226. Re: Accosting a chick-on in the backcountry... balzaccom
87223. Generals Highway Reopens in Sequoia National Park eeek
87217. Eastern Sierra Visitor Center in Lone Pine Switches to Solar eeek
87216. El Portal Road Highway 140 into Yosemite National Park has Reopened eeek
87194. Yosemite Valley to Reopen to Visitors Tomorrow Morning,Tuesday, January 10, at 8:00 a.m. eeek
87191. Re: Water Colors chick-on
87188. Snowshoes: anyone have/tried TSL Symbioz Elite? ags
87186. Re: Flooding status eeek
87181. Lost Coast now has Wilderness Permit Quota ttilley
87175. Re: The Pioneer Cabin Tree (a giant sequoia "tunnel" tree) topples over during storm Dave
87172. Re: Hiker found dead, Yosemite Valley 1-6-17 Unknown
87171. Re: Looking for a snowshoe day hike in Yosemite KevinD
87158. Generals Highway Closed at the Foothills Visitor Center in Sequoia National Park eeek
87153. Re: Overnight Parking for the Pohono Trail/Wawona Tunnel mrcondron
87145. Missing Hiker/Climber 1/3/17 Maverick
87136. Re: All Roads Leading into Yosemite Valley to Close Today at 5:00 pm eeek
87120. Re: Need Advice on Cathedral/Sunrise Lakes Area in mid-June Dave_Ayers
87091. Re: Hammock camping in Yosemite hruddy26
87089. Re: Hydrologic outlook Dave
87080. Re: Happy bird-day Bearproof yosemitejim
87072. Re: More extreme storms ahead for California parklover
87055. Flash flood watch eeek
87046. Re: Half Dome Hikers Rescued Dave
87033. Re: Nordic Center at Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area are Open parklover
87032. Re: Half Dome Village (i.e. Curry Village, i.e. Camp Curry) Ice Rink is Now Open parklover
87030. Re: WHATS SHAKING parklover
87027. Re: PA Woman trekked 26 miles in snow at Grand Canyon and Survived qumqats
87021. Re: Tiny earthquakes help scientists predict mountain rock falls MY HAPPY PLACE
87018. Re: Snowshoeing or Hiking from Badger Pass KevinD
87013. Re: Happy holidays parklover
87012. free garcia can markskor
87011. Winter storm warning eeek
87005. Re: Fees Increase at Joshua Tree National Park 2016 eeek
87004. Lumsden Road off Highway 120 closed by Landslide eeek
86997. Re: Is every post moderated now? plawrence
86995. Wapama Falls Bridge Closed eeek
86974. Re: National ticket sales bot ban - does it apply to camping reservations? y_p_w
86950. Current California Streamflow Conditions eeek
86946. Re: Recent conditions along the Pohono? parklover
86939. Re: Roads into Valley Closing at 5 PM Thursday Dec. 15 parklover
86928. Re: Backpack trip advice Pacemaker
86922. Re: My annual Dec. question: How'd everyone do this morning with Yosemite reservations for the first half of May? mkbgdns
86904. 2016 85th Annual Christmas Yosemite Bird Count (Dec 18th) hotrod4x5
86902. Re: Flooding in Yosemite Valley? parklover
86892. Re: MSR Snowshoe selection question! JustKeepWalking
86888. Re: Sunrise Trailhead to Clouds Rest to Cathedral Lakes Trailhead chick-on
86881. Re: Happy Bird-day Basilbop! ags
86875. Re: Hydrologic outlook parklover
86871. Wapama Falls Foot Bridge Closure eeek
86870. High Wind Watch eeek
86868. National Park Service releases final recommendations for the Eagle Mountain boundary study and environmental assessment eeek
86864. Re: Anybody else put brush to paper? balzaccom
86860. Re: Over Yosemite PineCone
86858. Re: Looks like lots of Snow next week! eeek
86856. Cook's Meadow Boardwalk eeek
86833. Re: El Capitan sure looks different today hotrod4x5
86831. Re: Winter Wilderness Quotas and Snow Creek Cabin Quota Update chick-on
86830. Re: Freezing rain? eeek
86828. Availability of human food shortens and disrupts bears' hibernation eeek
86822. Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park are Closed for the Season eeek
86821. Re: Winter Driving and Hiking Conditions Have Arrived in Grand Canyon National Park parklover
86806. No Significant Impact Findings for the Zion South Entrance Monument Site Reconfiguration Project eeek
86802. Re: Missing Hiker 11/27 SEKI NP Maverick
86800. Re: Question regarding December conditions? Bilko
86799. Re: Missing Hiker Vince Scalise Maverick
86792. Winter storm warning eeek
86786. Wapama Bridge Reopened eeek
86779. Special weather statement eeek
86778. Resource damage below Tioga Lodge: Observations and photographs eeek
86774. Re: Trail Closures The Other Tom
86773. Re: Eat up! parklover
86771. Giants Grove – Redwoods for Ireland’s Diaspora plawrence
86762. Adam Ondra On Top! troutwild
86750. Re: Preparing for my first hiking with bf Bilko
86742. Tioga Pass webcam parklover
86733. Re: TrailQuest Accomplished! chick-on
86732. Winter weather advisory eeek
86730. Re: Chain control on the way to Yosemite basilbop
86729. Inyo National Forest & BLM Bishop Field Office Plan Fall Prescribed Fires eeek
86728. Update on Fires in Sequoia National Park eeek
86726. Yosemite Valley Traffic Detours Will Change on Monday eeek
86721. Grand Canyon National Park Fire Managers Plan Fall Prescribed Burns on North Rim eeek
86720. Re: Tioga Road is closed eeek
86719. Re: Angels Landing Trail Closure, November 17, 2016 parklover
86712. Re: Cactus to Clouds - A Halloween Treat ags
86711. Human actions influence fire regimes in the Sierra Nevada eeek
86705. Shaver Lake Accident Ohnivy-Drak
86702. Glacier Point Road Temporary Closure eeek
86691. Re: Big El Cap Dipper ags
86690. Re: Climbing Mt. Clark chick-on
86675. Re: Special weather statement Dave
86674. Re: Wildcat falls chick-on
86670. The golden drool: Study finds treasure trove of info in saliva of foraging bears eeek
86669. Two Sides of Everest Ohnivy-Drak
86666. Whitney Portal Road Reconstruction Nearly Completed eeek
86661. Inyo National Forest Travel Analysis Report Completed eeek
86659. Re: Photo Webhosting Sites Ohnivy-Drak
86657. North Pines and Backpacker Camp Closed eeek
86652. Re: Before (or during) Storm and after or whatnot JustKeepWalking
86643. Re: Tioga Road is open chick-on
86639. Re: Yellowstone Seeks Comments on Shoshone Lake Trail Project eeek
86638. Re: Two Defendants from the High on Life Group Plead Guilty Dave
86637. SGS & NPS News Release: Study to Uncover Yellowstone's Subsurface Mysteries eeek
86636. Inyo National Forest Fire Restrictions Lifted eeek
86635. Zion Condor Chick Confirmed, Male Parent Dies eeek
86625. El Portal Road (Hwy 140) Reopens Within Yosemite National Park eeek
86624. Monitor pass has re-opened eeek
86613. Re: El Portal Road (Hwy 140) closed between Big Oak Flat Road junction and El Portal MY HAPPY PLACE
86609. Re: Lost Deer Meadow qumqats
86607. Re: Bald Mountain Buck Brush Bash AnotherDave
86603. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, November 8 eeek
86602. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
86600. Re: A Wet day in Yosemite Valley chick-on
86597. Re: Bald Hills Elk Poaching balzaccom
86594. Public Comments Sought on Cattle Canyon Improvements Project eeek
86591. Winter weather advisory eeek
86590. Re: Yosemite National Park Closes Tioga Road eeek
86589. Temporary Closure of Glacier Point Road eeek
86588. Illegal grading on Mono Lake’s shore eeek
86582. Special weather statement eeek
86581. Re: Yellowstone Visitors Use Bear Spray & Deter Bear Encounter Dave
86580. Yosemite National Park to Host Wilderness Science Forum Presentations to be Held on the Science Techniques Used in Wilderness Planning eeek
86579. Fire Restrictions Lifted in the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
86578. Saline Valley's Chickenstrip open eeek
86568. Re: Bald Mountain Trailz basilbop
86567. Reds Meadow Valley Road Re-opening eeek
86566. Re: Happy Isles to Illilouette Creek Backpack ttilley
86564. Vernal Fall water system eeek
86561. Stanislaus National Forest Prescribed Pile Burns eeek
86553. Re: Fall colors in the Valley mtn man
86471. Wapama Falls Trail and Bridge Damage eeek
86467. Grand Canyon National Park Fire Managers Plan Prescribed Burns on North Rim eeek
86466. Joshua Tree National Park Announces Night Sky Festival 2016 eeek
86464. Re: Missing Hiker 10/17 Maverick
86453. Reds Meadow Valley Road Closed due to Mudslides eeek
86447. Re: Acting Superintendent, Woody Smeck plawrence
86438. Re: The Not As Planned TR: Sept 12-17 lschaaf
86436. Re: Tioga Road is open Dave
86431. Re: Trip Report - Matthes Lake Oct 8-10 ttilley
86426. Temporary Closure of Tioga Road Sunday Night, October 16th eeek
86420. Hiking Boot durability? DavidK42
86416. Re: 2 days, 1 night, Upper Yosemite Falls and North Dome chick-on
86415. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
86411. Joshua Tree National Park Steps Up Enforcement of "Closed Area" Violators eeek
86404. Campground Updates eeek
86399. Special weather statement eeek
86398. Spring starting earlier in U.S. national parks eeek
86392. Interior Department Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management eeek
86388. Re: Pizza, Ahwahnee bar, Degnans, fall colors,dead trees and detour parklover
86387. Road Maintenance in Valley Ohnivy-Drak
86386. Cause of Owens River Fire Determined eeek
86384. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Maintenance hotrod4x5
86373. Re: Lake Don Pedro - Time Lapse chick-on
86348. Ignitions Have Started for Dorst Prescribed Burn eeek
86347. Plan to Restore Native Species to High Elevation Aquatic Ecosystems Approved eeek
86346. Re: Odd question: how to backpack for *only* one night? (bear aware) JRinGeorgia
86335. Woody Smeck to be temporary Superintendent of Yosemite parklover
86331. The amazing recovery of Yosemite’s yellow-legged frog eeek
86330. Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim to Begin Seasonal Closures; Park Remains Open for Day Use eeek
86327. Re: Looking for 2-day (one night) backpack south of Glacier Pt. Rd. chick-on
86323. Re: Tioga Road is closed eeek
86322. Re: French Polynesia hiking reports ttilley
86308. Re: So how's Aramark doing? plawrence
86307. Re: Sierra snow in the weekend forecast phantum
86303. And the Trademark Squabble Escalates. troutwild
86301. Re: Jack in the Boat chick-on
86297. Re: Sleep softly, sweet Charlotte The Other Tom
86295. Re: Neubacher retiring after complaints of hostile work environment parklover
86294. Re: Park Service looking for driver who tore up Death Valley's fragile dry lake SteveHall
86287. Missing Yosemite Hiker 9/17 Maverick
86285. Inyo National Forest Seeks Input for Lakes Basin Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project eeek
86281. Re: Boothe Lake Weekend Trip JustKeepWalking
86278. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Announce Plans for Fall Prescribed Burns eeek
86277. Re: 4 summer backpacking trips ttilley
86275. Re: Campgrounds closing today markskor
86268. 12 hurt when bus carrying Chinese teens crashes near Yosemite eeek
86252. Re: Harassment in Yosemite and Yellowstone. parklover
86248. Re: Yosemite first time with 6 y/o son truebluefoo
86244. Re: Reopened...Sonora Pass Closed due to Snow ttilley
86241. Fatality at Deerhorn Mountain in Kings Canyon National Park eeek
86238. Re: A Road Less Traveled chick-on
86235. Re: Apt trail descriptions? Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
86234. Re: Mariposa Grove Prescribed Fire eeek
86232. Yosemite National Park Accepts Submissions to the 6th Annual Gateway Expression Student Art and Poetry Contest eeek
86230. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts - September 4th to September 17th, 2016 Paris92
86214. Fatality at Eagle Lake in Sequoia National Park eeek
86209. Re: Bridalveil Creek Campground Closing Today ERICG
86205. Owens River Fire Update 9-30-2016 eeek
86200. Public Meetings on Draft San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Plan Seeks Public Comments eeek
86199. Re: 49 Palms Oasis Reopens for Visitors eeek
86196. Re: Yosemite Creek Backpack Coolburn
86185. New bear canister ? The Other Tom
86181. Body Recovered from Colorado River within Grand Canyon National Park eeek
86180. Yellowstone Deputy Superintendent Steve Iobst to Retire eeek
86179. Final Phase of Waste Removal Project at Scout Lookout to be Rescheduled Again eeek
86178. Safety Alert: Increased Traffic on Weekdays at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks eeek
86177. Tioga Road Delays Sept 26 - 30 eeek
86172. Re: Backcountry hike in November Bearproof
86151. Re: Trip report: Murphy Creek to Young Lakes balzaccom
86150. Re: Bearing North chick-on
86138. Re: That would have hurt ags
86117. Yosemite National Park to Host Annual Facelift Event in Honor of National Public Lands Day eeek
86116. Re: Rush Creek/Badger Lakes/Davis Lake Backpack chick-on
86114. Re: Grand Canyon of Toulumne chick-on
86088. Re: Bernice Lake chick-on
86084. Re: Leavitt Meadows/Dorothy Lake/Wilma Lake/Tilden Lake/Tower Lake Loop Hike chick-on
86081. A tenth of the world's wilderness lost since the 1990s eeek
86076. Multiple Search and Rescues End Busy Holiday Weekend at Zion eeek
86071. Re: Backpackers Now Required to Use Bear Canisters in Lassen Volcanic National Park ttilley
86070. Fire Restrictions Lowered in Yellowstone National Park eeek
86068. Reds Meadow Shuttle going to weekends only eeek
86066. Re: Ackerson Meadow Addition to Yosemite basilbop
86065. Ahwahnee Meadow Prescribed Fire Complete eeek
86054. Re: dogs and hiking chick-on
86052. Re: Lakes anyone? Try Caribou Wilderness ttilley
86047. Re: Good snow year forecasted for the Lake Tahoe basin, the northern Sierra and Cascades. iivvgg
86045. Yellowstone Road Segment between Mammoth Hot Springs & Norris Junction to Close eeek
86044. Yosemite National Park Launches Second Year of Every Kid in a Park Pass eeek
86031. Re: :S Saw an interesting vanity license plate - not sure what to think y_p_w
86030. Re: Extreme-weather winters are becoming more common in U.S., Stanford research shows Dave
86029. Day Use Hours for Hetchy eeek
86026. Re: What's on your list? recycling1991
86024. Re: Trails Worth Taking JasonS
86020. Re: Yosemite National Park to Temporarily Close Day-Use Parking Area parklover
86018. Re: Second Heat-Caused Fatality This Summer in Death Valley Ohnivy-Drak
86007. Re: Vintage Art: Map of Valley balzaccom
85992. Re: Hiked Conness this weekend - Video of exposed section Royalist
85987. Comment Period Extended to August 29 eeek
85986. Fatality at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone eeek
85982. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts August 7-20 ags
85976. Re: So High, Solo basilbop
85974. Re: Auto Accident on 120 JustKeepWalking
85970. Re: The cave bear: A vegan gone extinct mrcondron
85965. Joshua Tree National Park Chief Ranger Jeff Ohlfs Announces Retirement eeek
85964. Death Valley's 4th Summer Power Outage eeek
85961. Inyo National Forest Seeks Input for Mammoth Base Land Exchange eeek
85960. Re: Settlement Talks Collapse Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
85952. Centennial Celebration in Yosemite parklover
85944. Re: Glen Aulin reunion Ohnivy-Drak
85941. Re: Live from Glacier Point 🎵🎶🎵🎶 parklover
85940. Make restoring Hetch Hetchy a goal for second century of the National Park Service eeek
85939. Re: Blue Lake Canyon--Emigrant Wilderness balzaccom
85935. Re: On the Trail Quest with JKW and Chickon chick-on
85933. Re: Sky Lakes Wilderness, Oregon Bearproof
85930. National Park Service Selects National and State Park Concessions El Portal, LLC for El Portal Market Concession Contract eeek
85920. Logging can decrease water infiltration into forest soils eeek
85919. Cedar Fire May Impact Area with Smoke eeek
85913. Re: Emigrant Status: Horsing Around mrcondron
85912. Yosemite National Park Expands American Sign Language Services eeek
85909. Re: Doctor Pleads Guilty to Looting Artifacts from Death Valley balzaccom
85895. Re: What would #SF think if #LA flooded #YosemiteValley? balzaccom
85890. Re: Hetch Hetchy- Rancheria Falls- Vernon And Laurel Lakes T.R. mrcondron
85886. Horseshoe Meadow Road, Campgrounds, and Trails Re-open eeek
85885. YARTS Highway 41 Service eeek
85884. Re: True or False Ohnivy-Drak
85863. Re: Yosemite or Bust! recycling1991
85859. Re: New food for Chick-on The Other Tom
85857. Delays on El Portal Road eeek
85849. Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Reopens in Zion National Park eeek
85842. Re: Yes, Virginia, There Are Sheep nwhkr
85838. Limited Entrance for Horseshoe Meadows eeek
85836. Hutchings Podcasts Ohnivy-Drak
85834. Re: Top of El Capitan Hiker Dad
85832. Captain's Nose Ohnivy-Drak
85829. Cloud Canyon, Roaring River in SEKI balzaccom
85826. Yellowstone Fire Restrictions in Effect Due to Extreme Fire Danger eeek
85824. Articles to get couch potatoes off their couches KenS
85820. Fawn Fire Grows to 900 Acres eeek
85818. Re: Runaway teen found in park, was hiding from rescuers Ohnivy-Drak
85815. Rock Creek Evacuation order lifted and road opened eeek
85814. Re: Bear with us eeek
85813. Clark Fire Grows to 1,603 acres eeek
85812. Two rockfalls today in Yosemite Valley off the east face of Three Brothers plawrence
85808. Re: What does "VFGI-C" mean on topo maps? ags
85789. Human Remains Located Below Pima Point on Grand Canyon South Rim eeek
85788. Re: Yosemite National Park to Conduct Workshops and Webinars on Wilderness Stewardship Plan basilbop
85786. Re: Replace rain jacket and pack rain fly with poncho? JRinGeorgia
85785. Re: Prices in Yosemite this season parklover
85784. Re: Big Sur Fire Ohnivy-Drak
85783. U.S. Forest Service enacts temporary fire restrictions in Moderate Hazard Areas eeek
85781. Re: Sport climbing added to Olympics Dave
85779. Fire Crews Respond to the Wilson Fire eeek
85777. Yosemite Forum Tuesday August 9 eeek
85766. Re: White Wolf Lodge Status wherever
85762. Re: Redwood Canyon Hiking Trails to be Partially Reopened y_p_w
85761. Wilderness Week celebrated through activities, events eeek
85760. RIM Fire Paved Roads project begins in Stanislaus National Forest eeek
85713. Re: NEW CAMERA VIEW eeek
85711. Re: Happy Birthday JKW JustKeepWalking
85700. Inyo National Forest Announces Further Fire Restrictions eeek
85699. Re: Vandal Sentenced to Three Days in Jail for Carving into Iconic Roosevelt Arch Dave
85687. Re: TR: Red Peak Pass loop chick-on
85685. Re: Yosemite Wilderness Stewardship Plan: Public Involvement Workshops Mom
85682. Morel mushroom abundance after wildfire eeek
85681. Actively protecting preserving wilderness areas: Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers enter 26th year of service eeek
85679. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts July 10 - 23 Paris92
85673. Re: Aramark and existing DNC employees y_p_w
85670. 2015 Rough Fire: One Year Later eeek
85669. Re: Missing Hiker John Lee DavidK42
85665. Re: Badwater Road Open Acadia
85651. Re: Transportation to Merced Grove? Flash
85622. Forest Service holds public meetings for Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests plan revisions eeek
85618. Re: Is it ok to take down rock art? parklover
85616. Re: Rocky Mountain National Park forum? Flash
85613. Re: Gear Report JustKeepWalking
85610. Granite Park yosemitejim
85609. Re: :fireball: Car fire at the Yosemite Lodge today. ags
85608. Re: Stacy Arras Disappearance plawrence
85603. Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii) y_p_w
85596. Saline Valley’s Backcountry Airstrip Temporarily Closed for Safety eeek
85595. Re: Chilnualna Falls July 23-24? ags
85590. Black bear links real objects to computer images eeek
85589. Re: Trip Planning for Tuolomne Meadows & Glen Aulin mrcondron
85581. Fire Restrictions in Place eeek
85580. Re: Bear activity Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
85568. Re: Bus lanes recycling1991
85566. Re: Seems a bit cold for July ttilley
85563. Hiker Fatality at Ooh Aah Point on South Kaibab Trail at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
85554. Re: Views from Sunrise Area yosemitejim
85538. Re: Name of oddly-shaped granite feature in Yosemite? plawrence
85527. Re: Another Corporate v Public Trademark Dispute - Park City, UT boomtown
85519. Re: Huckleberry Lake--the edge of Yosemite balzaccom
85511. Re: Possible Trademark Settlement? eeek
85506. Re: TR: Budd-Matthes-Cathedral SergiyP
85501. Flight Operations July 18-22 eeek
85496. Re: Trip advice on the 120 area, July 16-24 eLeMeNOhPee
85489. Re: Nothing but Stars at Night ... Chick-on Delight The Other Tom
85486. Grand Canyon Rangers Respond to Over the Edge Call at Mather Point eeek
85485. Re: Whitney Portal Road Reconstruction Extended Delays to Start hikerchick395
85484. Fire weather watch eeek
85472. Re: Big Trees chick-on
85467. Re: High Sierra Camps Lottery Notification Paris92
85464. Re: Edson/Ostrander Backpack (pics) JasonS
85463. Scientists isolate, culture elusive Yellowstone microbe eeek
85462. Yosemite Forum Tuesday July 12 eeek
85461. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Area Shuttle Rates Now Apply hotrod4x5
85453. 12-hour Power Outage Scheduled for Saturday, July 9 eeek
85442. Re: Lassen -- the top of the Sierra? JasonS
85441. Stanislaus National Forest enacts temporary fire restrictions in High Hazard Areas eeek
85440. Expect Delays on Highway 120 eeek
85438. Inyo National Forest, Bishop Field Office Announces Fire Restrictions eeek
85413. Campgrounds alter jay behavior eeek
85410. Wawona Wastewater Treatment Incident eeek
85409. Re: Campground Openings itchbay
85408. Yosemite National Park Expects Busy 4th of July Weekend eeek
85407. Re: rehydrating (prepackaged) food in cook pot vs. foil pouch mkbgdns
85401. Re: LATE Trip Report: Cloud's Rest attempt in March KevinD
85400. Gear Deal Find: MSR Revo Explores KevinD
85397. Re: Planning a trip to Mt Clark in Mid September yosemitejim
85395. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts June 12–June 25 pines
85374. Re: Water windfall' discovered beneath California's Central Valley Dave
85370. Trip Report: June 21-23; Sunrise Trailhead--Yosemite Valley Bachus
85369. Marina Fire Update eeek
85368. SEKI Stage 2 Fire Restrictions eeek
85367. Yellowstone Begins Major Canyon Rim Rehabilitation Project eeek
85360. Re: Get your ducks in a row ... or just row ... KevinD
85347. Re: Tuolumne question JustKeepWalking
85346. Has anyone tried the Nemo Cosmo (or Astro) sleeping pad? ags
85344. For nature, gravel-bed rivers most important feature in mountainous western North America eeek
85333. Camping between Raisin Lake and Glen Aulen? LRK
85331. Re: Dead Trees yosemitejim
85321. Re: Crews Respond to Marina Fire ERICG
85314. Re: Wildflowers along Tuolomne Meadows and Tioga Road akash.srivastava
85312. Re: July 4th? Anyone? lschaaf
85311. Expect Delays On Big Oak Flat Road eeek
85307. Interview with Yellowstone Social Scientist Ryan Atwell parklover
85292. Re: Kids and Backpacking balzaccom
85284. Re: GCT Waterfalls from Above hikerchick395
85282. Joshua Tree Announces Temporary Closure of 49 Palms Oasis eeek
85271. Re: TR: Ansel Adams Wilderness 6/14-6/17 lilagray
85267. Re: Campground Closures parklover
85249. Tuolumne Meadows Campground Reservations Open June 22 - July 14 nwhkr
85248. Re: Arnot Creek... balzaccom
85242. Re: Car Camping in Yosemite on Short Notice jeloib
85228. Re: Harlequin Dome yosemitejim
85219. Re: Hamilton Lake yosemitejim
85214. UPDATE: Hiker Remains Missing in Western Grand Canyon eeek
85211. Re: Quilt advise, please chick-on
85210. America's Public Lands Explained parklover
85206. Re: California Baby! chick-on
85202. Functional traits of Giant Sequoia crown leaves respond to environmental threats eeek
85191. Re: Missing Emigrant Hikers Maverick
85190. Re: Tenaya Lake to Tuolumne Meadows via Murphy Creek and Glen Aulin Dave_Ayers
85189. Re: Yosemite National Park Prepares for Extremely Busy Weekend and Anticipates Temporary Area Closures parklover
85181. Joshua Tree National Park Announces Keys Ranch Weekend eeek
85180. Re: Fire Crews Monitor Ash Fire eeek
85179. Re: Reds Meadow Road to Open this Weekend KevinD
85173. Re: Mono Meadows Creek Crossing chick-on
85155. Re: Trivial sentence for Yosemite vandalism parklover
85149. Re: Yosemite vandal gets caught parklover
85147. Re: Visitor Issued Hefty Fine for Off Boardwalk Travel in Thermal Area parklover
85129. Re: Fern Ledge....Did I Miss A Turn? MtSacProf
85127. Re: Laurel Lake Weekend Backpack JustKeepWalking
85118. Missing Hiker 6/4 lilagray
85114. Re: Hikes in Tioga Pass area this weekend eLeMeNOhPee
85100. Re: Icebreaker PineCone
85092. Re: Trip Report: Hetch Hetchy Loop 6/7-6/9 lilagray
85084. Re: Silver Lake (June Lake Loop) to Tuolumne Meadows chick-on
85083. Re: Trip Report: TM to Glen Aulin/Waterwheel (6/4 - 6/5) chick-on
85082. Re: Recent Incidents Highlight Risks of Remote Travel in Death Valley’s Heat SteveHall
85077. Re: Obama coming to Yosemite parklover
85076. Re: Missing on the Merced plawrence
85075. Re: Glacier Pt Waterworks, the Twin Falls of Cascade Creek, and Elephant Rock (long) plawrence
85073. Obamas to visit Yosemite, honoring nation’s public lands eeek
85071. Yosemite National Park Announces Pilot Program for Day-Use Parking Reservations eeek
85069. Release of Final Plan for the Restoration of Native Species in High Elevation Aquatic Ecosystems eeek
85066. Crane Flat Campsites Available June 12 - July 14 nwhkr
85051. Re: Death Valley 2016 Superbloom Reports SteveHall
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85043. Re: Park Service leaders break rules but skate by Dave
85038. Re: Water, Granite, Fun! NVRDUNN
85036. Re: Fatality at Norris Geyser Basin Dave
85009. Re: Zero Days Yury
85007. Lassen Volcanic National Park Welcomes its Centennial Summer Season with Hike and Bike the Highway eeek
85006. lower Tuolumne late spring wildflowers DavidSenesac
85005. Girl Survives After Swept Downriver in Sequoia National Park eeek
85004. Yosemite Forum Tuesday June 14: Climate change trends, impacts, and vulnerabilities in Yosemite eeek
84993. Re: Is canyoneering worth it? KevinD
84976. Starting @ Tunnel View, ending with 4 Mile Elsa
84958. Re: National Park Service Selects DNC Parks & Resorts at Sequoia, Inc., to be New Concessioner at Sequoia National Park plawrence
84954. Re: Mesquitos in the valley? parklover
84953. Vernal Fall Comfort Station Open Today eeek
84950. Re: Snow on Old Tioga Rd to Aspen Valley? buster
84948. Re: Hiking to North Dome as well as Hiking the Panorama Trail Ideas hulkman75
84936. Re: snowshoe this weekend at Gaylor? grant1
84928. Re: Direct Phone Numbers The Other Tom
84919. Re: Waterfalls hotrod4x5
84916. Re: Advertising in National Parks MY HAPPY PLACE
84905. Re: Trip Report 5/26 - 5/30 Valley to Merced Lake + Cloud's Rest and back Maverick
84895. Re: Free gift left in Hetch Hetchy bear box lilagray
84894. Re: National Park Photo quiz hikerchick395
84886. Re: Crane Flat now open for reservations June 10 - July 14 riverhikerva
84885. Re: I Made It In On Memorial Day Weekend DavidK42
84881. :bearhead: Canadian bear does laundry in the wilderness. plawrence
84880. Re: What to do with packs during HD hike? lschaaf
84875. “A Bear Doesn’t Care,” but Yellowstone Knows You Do eeek
84873. Re: Forest Service releases draft environmental impact statement and draft forest plans for Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests plawrence
84864. Re: Lundy canyon? recycling1991
84863. Re: Caution when going off trail to the bathroom (Appalachian Trail story) recycling1991
84846. Re: California Red-Legged Frogs and Western Pond Turtles to be Restored in Yosemite National Park plawrence
84845. Half Dome Cables eeek
84843. Tioga Road is open eeek
84841. San Ho Zay Ohnivy-Drak
84826. Re: Badger Pass webcam! parklover
84825. Campsite scalping eeek
84816. Astronomers to Provide Free Telescope Viewing at Grand Canyon National Park June 4-11 eeek
84812. Dead and dying trees force recreation site closures eeek
84810. Re: Univeristy of Oregon frat suspended after trashing Lake Shasta campground plawrence
84801. Re: Permit cancellation balzaccom
84785. Re: Open and Shut, Hike, Rest, Repeat JustKeepWalking
84780. Construction Scheduled on Trails in the Grand Prismatic Area eeek
84779. National Park Service Calls on Visitors to Respect Wildlife and Safety Regulations eeek
84778. Prescribed Fires Planned in Zion Canyon in 2016 eeek
84777. Fatality in Sequoia National Park eeek
84776. Re: Yosemite National Park Anticipates Extremely Busy Memorial Day Weekend KevinD
84775. Re: Campground openings for Memorial Day Weekend KevinD
84767. Linking to pictures on Google DavidK42
84757. Re: campsite will be available y_p_w
84726. Re: Entry Fee parklover
84722. Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center eeek
84711. Re: Yosemite's Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Update MY HAPPY PLACE
84702. Tioga Road is open again eeek
84701. Re: Backpackers Campground troutwild
84700. Catherine Destivelle: Free Solo Classics Ohnivy-Drak
84697. Re: Yellowstone Visitor Dies Dave
84695. Re: The Merced is running high and fast hikerchick395
84694. Re: Anyone hiked Dinkey Lakes Wilderness? lschaaf
84693. Tioga Road is open eeek
84691. Re: National Park Service loses early round in Yosemite's trademarks fight y_p_w
84684. The bad on ski towns KenS
84682. Re: Tioga Road is closing chick-on
84661. Re: Names Ohnivy-Drak
84659. Re: Ireland '16 - Other Shorter Walks JustKeepWalking
84658. Re: Ireland '16 - Brother O'Shea's Gully JustKeepWalking
84657. Re: Ireland '16 - Heavenly Gates ttilley
84656. Re: Ireland '16 - Mangerton Mountain KevinD
84641. Re: Yellowstone Rangers walk off duty. parklover
84639. Re: Advice on Ostrander chick-on
84633. Short-Haul Training eeek
84622. Re: Tioga opens tomorrow!!!! eeek
84615. Re: Missing Hiker & Dog Donner Summit 5/16 plawrence
84597. Re: Ahem... Over here... JustKeepWalking
84585. Joshua Tree National Park Announces BioBlitz 2016 eeek
84584. Re: Missing Hiker’s Body Found in Sequoia National Park basilbop
84582. Zion: Upcoming Hidden Canyon Trail Closure eeek
84581. Re: Yosemite blog and all it's great info going away forever? plawrence
84573. Re: Yellowstone National Park: Tourists at Wyoming Park Put Bison Calf in Vehicle parklover
84568. Re: Ebbetts Pass is open plawrence
84560. Re: Tamarack Campground wherever
84541. Highway 108 opening hikerchick395
84534. Re: Hammock vs Tent? plawrence
84526. Re: Today at Tioga Pass ags
84506. off topic -- WW2 battles on the peaks and ridges of Italy KenS
84502. Re: Vernal Fall Comfort Station Temporary Closure gophersnake
84489. Re: Great Yosemite Climbing documentary VengeanceASX
84488. Re: Kibbie Lake 5/3/16 chick-on
84487. East side eeek
84472. Re: Quick Ranch from Ben Hur Road, Mariposa Dave
84459. Re: Park Seeks Information on Devils Hole Vandals plawrence
84455. National Park Service adds two LGBT sites to National Register of Historic Places plawrence
84443. Re: Campsites available at North Pine for May hikerchick395
84442. Re: Helicopter 551 Arrives Saturday May 7 The Other Tom
84434. Re: Women backpackers.... plawrence
84432. Cave of the Domes Reopened in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
84431. Badwater Road Construction eeek
84430. Re: May 1 Yosemite Snow Survey Results DavidSenesac
84429. Temporary Closure of Glacier Pt. Road Tonight eeek
84422. Re: Memorial Day Weekend lschaaf
84411. Emmylou Harris and John Prine Headline NPS Centennial Event eeek
84384. Re: Weather for May 5-6, 2016 Dave
84378. Re: Quotes about travel... parklover
84374. Re: Cathedral Lakes - YV in the May/June jchapell
84370. Yosemite Forum: Fishers in the Sierra Nevada: General Ecology and Response to Forest Management eeek
84367. Re: Glacier Point Tour Bus Now Running chick-on
84366. Re: Hiking halfway down the 4 Mile Trail at night (advice and companions wanted) recycling1991
84359. Mount Whitney permits hikerchick395
84351. Re: I'd rather be... Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
84350. First Wool Problems eeek
84348. Do fish survive in streams in winter? eeek
84347. Re: Hunting wolves near Denali, Yellowstone cuts wolf sightings in half parklover
84345. U.S. Forest Service posts Final EIS, Draft Decision for Reforestation eeek
84344. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
84335. Re: Mr. Yosemite (and Gang) Goes to Smith JustKeepWalking
84326. National Geographic Magazine Dedicates the Entire May 2016 Issue to Exploring YELLOWSTONE: America’s Wild Idea eeek
84324. Re: Vandals Apprehended and Charged in Joshua Tree National Park balzaccom
84314. Re: Lassen Volcanic National Park Snowshoe Walks Begin hotrod4x5
84298. Re: North Rim Trip and Conditions Report 4/24 yosemitejim
84296. Re: Just Dandy JustKeepWalking
84292. Re: Help requested parklover
84289. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 19, 2016 [Final Update] eeek
84286. Re: Bees... parklover
84281. Re: SEKI Announces Annual Fuels Treatment Plan for 2016 pines
84271. Projects to remove dead trees continue on Stanislaus National Forest eeek
84270. Re: Oblique Map Showing Maximum Extent of 20,000-Year-Old (Tioga) Glaciers, Yosemite National Park The Other Tom
84267. Re: Couldn't resist this story about bears... qumqats
84266. Call for Abstracts and Registration Now Open for 13th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem eeek
84263. Work to Begin to Open Lakes Basin and Reds Meadow Roads eeek
84260. Re: The Richest Mineral Resources in Death Valley: Isolation and Gullibility balzaccom
84258. Temporary closure of the Glacier Point Road eeek
84254. Yellowstone: Visitor caught on video petting a bison nwhkr
84247. Re: Condor pair likely incubating an egg in Zion National Park parklover
84239. Re: Sierra's eastern front long overdue for large earthquake ERICG
84231. Re: Road Trip wherever
84230. Re: Drying Dri-Down? washing bag question ttilley
84229. Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim to Open May 15 for 2016 Season eeek
84227. Secretary Jewel speaks about vision of the next 100 years of conservation parklover
84226. Re: 4-Mile Trail Open Paris92
84210. Re: Kibbie Ridge snow left? randomsteve95370
84206. Re: Cherry Lake Dam randomsteve95370
84204. Re: Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park to Open Tomorrow, April 19, 2016 yose42
84201. Re: Valley Wide Power Outage May 5th hikerchick395
84179. Re: Where is this view of Half Dome from? chick-on
84177. Re: Tioga Road plowing basilbop
84173. Four Mile Trail Update eeek
84170. Re: valley camping troutwild
84166. Re: https plawrence
84165. Scientists crack secrets of the monarch butterfly's internal compass eeek
84164. Rangers and Partners Remove Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Site from Parks eeek
84162. Tuolumne Lodge bed changes? wherever
84150. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory/La Niña Watch eeek
84149. John Muir Trail Open eeek
84148. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 12, 2016 eeek
84144. Re: Any word on Sierra Design bags? JustKeepWalking
84142. Plane Wreck at Furnace Creek eeek
84141. Select Yellowstone Roads Open to Automobiles on Friday eeek
84118. Re: Yosemite Forum Tuesday, April 12th at 3:30 wherever
84117. Re: extended trip in North Yosemite late August KevinD
84115. Wawona and Hodgdon Meadow Campground Offices Open for the Season eeek
84074. Re: Bryce/Page, Az question DavidK42
84047. Re: Petroglyph in the Valley? mrcondron
84041. Re: Birthday Bird Alert! eeek
84040. Re: Happy Birthday Birdie! tomdisco
84032. Search Continues for Missing Woman at South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
84025. Re: Trails leading to Clouds Rest lschaaf
84020. Mariposa Mineral and Gem Show this weekend. Dave
84015. Re: Double Fatal Crash Near Yosemite MY HAPPY PLACE
84014. Inyo National Forest Announces Continuation of Special Fuelwood Sale for the Whitney Portal eeek
84013. Increased hazard tree removal begins in Stanislaus National Forest eeek
84012. Winter Services Closing eeek
84011. Stolen Ahwahnee sign: reward posted on Facebook calberry
84010. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
84009. Merced River Closed To Rafting Due To High Water eeek
83999. Re: April 1 Snow Survey Results parklover
83991. Re: Nerds for Nature parklover
83990. Re: Web Cams mtn man
83988. Re: Trip Idea? KevinD
83987. Yosemite Conservancy Provides $15 Million to Yosemite National Park eeek
83986. Preston Falls balzaccom
83985. Hetch Hetchy covered with black balls parklover
83982. Re: Glen Dawson dies at 103; part of quartet that first climbed Mt. Whitney's East Face phantum
83978. Re: Horse trail to Clark Point, will it be maintained? plawrence
83965. Re: Red Peak Pass Loop in May 2016 Torero14
83964. 2016 Spring Bicycling Begins on Select Yellowstone Roads eeek
83962. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 30, 2016 eeek
83960. Tunnel View Wall Repair eeek
83950. Cave of the Domes Temporarily Closed in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
83947. Badger Pass Road Closure eeek
83932. Delaware North asks judge to keep appraisal report secret y_p_w
83930. Forest Service Seeks Public Comment on Fuel Break Maintenance Proposal eeek
83929. Dust Devil in Texas Springs Campground eeek
83925. Bears Have Officially Emerged From Their Dens For The Season eeek
83924. Re: Mist Trail Facilities Temporary Closure eeek
83921. Re: Hot Days Can Trigger Yosemite Rockfalls hikerchick395
83918. Re: Relic from the past... chick-on
83916. Re: Oh, my! mrcondron
83912. Re: Campsite hunting diligence calberry
83902. Re: Got lost in the Valley! :embarassed: nwhkr
83901. Re: Movie hotrod4x5
83897. Re: National Park Service Centennial $5 Dollar Commemorative Coin chick-on
83892. Re: Washing an old bag DavidSenesac
83891. Ski Yosemite (Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 28) plawrence
83889. Re: Arch Rock Traffic Pattern Saturday and Sunday calberry
83888. Re: New Design for NPS.gov ttilley
83875. Re: Rancheria Falls overnighter 3/19-3/20 pakoR
83868. Re: Lost and Found oakroscoe
83844. Re: Spring Break camping...snow? calberry
83843. Death Valley Hosts Celestial Centennial Event April 8-10 eeek
83842. Comments Sought on Sage-Grouse Habitat Enhancement Project eeek
83841. Scenic Vista Management Implementation eeek
83840. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 1, 2016 eeek
83838. SFGATE: U.S. steps up fight over Yosemite names calberry
83837. Re: More news on the Yosemite trademark fight - DoI moves to postpone the lawsuit parklover
83833. Re: Who was Thomas Starr King? chick-on
83825. Re: Rancheria Falls quick questiom. balzaccom
83818. Re: Paperwork! cmon4day
83815. Re: Tuolumne meadows hikers shuttle bus plawrence
83806. Re: Below the Interesting Part GuyMcCarthy
83802. Re: Someone please buy this (preferably the Pink One) plawrence
83800. Re: Native Americans ask" Whose names are they anyway?" parklover
83799. Winter weather advisory eeek
83798. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 8, 2016 eeek
83797. Art in the Valley markskor
83793. Climber Dies after Fall in Zion National Park eeek
83791. Re: Pacheco Falls (Henry Coe) chick-on
83773. Re: JMT PERMIT HOGS lilagray
83771. Winter weather advisory eeek
83758. Re: Death Valley in the spring parklover
83754. Hodgdon Meadow Campground is closed eeek
83751. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
83729. Re: Bear Boxes at Badger Pass Ski Area Parking? chick-on
83716. Re: Can my RV fit? hotrod4x5
83714. Re: Did you SoCal guys see this? pines
83700. Re: NPS files to have trademarks canceled mtn man
83696. Re: Destroying a Legacy... parklover
83687. Winter storm warning eeek
83686. Roads in Yellowstone Begin Closing For Spring Plowing eeek
83667. Re: Link to Yosemite - The Complete Guide is broken eeek
83666. Picking a fight with a corporation parklover
83664. SJ Mercury News editorial: Ahwahnee taken hostage? Don't pay that ransom! wherever
83659. Re: "Went To Bed In Camp Curry, Woke In Half Dome Village" parklover
83657. Re: Interior Dept petitioning to cancel several trademarks for Yosemite parklover
83647. Flash flood watch eeek
83643. Re: YARTS Summer Schedules Available plawrence
83641. Re: Wawona Road Delays Around South Entrance Intersection March 8-10 hotrod4x5
83638. Yellowstone Bears Emerging From Dens eeek
83637. Yosemite National Park Begins New Concession Contract on March 1, 2016 eeek
83632. March 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
83631. Special weather statement eeek
83624. Re: Open Table Dinner Reservation; Ahwahnee vs Majestic bgbhuntington
83622. Re: GoTenna - Has anyone used it out in the field? KevinD
83581. Re: Aramark discusses changes to Yosemite y_p_w
83560. Re: What color is your sleeping bag? plawrence
83556. Re: The new reservation site is up! hikerchick395
83538. Re: Hetch Hetchy Loop 3/11-3/13 balzaccom
83537. Re: Sign for The Ahwahnee stolen parklover
83536. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
83535. Re: Mist Trail Update chick-on
83509. Re: Park stores discontinuing "Yosemite National Park" souvenirs in TM dispute parklover
83506. Re: Sierra Club seeks to change name of LeConte Memorial Lodge parklover
83505. NASA sees a different kind of El Nino eeek
83504. National Park Service Seeks Public Input for Bison Herd Reduction Environmental Assessment for Grand Canyon National Park eeek
83500. Re: Inyo National Forest permit question ttilley
83491. Body Recovered below the Rim near Lipan Point in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
83489. Stanislaus National Forest Draft Record of Decision on livestock grazing eeek
83488. U.S. Forest Service plans prescribed burn in Stanislaus National Forest eeek
83464. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 22, 2016 eeek
83463. Re: Upper Yosemite 2-22-2016 hikerchick395
83458. Re: Horsetail Fall 2-22-16 plawrence
83456. Re: That time of the year is nearing! JasonS
83452. Re: Highway 41 YARTS Notice parklover
83443. Re: Hiking Trip March 25th To March 29 mashwin
83441. AmeriCorps volunteers in Death Valley eeek
83440. Re: Best Death Valley Wildflower Bloom in a Decade SteveHall
83435. Re: Pick your site---temple or tent VengeanceASX
83432. Re: Yosemite trademark dispute takes new turns in law and politics parklover
83426. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 16, 2016 The Other Tom
83417. Yellowstone Recruiting for 2016 Youth Conservation Corps Program eeek
83416. Forestry Tree Work eeek
83413. Re: Half Dome Fall Survivor Ohnivy-Drak
83412. Winter storm warning eeek
83408. Re: Joshua Tree Superintendent Issues Temporary Emergency Closure of Two Sensitive Sites plawrence
83403. 5.3 Quake near Big Pine eeek
83389. Re: Cross Country Skiing this Weekend? parklover
83381. Re: Camping/hiking in march VengeanceASX
83377. Crashes on Hwy 59 near Merced Ohnivy-Drak
83366. Re: Olde Dooood's Birthday is TODAY nwhkr
83363. Zion National Park Deferred Maintenance Statistics Released eeek
83343. Re: What's up Pussycat! eeek
83326. Re: Arch Rock Traffic Pattern Saturday parklover
83323. Yosemite: How to handle the new names, numbers and concessionaire arriving March 1 PineCone
83322. Re: Yosemite's popularity, unequaled? POLL DavidSenesac
83317. Re: Obama to designate new national monuments in the California desert y_p_w
83310. Re: Mirror->Snow Creek over nighter in March JustKeepWalking
83308. Study challenges widely accepted theory of Yellowstone formation eeek
83304. Re: Last Minute Trip to the Valley hikerneil
83303. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
83299. Lassen Volcanic National Park Gets Augmented Reality Sandbox eeek
83298. A transition to ENSO-neutral is likely during late Northern Hemisphere spring or early summer 2016 eeek
83297. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 9, 2016 eeek
83290. Re: Don Pedro Lake level (Feb. 8, 20016) hotrod4x5
83289. Re: Horsin' around with my new GoPro in the Valley parklover
83287. Re: Sunlight hitting Horsetail Falls forrestranger
83284. Re: TR: Dewey Point (Jan 23-24 2015) JustKeepWalking
83274. Re: No Hiking Required recycling1991
83263. Re: Former Yosemite Superintendent Speaks Out On Name-Change Controversy eeek
83259. Yosemite Conservancy passport name changes parklover
83258. Re: The road to Yosemite (from bay area) Ohnivy-Drak
83244. Re: Photo i took 2-8-16 ttilley
83243. Re: Rafting predictions this year with high snow pack basilbop
83242. Photo i took 2-8-16 forrestranger
83235. Re: Camp 4 recycling1991
83234. Re: INTRO parklover
83233. Re: Camping at President Day weekend yang
83228. NatureBridge Summer Teen Program in Yosemite National Park Builds Future Scientists and Leaders - 2016 eeek
83214. Re: Any interests in a group meet up? eeek
83209. Stanislaus National Forest eeek
83208. Re: Inyo National Forest Seeks Input for Swall Meadow Fuels Reduction Plan hikerchick395
83195. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 2, 2016 eeek
83194. Re: Yosemite trademark debate raises more questions. troutwild
83181. Re: Horsetail 2016 plawrence
83180. Yosemite National Park Announces Yosemite Centennial Ambassadors eeek
83179. Re: Inyo National Forest Cautions Snowmobilers of Off-Limit Use balzaccom
83175. Re: February 1 Snow Survey Results basilbop
83171. Joshua Tree Search and Rescue (JOSAR) has Openings for New Volunteer Members in 2016 eeek
83166. Silver Lake Campground Repaving Planned eeek
83164. Two thirds of cattle attacks on people involve dogs eeek
83163. Re: The camping trip that changed America: Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir in Yosemite by Chris Epting AnotherDave
83159. Future for charismatic pika not as daunting as once feared eeek
83156. Re: Jan 28/29th brief trip report (valley) hikerchick395
83142. Re: Winter storm warning Dave
83141. Yosemite National Park Receives Funding for Restoration of Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias eeek
83134. Re: Flowers are blooming in Death Valley hotrod4x5
83131. Sign up for 2016 Mono Lake Field Seminars on February 1st eeek
83128. Launch of the Audio Collection with Sounds from Yellowstone eeek
83121. Re: Noob's questions regarding winter hike at yosemite. hotrod4x5
83115. Re: Local attorney talks about Yosemite Name Change plawrence
83094. Re: Best video of GCT? nwhkr
83086. Re: Snow Loaded Treez in 3D (glasses required) hikerchick395
83078. Re: How Yosemite can re-name the Ahwahnee Hotel without losing to Delaware North y_p_w
83034. Re: Threading the Needle Ohnivy-Drak
83030. Re: Rough Fire destroyed Kings Canyon Lodge? hotrod4x5
83028. Re: Zion State of the Park Report parklover
83025. Winter storm warning eeek
83024. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 19, 2016 eeek
82993. Re: Mapping the Four Mile Trail gophersnake
82988. Re: Camping in the valley- Lottery system ? Dave
82984. Re: Cross Country Skiing from Crane flat to Tenaya up 120 ttilley
82980. Winter weather advisory eeek
82972. Mountain climbing more dangerous due to climate change eeek
82970. Re: NPS consession contracts eeek
82963. Re: Mountain lion kittens nurse on camera SteveHall
82960. Re: Yosemite National Park® eeek
82943. Re: Delaware North Copyright Fight y_p_w
82941. Re: Yosemite names are the people’s property parklover
82937. Re: Gaiters for small calves and big feet? JustKeepWalking
82936. Re: In Yosemite, name changes blasted as ‘absurd’ and ‘obscene’ Dave
82931. Re: 2016 campsite purchases troutwild
82919. California state fish can benefit from restoring, protecting streamside meadows eeek
82917. Detection dogs help map out bear habitat in Greater Yellowstone eeek
82915. Report Released On Fatal Bear Attack In Yellowstone eeek
82914. Re: Whitney Portal Road Reconstruction Planned for 2016 Significant Impacts to Access, Parking qumqats
82904. Re: Yosemite Nation Park to be renamed PineCone
82888. Snow Creek Safety/Wildlife Protection Closure Rescinded eeek
82882. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory eeek
82874. Re: Would you rather....(:P) Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
82851. Re: Yosemite to change iconic names y_p_w
82848. Re: Cloud's Rest Feb. 5-8th KevinD
82846. Re: Otters sighted gophersnake
82839. Re: New member here parklover
82817. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
82813. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 11, 2016 eeek
82798. Interior Proposes Adaptive Management Framework for Glen Canyon Dam eeek
82792. Re: Google satellite views and Street View gophersnake
82791. Re: Job Opening, Cook chick-on
82753. Re: Backpacking in february need help with itinerary ! :) qumqats
82751. Because snowmen are so 18th century... plawrence
82750. Re: Yosemite National Park Begins Clearing Rockfall Debris on Highway 140 plawrence
82736. Re: Tulomne longer backpack advice? Tedbay
82730. Increased legal liabilities limit prescribed fire use for brush control eeek
82726. Winter Weather Message from Grand Canyon National Park eeek
82725. Re: Hey guys, be careful out there... gophersnake
82724. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for January 5, 2016 eeek
82723. Re: So who still builds fires when backpacking? chick-on
82721. A Century of Science in Yosemite National Park Tuesday January 12 eeek
82719. Transportation Grants Available for School Field Trips to Death Valley eeek
82718. Re: Rockslide in Yosemite National Park gophersnake
82713. Re: Hwy 140 Closed VengeanceASX
82711. Re: Had a little fun for New Year's nwhkr
82708. Re: Tour bus skids off road VengeanceASX
82707. Beautiful pics on webcams Max
82699. Re: The Justice Department responds to DNC's lawsuit over the trademarks of Yosmite's iconic names chicagocwright
82698. IBMP Partners Agree on Bison Management Operations eeek
82692. Re: New Year, Old Acquaintances ags
82674. Re: Yosemite in Winter parklover
82665. Joshua Tree Superintendent's Hike Moved to May 7 eeek
82664. Re: Route 140 Slide Area troutwild
82662. Re: On top of Halfdome and Sentinel Dome chick-on
82659. Re: River ecosystems show 'incredible' initial recovery after dam removal Dave
82658. Winter storm warning eeek
82654. Re: Located in the basement of the Ahwahnee... balzaccom
82653. Yosemite Geologic Map Viewer eeek
82649. Re: Happy New Year parklover
82646. Yosemite National Park Expects Busy Holiday Weekend eeek
82645. Lassen Volcanic National Park Snowshoe Walks Begin eeek
82644. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 29, 2015 eeek
82638. Re: Go (to) Stanford! mrcondron
82635. A Still-Growing El Niño Set to Bear Down on US eeek
82631. Study to look at effects of climate change on wildlife eeek
82630. Re: New webcam on top of Mammoth Mountain Max
82628. Re: Backpackers Campsite during winter? basilbop
82626. Re: TR: Zion East Rim parklover
82623. Re: Nearly 23,000 Junior Rangers Sworn in at Yosemite National Park parklover
82612. Re: Sentinel Dome in Winta (a 3D Tree) chick-on
82605. Snow Creek Cabin Open eeek
82604. Re: The Ahwahnee Selected As Best In The World? troutwild
82596. Re: Snowshoe Buying advice? KevinD
82582. Re: Merry Christmas Bearproof
82581. Re: Jingle Bellz parklover
82578. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 22, 2015 eeek
82577. Re: chick-on plawrence
82572. Re: Mariposa Grove - Snowshoeing chick-on
82564. Winter storm warning eeek
82558. Stanislaus National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle Use Designation eeek
82550. Flash flood watch eeek
82549. Snow Creek Cabin Status eeek
82545. Re: Bob Bird chick-on
82542. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
82539. Nice kitty? eeek
82537. Daily Reservoir Storage Summary eeek
82517. Forest Service shares additional information regarding species of conservation concern for forest plan revisions eeek
82516. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
82511. Rescue for Recovery: Biologists Team up with Zoos to Save Frogs on Brink of Extinction eeek
82510. Re: New Yosemite Nature Notes Episode Features Bighorn Sheep nwhkr
82502. Re: Biking? JohnC
82487. Re: About all those dead trees in the Sierra National Forest ttilley
82480. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 15, 2015 Not quite The Geezer, but getting there
82458. Re: C'est la beurre! parklover
82450. Forest Service shares Wild and Scenic Rivers inventory and eligibility findings as part of forest plan revisions eeek
82449. Re: Stanislaus National Forest implements seasonal road and trail closures balzaccom
82441. Re: Happy Bird-Day basilbop! JRinGeorgia
82417. Re: How'd everyone do making reservations this morning for the first half of May Valley camping? mtn man
82412. Re: Fall Boating yosemitejim
82408. Yellowstone's Winter Season Starts Tuesday eeek
82407. Re: Yosemite National Park Distributed Approximately 1,000 Free Park Passes to Fourth Graders So Far This Year DavidK42
82405. Re: Backpacking trip in February JustKeepWalking
82398. Re: Snowshoeing from Badger Pass to Glacier Point jvieiram
82390. Re: Winter trip chick-on
82383. Re: Fourth-graders ski free this season (until Feb 29th) at Badger Pass in Yosemite Dave
82381. Re: Badger Pass Opens tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 12) for the season. basilbop
82380. Winter storm warning eeek
82373. Re: Of Eagles and Turkeys JustKeepWalking
82372. Inyo National Forest Prescribed Fire Projects eeek
82371. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory eeek
82370. Yosemite National Park Closes Tioga Road for the Season eeek
82368. Upcoming Trail Work Will Affect Popular Zion Hikes eeek
82367. Re: Yosemite National Park — Wilderness Stewardship Plan/Trip Reports JustKeepWalking
82363. If you're cold, they're cold... plawrence
82355. RIP North Face Founder Ohnivy-Drak
82349. Winter storm warning eeek
82343. Re: 84th annual Yosemite Christmas Bird Count hotrod4x5
82334. Re: Face on Yosemite Falls Wall flaked off... plawrence
82331. Re: Men have better sense of direction than women? plawrence
82323. Re: T-Mobile Coming To The Valley buster
82313. Re: Aramark school lunches plawrence
82309. Yosemite Cemetery AnotherDave
82305. Illegal marijuana farms continue to threaten fishers in California eeek
82297. Joshua Tree Burned eeek
82296. Re: Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim Closed for the Winter Season eeek
82295. The Calaveras Ranger District on Stanislaus National Forest is hosting a public meeting regarding Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Proposal eeek
82293. Re: Yosemite Conservancy Volunteering Mom
82280. Chowchilla Mountain Road Closed For Season eeek
82279. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, December 8 eeek
82276. Campground Update eeek
82275. USGS National Map Corps will award special edition patches for volunteers contributing 2,016 points between GIS Day 2015 and GIS Day 2016 eeek
82264. Re: Blasting Operations December 1st-3rd hulkman75
82263. Re: Merry Holly Daze! (eye m an angel!) basilbop
82254. Re: Split Rock plawrence
82243. Re: Lego National Park set parklover
82236. Re: Happy Chick-on Dey Turkees parklover
82235. Grand Canyon National Park to Extend Public Comment Period for Backcountry Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement eeek
82226. Winter weather advisory eeek
82225. Draft EIS for Rim Fire Reforestation available for viewing eeek
82216. Re: Yosemite National Park: Wilderness Stewardship Plan — Public Scoping Period now open basilbop
82211. Re: 4 Mile Trail Closed chick-on
82210. Re: Black Friday Hiking (Calif State Parks) Ohnivy-Drak
82209. Re: Thanks! AnotherDave
82205. Re: Invasive Species?? basilbop
82204. Wind Advisory eeek
82202. Re: California focuses on power lines as top cause of wildfires hikerchick395
82188. Re: Human-Bear Incidents Reach Record Low in Yosemite National Park JRinGeorgia
82187. Re: Good Advice eeek
82185. Re: Missing Climber 11/8 markskor
82184. Wilderness Act eeek
82176. Joshua Tree Park Prepares for Strong El Niño Forecast eeek
82175. Winter Arrives at Lassen Volcanic National Park 2016 eeek
82172. Mist Trail and John Muir Trail Closures eeek
82160. Recent accident on Half Dome Ohnivy-Drak
82148. Re: Foresta road really is messed up! wherever
82147. Re: Wonderful old 1906 map of Yosemite hikerchick395
82146. Re: Mono County search and rescue operations for the past year lschaaf
82140. Sonora Pass is closed for the season eeek
82127. Re: GPS units question: Garmin eTrex 30 TOPO GPS Bundle JustKeepWalking
82115. Re: Park Web Cams buster
82109. Winter weather advisory eeek
82105. Re: Where would you go if you could go any place in the world? Dave
82100. Short Intermittent Closures in the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel Scheduled for November 18, 2015 eeek
82099. Re: RIP Carol Doda plawrence
82095. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Dave
82090. Re: Village Sport Shop Will Close January 3 plawrence
82086. Re: forum on iPhone hotrod4x5
82074. Re: Yosemite Trail Quest basilbop
82073. Re: Boatable JustKeepWalking
82066. Cougars likely to recolonize middle part of U.S. within the next 25 years eeek
82065. Re: TR - Mono Meadow to Glacier Point DavidK42
82063. Two Week Trail Closure on Zion's Grotto Trail eeek
82062. Re: Condition of Trails in Yosemite Valley - Panorama Trail JustKeepWalking
82060. National Park Service Seeks Public Comments on the Crystal Cave Area Rehabilitation and Redevelopment Plan and Environmental Assessment eeek
82033. Winter weather advisory eeek
82021. Re: Sequoia Halloween Weekend Dayhikes (pics) JustKeepWalking
82014. Hanging Around in Yosemite Valley Bearproof
82008. Re: Chick-On Point and Mount Basilbop nwhkr
82002. Yosemite National Park Entrance Fee Reduced for Fall/Winter Season eeek
81997. Re: John Muir Trail Question buster
81986. Re: Vegetation Piles Scheduled To Be Burned In Grant Grove Dave
81985. Devils Postpile National Monument Announces Closure for the Season eeek
81984. Ancient pollen reveals droughts between Sierra Nevada glacier surges eeek
81981. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, November 10 eeek
81979. Campgrounds Close Today eeek
81976. Evolution of a new species: the Coywolf (aka the Eastern Coyote) plawrence
81974. Kolob Terrace Road Construction Update eeek
81973. Rapid Response Treatment to Remove Invasive Green Sunfish from a Backwater Slough eeek
81972. U.S. Forest Service, Stanislaus National Forest is requesting initial scoping comments from the public on the proposed City of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp Permit (BTC) Project eeek
81971. Re: Tioga Pass is closed Ohnivy-Drak
81968. Re: Yosemite Research Library plawrence
81967. Re: Winter weather advisory Ohnivy-Drak
81966. Yosemite National Park Lifts Fire Restrictions eeek
81965. Genetic Study Confirms Growth of Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Population eeek
81964. Winter storm watch eeek
81963. October 30 Fire Update eeek
81953. Re: Making the most of a Dec visit Bearproof
81946. Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
81943. Re: Tioga Road is closed Richard Yu
81941. Re: Tenaya canyon Richard yu
81936. Sonora Pass is open eeek
81928. Re: Weed Hoppa (in 3D) chick-on
81921. Re: 5 dead 2 injured in auto collision near Yose Ohnivy-Drak
81920. Re: Mono County fall leaf trip feature story yosemitejim
81918. Re: Historic structures at Scotty’s Castle damaged by flood SteveHall
81916. Prescribed Fire Planned in Yosemite National Park eeek
81911. Inyo National Forest Plans Fall Prescribed Fires eeek
81910. Zion National Park Beginning Construction of a Watermain Replacement Project eeek
81909. Fire Update - October 22nd eeek
81902. Vernal Fall water system eeek
81897. Flash flooding closes roads in Death Valley eeek
81896. Chemicals In Sunscreen Are Harming Coral Reefs eeek
81895. Re: 5 day backcountry camping from November 11th -15th DavidSenesac
81892. Re: South Lake North Lake Loop Revisited JustKeepWalking
81881. Re: Tioga Road is closed boomtown
81873. Re: What's up with El Portal Road? parklover
81867. Re: Hike suggestions needed, going to Yosemite next week snorkus
81865. Campground Closures eeek
81864. Re: No Overnight Parking on the Tioga or Glacier Point Roads hotrod4x5
81862. SEKI's Non-Profit Partners Merge to Create the Sequoia Parks Conservancy eeek
81859. Grand Canyon National Park Prepares for Multi-Day Shutdown of the Transcanyon Pipeline eeek
81858. Traffic Control on Glacier Point Road eeek
81857. Re: Taft Toe Prescribed Fire Begins Today phantum
81856. Yosemite National Park Partners with Google Maps on “Google Street View” eeek
81855. Re: Campground Update eeek
81854. Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness and Visitor Information Center Close Today eeek
81849. The Inyo National Forest Prepares for Winter Conditions eeek
81848. Night Sky Festival at Joshua Tree National Park eeek
81845. Re: Camping in Yosemite next week, North or Upper Pines? parklover
81841. Wawona Campground eeek
81835. Millennia of land use in the Central Sierra Nevada: The view from Wawona eeek
81833. Bridalveil Fire Update: October 13, 2015 eeek
81832. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
81831. Re: 'Beeting' high altitude symptoms with beet juice gophersnake
81830. Re: 140 years ago today in Yosemite... parklover
81823. Joshua Tree Confirms Respiratory Disease Outbreak in Bighorn Sheep eeek
81820. Fire restrictions lifted on the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
81813. Re: May Lake plawrence
81808. Prescribed Fire Scheduled in Yosemite National Park eeek
81807. Valley Pavement Preservation Project Schedule Update eeek
81803. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory eeek
81794. Re: On the way to Yosemite Will17109
81788. Inyo National Forest and Devils Postpile National Monument Announce Plans for Interagency Prescribed Burning eeek
81787. Intermittent Closures of Joshua Tree's Hidden Valley Loop Trail eeek
81786. Re: National Park Service Signs Contract with Yosemite Hospitality, LLC (a subsidiary of Aramark) plawrence
81777. Yosemite Bear Facts September 20th – October 3rd, 2015 eeek
81776. Re: TR: Tuolumne Meadows to Gallison Lake (10/03-04) camp9
81765. Winter weather advisory eeek
81763. Tioga Pass is open eeek
81762. Sonora Pass is open eeek
81761. Canyoneering Fatality in Not Imlay Canyon in Zion National Park eeek
81759. Status of Cedar Grove for Public Visitation due to the Rough Fire eeek
81758. Recent Visitor Grand Canyon North Rim Treated for Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever eeek
81756. Re: Yosemite National Park Commemorates its 125th Anniversary hikerchick395
81751. During Recent Droughts: Central Valley Groundwater Levels Reached Historical Lows and Land Subsidence Intensified eeek
81746. Re: #125 for Yosemite PineCone
81744. Re: Fall Returns to the East Side hikerchick395
81741. Re: Summit Lake (Virginia Lakes TH) (pics) hikerchick395
81736. Re: Bob Bird JustKeepWalking
81734. Crews Complete Repairs to Transcanyon Pipeline eeek
81733. Grand Canyon National Park North Rim to Begin Seasonal Closures; Park Remains Open for Day Use eeek
81729. Hiker Rescued in Joshua Tree National Park eeek
81728. Tioga Road Tree Work eeek
81726. Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Reopens in Zion National Park eeek
81717. Re: A 'magic tent' for mountaineers plawrence
81706. Re: Forest Service Seeking Comments on High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study plawrence
81701. So what’s in a name? eeek
81700. Re: Matthes Lake - via Budd Lake or Lower Cathedral Lake? nwhkr
81699. Re: Upper Pines campsite sharing - 11/25-11/29 eeek
81689. Re: Pohono Oct. 12-15 JustKeepWalking
81687. Mount Carmel Highway Remains Closed After Major Rock Fall eeek
81686. Campground Updates eeek
81683. Limited Reopening of Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park eeek
81682. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts September 6th – 19th, 2015 balzaccom
81681. Bridalveil Creek Campground Closes Today eeek
81680. Quoted in Accuweather balzaccom
81668. Re: TR: Desolation Wilderness--Finally got to Island Lake! yosemitejim
81667. Re: A whole bunch of suck: no more TM hiker shuttle in the new plan tanngrisnir3
81666. September 21 Fire Update eeek
81665. El Niño and La Niña will Exacerbate Coastal Hazards Across Entire Pacific eeek
81663. Annual Facelift to be Held in Yosemite National Park - 2015 eeek
81654. Re: Body of missing hiker in Yosemite found Ohnivy-Drak
81652. Reopening of Certain Parts of Kings Canyon National Park and Giant Sequoia National Monument eeek
81651. Valley Loop Road Preservation Project--Starting September 23rd at 6:30 PM eeek
81648. Re: Trip Report Video: TM --> Vogelsang Pass --> Fletcher Lake --> Townsley --> Cathedral Lake --> Budd Lake yosemitejim
81640. Save Tuolumne buses markskor
81635. Re: Dayhiking on October 25th Yury
81633. Fisher Kits Reintroduced in Yosemite National Park eeek
81631. September 16 Fire Update eeek
81630. Re: Three Canyoneering Fatalities, Four Others Missing in Zion National Park plawrence
81628. Bad news from Zion N.P. ERICG
81622. Cleanup of remediation activities at the former NPS fueling station in Tuolumne Meadows September 15-17 eeek
81614. Re: Trip Report - Cancel my flight home W7SG
81610. Sierra Nevada snowpack lowest in five centuries eeek
81608. Road Construction Projects at Grand Canyon South Entrance Station and Hermit Road to Start this Month eeek
81607. YARTS Schedule Changes eeek
81606. Fire Update eeek
81601. Re: Deadliest Catch: Cathedral Range Edition basilbop
81600. Re: Twin Passes: Walk(er) Fire With Me yosemitejim
81595. Inside climate politics in the United States eeek
81592. Burning remaining fossil fuel could cause 60-meter sea level rise eeek
81591. Africanized bees continue to spread in California eeek
81590. Missing Person troutwild
81588. Another tragic ending troutwild
81584. Spruce Fire Received Significant Rain Overnight eeek
81583. September 11 Fire Update eeek
81577. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory 10 September 2015 troutwild
81569. Inyo National Forest Announces Further Fire Restrictions eeek
81568. Yosemite National Park and Ansel Adams Gallery to Sponsor Gateway Expressions Student Art and Poetry Contest eeek
81560. Evacuation Order Issued for the Grant Grove Area of Kings Canyon National Park eeek
81557. Re: What Happens to Problem Bears That Go to Rehab? plawrence
81555. September 10 Fire Update eeek
81551. Re: "expert" advice on fires.....unbelieveable ttilley
81550. Re: Oak Fire ttilley
81549. Re: Hyatt Lake over Labor Day chick-on
81548. Re: Life is Rough all Over JustKeepWalking
81533. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
81531. Re: Rafferty Creek Running Right Now? ttilley
81530. Re: DC10 (air tanker) flying below Half Dome mrcondron
81527. Evacuation Warning Issued for the Grant Grove Area of Kings Canyon National Park eeek
81526. Yosemite Bear Facts August 23rd – September 5th, 2015 eeek
81524. Re: New Yosemite Village Parking Restrictions Effective Monday, September 14 plawrence
81523. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, September 15 eeek
81522. Re: September 9 Fire Update mrcondron
81521. Re: Desolation Wilderness: Dicks Lake/Peak (pics) Torero14
81517. Re: Tenaya Fire Update, Afternoon, September 8, 2015 KevinD
81515. Crews Repairing a Break in the Transcanyon Pipeline eeek
81514. Re: Tuolumne Gas Station & Mountain Shop Closing Sunday Ohnivy-Drak
81513. Re: Seasonal Campground Closures eeek
81505. Re: :bearhead: Yosemite Bears Keep Getting Smarter plawrence
81504. 'Super Stonehenge': Super circle of stones surround existing monument eeek
81503. Bring on the night, say National Park visitors eeek
81500. Book Review: The Man Who Opened Darwin’s Eyes KenS
81495. Re: Tenaya Canyon janethughes
81481. Re: Upcoming Trail Closures on Zion West Rim Trail KevinD
81478. Re: Thoughts appreciated balzaccom
81473. Hiker Fatality Reported Near Colorado River Mile 29 in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
81469. Tamarack Flat campground eeek
81457. Re: Emeric Lake (pics) plawrence
81445. Re: Missing Hiker in Yosemite National Park Found After Two-day Search Ohnivy-Drak
81443. Yellowstone Prepares for Fall eeek
81439. Walker Fire Contained eeek
81438. Re: Sunrise Lakes trailhead Permits question Carlton
81437. Temporary Closures at Tamarack Flat Campground and Glacier Point Road at Chinquapin eeek
81436. August 31 Fire Update eeek
81428. Re: Denali eeek
81419. Bear in ct to be euthanized KevinD
81418. Re: Talk of rerouting end of Appalachian Trail chicagocwright
81415. Re: Missing hiker found after 9 days plawrence
81414. Re: Route Advice for Echo to Cathedral? chick-on
81410. Minor Flood Event in Joshua Tree eeek
81409. August 28 Fire Update eeek
81405. Re: Proper tent to bring? jizdepski
81399. Redwood National Park Seeks Public Input on Draft Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan eeek
81375. Lightning Starts Fire Near the South Arm of Yellowstone Lake eeek
81374. Online Park Atlas for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks eeek
81373. Re: Backpacking trip advice, first time to Yosemite JRinGeorgia
81372. Walker Fire is at 87% Containment eeek
81371. South Lake Repaving Starts September 8 eeek
81369. August 26 Fire Update eeek
81367. Re: Mother Jones: One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks ttilley
81360. Yosemite Bear Facts August 9th – August 22nd, 2015 eeek
81358. Re: Jack main/tilden lake in sept? buster
81357. CSERC: a great resource for those interesting in protecting wilderness balzaccom
81352. The Walker Fire is showing 81% containment this morning and remains at 3,676 acres eeek
81351. Re: North Rim or Vogelsang? cjoz
81349. Increasingly Severe Disturbances Weaken World's Temperate Forests eeek
81348. Study finds black bears in Yosemite forage primarily on plants and nuts eeek
81346. August 24 Fire Update eeek
81344. Reopening of Grant Grove and Wilsonia Areas of Kings Canyon National Park eeek
81341. Melting snow and groundwater levels in Sierra Nevada eeek
81339. Temporary Closure of Grant Grove Area in Kings Canyon National Park eeek
81332. Re: Smoke from Rough Fire might be affecting hikers on the JMT KenS
81329. Re: :bearhead:The Difference Between Black Bears and Grizzly Bears eeek
81325. Re: Yosemite Fire Information Update KevinD
81319. Re: Gray wolves seen in California for the first time in 100 years chicagocwright
81311. Walker Fire today eeek
81309. Re: Walker Fire/120 Entrance eeek
81294. Canyon Rim Overlooks and Trails Rehabilitation Plan Approved eeek
81290. California Department of Public Health Investigates Second Case of Human Plague eeek
81288. Re: Cathedral Range water availability KC
81280. Re: Curry Stables – End of an era parklover
81274. Re: Star Trek 5 - Yosemite plawrence
81270. Re: Plague Incident Update markskor
81267. Re: yosemite trip pines
81266. Air Support and Ground Crews make progress on Walker Fire eeek
81265. Insecticides Similar to Nicotine Found in about Half of Sampled Streams across the United States eeek
81246. Hoist Training Tuesday and Wednesday eeek
81245. August 17 Fire Update eeek
81240. Re: Tuolumne Campground mrcondron
81228. Re: 2015 trip slideshow plawrence
81214. Re: Walker Fire Update 08/16/2015 chick-on
81213. Rough Fire Notification eeek
81212. Tioga Pass is open eeek
81201. Re: Advice Hoover/Northern Yosemite Loop elicali
81197. Re: Firefighters Respond to 150-Acre Walker Fire eeek
81190. Re: California Department of Public Health and Yosemite National Park Take Preventive Measures in Plague Investigation markskor
81184. El Niño Update - 13 August 2015 eeek
81180. Re: Upper Pines Tragedy recycling1991
81176. Re: Old GP Road Alignment Rob65
81171. August 14 Fire Update eeek
81170. Re: Tuolumne Meadow to be closed Aug 17 thru August 21 tmcamper
81168. Re: Black Bear attack near Midpines (not inside Yosemite) plawrence
81166. Re: FIRE RELATED TRAVEL ADVISORY Kings Canyon National Park KenS
81158. Re: Old Coulterville and Old BOF roads chick-on
81157. Re: Hiker’s Death Confirmed as Grizzly Attack chicagocwright
81144. August 12 Fire Update eeek
81143. Re: yosemite rennaisance comp chicagocwright
81132. Re: Annual opening dates for Lower and North PInes Campgrounds JustKeepWalking
81119. Re: Falls on Alder Creek? chick-on
81117. Re: Glacier hike in Yosemite? jhc7399
81104. Yosemite Bear Facts July 26th - August 8th eeek
81103. August 11 Fire Update eeek
81098. Re: Hiking from a trail off the 120 (eastern side) into Valley - need trails pennonthetrail
81069. Re: August 10 Fire Update KenS
81066. Re: Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne Meadows Late September mrcondron
81054. Re: Options for late March / early April trip yor2015
81052. The Muir Project: Diversity and Inclusion In Our Wild Spaces plawrence
81051. Re: Dewey Point from McGurk Meadow TH Ohnivy-Drak
81048. Re: Minaret Lake/Lake Ediza Loop (pics) yosemitejim
81045. Re: Kearsarge Pass/Glen Pass/60 Lakes (pics) lschaaf
81041. Re: TR: Nelson Lake overnighter JasonS
81037. Re: Hiker Found Dead In Yellowstone plawrence
81030. Re: Cathedral Dayhike chick-on
81027. Two French Visitors Die, Child Rescued at White Sands National Monument eeek
81025. Yost/Fern Lake Trailhead Closure Extended eeek
81023. Rough Fire Sends Smoke into Kings Canyon eeek
81022. Yosemite Fire Update #10, August 7, 2015 eeek
81017. Re: 3-4 Day Backpacking Trip Mid August Bearproof
81012. Re: Soldiering On tomdisco
81004. Re: plague found in child who camped in Yosemite/Stanislaus NF KenS
80994. Re: Mint Hut, Mint Glacier Hike and Dislocated Shoulder plawrence
80984. Re: TM gas station closing!? hikerchick395
80983. Re: Mother And Child Rescued From Death Valley Trail In Extreme Heat Conditions parklover
80969. August 4 Fire Update eeek
80967. Re: Does Polly Dome Lake Have Fish? froglegs
80946. Re: Next hiking movie yosemitejim
80945. Re: Katmai National Park Webcam parklover
80931. Re: Pronunciation of Lyell Mom
80910. Re: Yosemite Bear Facts July 12th – July 25th, 2015 Paris92
80890. Re: Secrets of the Permit and the Pass basilbop
80888. Re: Single hair shows researchers what a bear has been eating eeek
80887. Re: Tioga Road 100 year Anniversary Today basilbop
80885. Re: Route advice: 3 day loop starting w/ Nelson Lake Bearproof
80881. Re: Happi Bird-Day JustKeepWalking! chick-on
80880. The State of California is Hiring KenS
80879. Road Striping eeek
80878. Re: Sierra National Forest – Willow Fire Update July 30th parklover
80873. Re: Where is Dark Hole Meadow, and where was the yosemite creek ranger cabin?! jishaq
80872. Search For Missing Swimmer in Yellowstone River Scaled Down eeek
80871. Fifth Person Injured in Yellowstone Bison Encounter This Summer eeek
80866. Re: Itinerary Bearproof
80864. Glacier NP: Reynolds Wildland Fire prompts evacuations and closures plawrence
80859. El Niño intensifying, could rival strongest in recorded history eeek
80851. Re: Shuttle options/Tioga Road jizdepski
80843. Re: BLM: Pooping cyclist started Boise foothills fire balzaccom
80835. Re: New Place to eat in Bishop hikerchick395
80834. Re: 15th Annual Curry Orchard Apple Picking Wednesday August 5 troutwild
80833. Vernal Fall Utility Service Suspended eeek
80824. Re: Highway 140 is closed gophersnake
80821. Ride to Mammoth in Late September povi1121
80811. Re: :bearhead:Black Bears - Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 26 KenS
80796. Re: Another abandoned trail, and a new "Old Man of the Mountain" (long) ags
80790. Re: Half Dome Wedding The Other Tom
80782. Lassen Partners Saw Through Snags To Clear Pacific Crest Trail eeek
80773. Re: Carson River basin wildflower day trip ttilley
80765. Re: Water magically appears inside Bear Vault? KevinD
80758. Re: Fourth of July Lake ttilley
80751. Re: 5 day backpacking trip in September paxton13
80741. Re: TR: Paiute Pass and Humphreys Basin elicali
80740. Re: Mosquito reports for Yosemite? ttilley
80736. Re: Water near Clouds Rest pines
80733. Re: Drones JohnC
80731. Re: Flash flood watch Ohnivy-Drak
80729. Re: Lamarck Lakes July 7 eeek
80725. Re: TR: Pioneer Basin DavidSenesac
80722. How the chick-on came into our world... plawrence
80719. Re: Getting to Tenaya Lake Sierra Miguel
80710. Re: High Sierra Camps Weather Policy? Mom
80709. Re: Jacobs family laments departure from Yosemite pines
80708. California Flexes Muscles in Water Tussle With Farmers eeek
80706. Humans cause most mountain lion deaths in Southern California eeek
80697. National Park Service Conducting Boundary Study of Eagle Mountain Area Near Joshua Tree National Park eeek
80696. Re: Yosemite hiker recovering from rattlesnake bite KevinD
80695. Re: Bear Activity eeek
80694. Yosemite Fire Update #6, July 14, 2015 eeek
80688. Re: Campsites for trade - Aug 5 - Aug 9 (North/Upper Pines) y_p_w
80687. Re: HTML 5/Flash eeek
80673. Re: Ten Lakes Basin Bearproof
80665. Re: A Thousand Islands, A Hundred Hikers, A Single Puncture basilbop
80664. Bed bugs 'bite' the wallet of hotel owners eeek
80662. Re: Gaylor/Granite Lakes loop hikerchick395
80658. Re: Nelson Lake questions ttilley
80650. Re: Help! I lost my minion! mrcondron
80643. Re: Three Missing Sisters Found After Multi-Day Search plawrence
80641. Re: Ten Lakes basin to Glen Aulin HSC basilbop
80639. Re: Sawmill walk-in campground oso101
80630. Zion Rangers Assist In Stopping Car In High Speed Chase eeek
80623. Zion's Cathedral Fire eeek
80622. Re: Traffic in Yosemite Valley floor parklover
80604. Re: Young Lakes to Virinia Canyon possible? Torero14
80591. Yosemite Restoring Endangered Yellow-legged frogs to Alpine Lakes eeek
80589. Re: So how do they get the Half Dome permits? wherever
80584. Re: The 1905-06 Boundary Survey and the Mystery of #119 chick-on
80580. Re: TR: Twin Lakes - Peeler-Benson-Matterhorn- Horse Creek chick-on
80573. Re: Anyone going to Yose this weekend? Bearproof
80571. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory JohnC
80569. Re: Tioga Pass was closed due to snow eeek
80553. Re: Overnight/Day hikes in and around Yosemite, late August, Early September jhc7399
80549. Mule Deer Fawn Season eeek
80545. Re: Tilden (and that's a lot of runoff) AndrewF
80544. Re: Binoculars Curious Hiker
80543. Re: Matthes Lake Backpack Bearproof
80538. Re: Bishop Again yosemitejim
80532. Re: Large rockfall from the face of Half Dome BigDogMom
80507. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
80506. New Yosemite Fires eeek
80505. National Parks Respond to Several Lightning Caused Fires eeek
80503. Re: Anyone know how "Big Sam" (Emigrant) got it's name? ags
80499. Fatality in Grand Canyon National Park on North Kaibab Trail eeek
80493. Re: Two More People Injured After Approaching Bison in Yellowstone plawrence
80490. Re: Hiker Ledged-Out Overnight on Basket Dome wherever
80486. (tu)Science proves what you suspected: hiking's good for your mental health plawrence
80480. Re: Yosemite National Park Institutes Fire Restrictions ttilley
80477. Re: Water availability Justin-T
80475. Penn State study on forest fires - Rim Fire parklover
80474. Rangers and Firefighters Remind Visitors Fireworks are Prohibited in National Parks eeek
80473. Yosemite National Park Expects Busy Fourth of July Weekend eeek
80471. Re: Suggestions for a 4-day foray into Yosemite... Bearproof
80469. Happy 151st birthday to Yosemite National Park eeek
80467. Re: Pinnacles National Park – Open for comments: Construct Two New Trails on the West Side of Pinnacles National Park (scoping phase) plawrence
80461. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
80457. Temporary Soda Springs Trail Closures This Week eeek
80456. Re: May Lake Mystery Trail to Tuolumne Peak basilbop
80446. Re: 150,000 Steps JustKeepWalking
80445. U.S. Forest Service Seeks Public Input on Over-Snow Vehicle Designation Project eeek
80444. Inyo Fire Restrictions Beginning June 29th eeek
80441. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
80439. Re: Hetch hetchy in july? ttilley
80423. Re: Requesting Your Help in the Matthew Greene Case ttilley
80421. California Droughts eeek
80420. Re: Emigrant Lake(s) area suggestions chick-on
80417. Re: Good/bad idea to leave tent up for 2 night stay? DavidSenesac
80414. Federal Highways Van eeek
80413. Fire Activity eeek
80410. :XUh-oh!!! Hopefully NOT coming to a wilderness near you... plawrence
80395. How to deal with a bear eeek
80394. Re: Getting rid of unused fuel ttilley
80386. Re: El Cap via Google Street View parklover
80383. Re: Air wars over Yosemite ttilley
80371. Re: Early July in the Valley? parklover
80364. Re: Whew! nwhkr
80356. Re: 8 Days in the Valley hikerchick395
80354. Driver of the Year? plawrence
80352. Re: Bishop Pass Arendi
80351. Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Lake Mead Beach eeek
80349. Re: Close Quarters recycling1991
80341. Re: Tourist trap chick-on
80339. Stanislaus National Forest Fire Restrictions Go Into Effect in Moderate and High Hazard Areas eeek
80335. Big Oak Flat Road Hazard Tree Mitigation Work eeek
80328. Re: Daddy-Daughter trip that wasn't meant to be chicagocwright
80327. Hiker Fatality on Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
80326. Re: Bear Incident at Sequoia National Park and Bear Safety Tips snorkus
80323. Re: TR Conness Canyon and Roosevelt Lake ttilley
80322. Re: TM campground picnic table size? hikerchick395
80320. Beware, they are out there! eeek
80317. Re: Bugs in the air balzaccom
80313. Re: Regional Fires and Smoke eeek
80311. Re: Tenaya Canyon Rockfall hikerchick395
80305. Re: Lake North of Mt. Hoffman mrcondron
80267. Re: So long DNC! The National Park Service (NPS) Selects Yosemite Hospitality, LLC (a subsidiary of Aramark) for Primary Concession Contract at Yosemite National Park gophersnake
80252. Re: Fleet Weekend JRinGeorgia
80246. Re: Sunrise Creek likely to be still flowing first week of July? Justin-T
80245. Back from Yosemite yosemitejim
80243. Re: Are Twinkies doomed? parklover
80229. Re: Back Home JasonS
80225. Re: Ostrander Backpack, Glacier Point Visit ttilley
80212. Bear activity eeek
80211. Re: Hiking Questions from a total novice boomtown
80205. Re: Seavey - Rock Island - Dog - Smedberg XC? Zapato Brie
80199. Re: How long does permethrin last? parklover
80189. Re: Suggestions for late march trip chick-on
80188. Changing climate prompts boreal forest shift eeek
80187. New Grand Canyon age research focuses on Western Grand Canyon eeek
80186. Re: New Army Pass and Miter Basin Snow Conditions - follow up plawrence
80183. Re: White Wolf and Bridalveil Creek Campground Open Today eeek
80165. Re: Twenty-Three and All of Us tomdisco
80159. Re: Memorial Day Weekend plawrence
80155. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory eeek
80152. Re: Deaths on El Capitan Curious Hiker
80148. Re: Don't let them wreck your car parklover
80146. Road Work To Close Ebbetts Pass eeek
80145. Full Moon Hikes in Joshua Tree National Park eeek
80144. Re: Tamarack Flat Campground Closed June 13-22 plawrence
80142. Re: Rafting? parklover
80131. Re: Hiking at higher altitude with heart issue snorkus
80127. Grand Canyon National Park and Coconino County Public Health Services to Initiate Monthly Monitoring for Plague eeek
80124. New fires over the weekend of June 7 eeek
80118. Re: Nelson/Matthes Lake trip advice Torero14
80112. Lassen Volcanic National Park Begins Work on Kings Creek Falls and Bumpass Hell Trails eeek
80111. Not all national parks are created equal eeek
80110. Yosemite National Park Rangers Receive Emergency Response Awards eeek
80109. Campground Seasonal Openings eeek
80108. Death Valley Rangers Cite Numerous Gumball 3000 Rally Drivers eeek
80106. Death Valley National Park Environmental Assessment Complete for Commnet Cellular Tower at Stovepipe Wells eeek
80103. Re: Dean Potter wherever
80102. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
80100. Pinon Park Fire 100% Contained at South Rim of Grand Canyon eeek
80087. Re: It duzn't git old... JustKeepWalking
80078. Second Park Visitor Injured in Bison Encounter This Year eeek
80077. Re: Yosemite National Park Opens Exhibit Featuring Early Landscape Paintings ERICG
80075. National Park Service Completes Final Wilderness Stewardship Plan for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks eeek
80069. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces the Beginning of 2015 Fire Season eeek
80066. S. 319: To designate a mountain in the State of Alaska as Mount Denali eeek
80063. Yosemite Forum: Ongoing drought in the Sierra Nevada: A climatic and tectonic perspective eeek
80062. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Hikers Bus is Back eeek
80057. Annual Fish Faire to be hosted in Stanislaus National Forest eeek
80053. Encryption eeek
80051. Re: Mariuolumne Dome yosemitejim
80050. Ventana Wilderness Pics ttilley
80048. Colorado climber dies on El Capitan gophersnake
80042. Public Welcome to Comment on Proposed Kern River Rainbow Trout Project for Sequoia National Park eeek
80041. Yellowstone Issues Draft Winter Use Adaptive Management Plan for Public Comment eeek
80040. Re: Tuolumne Campground Opening mtn man
80039. Heat Accelerates Dry in California Drought eeek
80036. Astronomers to Provide Free Telescope Viewing at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
80033. Re: Tuolumne Area Trail Conditions nwhkr
80028. Airplane Wreckage Found Near Emerald Canyon in Grand Canyon eeek
80026. Re: High country conditions for dayhike this Sunday, 5/31 oso101
80025. Updated Trip-planning Information Available for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks eeek
80024. Re: Tuolumne Hikers Bus Start Date Postponed Dave_Ayers
80021. Re: Ribbon Falls Calaveras
80016. Re: A Dream of Snow and Rock balzaccom
80014. Re: Tioga Road Rehabilitation (Update No. 9) hulkman75
80013. Re: Bear Activity Summary Paris92
80010. Lassen Volcanic National Park Celebrates 100 Years of Eruptive History eeek
80006. Cathedral Lake mkbgdns
79999. 100th year anniversary of the last Mt Lassen eruption KenS
79997. The winners and the losers of the California water crisis eeek
79996. Brink of the Lower Falls Trail Reopened Today eeek
79979. Re: Recommended 3-night trip north of Tioga Rd? terrafirma60
79976. Yosemite National Park Expecting Extremely Busy Memorial Day Weekend eeek
79975. Delaware North Seasonal Openings for Memorial Day Weekend eeek
79970. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
79967. Sonora Pass is open eeek
79932. Re: Campground Openings QITNL
79931. Re: Day Hike Trail Lunches h_lankford
79917. Inyo National Forest Shares Results of Wilderness Evaluation eeek
79911. Re: upper pines site 098 info mtn man
79900. Re: Looking for trip suggestions - 4 days within 6/13-19 HikingMano
79896. Re: Most of Mariposa Grove to be closed for 24 months come this summer plawrence
79889. Rangers Save Man After Fall into Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone eeek
79861. Re: Lower Elevation Alternatives bruck
79848. Re: Tenaya Lakes to Clouds Rest- Early June terrafirma60
79846. Re: Getting reports of two climber deaths in the valley, one of them.... Ohnivy-Drak
79843. Bighorn Sheep Lambs in the Cathedral Herd eeek
79842. Re: Tioga Road is closed KevinD
79841. Re: Yosemite Valley last week-Just curious for the sake of learning snorkus
79839. Yellowstone Visitor Injured In Encounter With Bison eeek
79835. Tioga Pass is open eeek
79831. Tusayan Shuttle at Grand Canyon National Park Begins Saturday, May 23, 201 eeek
79826. Re: Tuolumne to YV Dave_Ayers
79807. Re: Glacier Point->LYV->HI unused permit dgreene
79787. Re: Hiking in snow? KevinD
79781. Re: Laurel Quickie mtn man
79776. GHS group studies science in Yosemite’s splendor eeek
79775. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
79771. Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park to Temporarily Close at 8:00 P.M. This Evening eeek
79768. Climate Change Threatens Native Trout Diversity eeek
79748. Re: Many Islands, Many Lakes, and Much Granite oakroscoe
79743. Re: 3-4 night route midweek early June? Dave_Ayers
79741. Re: Winter storm watch hikerchick395
79739. Re: Yosemite Creek Campground Trailhead chick-on
79728. Yellowstone National Park Announces New Entrance Fees Starting June 1 eeek
79724. Re: snowstorm flattened spring wildflowers KatyAnderson
79714. Big Oak Flat Tunnel Repairs Update eeek
79713. Tioga Road Rehabilitation (Update No. 8) eeek
79712. Re: Saturday May 16 Day Hike Advice chick-on
79710. Re: Tioga Road is open Ohnivy-Drak
79708. Re: :bearhead: What could occur if you try to illegally ride your bike on Tioga Road while it's closed. plawrence
79706. Re: Pohono Trail-- 2 people, 2 days? chick-on
79691. Re: Inaugural TEDxYosemite Event to Take Place in November JustKeepWalking
79684. Re: Highway status page eeek
79671. Re: photo of the northern Yosemite peaks from last weekend plawrence
79670. youtube videos, SAR helicopter videos qumqats
79664. UPDATE Pipeline Repairs Complete in Inner Canyon eeek
79663. Re: Death Valley National Park Announces Change to Summer Services SteveHall
79662. Re: May 1 Snow Survey oso101
79661. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
79659. Re: Tioga Road and Glacier Point Roads in Yosemite National Park Temporarily Closed JustKeepWalking
79657. Glacier Point Road is closed eeek
79655. Winter weather advisory eeek
79648. Re: Yosemite Valley 5-5-15 JustKeepWalking
79644. Re: Four Mile Trail washout(s), February 2015 gophersnake
79625. Re: Hazardous weather outlook mrcondron
79618. Re: Hawaii: Big Island chicagocwright
79613. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, May 12: The West Without Water eeek
79607. Re: Tioga Road is open hikerchick395
79606. Tuolumne Wilderness Center Open eeek
79600. Re: Cross-country in the Isberg-Foerster area chick-on
79588. Re: OUr trip to the Andes balzaccom
79585. Dam removal study reveals river resiliency eeek
79582. Construction Continues on Transcanyon Pipeline Replacement at Phantom Ranch eeek
79581. Over the Edge Incident a Confirmed Fatality at South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
79580. Re: Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park to Open on Monday, May 4 qumqats
79579. Re: Charges dropped against man suspected of starting Yosemite’s Rim fire Dave
79559. East Entrance to Yellowstone to Open This Friday eeek
79558. Lassen Volcanic National Park Welcomes Spring with an Opportunity to Bike or Hike during Vehicle Free Day eeek
79557. Fire Lookout Program offers training for new volunteers eeek
79554. Re: Verizon Wireless Balloon Test Dave
79548. Bioactive gel to treat knee injuries being developed eeek
79544. NatureBridge Summer Teen Program in Yosemite National Park Builds Future Scientists and Leaders (2015) eeek
79543. Half Dome Cables in Yosemite National Park in Place on Saturday, May 2 eeek
79535. Re: Forum Logistics lilagray
79533. Former Death Valley Employee Named as New Park Superintendent eeek
79521. Re: XC Vogelsang HSC to Sunrise HSC JustKeepWalking
79520. Don't be afraid of bears eeek
79510. Re: Valley Uprising on tonight at 8pm, Discovery Channel hotrod4x5
79488. Re: Winter weather advisory mrcondron
79484. Where humans and nature collide: Roadkill hot spots identified in California eeek
79483. Extending climate predictability beyond El Niño eeek
79482. Shoshone Prescribed Fire Treatment Planned on South Rim of Grand Canyon eeek
79481. Inyo National Forest Hosting Oak Creek Field Trip and Workshop eeek
79459. Scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma eeek
79453. Re: Tioga Pass opening date qumqats
79446. Earthquake 'super-cycle' patterns on the Garlock fault eeek
79432. Re: The Gangs of Yosemite chick-on
79429. Re: Fifty-Eight Shades of Cherry oakroscoe
79415. Re: Clark Range Loop mid May 2015 (Red Peak Pass -> Post Peak) mrcvelo
79414. Re: San Francisco’s Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite faces new legal challenge Curious Hiker
79411. Re: Yosemite Time Lapse Montage parklover
79409. Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim to Open May 15 for 2015 Season eeek
79407. Lassen Peak Eruption Centennial eeek
79401. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
79400. Man Gets Pickup Stuck While Driving In Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Railroad Tunnel eeek
79396. Re: Cherry Creek Canyon Conditions for Kayakers - 2015 The Other Tom
79385. Re: Kibbie Lake Weekend Trip JustKeepWalking
79376. Re: TR: Last Weekend in March JustKeepWalking
79375. Re: Crane Flat--query to eek mkbgdns
79374. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
79368. Re: Exclusive: photo of Chick-On's cubicle chick-on
79367. Re: Sonora Pass is open Tiogapasser
79366. Inyo National Forest Draft Travel Analysis Report Available eeek
79365. Inyo National Forest Campgrounds, Schulman Grove Visitor Center Scheduled to Open eeek
79346. Re: TR: South Rim of Yosemite Valley (4/11-4/12) AnotherDave
79345. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winder Conditions Update for April 15th, 2015 Paris92
79324. Re: Changing route... thoughts? chick-on
79322. Re: Tioga road is open from 395 to the pass Paris92
79321. Re: A Frightening Encounter Bearproof
79320. Stanislaus National Forest opens seasonal roads and trai eeek
79319. Delaware North Seasonal Openings eeek
79314. Re: Passes are getting close to opening DavidSenesac
79306. Re: Eyeba justu wantubu kissa uba (in 3Dba) AndrewF
79298. Re: Half Dome Pre-season Lottery shaunsmomo
79294. Special Issue of Yellowstone Science Focuses on Climate Change eeek
79293. Yosemite National Park Celebrates National Park Week, Earth Day, and National Junior Ranger Day with Special Programs and Activities eeek
79284. Re: Camp 4 KevinD
79272. Re: Suggestions for backcountry camping this weekend lschaaf
79265. Inyo National Forest planning for early road, campground openings eeek
79264. South Lake Trail Head Repaving Planned for September eeek
79251. Re: Walking on water balzaccom
79240. Re: The Loch Tablae Monster AndrewF
79232. Re: Waterfalls parklover
79197. Re: 'Warm blob' in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the US Bearproof
79196. Forest, Monument Officials Accepting Applications for New Artist-in-Residence Program eeek
79195. Man Arrested For Theft Of Campground Fees eeek
79192. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Dave
79191. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 8th JustKeepWalking
79179. Re: What are fellow REI members spending their 20% off coupon on? Arendi
79170. Re: Loch Tablae T-Shirt Winners Announced tomdisco
79168. Re: Bird Ridge and Bird Ridge Overlook chicagocwright
79161. Re: Storing cookware at night? lschaaf
79145. Re: Teenager Wedged Into Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park Rescued Via Interagency Effort nwhkr
79143. Ansel Adams Gallery Rehabilitation Recently Completed at Yosemite National Park eeek
79142. Ice Cut Open eeek
79131. Re: D stands for Dingleberry yosemitejim
79127. Winter weather advisory eeek
79126. Re: Closed campsites in Lower Pines and North Pines put back on reservation system troutwild
79125. NASA: California Tuolumne Snowpack 40 Percent of Worst Year eeek
79123. Re: Grouse Lake from Ostrander Trailhead JustKeepWalking
79117. Re: TR: North Rim of Yosemite Valley dgreene
79106. Re: Hazardous Weather Outlook balzaccom
79104. Re: Tulomne Meadows backpackers campground lschaaf
79101. New class of insecticides offers safer, more targeted mosquito control eeek
79095. Re: Snow Survey Results Jelf
79094. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for April 1, 2015 eeek
79091. LYF rescue Ohnivy-Drak
79089. Re: Status around Green Creek chick-on
79082. Re: My Best Yosemite Photo Ever enlightphoto
79079. Re: Yellowstone Volcano Monthly Update Dave
79077. Child Rushed To Hospital After Fall In Lava Beds National Monument eeek
79074. Re: Yosemite Elminates Half Dome Permits / Makes Hiking To Icons Easier For All... Curious Hiker
79067. Re: no shnow Klas
79058. Re: Two Day Death Valley Search Ends With Rescue SteveHall
79054. Wawona Campground Update eeek
79053. New Hetch Hetchy Day Use Hours eeek
79048. Re: Tips for Pohono Trail and Panorama Trail - Two days One night trip nwhkr
79045. Re: Echoes of Spring JustKeepWalking
79044. Re: Lassen Backpack. March. No Snowshoes. JasonS
79042. White Mountain Visitor Center Temporarily Closing for Re-Design eeek
79041. Re: Endangered Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Restored to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks forrestranger
79040. A Hint of Spring in Sequoia yosemitejim
79038. Campgrounds Update eeek
79036. Re: How did the chicken cross the sea? Dave
79035. Select Yellowstone Roads Open For Spring Bicycle Season eeek
79034. National Park Service and State of Montana Seek Public Input on new Yellowstone-area Bison Management Plan eeek
79033. Steve Gibbons Named as Superintendent at Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
79032. Mushroom Permits on the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
79030. Park Kicks Off 125th Anniversary Celebration eeek
79029. Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park to Open Tomorrow, Saturday, March 28, 2015 eeek
79023. Comments Sought on Sage-Grouse Habitat Enhancement Project eeek
79020. Re: Vernal Fall Water System Opening eeek
79014. Re: One Visitor Dies Point Reyes, Second Injured When Overlook Collapses nwhkr
79012. Re: CORRECTION: Delaware North Early Seasonal Openings plawrence
79010. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 25th, 2015 eeek
78997. Re: Missing Hiker Found Alive in Yosemite National Park (3/2015) plawrence
78989. Re: Three Transportation Projects Underway in Yosemite National Park plawrence
78985. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Conditions Update for March 18th, 2015 KenS
78973. Re: Biking anyone? balzaccom
78972. Re: Snow conditions in the Sierra JustKeepWalking
78961. Re: Whither Winter eeek
78957. Tuolumne Meadows Conditions Update for March 12th, 2015 eeek
78954. Update For Big Oak Flat Tunnel Repairs eeek
78946. Re: Zabriskie Point Open to Visitors SteveHall
78942. Re: Craigslist plawrence
78941. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
78931. Re: Tuolumne to Hetch H -- When? SteveHall
78920. Re: BUI ? chicagocwright
78917. Re: Is there one for Chick-on? plawrence
78914. Re: Yosemite 360 parklover
78904. Re: A Dome... and a Bit More desertsherpa
78903. Google CFO retires early for travels and adventures KenS
78901. Re: New Long-Term Earthquake Forecast for California Dave
78891. Re: Clouds Rest- Pano- 4Mile Bearproof
78889. Dog Rock and Meadow Fire Safety Closures Lifted eeek
78886. Re: HR 792 mrcondron
78876. Re: Yosemite in late April? Conditions/wild camping?? DavidSenesac
78873. Re: TR 2/15-2/17 Mist-GP-4 Mile JustKeepWalking
78871. Introverts prefer mountains eeek
78869. Genetic data can help predict how pine forests will cope with climate change eeek
78868. Trouble? eeek
78867. Yellowstone’s Roads Begin Closing For Spring Plowing eeek
78858. Re: U.S. Forest Service seeks public input on Over-Snow Vehicle Use project DavidK42
78854. Open data for open spaces forest service releases new rfp qumqats
78843. Re: Meanwhile at Coe... JasonS
78842. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory eeek
78840. Re: Hmmmm...wonder if Chick-on got an honorable mention ? Bearproof
78824. Re: Bezerkely Point TR JustKeepWalking
78822. Zion National Park Announces Zion National Park Announces 2015 Schedule of Climbing Closures2015 Schedule of Climbing Closures eeek
78820. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 4, 2015 eeek
78817. Re: March Snow Survey Results DavidSenesac
78812. White Wolf will be closed for 2015 Bearproof
78811. Re: TR: Laurel Lake from Hetch Hetchy (2/28-3/01) lilagray
78790. Re: What I Did on my Summer Vacation (New Zealand) ttilley
78780. Re: Like is like a garden... parklover
78771. Re: What winter in Yosemite once looked like... JohnC
78753. Yosemite Forum Next Week eeek
78752. Re: Ferguson Project Public Information and Events Dave
78746. Re: My life is complete hikerchick395
78731. Re: All the Presidents' Trees eeek
78730. Redwood National Park Plans Forest Restoration eeek
78729. Re: Plan my Yosemite trip AnotherDave
78723. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Condition Update eeek
78718. Re: If any of you are in the Valley this evening..... JustKeepWalking
78714. Re: Winter weather advisory JustKeepWalking
78707. Re: Bighorn Sheep reintroduction? balzaccom
78706. Prescribed Burn on the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
78690. Prescribed Fire Scheduled in Yosemite National Park eeek
78689. Re: Thence I Ran North on a Random Line... chick-on
78684. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
78680. Lassen Volcanic National Park Opens Park Highway to the Devastated Area eeek
78679. Re: Yosemite National Park Commemorates Centennial of National Park Service The Other Tom
78673. Re: springs above Virginia Canyon basilbop
78671. Monitoring High-elevation White Pine Forests – 2014 Report Available eeek
78654. Re: NPS concessionaires... DavidK42
78643. Re: Death valley hiking and backpacking SteveHall
78640. BASE Jumper Sentenced For Illegal Jump In Arches National PaArches National Parkrk eeek
78632. Re: Bernice Lake in "Winta" chick-on
78628. Suicide Victim’s Body Found In Desert eeek
78627. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 18, 2015 chick-on
78624. Re: Crane Flat Campground forrestranger
78614. Hiker Dies At Ribbon Falls On North Kaibab Trail eeek
78613. Re: John Muir Trail at Ice Cut Trail Status rocknrolltakeover
78602. Re: Hiking to Benson Lake chick-on
78597. Re: Hammock Backpacking? chick-on
78594. Burned Area Emergency Response Team Assembled for Round Fire eeek
78592. Special forest products available on Stanislaus National Forest eeek
78587. Report Released On Abandoned Mineral Lands In Parks eeek
78580. Inyo National Forest Seeking Comments on Mammoth Lakes Basin Bike Path Construction Project eeek
78576. Seeing our Sun in a different light... plawrence
78564. Bears Starting To Emerge From Dens In Yellowstone eeek
78563. Re: Shadow Creek/JMT Trail Footage Requested plawrence
78559. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 11, 2015 Implicated
78548. Re: The Fermi Paradox -- "Where is everybody?" DavidSenesac
78545. Re: Eastern Sierra wildfire plawrence
78540. Re: An alternate hypothesis to the Big Bang theory... snorkus
78538. Re: Study debunks common misconception that urine is sterile plawrence
78534. Re: Repairs to Big Oak Flat Tunnels to begin in Yosemite National Park plawrence
78532. Re: Happy Bird-day Old Dood (2015) - (includes a Nelson/Matthes/Echo/Cathedral/Budd TR from a "few" years ago) JustKeepWalking
78530. Highway 140 to open at noon today eeek
78524. Inyo National Forest Travel Analysis Process underway eeek
78521. Winter storm warning eeek
78514. Re: Glacier Point - Panorama Trail JustKeepWalking
78510. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Dave
78509. Yosemite Conservancy Names Frank Dean as President & CEO eeek
78508. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for February 4, 2015 JRinGeorgia
78507. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
78506. Yellowstone Making Changes To Backcountry Permit Fees eeek
78505. Yellowstone Volcano Monthly Update issued Feb 2, 2015 eeek
78503. Shrinking range of pikas in California mountains linked to climate change eeek
78502. Budget Increase Proposed For National Park Service Centennial Year eeek
78501. Inyo National Forest Continues Prescribed Fire Projects eeek
78500. UPDATE: Grand Canyon Rangers Search for Missing San Antonio Man eeek
78496. Re: Horsetail Falls 2015 JohnC
78486. Re: Bicycles on Badger Road parklover
78485. Re: February Snow Survey Results parklover
78484. Re: Help fine tuning backpacking trip chick-on
78478. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Entrance and Campground Fee Increases parklover
78475. Historic Luther Taylor Cabin Repaired After Vandalism eeek
78468. Grand Canyon National Park Opens 2016 Noncommercial River Trip Permit Lottery eeek
78465. Re: Winter Wonderland JustKeepWalking
78456. Re: looking for 6-12 mile day hike this wknd in Yo valley area - any recs given low snow? OutdoorsyMama
78455. Re: Exit quota for Donahue Pass The Other Tom
78453. Re: Rare Fox Spotted in Yosemite ERICG
78452. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Update for January 28th, 2015 Paris92
78448. Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox Spotted in Yosemite National Park eeek
78445. Re: Redwood Redux parklover
78443. Visitor Found Dead Along Yellowstone Ski Trail eeek
78440. Yosemite Conservancy Employment Opportunity eeek
78417. Re: JMT alternate starts Coolburn
78413. Re: Sunrise eeek
78410. Grand Canyon to Replace Portion of Trans-Canyon Pipeline at Phantom Ranch eeek
78404. Mist Trail eeek
78379. Re: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Summer - The Sequel JustKeepWalking
78376. Re: Bicyclists seek access to parts of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) eeek
78374. Crandall Prescribed Burn on the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
78373. Re: Death Valley National Park Announces “Hike Death Valley” Program snorkus
78372. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions - Update from January 21, 2015 eeek
78369. Re: First! JustKeepWalking
78365. Re: Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2014 eeek
78364. Re: Glacier Point Ski Hut is Still Open! Paris92
78356. Re: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Summer basilbop
78353. Atmospheric rivers, cloud-creating aerosol particles, and California reservoirs eeek
78352. Reconstruction of Convict Lake Road Will Improve Safety and Access - Plan for Delays eeek
78350. Yellowstone Reminds News Crews, Film Crews And Still Photographers About Permit Rules eeek
78341. Re: Wilderness Permit: Can I do this? tomdisco
78340. Clouds of Grace, Yosemite Water plawrence
78338. O'Malley in January chicagocwright
78334. Re: NOW the season is over AndrewF
78318. Reconstruction of Rock Creek Road Continues in 2015 eeek
78317. Yellowstone Begins Bison Capture Operations eeek
78316. Redwood National Park Plans Forest Restoration eeek
78315. Forest Service Seeks Public Comment on Bouquet Creek Restoration Proposal eeek
78310. California Desert Lands Protected Through Partnership eeek
78309. Re: Trip Plan Feedback? forestplay
78301. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions - Update from January 14, 2014 eeek
78296. New restoration focus for western dry forests eeek
78295. Are all rattlesnakes created equal? eeek
78294. National Parks Arts Foundation Announces 2015 Artist-in-Residence Program at Death Valley National Park eeek
78293. Park Entrance Fees Waived On King Day eeek
78292. Re: Yosemite Lodge Bike Stand Opening Wednesday, January 14th Paris92
78291. Newly Released Web-based Tool Aims to Provide Real-time Walker River Basin Hydrologic Data eeek
78285. Re: Lost Dog Dave
78280. New Bills Introduced eeek
78277. Re: Historic Rifle Found Still Propped Against Tree in Great Basin National Park Torero14
78270. Re: Yosemite Bus Scheduler parklover
78267. Re: Salvaging the ecosystem after salvage logging Dave
78265. Re: All JMT hikers are asked to take a 2 question survey to communicate a position to Yosemite National Park marti124
78262. Re: John Muir Trail Update marti124
78261. New NPS Centennial Arts Grants Program Launched eeek
78260. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions - Update from January 7, 2014 eeek
78256. Re: Lodge Bar fire place Tiles thechief
78255. 2014 was the warmest year on record for California plawrence
78254. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch The Other Tom
78251. New kind of Hiking plan... balzaccom
78242. January Yosemite Forum eeek
78235. Re: Rim Fire yosemitedawn
78233. Re: Any news from El Capitan? parklover
78228. Re: Happy Bird-day Bearproof Bearproof
78219. Re: Wildlife Sightings parklover
78195. Re: WE hereby resolve... hikerchick395
78189. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions - Update from December 31, 2014 Paris92
78188. Re: Wildlife Sightings parklover
78183. Re: Daze of 2014 - November/December hikerchick395
78179. Re: Hazardous weather outlook parklover
78178. Defense Authorization Act Expands National Park System eeek
78174. Re: Planning a backpacking trip next summer. Open for ideas? thinking 10 12 days DavidSenesac
78169. Re: Yosemite place names up for grabs? wherever
78168. Re: Semi-truck Gets Stuck in Zion Tunnel plawrence
78165. Groundwater patches play important role in forest health eeek
78162. Putting bedbugs to bed forever eeek
78156. Re: Happy Holidays! Bearproof
78155. Public Comment Invited on Yellowstone’s Draft Progress Report To UNESCO World Heritage Committee eeek
78154. Winner of 2015 Lassen Annual Pass Photo Contest Announced eeek
78153. January Yosemite Forum eeek
78151. Re: Mariposa Grove Conditions eeek
78146. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for December 18, 2014 Paris92
78143. Yellowstone's thermal springs: Their colors unveiled eeek
78142. Death Valley National Park Invites Public to Christmas Bird Count eeek
78133. Western Pine Beetle Update eeek
78129. Re: And now who's nice? markskor
78121. Yellowstone Geyser Eruption Predictions Now Available On Your Smartphone and Tablet eeek
78120. Yellowstone Invites Proposals For Guided Saddle and Pack Stock Trips eeek
78119. Two of Three Wild-Hatched Condors Have Fledged eeek
78100. Naughty naughty... balzaccom
78093. Re: Happi Bird-day To Z Perret Basilbop! parklover
78091. Winter weather advisory eeek
78088. Needed: 11 Trillion Gallons to Replenish California Drought eeek
78086. Re: Tioga and Glacier Point Roads Closed for the Season in Yosemite National Park Paris92
78085. Chowchilla Mountain Road Closed for the Season Tomorrow eeek
78076. Re: Look! It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's a Porta-Potty! tomdisco
78063. Trail Closures eeek
78058. Re: My Annual 12/15 question...... hikerchick395
78055. Re: Yosemite Valley Pictures, New Snow parklover
78053. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
78046. Re: WOW!!! Max
78045. Re: :P Yosemite Valley for Sale — on Craig's List — for $250,000 Ryno98
78044. Ocean primed for more El Niño eeek
78043. Stanislaus National Forest implements seasonal road and trail closures eeek
78037. Re: Peru beyond Machu Picchu balzaccom
78026. Flood watch eeek
78025. Re: TR- Lake Eleanor 11/22 - 11/25 randomsteve95370
78021. We got quoted in Backpacker ... balzaccom
78013. Temporary Safety Closures of Roads After El Portal Fire eeek
78009. Re: Kinder Scout - UK trip report (pic heavy) tomdisco
78008. 3 dead in crash after vehicle strikes, kills bear Bee
78007. Re: Fill in the Blank Peeks (purposely misspelled;inside joke):) boomtown
78004. Re: Hazardous weather outlook parklover
78002. Another storm predicted eeek
78001. Injured Hiker Rescued At Panorama Point in Mount Rainier National Park eeek
77998. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 eeek
77995. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
77994. Source of volcanoes may be much closer than thought eeek
77992. Looking at El Niño's past to predict its future eeek
77991. Re: California's drought is the worst in 1,200 years Dave
77985. Re: Yosemite’s Waterfalls Booming Due to Recent Storms Cosmic_Comet
77975. Re: Live wind map of Earth Kyle47
77973. Lethal control of wolves backfires on livestock eeek
77971. Re: Curry Village vs Housekeeping Camp - Temp Difference? ttilley
77969. Winter Arrives at Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
77968. Improvised Explosive Device Found In Redwood National Park eeek
77966. Zabriskie Point Closed to Visitors for Winter Season eeek
77963. Winter Storm Causes Damage, Closures in Glacier National Park eeek
77956. Minuteman Missile National Historic Site New Park Visitor Center Opens eeek
77955. Yosemite National Park Launches New Website to Commemorate 125th Anniversary eeek
77954. Flash flood watch eeek
77948. Re: Vernon Thanksgiving chick-on
77942. Re: Glacier Point and Sentinel Dome - TR JohnC
77940. The Interpet plawrence
77936. Re: Special weather statement Dave
77931. Happy Thanksgivin parklover
77930. Modeling the past to understand the future of a stronger El Niño eeek
77923. Glacier Point Road Open eeek
77921. Re: Winter precipitation outlook Dave
77920. Comments Sought On Proposal To Build Ecological Monitoring Station In Yellowstone eeek
77919. Pile Burning Planned in Zion National Park eeek
77918. Sonora Pass is open eeek
77910. Re: Hazardous weather outlook Dave
77907. Curry Village Ice Rink is Open eeek
77906. Burn Suspension Has Been Lifted and Pile Burning Will Resume Park-wide eeek
77903. Re: Happy Turkee Dey - n Tanks KC
77901. TM geology studied phantum
77900. Re: Glacier Point Water Works restored! (sort of...) chick-on
77895. Re: I am homesick for the park troutwild
77892. Tuolumne Grove Parking Lot Reopens Today eeek
77887. Hite's Cove Trail Work eeek
77885. Yosemite National Park and Berchtesgaden National Park Sign Formal Sister Park Arrangement eeek
77883. Re: Ghost Towns - Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 25 ags
77882. Glacier Point Road Closed eeek
77875. Earthquake Fault Temporary Closure eeek
77874. Rim Fire Forest Closure Expires QITNL
77862. Re: Mt. Clark AnotherDave
77859. Re: Crow snowboarding down a rooftop plawrence
77849. Re: Graffiti near Nevada Fall eeek
77846. Re: TR- Lundy Canyon day hike 11-7-14 bruck
77843. Re: Pollinator Conservation On The Move Dave
77842. Big Bend National Park Vandal Tracked By Own GPS And Blog eeek
77826. Re: Meadow Fire JenLynnSch
77819. Re: Heading out to Eleanor next weekend. What should I know. chick-on
77813. Re: Overdue Backpacker Found In Good Condition Paris92
77812. Re: Rim Fire Forest Closure Order Set to Expire QITNL
77811. Yellowstone Seeking Comments on the Mist Creek Pass Trail Project eeek
77809. Sonora Pass is open eeek
77808. Govt asks court to remove NPS from Yosemite Hantavirus case parklover
77804. Hope Comes in the Color Green eeek
77799. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
77788. Re: To (Be) Young Again Hitech
77774. Archeological investigations in the Mariposa Grove eeek
77768. Re: A Hint of Winter AnotherDave
77767. Re: Cathedral, Clouds, and More Mystery Bearproof
77759. Re: Daze Quiz chick-on
77757. Re: The real McCoy,,,,or not balzaccom
77751. 2014 Commercial Vehicle Inspection a Success at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
77750. Lassen Volcanic National Park Propose Fee Increases eeek
77748. Re: Fall color in the Valley...right NOW is the time parklover
77746. Re: Mount Whitney eeek
77744. Re: Tioga Road is open nwhkr
77742. Glacier Point Road is open eeek
77741. Re: Geological history of Tuolumne Meadows plawrence
77734. Re: The Hipster Effect: When Anticonformists All Look the Same troutwild
77729. Sonora Pass is open eeek
77725. Re: Where to now? ttilley
77723. Death via Tape Measure Ohnivy-Drak
77722. Re: camp 4 bathrooms sierranomad
77715. Re: Daze of 2014 - September/October lschaaf
77711. Pile Burning to Resume eeek
77710. Re: Two Campgrounds Close Today chick-on
77709. Hetchy Gate Hours Change eeek
77698. Strange, fanged deer persists in Afghanistan eeek
77697. The Zion National Park Plein Air Art Invitational is November 3-9, 2014 eeek
77696. Grand Canyon Lifts Drinking Water Advisory for North Kaibab Trail: All Park Water is Safe for Consumption eeek
77695. Re: Tioga Pass is closed chick-on
77687. Telephones Down Until Spring at Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Pass eeek
77686. Temporary Road Closures Due to Winter Storm eeek
77660. Re: Daze of 2014 - July/August ttilley
77652. Re: Yosemite: A Storied Landscape QITNL
77647. El Capitan Oct. 28, 2014 forrestranger
77644. Re: Suspect named in vandalism case parklover
77643. Water level in Yosemite Valley Oct. 28, 2014 forrestranger
77641. Re: For those who find driving to Yosemite takes too long... parklover
77640. Inyo National Forest Plans Fall Prescribed Fires eeek
77639. The Inyo National Forest Prepares for Potential Winter Road Closures eeek
77637. Re: Daze of 2014 - May/June ttilley
77630. Re: Hazardous weather outlook JohnC
77629. Lottery Now Open for Historic Ostrander Ski Hut in Yosemite’s Backcountry eeek
77611. Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk Receives Mather Award eeek
77606. Re: Merced Lake HSC chick-on
77604. Re: Daze of 2014 - Mar/Apr ttilley
77603. Re: Daze of 2014 - Jan/Feb ttilley
77596. Re: Keeping in shape plawrence
77595. Roads To Old Faithful, Canyon Close For The Season Next Week eeek
77593. Re: Lower Pines Campground Closes Today Paris92
77592. Tap Water on the Mist Trail Closed Today eeek
77582. Re: Backpack physics: Smaller hikers carry heavier loads Dave_Ayers
77580. Yosemite rangers try to keep hungry bears at bay wherever
77557. Grand Canyon National Park Fire Managers Planning for Slopes Prescribed Fire on the North Rim eeek
77537. Re: What's the Big Idea...? JustKeepWalking
77533. Re: Yosemite National Park and The Ansel Adams Gallery to Hold Award Ceremony and Art Exhibition on October 25 harrisonaleex
77530. Re: Models Needed for Yosemite Conservancy Photo Shoot Bearproof
77521. Re: Ranger Walk with Shelton Johnson Acadia
77516. Re: Fall Classics Curious Hiker
77494. Public Meetings Announced for Sierra, Sequoia and Inyo National Forest Plan Revision eeek
77480. Re: Now what? chick-on
77478. Re: Graffiti near Vernal Falls Sierra Miguel
77468. :chick: A chick-on discovers an unspeakable horror inside a kitchen cabinet... plawrence
77466. Re: Yosemite National Park Proposes Entrance Fee and Campground Fee Increase parklover
77465. Zion Climbing Fatality Name Released eeek
77461. Re: Yosemite announces entry fee increase - Mercury News reporter looking for comments today plawrence
77457. Weather to Allow for Pile Burning at Lassen Volcanic National Park eeek
77454. Re: Kenneth Brower: Leave Wilderness Alone KC
77453. Re: October weekend chick-on
77451. Re: Soon? Bee
77449. DEM Rendoring of Yosemite eeek
77447. Daily updating three camera time-lapse of Yosemite Valley jormadotcom
77446. Re: Sunrise Trailhead Restoration - Asphalt Removal/Boardwalk Construction tomdisco
77445. Delays Along Highway 140 Until October 26 eeek
77443. Stanislaus National Forest to Conduct Forest-Wide Prescribed Fire Operations eeek
77442. Bat Tests Positive for Rabies in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
77432. Re: Buying backpacking equipment. Any tips? tomdisco
77431. Mother bear tries to save its cub after it becomes trapped in a dumpster eeek
77429. Tuolumne Wilderness Center Closed for the Season on October 15th eeek
77428. Inyo National Forest Seeks Input on Proposal for Changes to Motorized Trails near Mammoth Lakes eeek
77427. DNC Seasonal Closures eeek
77426. Elwha Dam Removal Project Completed eeek
77425. Zion Rangers Conduct Two Simultaneous Rescues eeek
77424. Earth's magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime eeek
77421. Campground Updates eeek
77418. Re: Eighty Percent Dome (pics) ttilley
77414. Re: Yosemite Valley camping this time of year forrestranger
77412. Re: What do you do...? KC
77410. Re: Crane Flat camping forrestranger
77409. National Tribute Grove Rediscovered And Rededicated eeek
77408. Re: Road work on Glacier Point road JohnC
77402. Re: Lion and tiger and bear! Oh, my! AnotherDave
77401. Beer bear? eeek
77399. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
77398. Re: Lassen Volcanic National Park Superintendent to Retire y_p_w
77396. Remarks by the President at Designation of the San Gabriel Mountains as a National Monument eeek
77394. Highway 140 in Yosemite National Park Reopens eeek
77385. Happy Isles Snack Stand Temporarily Closed eeek
77375. Re: Dog Rock Fire Suppression Efforts Continue in Yosemite National Park eeek
77364. Re: Senior pass :cake: eeek
77360. Re: Pilot dies fighting Yosemite fire Dave
77359. Dog Rock Fire Update and Hwy 140 Closure eeek
77348. Re: Another Fire ryanmj
77346. Re: Prescribed Fire Scheduled in Yosemite National Park (October 2014) eeek
77345. Re: Fourteen Properties in Yosemite National Park Added to National Register of Historic Places buster
77337. Re: Yosemite National Park Volunteers Recognized at Fifth Annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony balzaccom
77330. Re: What I don't want to see on the Merced tomdisco
77322. Re: Highway 4 and 108 fall colors? KC
77321. Elk dirnk out of Grand Canyon water filling stations. parklover
77320. Re: Study of mountain lion energetics shows the power of the pounce tomdisco
77319. Fire restrictions lifted on the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
77318. Guilty Verdict In Third Yellowstone Unmanned Aircraft Case eeek
77317. Re: Cause of Courtney fire near Bass Lake Dave
77314. Grand Canyon Rangers Deal With Multiple Same Day Incidents eeek
77313. Missing Hikers Found In Remote Area Of Kings Canyon eeek
77305. Re: Tioga Road Construction Update DavidK42
77299. Re: Could the NPS eliminate the law enforcement ranger position? y_p_w
77290. Re: OT: Hetch Hetchy Trail to Little Yosemite KC
77287. Re: The Buena Vista Yacht Club lschaaf
77277. Fire Restrictions Lifted eeek
77276. Yosemite National Park Commemorates 124th Anniversary eeek
77275. Re: Horse Thief and first snow of the season AndrewF
77272. Re: Tamarack Flat Campground closing Paris92
77266. Re: Glacier Point restrooms eeek
77263. Re: Finding Inspiration: Dewey and More JustKeepWalking
77261. Re: Fowl vs. Robots plawrence
77257. Re: Turned away from half dome for a second time this year... balzaccom
77256. Zabriskie Point Closure Postponed Until Further Notice eeek
77255. Re: When deer crash a wedding... troutwild
77249. Zion National Park Releases Name of Deceased Hiker eeek
77245. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Paris92
77237. Re: Water allocation plan if drought continues Ken M
77231. Tioga Road is open eeek
77221. Re: Trip advice for 10/4-6 Bearproof
77213. Re: Hazardous weather outlook Paris92
77212. Gmap4 = View topos/aerials *offline* and your geolocation Jelf
77211. Volcanic unrest in Mammoth Lakes eeek
77195. Re: A Strange Familiarity basilbop
77193. Re: Proposed Directive for Commercial Filming in Wilderness; Special Uses Administration wherever
77191. Last Day of Wawona Shuttle Service eeek
77190. Tioga Road Scenic Vista Management eeek
77185. Wilderness photos an endangered species? phantum
77181. Re: JMT '14 - Day 14 - Reentry lschaaf
77180. Ball Mountain Fire Update eeek
77178. Re: Unannounced Bus Inspection Held At Joshua Tree National Park Ken M
77169. Re: Another Mystery.. chick-on
77164. Re: Night time time lapses of Meadow Fire JustKeepWalking
77161. YARTS Celebrates One Millionth Rider to Yosemite National Park eeek
77160. Re: New Program Tracks Yosemite’s Bears in Real Time Paris92
77159. Yellowstone Seeks Public Input On Proposal To Update And Repair Canyon Rim Overlooks And Trails eeek
77150. Bear kills hiker in New Jersey KenS
77149. The Fickle El Niño of 2014 eeek
77141. Re: It's Fall JohnC
77140. Re: Male Hiker Dies While Hiking on North Kaibab Trail Morrison
77138. Joshua Tree National Park Search In Progress For Missing Woman eeek
77137. Re: Lyell Canyon Blasting Date Changed mrcondron
77136. Re: Bridalveil Creek Campground parklover
77123. Re: Training for hiking questions TechieSteve
77122. Re: Dear Hunting Season opens on the Stanislaus National Forest parklover
77114. June Fire at 65 Acres and 65% Contained eeek
77113. Rim Fire Recovery EIS and Proposed Record of Decision available eeek
77112. Facilities on Grand Canyon’s North Rim to Begin Seasonal Closures- Park Remains Open for Day Use eeek
77111. Annual Facelift to be Held in Yosemite National Park eeek
77110. Three Pay For Resource Damage Caused In Catalog Shoot eeek
77108. Re: Rats! Or should I say, Curses! balzaccom
77089. Meadow Fire Update 9/18/14 eeek
77070. Re: Pilot Rescued After Plane Crash In Sequoia National Park Max
77069. Wilderness Ranger Reports: 1983 - 2015 KenS
77063. Change in Tuolumne Grove Parking Lot Temporary Closure eeek
77060. Re: Meadow Fire Update ttilley
77059. Re: old mine in San Joaquin headwaters? Bearproof
77055. Reflection off metal sheeting cause of Silverado fire KenS
77050. Re: Conway Fire Grows to Forty Acres mtn man
77046. Re: Suppressing The Meadow Fire chick-on
77036. Re: Half Dome, the Dancing Devil, Ansel Adams, and Rorschach chick-on
77035. Yosemite Valley/Glacier Point pics ttilley
77034. Time lapse Bárðarbunga eruption video eeek
77029. Campground status changes in the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
77028. Yellowstone Commercial Stock Plan Approved eeek
77027. Lassen Volcanic National Park Looking for Input on Bumpass Hell Trails eeek
77026. Zion Trail Closures on East Rim Extended until October 2, 2014 eeek
77025. Missing Backpacker Emerges From Backcountry eeek
77024. Re: Bear Activity Summary parklover
77022. Bridalveil Creek Campground To Re-Open To Public eeek
77006. Re: Twain Hart Rock Exfoliation balzaccom
77002. Re: Trip Report: One Ticket to Paradise AnotherDave
76997. Half Dome Cables in Yosemite National Park to Open Saturday, September 13, 2014 eeek
76994. Re: Pigeon Peak plawrence
76983. Re: Needing new 2-3 day Trip suggestions due to fire! ttilley
76960. Zion Fully Reopens Following Major Flooding Event eeek
76952. Textbook theory behind volcanoes may be wrong eeek
76951. Furnace Creek Campground Closure eeek
76942. Merced River Restoration at Lower Pines Campground eeek
76937. Gas Station Testing Schedule eeek
76933. Re: Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley Hike Oct. 3-5 chick-on
76932. Re: Fire in Little Yosemite Valley wherever
76926. Re: 1933 Yosemite Field School chick-on
76919. Re: BOOM! QITNL
76908. Re: JMT '14 - Day 12 - Big Pass, Bighorn JustKeepWalking
76907. Re: JMT '14 - Day 11 - And Sweetie Makes Seven basilbop
76904. Death Valley NP Announces New Conditions for Sporting Events eeek
76903. Re: Zabriskie Point Closed to Visitors for Winter Season Dave
76894. Meadow Fire Suppression Efforts Continue in Yosemite National Park Wilderness eeek
76889. Re: Journalist looking to interview campers with bear stories from Yosemite Valley PaulRogers
76887. Presenters Sought For 12th Yellowstone Annual Fall Photo Festival eeek
76886. Mountain lion attacks 6-year-old boy in the Bay Area hills plawrence
76881. Re: Yosemite Fires Update #19September 08, 2014 phantum
76880. Re: Running/hiking loop...too ambitious? bairn7
76879. Re: Tenaya Canyon wherever
76874. Re: Hikers evacuated due to fire Hitech
76864. Re: Meadow Fire plawrence
76863. Just tell the bears to go? eeek
76862. Near Drowning at Vernal Fall Pool eeek
76860. Holy Smokin' Toledos! plawrence
76851. Re: Illilouette Creek SteveC
76849. Re: Why did the deer cross the bridge? pines
76843. Re: 700 homes evacuated from wildfire near Yosemite Jelf
76842. Re: recommended destinations for weekend SEKI visit tanngrisnir3
76831. Degnan's Deli Temporary Closure eeek
76830. Declining levels of acidity in Sierra Nevada lakes eeek
76828. Re: Seasonal Campground Closures eeek
76827. 34th Annual Tioga Pass Run eeek
76820. Re: Empty Yosemite - Labor Day Weekend with Chick-on chick-on
76809. Fourth Annual Butterfly Count Held eeek
76808. Re: Current Fire Activity Update Ohnivy-Drak
76802. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Dave
76799. Re: Suggestion: could we make a sticky thread that complies..... tanngrisnir3
76774. Re: Big Pine lakes and (false) Sky Haven Peak yosemitejim
76768. Re: Young Lakes, (almost) Mt. Conness (pics) JasonS
76763. Fraud Indictment Returned Against Former Lodge Employee eeek
76760. Hetch Hetchy Road Hours eeek
76759. Re: Trail Trash or Relic? wherever
76755. Re: Still Looking for The Swedish Bikini Team Dave_Ayers
76749. Re: Hike Half Dome JustKeepWalking
76737. Re: Traffic Noise Outreach Project Launched In Two Parks parklover
76722. Re: Maine black bears y_p_w
76718. Re: Half Dome Corridor: Two Rescues in One Day manisun
76711. Re: California State Parks Ranger on leave after being found asleep with beer between legs Dave
76709. USFS Pacific Southwest Region Begins Scoping on Revised Forest Plans eeek
76708. Yellowstone Enforcing Ban On Unmanned Aircraft Operation eeek
76706. Last Segment Of Glines Canyon Dam Demolished eeek
76705. Trail Work in Mariposa Grove eeek
76696. Re: Buena Vista Loop- Not quite a Trip Report JustKeepWalking
76695. Half dome under super moon from lyv anyone? jhc7399
76693. Barðarbunga Volcano Livestream eeek
76689. Re: Tioga Lake to be Drained Early for Necessary Maintenance troutwild
76688. Yosemite National Park and The Ansel Adams Gallery to Sponsor Student Art and Poetry Contest eeek
76670. Re: Tuolomne Meadows First-Come, First-Served Query chick-on
76666. Re: Backpack trip in mid September JustKeepWalking
76663. Rim fire's 'ghost' trees to be logged, U.S. Forest Service decides KenS
76660. Re: Conditions at Sunrise HSC? wherever
76659. Re: Sunrise HSC to Clouds Rest (and back) Paris92
76654. Re: Mt Hoffmann jhc7399
76653. Re: Mystery of Sailing Stones Unveiled in Death Valley plawrence
76650. Tuolumne Grove Parking Lot to be Temporarily Closed eeek
76639. Re: Exposure - Mt Conness south ascent vs. Clouds Rest? plawrence
76630. Re: It had to be done plawrence
76626. Re: Got Gear? pines
76621. Denali Holds First Bug Bio-Blitz eeek
76620. Wawona Road Mechanical Thinning eeek
76618. TR--Green Lake exploration balzaccom
76609. Re: Sharing a ride to Tenaya Lake eeek
76607. Re: But are they allowed off-trail? chick-on
76606. Yosemite National Park Conducts Sierra Wilderness Celebration eeek
76605. True Bear Stories eeek
76601. Re: Tentative Yosemite Backpacking Plans Bearproof
76599. Re: Napa Earthquake balzaccom
76588. Woman Bitten By Rattlesnake Rescued eeek
76587. Angeles National Forest Public discussion of Recreation, Access and Resource eeek
76586. Yosemite National Park to Celebrate Founder’s Day on August 25, 2014 eeek
76581. Re: Yosemite Online Library wherever
76559. Re: Weekend backpack to Cottonwood lakes/Mount Langley cantwait2getback
76543. Re: JMT '14 - Day 10 - Double Dippin' Fun lschaaf
76540. Re: JMT '14 - Day 9 - Knapotluque Passes Bearproof
76538. Re: Is there any way to get out to lake Eleanor with the current Rim Fire closures? lschaaf
76519. Re: JMT '14 - Day 8 - Into the Mouth of the Beast eeek
76516. Re: JMT '14 - Day 7 - Valley of the Kings JasonS
76514. Re: Buena Vista Crest This Weekend? Opinions Requested lschaaf
76513. Re: Tuolumne Peak JustKeepWalking
76492. Body Of Missing Hiker Found By Searchers eeek
76482. Re: Sad news on Matthes Crest KenS
76478. Young Girl Dead After Fall In Yellowstone eeek
76477. Yosemite National Park Receives 2014 America’s Best Idea Grant from the National Park Foundation eeek
76476. Re: State Route 41 is closed Dave
76471. Oakhurst Fire yosemitejim
76459. Re: Rimfire recovery plan in the works Ohnivy-Drak
76457. Re: Lake Schmidell (Desolation Wilderness) Backpack (pics) KC
76442. Temporary Lane Closure at Tioga Pass Entrance Station eeek
76439. Closures of Roads eeek
76438. Tioga Road Construction Update eeek
76420. Re: Mt. Watkins Day Hike - TR JasonS
76419. Re: JR's TR 7/19-26 Part 4: TM, Elizabeth Lake, Dog Lake, Lembert Dome JustKeepWalking
76418. Re: JR's TR 7/19-26 Part 3: to May Lake and Mt. Hoffmann JRinGeorgia
76417. Re: 3D Images from Shepherd's Crest plawrence
76416. Re: JR's TR 7/19-26 Part 2: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne JRinGeorgia
76415. Re: JR's TR 7/19-26 Part 1: Mono Meadow to Starr King JRinGeorgia
76412. Re: Managed to capture a photo of Yosemite's rarest flightless bird... chick-on
76410. Re: Indian scalps on display at the Karl May Museum in Germany Ken M
76407. Inyo National Forest Announces Public Meeting for Revised Forest Plans eeek
76394. Re: History of Sierra summit registers KenS
76391. Re: TR: Ansel Adams Wilderness - Ediza, Garnet, Thousand Island Lakes (8/1-8/4, 2014) redpakotasea
76384. Fraser Flat Bridge Access restricted during reconstruction on Stanislaus National Forest eeek
76382. Yosemite Creek Campground to Re-open eeek
76370. Re: TR: Tuolumne Meadows to Twin Lakes (7/20-24 2014) lschaaf
76369. Re: Plan to sell burned California trees sends sparks flying Ken M
76363. Re: JMT '14 - Day 6 - Rain, Check lschaaf
76362. Re: JMT '14 - Day 5 - Silence-of-Concern Pass JustKeepWalking
76361. Re: JMT '14 - Day 4 - Yes, Virginia Bearproof
76359. Grilling Bear Survivor eeek
76340. Re: Somewhere between Toejam lake and Toulumne? recycling1991
76337. Re: What it was like hiking the John Muir Trail in 1954 AndrewF
76335. Re: Stumbled up a guy's blog who really gets around w/a LOT pics chick-on
76332. Yellowstone Releases Summer 2014 Bison Population Estimate eeek
76330. Janet Napolitano Meets With Yosemite Leadership Program Interns eeek
76329. Rancheria Falls Conditions? marathonman
76328. Soda Springs Trail Closure eeek
76327. Hoist Training eeek
76322. Re: Route finding on Ten Lakes pakoR
76307. Forest Service Seeks Public Comment on Proposal to Reopen Williamson Rock eeek
76303. Re: This Always Made More Sense parklover
76301. Body Of Missing Georgia Man Recovered eeek
76296. Seriously Injured Climber Rescued From Grand Teton eeek
76272. Re: Traffic Advisory - Highway 140 in the Merced River Canyon plawrence
76270. Re: What is/are the most remote/inaccessible areas of the Sierra eeek
76267. Re: Supermoon 2014 - Take Too eeek
76266. Re: How Too Properly Join da Ladies Skinny Dipping cantwait2getback
76263. Re: Old Lookout Point on Panorama Trail chick-on
76258. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
76255. Re: Did camera-equipped drone crash into Yellowstone's largest hot spring? y_p_w
76253. Ancient shellfish remains rewrite 10,000-year history of El Niño cycles eeek
76251. Tioga Road Update NO. 4 (Starting Sunday Night, August 10th, 1-Hour Delays) eeek
76225. Re: JMT '14 - Day 3 - Sand Walking and the Ashel Adams Experience JustKeepWalking
76221. Re: TR: May Lake via Ten Lakes (7/13-17 2014) Franklyn
76218. Re: Indictment in Rim Fire cooperhawk
76212. The rise of the urban marmot eeek
76210. Re: National Park Service Awards Concessions Contract to DNC Parks and Resorts at Grand Canyon, Inc. pines
76209. Yosemite National Park Receives 2014 California Preservation Foundation Design Award eeek
76203. October 7 - 16: Suggestions for 6 day hike in Yosemite travelpro2277
76199. Re: Different version of trail art pines
76192. Re: Olympic Peninsula Pics Bearproof
76191. Re: Video: A bear wallow in Butte County JustKeepWalking
76184. Scientists call for increased conservation efforts to save black bears eeek
76182. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
76181. Re: White Wolf to Ten Lakes chick-on
76168. Body Of Missing Hiker Found On Mt. Whitney eeek
76167. Re: El Portal Fire 100% Contained plawrence
76166. Body Located at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
76165. Lassen Advisory Regarding Bald Fire Smoke Impacts eeek
76164. Bridalveil Creek and Crane Flat Campground Openings eeek
76145. Re: JMT '14 - Day 2 - Under the Weather Bearproof
76144. Re: JMT '14 - Day 0/1 - Monsoon Madness JasonS
76140. Re: Bonding with a chicken? tomdisco
76138. Degnan's Pizza Loft Hours of Operation eeek
76136. El Portal Fire Status eeek
76120. Re: JMT '14 - Day 13 - Summit and Birthday Fever tomdisco
76119. NatureBridge Announces Grant from Alcoa Foundation eeek
76118. Re: Access to fire area unsafe: New forest closure order in effect plawrence
76117. Re: Display large images on the web DavidSenesac
76110. Re: Video: Use trails to Upper Falls in Eaton Canyon (Pasadena) to be closed plawrence
76099. Yosemite Fire Update August 1, 2014 as of 7:00AM eeek
76098. Tuolumne Hikers Bus Service Resumed eeek
76088. El Portal Fire Update: July 31, 2014, 8:00 Pm eeek
76081. Re: Needs a caption pines
76080. Re: Crowdfunded potty trowel mrcondron
76079. Hikers rescued trying to reach family mining claim in Lundy Canyon KenS
76078. Illegal Trail Removal Continues In Yellowstone eeek
76075. Big Oak Flat Road Re-Open in Yosemite National Park eeek
76072. Re: Park and Ride in Mammoth Lakes phantum
76052. Bear Facts July 6 - July 26, 2014 :bearhead: plawrence
76049. Re: Missing 13-Year-Old Hiker Found By Searchers PamW
76047. Re: Bear Activity Ken M
76046. Re: :bearhead: Apple Picking Postponed parklover
76044. Re: Yosemite Fire Update—July 30, 2014, 8am eeek
76029. Re: Leopold Lake, Emigrant Wilderness chick-on
76021. Ramsey Fire Closure Lifted eeek
76020. Lassen Volcanic National Park and NASA to Host Annual Dark Sky Festival eeek
76017. Glacier National Park Hiker Shoots Bear On Trail eeek
76011. Re: El Portal Fire Information plawrence
76008. Just saw Planes: Fire and Rescue y_p_w
76007. Re: Dark Hole Fire Update JamesMac
75996. Re: CR - Edith & Kendrick the fun way JasonS
75981. Re: Surviving an extended drought in California Ken M
75971. Re: TR Ring around the Kuna Crest- Long lschaaf
75968. Re: Shasta Area Rambles JustKeepWalking
75947. Re: Yosemite traffic karma - a story y_p_w
75942. Re: Five Silver Apron Injuries on Same Day hotrod4x5
75941. Fire ecology manipulation by California native cultures eeek
75940. Re: Road and Campground Closures Due to Fire balzaccom
75936. Re: Hazardous weather outlook KenS
75930. Re: Interesting Mono Lake brine shrimp data in the 2013 DWP compliance report Paris92
75922. Yosemite July Lightning Fire Update #1 - July 24, 2014 eeek
75920. Yosemite National Park Seeking Volunteers to Assist with Park Projects eeek
75910. Re: I-Phone Hiking Apps rjhohne
75901. Re: New guy/hiker, Half Dome under full moon in September? jhc7399
75889. Recent rescues and accidents in the Sierra KenS
75886. Kanabownits Fire Continues to burn on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon eeek
75885. Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2013 plawrence
75884. Re: Almost Yosemite and Deadhorse KC
75883. Tourism to Yosemite National Park creates $373 million in Economic Benefit eeek
75882. Bodie Fire 100% Contained eeek
75881. Storms Washout Roads in the White and Inyo Mountains eeek
75879. Re: Peregrine Falcon Temporary Climbing Closures Lifted Ohnivy-Drak
75865. Re: First trip report. 7 days in Yosemite JustKeepWalking
75861. Two Bats Tested Positive for Rabies in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
75860. Redwood Parks Association to Host Annual “Star Party” August 23 & 24 eeek
75858. Re: Man Convicted Of Operating Illegal Business in Grand Canyon National Park Dearborn
75846. Re: Yosemite Diluge 2014 JustKeepWalking
75828. Re: No power in park to make reservations hegel
75826. Re: Update on Lightning caused fires in Yosemite KenS
75825. Park-wide Road Striping eeek
75812. Re: Budd, Echo and Matthes Lakes JasonS
75808. Flash flood warning eeek
75807. Re: Yelling Alvin Torero14
75805. Trouble on Cathedral Peak KenS
75790. Re: High Temperatures Cause Series Of Heat-Related Emergencies at Arches National Park plawrence
75775. Effective repellent? eeek
75772. Re: A Visit to the Middle Fork of the Kings River lschaaf
75771. New view of Mount Rainier's volcanic plumbing: Electrical images show upward flow of fluids to magma chamber eeek
75770. Little Yosemite Valley Campground Hazard Trees eeek
75768. Re: Study led by indigenous people uncovers grizzly bear 'highway' in coastal British Columbia parklover
75767. Lightning-Caused Fires In Yosemite eeek
75763. Re: Specific Units in Housekeeping plawrence
75754. nike free 5.0 idNike Free 5.0 V4 Femme Totale Schoen De Course oranje yy77
75741. Re: California hiker with broken leg ate bugs to live DavidK42
75736. Fire Restrictions in Effect in Yosemite National Park eeek
75733. Public Comment Sought On Lamar Buffalo Ranch Sustainable Energy Plan eeek
75726. Re: How to properly build a duck Bearproof
75716. Re: Hungry Bears plawrence
75710. Lightning hits the Stanislaus National Forest: Fire personnel prepared eeek
75709. Re: Biologists Catch First Glimpse of Condor Chick in Utah plawrence
75705. Man rescued from base of raging waterfall eeek
75704. Body Of British Actor Found Near Zabriskie Point eeek
75703. Re: 15th Annual Yosemite Valley Apple Picking plawrence
75702. Re: Flash Flood Watch Dave
75698. Re: So-Called "Ducks" Made From Rocks Dave
75687. Re: Short term forecast ttilley
75681. A fed bear is a dead bear... plawrence
75680. Katmai National Park Bears Are Back eeek
75679. Re: Missing Hiker Found In Kings Canyon plawrence
75665. Re: Supermoon 2014 JustKeepWalking
75664. Re: The Perret Trap chick-on
75659. Re: Mt. Whitney or Bust! Hitech
75658. Re: Nelson Lake Backpack (pics) JustKeepWalking
75657. Re: I wouldn't use it for climbing Wickett
75653. Re: Parts of Yellowstone National Park closed after massive supervolcano beneath it melts roads parklover
75650. Male Hiker Who Died on North Kaibab Trail Identified eeek
75648. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
75646. Where the water went eeek
75642. Tioga Road Rehabilitation Update eeek
75633. Re: The Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne Dave_Ayers
75625. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
75614. Re: BEAR BOX AT GARDISKY LAKE TRAILHEAD cantwait2getback
75610. Re: Porcupine "Mountains" Pictures plawrence
75608. Marmot help? eeek
75606. Re: National Park Service Releases Prospectus for Business Opportunity in Yosemite National Park plawrence
75605. hyponatremia KenS
75604. Lake Mead Storm Leads To 70 Distress Calls, 11 Rescues eeek
75599. Re: Rodents on the high wire Royalist
75595. Re: Current waterfall photos forrestranger
75582. Registration Open For 12th Biennial Scientific Conference On The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem eeek
75581. Fire Restrictions Imposed Last Month in Grand Canyon to be Lifted eeek
75579. NPS calls development plans threat to Grand Canyon yosemitejim
75578. The Other Sawtooths yosemitejim
75575. Re: Fishing....EIR balzaccom
75554. Re: Peet's Coffee commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Yosemite Grant with a special coffee blend SteveEsqueda
75548. Re: Carson River....where nobody goes balzaccom
75544. Re: 3 Nights in the Backcountry Ohnivy-Drak
75543. Outer Banks Parks Return To Normal Following Hurricane eeek
75541. Re: TR - 1000 Island Lake and surrounding areas 6/30-7/4 JasonS
75532. Re: Bear with milk can stuck on head PineCone
75531. Re: TR - Cathedral Lakes - Clouds Rest - 7/4/2014 OscarQ
75526. Re: Delaware North introduces self-serve beer vending machines at MLB All-Star Game y_p_w
75525. Re: Mosquito Reports Around Cathedral Lakes? tomdisco
75515. Re: Cobblestones AnotherDave
75510. Re: Undeniable Emigrant chick-on
75494. Hiker rescued near Tram 7/2/14 eeek
75493. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
75492. You Just Need to be Motivated eeek
75491. Busy Holiday Weekend Expected in Yosemite National Park eeek
75483. Re: Rafting in the valley SteveEsqueda
75473. Re: Caches, Cars, & the Trip(s) tomdisco
75471. Re: Morrison Creek water? basilbop
75468. Re: Tioga Corridor Phone Outage QITNL
75467. Re: Old Road off Pohono Trail Hiker Dad
75459. Re: TR- Kennedy Lake day hike 6-13-14 chick-on
75450. Hiker Fatality on Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
75447. Death Valley National Park Announces Fire Restrictions eeek
75440. Yosemite Anniversary Celebrated with Groundbreaking for Landmark Project to Protect the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias eeek
75415. Re: Mt. Lyell Glacier conditions edg
75414. Happy Birthday Yosemite parklover
75412. Mesa Verde National Park Rangers Respond To Multiple Simultaneous Asthma Attacks eeek
75410. Glacier Point Road Construction eeek
75399. Re: TM Dayhikes, Gaylor Lakes, Elizabeth L, Indian Rock tomdisco
75396. Re: TR - Quick trip to Mt Watkins chick-on
75389. Re: Waterhouse lake-trip planning balzaccom
75384. Greater North Fork Art Gallery phaphotos
75383. Man Recovered from Colorado River Identified eeek
75381. Re: Yosemitenews main URL redirects to dead link eeek
75378. Re: Curry Village openings in winter? hotrod4x5
75370. Re: Injured Climber Rescued From Sentinel Rock cantwait2getback
75369. Follow-up On Park Flooding And Closures eeek
75367. Stanislaus Fire Restrictions Go Into Effect in Moderate Hazard Areas eeek
75363. Update No.1 - Tioga Road Rehabilitation eeek
75355. Inyo National Forest and SCE Announce Rhinedollar Power Line Replacement eeek
75354. Boxer, Feinstein Praise Sentage Passage of Resolution Honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Yosemite Grant Act eeek
75345. Re: Rafferty, Vigelsang, Lyell, places to sleep cantwait2getback
75344. Re: Family Rooms at the Lodge parklover
75321. Re: Pizza at Degnan's hotrod4x5
75315. Re: Mammoth Peak to Emeric Lake plawrence
75309. Glacier National Park Recovers From Impacts Of Major Spring Storm eeek
75305. Road Work on Glacier Point Road eeek
75302. Re: How hard to get permits to camp at Cathedral Lakes? chick-on
75295. Re: Cutting through campsites SteveEsqueda
75293. Re: Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS20 miracleMary
75286. Re: Sequoia Nat'l Park Discussion Group Paris92
75279. Illegal Campers Charged For Arson Fire eeek
75278. Seriously Injured Visitor Extricated From Park eeek
75273. Re: This may sound weird, but... snorkus
75265. Crow Pass 2014 chicagocwright
75262. Re: Matterhorn Canyon Loop lilagray
75255. Challenges in managing Washington state national parks KenS
75254. Continuing California drought KenS
75253. Re: Spork discovered! mrcondron
75249. Yosemite Travel Tips KenS
75243. Re: Showing up late in campground - got a call back y_p_w
75241. Re: Sierra Grizzlies Return? Ken M
75238. Re: Wilderness safety mrcondron
75236. inyo Fire Restrictions Effective June 27, 2014 eeek
75232. Re: Anyone been to Toulumne Meadows recently? cantwait2getback
75229. Grand Canyon Ranger's Quick Action Saves Coworker’s Life eeek
75226. Mosquito Fire – Wawona Road eeek
75216. Re: OT: Driving question, Kings Canyon from LA - update plawrence
75197. Re: New memeber looking for advice, wisdom, and all you have to offer. :P randomsteve95370
75174. Re: Katmai Film To Be Shared Worldwide On Television parklover
75153. Re: High Sierra Camps Double Marathon JustKeepWalking
75141. Re: El Niño expected to benefit U.S. agriculture Dave
75139. Fire Restrictions to be Implemented in Zion National Park eeek
75137. Re: Mt. Florence tomdisco
75134. Re: Trip report from May 16 Half Dome jchapell
75124. Re: Mount Conness tomdisco
75109. Re: Hart Lakes (pics) chick-on
75107. Re: Back from the high country yosemitejim
75100. Re: Ten Lakes randomsteve95370
75090. Bear Activity Summary eeek
75069. Re: A few photos JohnC
75068. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Dave
75067. Stanislaus Fire Restrictions Go Into Effect in High Hazard Areas eeek
75066. Reds Meadow Shuttle to Begin Operation June 14 eeek
75065. Barry Hance Memorial Award Given at Yosemite National Park (2014) eeek
75064. A Last Look at California’s Glaciers eeek
75062. Re: Fireplace Fire JustKeepWalking
75061. Re: Mystery of the High Sierra Piute Highway plawrence
75036. Stolen Parks Canada Truck Recovered In Mammoth Hot Springs eeek
75035. Re: Tamarack Flat Campground is closed cmon4day
75033. Re: Aerial views of the Old Village gophersnake
75028. Uncharted territory for bears and people eeek
75027. Officials voice concern over geothermal expansion plans eeek
75016. Galahad Fire Likely to Burn until Wetting Rains Arrive eeek
75012. Coastal Drive in Redwood National and State Parks Re-Opens to One-Way Traffic eeek
75011. Re: Redwood National Park seeks input on forest management plan DavidSenesac
75010. Yellowstone Visitor Killed By Falling Tree eeek
75009. Lassen Volcanic National Park Receives 2014 Active Trails Grant from the National Park Foundation eeek
75007. Campground openings eeek
75000. Re: Great View of Half Dome to Clouds Rest tanngrisnir3
74997. Re: PCT hiker report from Tuolumne ttilley
74996. Re: Voge & Fletch sayornis
74982. Re: Kayaking in Tenaya Lk tomdisco
74977. Re: Matthes lake from Cathedral trail head as a day hike? JasonS
74966. Re: Inspiration Ridge (long) wherever
74965. Re: closedcontour.com Yosemite Map wherever
74961. Roadsite Geology and Mining History—Owens Valley and Mono Basin eeek
74957. Climber Knocked Unconscious On El Capitan Climb eeek
74956. Wawona Stable Delayed Opening eeek
74951. Re: Finding the Sierra Point Trail Humpal
74944. Yosemite contract renewal sparks job loss fears eeek
74940. Re: Tuolumne to Merced Lake Bearproof
74934. Utah’s First Condor Chick? Could Be the First in the State Since Reintroduction eeek
74933. Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspections In Yellowstone National Park eeek
74922. Re: Bees in the Restroom tomdisco
74918. Then and now, superimposed WWII images from D-Day KenS
74908. Re: Visitor Survives Plunge Into Yosemite Falls mtn man
74906. Yosemite Creek Campground eeek
74902. Re: New June Availabilities for Tuolumne Meadows CG on Recreation.gov JFK1965
74879. Re: Buying IsoPro Fuel near Yosemite y_p_w
74877. Re: Lake Vernon - Tiltill Valley hegel
74874. Re: Enviable Emigrant plawrence
74869. Re: Camp Curry eeek
74854. Re: Arch Rock Entrance Station DavidK42
74853. Re: Yosemite Valley river float sierranomad
74852. Yosemite Creek Bridge - 1921 eeek
74851. Mark Foust Named Superintendent Of Dinosaur National Monument eeek
74850. Re: Court Confirms Park Jurisdiction In PWC Use Case Ken M
74849. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
74836. Re: Cathedral Lakes / Sunrise / Vogelsang / Lyell Canyon next weekend (6/7) JustKeepWalking
74834. NIFC Issues Updated Summer Fire Outlook eeek
74832. Re: How to get from valley to Yosemite Creek trail on Tioga creekfollower
74830. Re: Just Hanging Out plawrence
74829. Busy Summer Weekends Expected in Yosemite Valley eeek
74827. Re: Camping at Clouds Rest lschaaf
74824. Rim Fire and Continuing Visible Smoke eeek
74820. Re: Upper Pines Sites 104 and 107 - 5th Wheel Help! mtn man
74810. Mount Rainier NP: Liberty Ridge Search Comes to Tragic Conclusion plawrence
74808. Pilot Injured In Yellowstone Plane Crash eeek
74804. Re: Tioga Road Rehabilitation Dave
74801. Re: Mosquitos! eeek
74793. Re: When deer drink & drive... plawrence
74787. Swift Water Rescue Demonstrations Held In Park eeek
74785. Re: Bear Facts: May 18-24 :bearhead: plawrence
74765. White Wolf eeek
74757. Re: coolers, ice or dry ice parklover
74736. Grand Canyon National Park Hosting 24th Annual Star Party eeek
74735. New Museum Exhibit, Yosemite, the Grand Experiment, Opens in Yosemite National Park eeek
74726. Galahad Fire to be Managed for Multiple Objectives on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon eeek
74725. Re: Is Cloud Rest trail doable this weekend? chick-on
74724. Re: Yosmite Historical Architect yosemitedawn
74723. Re: Hunters Fire Update Dave
74720. Anniversary Updates eeek
74697. Re: Consumer Reports ratings of mosquito repellants Ken M
74687. ! atomicmonkey
74669. Re: Looking for day hike suggestions for this Saturday (May 31st) Bearproof
74657. Re: 45 best hiking trails of the West eeek
74655. Re: Glen Aulin Memorial Day plawrence
74654. Forest service launches Interactive Visitor Map (IVM) Jelf
74650. Re: Wires and pipes near the Four Mile Trail gophersnake
74646. Bear rescues her cub from a highway eeek
74636. Re: Site speed: really balky the last two days. plawrence
74633. Travel Management Agreement Reached on Stanislaus National Forest eeek
74630. Re: Cached gear(?) at Moran Point gophersnake
74627. Where all single socks end up... plawrence
74626. Multiple Fire Starts on North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
74625. Lassen National Park Highway Opens for Through Travel after Successful Vehicle-free Weekend eeek
74624. Zion National Park Accepting 2015 Artist-in-Residence Applications eeek
74622. June Mountain Ski Area Test Well Project eeek
74621. Re: Reds Meadow Road To Open May 23 markskor
74614. Re: Not the way to camp plawrence
74613. Re: Cathedral Lakes or Sunrise TH conditions iLOVEyosemite
74611. Re: DNC Seasonal Openings eeek
74599. Re: Donohue Pass in 4 wks? (Donohue Pass Video) sierranomad
74598. Re: Mt Hoffmann JohnC
74594. Tioga Road is open eeek
74588. Re: Ten Lakes Pass and Vicinity Ulysses61
74579. Re: tioga road open by thurdsay 5/22? BrandonL
74578. Re: TR: Cathedral Lake, Lower (5/17/14) DavidSenesac
74567. Re: Three Sisters & Eagle Peak (Photos) ttilley
74553. Re: Dogwood in bloom KatyAnderson
74549. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
74546. Re: A Few Images from Mist/Panorama/Pohono/Valley Loop Loop sierranomad
74522. Winter weather advisory eeek
74520. Re: Injured Climber Rescued From El Capitan eeek
74518. Re: Soylent - backpacking nutrition & dining made easy? PineCone
74516. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
74511. Re: Possible to Change Registered Email w/o Access to Old One? eeek
74510. Re: how to Post Pictures? sierranomad
74504. Re: snow at Young Lakes? AlmostThere
74503. Workshops Rescheduled for Forest Plan Revisions eeek
74498. Re: Yosemite Newts parklover
74483. Re: Sleeping bags or no sleeping bags? Paris92
74480. Campground Updates eeek
74474. Re: OT: Mauna Kea The Other Tom
74466. Re: Sunrise HSC to Clouds Rest to Merced HSC? Mom
74454. Re: Ribbon Falls Calaveras
74446. Re: A Newbie on El Capitan chick-on
74424. Re: Arrest Made in Burl Poaching Case AlmostThere
74423. 45th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage eeek
74420. Re: Recommended Place to Overnight on Pohono? sierranomad
74414. muppets pines
74394. Re: Glen Aulin Reunion ttilley
74390. Re: $5,000 Reward For Information Leading to the Prosecution of Poachers tomdisco
74389. Re: Half Dome Cables in Yosemite National Park to Open Friday, May 16 eeek
74388. Re: suggestion for 2 days backpacking trip Sierra Miguel
74377. Re: Bear Activity Summary tomdisco
74372. Re: 2 or 3 night trip this weekend (5/15) recommendation plawrence
74368. Re: Pohono Trail Conditions? sierranomad
74341. Re: Yosemite Grant: Inspiring Generations parklover
74330. Re: Ultra-light car keys?> JustKeepWalking
74328. Re: Climber Dies On Mount McKinley balzaccom
74326. Tree rings reveal nightmare droughts in Western U.S. eeek
74325. Re: White wolf to Glen Aulin via GCT in early June sierranomad
74322. Bishop Creek Prescribed Fire Cancellation eeek
74321. Tuolumne Meadows Gas Station Open eeek
74312. Re: Sunset from Tuolumne Peak, Saturday night QITNL
74301. Re: Snow Mountain Pictures ttilley
74298. Re: Aircraft noise in U.S. national parks eeek
74286. Re: When will the Tuolumne Meadows store open? Dave
74285. Yosemite National Park Rangers Win Valor Awards for Technical Rescue eeek
74267. Re: Yosemite Valley Railroad Engine? Dave
74260. Re: How to navigate your car in Yosemite AlmostThere
74254. Re: Backpacking advice! atomicmonkey
74252. Yellowstone geyser eruptions influenced more by internal processes eeek
74246. Re: Mono Pass & Mt. Gibbs (photos) ttilley
74242. Re: Reconstruction of Rock Creek Road Underway tanngrisnir3
74240. Re: Night in the Valley redpakotasea
74239. Re: NASA Uses GPS to Find Sierra Water Weight AlmostThere
74232. This month's Yosemite Forum eeek
74226. Re: River Water mtc
74224. Re: Lyell Canyon May 3-5 Ursa Minor
74214. Re: Pothole Dome and Mt. Watkins JustKeepWalking
74205. South Entrance Station Project Delays eeek
74203. Re: in the dark to Clark Point then beyond Liberty Cap DavidSenesac
74185. New Yosemite Nature Notes: Yosemite Grant: Inspiring Generations hotrod4x5
74171. Re: Tuolumne Ranger Station LVRAY
74170. Winter Food Caches eeek
74169. Sonora Pass still closed eeek
74159. NPS Geologic Resources Division Cave And Karst Resources Report Released eeek
74158. glen aulin 2014 trail conditions? pwaldman
74156. Winter weather advisory eeek
74146. Re: Stiff sole hiking boots, or not JustKeepWalking
74145. Re: Trip Report Torero14
74130. Re: Bald Mountain buster
74129. Re: glen aulin 2014 trail conditions? plawrence
74118. Drone Harasses Bighorn Sheep at Zion National Park eeek
74117. Illegal drones ruining Yosemite's natural beauty, rangers say qumqats
74110. Re: Camping in TM and 1st time to backpack maybe itchbay
74085. Yosemite Valley Stable Half-Day Rides eeek
74083. Re: Four Mile Trail Open plawrence
74073. Re: Tioga Pass Road opens May 2nd! DavidK42
74066. Sonora Pass is open eeek
74047. Re: Avalanche caught on Glacier Point webcam hotrod4x5
74046. Re: Moving to a new server tomdisco
74044. Administrative Traffic on the Tioga Road eeek
74037. for your eyes only - archive of yosemite webcams qumqats
74018. Re: The thin-crusted US Sierra Nevada Mountains: Where did the Earth go? Dave
74012. Re: Yosemite Valley after snowfall parklover
74002. Re: OBOFR wherever
74000. Re: Sierra Point "trail"improved ags
73997. Re: NPS "customer service" y_p_w
73967. Winter Weather Advisory eeek
73959. Glacier Road Open eeek
73947. Re: Short trip to LVY, Half Dome y_p_w
73946. Re: Anti Trail Report parklover
73941. Re: Not much snow atomicmonkey
73940. Bishop Creek Prescribed Fire Postponed eeek
73937. Winter weather advisory eeek
73925. Re: Rockslides Trail & Diving Board (photos) JohnC
73923. Re: Looking for a new host QITNL
73921. Re: Pohono trail from Bridalveil Falls gophersnake
73901. Re: Tioga plows have reached the pass parklover
73900. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
73888. Re: Having a hard time with proper boot fit ProgMtl
73883. Re: Mist Trail in June? AlmostThere
73871. Re: Rangers Rescue Injured Climber yosemitejim
73869. Grand Canyon's North Rim to Open May 15 for the 2014 Summer Season eeek
73868. Inyo National Forest Campgrounds Opening eeek
73867. Re: First Backpacking Trip hegel
73866. Park Mentoring Program Enters Second Year eeek
73863. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
73862. Four Mile Trail eeek
73847. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
73846. Blue Ridge Parkway Bicyclist Succumbs To Injuries From Collision With Deer eeek
73844. Re: Any recommendations for heel pain? Finally Time
73830. Re: Mono Pass, Slide Canyon, and Bear Lake... mrcondron
73816. Re: Dogwood blooms anyone? parklover
73811. Re: Carleton Watkins exhibit at Stanford 4/23 - 8/17 Ohnivy-Drak
73810. Re: Pine Creek Rd? atomicmonkey
73807. Re: Sonora and Ebbetts apparently open eeek
73806. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
73805. Early Opening for Rafting eeek
73804. DNC Seasonal Openings eeek
73799. Tioga Road to partially open for bicycles this weekend eeek
73794. Elevated Mercury Levels Found In Fish In Some Western Parks eeek
73789. Golden Gate Park Creek Restored In Five-Year-Long Project eeek
73787. Re: When will Tioga Pass open this year (2014)? Dave
73785. More, bigger wildfires burning western US over last 30 years eeek
73784. Public Scoping Webinars Planned for Grand Canyon National Park Bison Management Plan EIS eeek
73783. Bodie Road is open eeek
73780. Re: Hello! I'm a Yosemite Newbie! mtn man
73769. Prescribed Fire Scheduled in Yosemite National Park (April 2014) eeek
73766. New Forest Order in Effect on the Stanislaus National Forest eeek
73756. Re: Pear Lake Ski Hut Trip (pics) Torero14
73753. Re: Milestone Reached In Bighorn Sheep Reintroduction Sierra Miguel
73750. Celebrate Fourth Annual California Native Plant Week Exploring Inyo National Forest eeek
73749. Roads from West Yellowstone and Mammoth Hot Springs to Old Faithful and Canyon Open Friday eeek
73748. Scotty’s Castle Road Reopens, Construction Delays Continue in Death Valley National Park eeek
73747. Yosemite National Park announces Availability of the Ansel Adams Gallery Complex Rehabilitation eeek
73741. Re: A Short History of the Oddly-Named Housekeeping Camp in Yosemite PineCone
73740. Campgrounds Update eeek
73739. Glacier Point Store Opening eeek
73738. Re: Tioga Road Plowing to Begin Ken M
73736. Trails eeek
73729. Re: Mono Supervisors: open Tioga Pass theBigLip
73722. Re: Camping Power The Other Tom
73716. Elevated Levels of Metals found at the Mill City Stamp Mill eeek
73714. Tagged Razorback Suckers Released in Grand Canyon eeek
73709. Yellowstone Invites Anglers To “Talk Trout” eeek
73707. Re: Half Dome Permits theBigLip
73695. Re: loop out of twin lakes Sierra Miguel
73692. Work Continues on the Lassen Northwest Gateway Project eeek
73690. Lasen Volcanic National Park Road Opening Update eeek
73689. Re: Helmet! mrcondron
73686. Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park to Open Monday, April 14 at Noon eeek
73683. Science Report Guides Protection of Old Faithful Thermal Features and Historic Yellowstone Buildings eeek
73681. Yosemite National Park Celebrates National Park Week and Earth Day with Special Programs and Activities eeek
73680. Mariposa Grove Tram eeek
73671. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch GopiIndia
73667. Re: DNC Openings parklover
73649. Re: Doable hikes with a 3 year old ErikaDeanda
73628. Re: Shoes for the Mist Trail eeek
73625. Re: Campsite scalping shaunsmomo
73621. Bears are active eeek
73620. Re: Scalper is back eeek
73618. DNC Openings eeek
73605. Re: Snowmelt 2014 oldfart
73603. Yosemite Forum April 8th eeek
73591. Re: Yosemite HD II parklover
73589. Call for Abstracts Announced for 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem eeek
73586. Re: National Parks of North America - IMAX Travel Documentary eeek
73585. Re: The History of Yosemite Valley Railroad #21 parklover
73583. Re: Baby bear cubs wrestle in middle of road in Yosemite plawrence
73578. Re: Chick-on tomdisco
73575. Re: Cathedral Lakes trailhead camping suggestions redpakotasea
73573. Yosemite Lodge Bike Stand Extended Hours eeek
73565. Service interuptions on Saturday, April 5th eeek
73549. Re: Rim Fire Closures Lifted AndrewF
73546. Re: Rockfall Closes Trail to Rancheria Falls in Yosemite National Park JustKeepWalking
73545. Vernal Fall Comfort Station eeek
73542. Re: April 1 Snow Survey Results chicagocwright
73534. Re: OT: The Largest Mountain on Earth JasonS
73532. Re: Four Mile Trail: Open Torero14
73531. Re: OT: Kilauea Iki JasonS
73514. Bear can...or is it canned bear? eeek
73511. Re: Snow Removal Operations Beginning Paris92
73510. Re: Scheduled Outage eeek
73508. Yellowstone Monthly Update issued Apr 1, 2014 eeek
73504. Volunteers Needed: English Ivy Pull at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park eeek
73503. Re: April Fools Day: Yosemite Edition tanngrisnir3
73502. Re: Bear Can adventures JasonS
73489. Re: Which camera? Dave
73482. Re: Four Mile Trail: Closed yosemitejim
73479. Re: Yosemite between the storms yosemitejim
73477. DNC Seasonal Openings eeek
73476. Mist Trail Open eeek
73463. Re: Snow Creek Falls up close wherever
73462. Yellowstone Information Statement issued Mar 30, 2014 10:31 MDT Volcano Alert Level NORMAL eeek
73460. Re: Light dusting of snow on Yosemite Valley's floor this morning... parklover
73456. Winter weather advisory eeek
73454. Re: Drink Coke, not Pepsi (high levels of a carcinogen found in Pepsi) chicagocwright
73445. Yellowstone Opens West Side Roads For Spring Bicycle Season eeek
73444. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
73443. Re: Added more users Bearproof
73439. Lost Hikers Bryce Canyon Found And Rescued eeek
73434. Yosemite Forest Risk 2013-2027 eeek
73418. Re: OT: On Top of the Tallest Mountain in the World* JasonS
73417. NatureBridge Announces Wells Fargo Scholarships for Teens in California’s Central Valley (2014) eeek
73407. Re: Cherry Creek Route Finding ags
73392. Re: Mile High Club parklover
73389. Re: wont sum? Bearproof
73384. Re: 17 Year Old Drowns in Merced River attempting to rescue parents Ohnivy-Drak
73382. Re: Facebook photos aren't appearing in posts. chicagocwright
73370. Re: Wednesday night weather eeek
73344. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel 2014 plawrence
73339. National Park Service Announces Record Of Decision On Remote Vaccination of Yellowstone Bison eeek
73338. Re: Rainbow Pool Volunteer Day March 29 - RSVP if you can help qumqats
73336. Re: Hazardous weather outlook parklover
73334. Re: Second BASE Jumping Fatality at Zion National Park cmon4day
73324. Re: What temperature / season sleeping bag for June in Yosemite Hitech
73321. Re: Judge spares controversial pit bull's life eeek
73300. Re: snow conditions on trails eeek
73287. Yellowstone Seeks Information on Illegal Bison Shootings eeek
73286. This Week at Interior March 14, 2014 eeek
73282. Tree Work eeek
73281. Seriously Injured Canyoneer Rescued From Jolly Gulch eeek
73277. Re: Mist Trail-Diving Board-Valley plawrence
73266. Re: Marmot Boxing mrcondron
73263. Fatality at South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
73248. Re: Moonrise, Moonset ryanmj
73227. Re: Badger Pass Closed parklover
73221. Re: Markham black bear revealed to be 150-pound dog tomdisco
73220. Re: How to get this shot? chicagocwright
73218. H.R. 3189 eeek
73216. Grand Canyon National Park to Host Archaeology Day on March 22 eeek
73214. Re: Yosemite Valley Campground Openings troutwild
73184. Re: Mt. Lassen Snow Camp plawrence
73176. Re: Area closed eeek
73165. Re: My First Trip to Yosemite - 1993 JasonS
73164. Re: When to visit Tuolumne Meadows? eeek
73161. Re: Question about searching this forum hotrod4x5
73151. Re: Tuolumme campground, will I get turned away? Gorp3540
73145. Re: Campsites that were held off the system because of flooding worries now are back on mtn man
73140. Trapped by an avalanche, saved by an app eeek
73134. Re: Tioga Road closures & Tuolumne Grove trailhead RBlackPhoto
73130. Re: Yosemite Wilderness questions.:bearhead: chick-on
73128. Re: Zion Canyon Scenic Drive Traffic Control during the Last Three Weekends of March hotrod4x5
73127. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces the Release of the Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River Final Comprehensive Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement ttilley
73111. Stanislaus National Forest Seeks Public Comment on the Draft Environmental Assessment for Rim Fire Hazard Tree Project eeek
73099. Re: Calumet Photographic abruptly shuts down, files for bankruptcy eeek
73091. Re: Scenic Vista Site Clearing at Mirror Lake hotrod4x5
73090. Mist Trail Status eeek
73070. Re: White Wolf, HH, circle to Pate & GCT chick-on
73066. Re: Post Rim Fire camping options outside BOF entrance chick-on
73059. Re: For those car camping in Yosemite (or elsewhere): 41 clever camping "hacks"... Dave
73043. Re: Best full moon views plawrence
73025. Re: Seven years ago this week... y_p_w
73002. Re: Young Dave on THE Swinging Bridge Dearborn
72993. Re: 20 Jokes That Only Intellectuals Will Understand pines
72978. Re: The Eighth Wonder of The World Max
72976. An Animated Tectonic History of Western North America and Southern California eeek
72974. Bill to give away fee money? eeek
72964. Aspen Valley Road Update eeek
72961. Re: Synth of Snake Dike for the Za Guy ryanmj
72956. Re: Selfie chick-on
72929. Re: Sierra Nevada Geology - Ron Wolf mrcondron
72928. NPS Intermountain Regional Director Approves Snake River Headwaters Comprehensive Management Plan eeek
72927. Re: Documentary on the creation of Yosemite Valley y_p_w
72924. IBMP Partners Conclude Bison Population Management Efforts eeek
72922. Re: Mono County Resident Sentenced in Archaeological Case Bee
72921. Re: Camping in Yosemite PineCone
72920. Strenuous Yosemite Valley Day Hikes eeek
72919. Moderate Yosemite Valley Day Hikes eeek
72918. Re: Experience Your Yosemite (NPS Video) parklover
72915. Re: They just sat and watched while a bear destroyed property? parklover
72909. Rim Fire Hazard Trees Draft EA Package eeek
72897. Old Dump Site Cleanup at Sequoia eeek
72894. Re: That other new forum on this website tomdisco
72875. NASA Responds to California's Evolving Drought eeek
72870. Update on Hetch Hetchy Prescribed Fire eeek
72859. Re: ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
72842. Re: Trip Advice: Benson Lake Loop hegel
72840. Re: Sounds... hotrod4x5
72828. Yellowstone Bears Emerging From Dens eeek
72827. Inyo National Forest Summer Jobs eeek
72824. Badger Pass Snow Report - 3/5 eeek
72823. Re: March 1 Snow Surveys eeek
72814. Re: Redwood park closes road to deter burl poachers chicagocwright
72812. Re: Volunteer Peak Paris92
72807. Re: How to get new backpack for "free" Bee
72788. Re: favorite wilderness area tanngrisnir3
72782. Re: Yosemite Outsmarts its Food-Stealing Bears Dave
72774. Re: Vandalism of Gated Mines Leads to Safety, Resource Concerns Dave
72773. Re: Tourism to Yosemite National Park Creates over $378 Million in Economic Benefit DavidK42
72767. Re: Locked gate install on Whitney Portal Road tanngrisnir3
72764. Badger Pass Snow Report - 3/3 eeek
72737. Re: Fun with Google Earth (3D glasses req) chick-on
72733. Meet the Dropleton plawrence
72732. Climbing Closures (for Peregrine Falcon Protection) plawrence
72722. Re: Three D Faux Toes hikerchick395
72692. Re: Snowshoe options for tomorrow chick-on
72681. Re: Easiest route to the Diving Board cmon4day
72676. Re: Project Yosemite: HD II chick-on
72673. Flood advisory eeek
72672. Alabama Hills Restoration Project Completed eeek
72671. Re: Half Dome Cables Day Use Permits Available for Reservation Starting March 1 2014 JamesMac
72666. Ice Rink Closing on Sunday, March 2nd eeek
72665. Badger Pass Downhill Operations Snow Report eeek
72638. Re: The Anderson Trail and Snow's Hotel wherever
72636. Re: H.R. 1192: To redesignate Mammoth Peak in Yosemite National Park as “Mount Jessie Benton Fremont” eeek
72633. Female Coyotes Can Have Mixed Wolf-Coyote Pups eeek
72632. Two Skiers Rescued From Crater Lake National Park Backcountry eeek
72629. Winter storm warning eeek
72616. Re: cellular service JRinGeorgia
72611. Re: Yosemitenews Forum Members Other Favorite Topic eeek
72609. Range of Light Film Festival Kicks Off in Yosemite KenS
72599. Re: Human Remains Found at Grand Canyon National Park Acadia
72578. Re: Mist Trail Grotto chick-on
72569. Re: Winter weather advisory parklover
72545. Re: How to Score Points with the Wifie JustKeepWalking
72539. Re: Bicyclist Seriously Injured after Eight Attempt to Illegally Bicycle Through Zion Tunnel balzaccom
72535. Re: Woman Killed In Illegal BASE Jump In Zion National Park hotrod4x5
72534. Yosemite Lodge Bike Stand Open eeek
72531. Re: Privacy tent in Tuolumne Meadows Campground hikerchick395
72508. Re: Obama to propose funding changes for wildfires. Ken M
72491. Re: Yosemite Mountain Lion vs. Coyote tomdisco
72482. Zion National Park Announces Approval of River Management Plan eeek
72480. Re: Hazardous weather outlook eeek
72473. Beardsley Day Use Area Opens Today eeek
72472. Yosemite National Park Commemorates Restoration of Yosemite Cemetery eeek
72467. Re: Road to Walker Lake- Loop hike in July ? lschaaf
72466. Scientiest discover giant trench under Antarctic Ice — Deeper than the Grand Canyon plawrence
72444. Re: Crane Flat Snow Play Area Closed ttilley
72407. Re: Maybe next winter hotrod4x5
72401. Re: NatureBridge Summer Teen Program in Yosemite National Park Builds Future Scientists and Leaders 2014 plawrence
72395. Re: Dead Men Walking: Search and Rescue in US National Parks Bee
72391. Re: His Wings Got Tired qumqats
72389. Study released on impacts of conifer removal to restore aspen stands eeek
72387. Interior Releases First National Interactive Map of Onshore Wind Turbines eeek
72385. Yellowstone Monthly Update issued Mar 3, 2014 eeek
72383. Zion National Park and UDWR to Manage Bighorn Sheep eeek
72381. Volunteers Needed: European Beachgrass Bash eeek
72380. Major Donation Received For Grand Canyon Trail Endowment eeek
72365. Re: Badger Pass Snow Report - 2/18 lilagray
72361. Re: Tent on an "RV NONELECTRIC" site? cantwait2getback
72358. Re: Tuolumne Early Opening? hotrod4x5
72332. Re: Why I get so darned worked up about fire rings... hikerchick395
72313. Re: Science confirms: internet trolls are horrible people mrcondron
72300. Re: Southern California Winter Storm 2014 tomdisco
72292. Re: Campsite ads to flag hotrod4x5
72285. Re: White Wolf trailhead parking DB1
72276. Re: Backpacking in May JasonS
72256. High wind warning eeek
72245. Re: Yosemite National Park drops plans to ban bike and raft rentals parklover
72244. Re: camping limits::S y_p_w
72241. Re: Are Valley camping reservations easier to get now? hikerchick395
72232. Reconstruction of Rock Creek Road eeek
72231. Changes to Stanislaus National Forest Cross-Country Ski Areas eeek
72228. Re: Merced Wild and Scenic River Final Comprehensive Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement released chick-on
72220. Re: V9 marker now V7? chick-on
72218. BASE Jumper Fatality in Zion National Park eeek
72216. California drought similar to historic drought in Texas eeek
72214. Badger Pass Snow Report - 2/13 eeek
72185. Re: Warez Da Perret? tomdisco
72184. Re: Happy Bird-day Old Dood Jayabrams
72162. Re: snowshoes? mrcondron
72141. Re: Unmanned Military Drone Crashes In White Sands National Monument Dave
72140. Badger Pass Snow Report - 2/10 eeek
72098. Delist gray wolf from threatened and endangered list? eeek
72097. Grand Canyon Association receives one million dollars from Arizona Public Service to initiate the Trails Forever endowment eeek
72062. Latest ENSO Diagnostics Discussion eeek
72057. Re: Badger Pass Opening Dave
72055. Winter storm warning eeek
72029. Re: Yosemite West or Foresta plawrence
72025. Re: Saddling up against the threat to our National Parks Dave
72016. Tree roots in the mountains 'acted like a thermostat' for millions of years eeek
72010. Yellowstone Information Statement issued Feb 5, 2014 10:26 MST Volcano Alert Level NORMAL - Aviation Color Code GREEN eeek
72004. Re: February Yosemite Forum plawrence
71983. A smoking gun on Ice Age megafauna extinctions eeek
71980. Interagency Team Documents Ice Age Tracks eeek
71979. Re: Winter weather advisory Bee
71977. February 1 Snow Survey Results eeek
71976. Re: Badger Pass Cross Country Center hotrod4x5
71949. Hawaii Rangers Rescue Hiker Stranded In Heavy Snow eeek
71948. Re: Mono Supervisors: open Tioga Pass? parklover
71947. Re: Four Mile Trail Closure Paris92
71933. Re: Der Snafflebit Trail tomdisco
71917. Re: Recent Precipitation Information Dave
71913. Poison-breathing bacteria may be boon to industry, environment eeek
71896. Decline of desert tortoise in Joshua Tree linked to long droughts eeek
71895. Inyo National Forest Prescribed Fire Projects eeek
71893. Lassen Volcanic National Park to Begin Work on the Northwest Gateway Forest Restoration Project eeek
71888. Re: Glaring omission on park service waterfall list? chick-on
71887. Re: Now that winter might be here... hotrod4x5
71886. Yosemite Nature Notes - 22 eeek
71883. Bike Stand closed until further notice eeek
71877. Re: Mariposa Grove road closure? chick-on
71866. Re: Curry Ice Skating Rink? parklover
71857. Re: Yosemite Valley Stable Closes Today Paris92
71844. Re: 1910? Yosemite Rail Road Map and Brochure parklover
71831. Re: Winter weather advisory hotrod4x5
71827. Inyo National Forest North District Prescribed Fires Planned eeek
71816. Re: (:P) Yosemite here I come! hotrod4x5
71794. Re: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Interactive Map chick-on
71790. Re: Yosemite Falls Trail TR :)-D Hitech
71780. Re: Horsetail Fall 2014 plawrence
71773. wx eeek
71772. Ancient forests stabilized Earth’s CO2 and climate eeek
71770. Public Comments Sought for 2014 Redwood National and State Parks Superintendent’s Compendium eeek
71767. How would a Conference Call look, in real life? plawrence
71766. article on loss of trails Ken M
71763. Re: California fire threat map and current fires Dave
71762. Jurassic spider eeek
71757. Re: Why California’s Trails Are Disappearing From Our Maps KC
71755. Website Explores Historic NPS Fire Lookout Photos eeek
71754. Joshua Tree Rangers Respond To Multiple Holiday Weekend Incidents eeek
71746. Valley Stable Rides Update - Change in Hours eeek
71742. Re: tips for making campground reservations? sewolpe
71741. Re: Yosemite Valley Railway 1906 - 1945 hotrod4x5
71731. Re: Hello. Do you live in Wawona? Do you hike? chick-on
71724. Re: MLK weekend on the OBOFR chick-on
71719. Re: Current Conditions - Yosemite falls trail Hitech
71715. Re: Chil Creek 3D JasonS
71706. Re: Has anyone gone out of Hetch Hetchy recently? oakroscoe
71698. Re: Chilnualna TR chick-on
71692. Re: Current Conditions - Hetch Hetchy Hitech
71680. Re: Bryce Rangers Rescue Two Lost Hikers Paris92
71672. Re: More relief options may be available for hay fever sufferers tomdisco
71666. Re: Glacier Point Ski Hut opens ... for hikers eeek
71665. Re: Odds of 120 opening may 4th? hikerchick395
71647. Re: Idiots and campfires DavidSenesac
71623. Large Old Trees Grow Fastest, Storing More Carbon eeek
71608. Re: DNC Valley Stables Re-opening chick-on
71605. Re: Some Domes in 3D chick-on
71601. Re: What a 95 Percenter Looks Like Bee
71600. Re: Why do people not post in the Backpacking and Hiking area when they have a question as such? Paris92
71597. Re: What is the first/best camp leaving Glacier Point, not named LYV? chick-on
71596. Re: How'd everyone do on the camping reservation system this morning (part II)? shaunsmomo
71590. Yellowstone Decides Not To Implement Remote Vaccination Of Bison eeek
71589. Re: Range of Light Film Festival to Debut in Yosemite National Park parklover
71587. Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2013 eeek
71585. Panorama Trail Conditions eeek
71568. Re: A few pics from Yosemite January 1-3 KatyAnderson
71565. Re: Moon Rising JasonS
71564. Re: Trail condition to Upper Yosemite Falls and Eagle Peak chick-on
71558. Yosemite National Park to Waive Entrance Fees for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day eeek
71533. Seminar About Soil Erosion in Sierra Nevada Forests eeek
71531. Re: ENSO-neutral is expected to continue into the Northern Hemisphere summer 2014. Dave
71514. Re: Presidential Council on Environmental Quality approves fast tracking for Rim Fire recovery chicagocwright
71513. Re: Bears are active this winter tomdisco
71508. Re: Playing Hooky in October parklover
71505. Re: Now you see me... parklover
71501. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update Paris92
71495. Re: Valley Campsite 7 Night Limit troutwild
71491. Re: Tahoe New Years Hikes ttilley
71489. Re: Drought KenS
71488. Mine Landslide Triggered Earthquakes eeek
71484. Re: Petrified Forest Grows By 4,265 Acres plawrence
71483. 4 Mile Trail Open eeek
71479. Re: NPS citations processed on East Coast? plawrence
71471. Re: Overnight camping family of 4 in late June gophersnake
71468. Wawona Tunnel Construction Finished eeek
71465. A whole new look at fires... balzaccom
71464. Re: Bearpaw Meadow steelcup
71429. Top science and space stories of 2013 plawrence
71424. Re: Hold your fire! eeek
71404. Yosemite Lodge Bike Stand Open eeek
71374. Re: How Los Angeles Can Become Water Independent KenS
71356. Re: Good campspots North Dome, Snow Creek Trail, Mt Watkins? Tedbay
71354. Re: A Pair for Billy Joel chick-on
71351. Re: Road Closed to Badger Pass eeek
71350. Re: Badger Cross Country Ski Operations Closed KC
71339. Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The Other Tom
71338. Re: Snowshoes or Just Hiking Mariposa Grove mrcondron
71337. Re: Steve's JMT Thread TechieSteve
71335. Re: Not Just Koch Brothers: New Study Reveals Funders Behind Climate Change Denial Effort Dave
71330. Fee Free Days For 2014 Announced eeek
71323. Re: Santa's list of naughty and nice oakroscoe
71320. Mirror Lake Loop Trail Re-opening Thursday eeek
71316. Re: Current Snow Pack KenS
71308. Re: Might be a good time to Jon Mure
71306. Former Mount Rainier Employee Sentenced For Clean Water Act Violations eeek
71296. Re: My Yearly Question...... mswscco
71288. Re: Taft Point by @Yosemitebear62 eeek
71287. Re: Tioga and Glacier Point Roads Closed for the Season in Yosemite National Park (2013) Ohnivy-Drak
71286. Seasonal Forest Road and Trail Closures eeek
71266. Re: Rock climbers probably could learn something from these Italian goats... Acadia
71260. Re: Badger Pass needs more snow. Opening delayed. Dave
71259. Re: Pywiack in 3D chick-on
71257. Yellowstone’s Ecological Health Revealed In Updated Reports eeek
71256. Passes Closed For Winter eeek
71247. Re: Washburn Lake trip KC
71245. Sad Cat Diary plawrence
71242. Re: Sunnyside Bench ryanmj
71238. back for more stanislaus balzaccom
71236. Chron: Rim Fire Starter to Face Federal Charges ttilley
71235. Winter weather advisory eeek
71232. Re: Four Mile Trail Closed Sheriff_McAllister
71224. Winter storm watch eeek
71223. Chains required on 395 eeek
71221. Yosemite National Park Conducts “Youth in Yosemite” Short Film Contest Selected Films to be Showcased at Awards Ceremony eeek
71217. Search For Hiker Comes To Successful Conclusion eeek
71216. Re: Mist Trail and Ice Cut Closed Royalist
71214. Special weather statement eeek
71213. Pictures of hike to El Capitan, Eagle Peak yesterday sierranomad
71209. The Mono Basin Stream Restoration Agreement is signed … what’s next? eeek
71205. Re: looking for hike suggestions tomdisco
71202. Ebbetts Pass and Sonora Pass are open eeek
71201. Re: Snow on N Rim Trail to El Cap from Yosemite Falls? sierranomad
71200. YOSAR rescues this past summer KenS
71195. Re: Mount Rainier Rangers Deal With Two Simultaneous Nighttime Rescues KenS
71193. Re: Missing Person: Ann Lory eeek
71186. That's an order! eeek
71185. Winter Season to Limit Operations at Lassen Volcanic National Park’s Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center eeek
71178. Re: New Room Discovered In Caverns plawrence
71173. Re: Best way to upper pines CG for mid next week.. parklover
71168. Re: High wind warning - Yose Campgrounds Closed mtn man
71154. Inyo National Forest Announces the Release of Draft Assessment Report eeek
71153. Re: Yosemite Falls flowing again Ohnivy-Drak
71151. Re: Visitors to Yosemite National Park Overwhelmingly Satisfied chicagocwright
71149. Re: 2-3 Day Backpacking in early Dec? chick-on
71141. Re: Wish you were here tomdisco
71139. Flood advisory eeek
71135. South Fork of the Stanislaus balzaccom
71134. Re: Puppy Dome chick-on
71133. Re: One for HikerChicky395 Ohnivy-Drak
71129. High wind watch eeek
71128. Elwha River Dam Removal Project Resumes eeek
71127. Foresta Pile Burning Postponed eeek
71124. Re: What's wrong with this picture? chick-on
71121. Re: Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Elk shown on "viral" YouTube video euthanized parklover
71119. Re: Tioga Road is closing Ohnivy-Drak
71118. Update on Wawona Tunnel Repairs eeek
71112. Re: Looking for info about annual Native American Trek along Mono Trail Frank
71109. Re: ENSO-neutral is expected through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2014 eeek
71108. Re: Atmospheric "Rivers" responsible for heavy Sierra Nevada snows tomdisco
71102. Re: Delegation From Nepal Visits Park Dave
71101. Re: Memorial Grove For Veterans Rediscovered Dave
71092. Re: Tioga Pass driving conditions. Icy? ska21
71090. Giacomini Wetlands Restoration Turns Five eeek
71085. Re: Airplane photos of Yosemite balzaccom
71082. Yellowstone Seeking Public Comments On Utility Service Upgrades eeek
71081. Yellowstone Seeks Comments On Commercial Stock Use eeek
71079. Re: Extreme Wedding Photos in Yosemite Dave
71077. Rim Fire Recovery and Rehabilitation Organization eeek
71076. Reds Meadow Valley Road Closed for the Season eeek
71070. Re: Saturday hike to Clouds Rest anyone? chick-on
71069. Re: Bears Raid College Dorm Dave
71068. nuts along SR120 on the way to Yosemite DavidSenesac
71051. Re: North Peak chick-on
71050. Re: Young Lakes Ohnivy-Drak
71047. Yosemite National Park employee helps others after her near-death experience phantum
71045. UPDATED - Hetch Hetchy Road Utility Repair and Traffic Delay eeek
71044. Re: Annual Yosemite Bird Count for 2013 hotrod4x5
71035. Re: Premiere of Ken Burns’ Yosemite: A Gathering of Spirit tanngrisnir3
71029. Re: Rancheria Falls (now with pics), Rim Fire KatyAnderson
71025. Re: Yosemite Ridge, from Porcupine Flat to Yosemite Point chick-on
71020. Re: Glacier Point? The Other Tom
71016. LA Times reveals identity of 1976 aqueduct bombers eeek
71011. Update on Wawona Tunnel Repairs eeek
71010. Hetch Hetchy status eeek
71009. Tioga road opening eeek
71008. Re: DWP solar proposal could have affects on Manzanar Ken M
71006. Great Blue Heron eeek
71005. Last Chance to Drive To Old Faithful, Canyon Until Spring eeek
71004. Yosemite National Park Announces Release of Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias Final Environmental Impact Statement eeek
71003. Lottery Registration Now Open for Restored Ostrander Ski Hut in Yosemite eeek
70996. Re: What came first? chick-on
70983. Campground Updates eeek
70980. Re: The Marmots Guy - gone but not forgotten parklover
70975. Re: Road-killed Great Gray Owl renalevi
70955. Re: Middle Earth TechieSteve
70947. Re: Tioga Road Closed Dave
70942. Re: Eastern Sierra fall leaf work after snowstorm atomicmonkey
70941. Winter weather advisory eeek
70939. Rim Fire 100% Contained phantum
70937. Re: Fall Color Update Pohono
70929. Re: Vernal Fall Comfort Station Closure eeek
70926. Re: A few more from Wheeler Peak Trip balzaccom
70925. Grand Canyon National Park Fire Managers Preparing for Multiple Prescribed Fires on the North Rim eeek
70924. Yosemite National Park Volunteers Recognized at Fourth Annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony eeek
70922. South Fork of the Tuolumne River Bridge Lane Closure eeek
70916. Re: Old Ahwahnee Hotel Menu hikerchick395
70915. Yosemite National Park and The Ansel Adams Gallery to Sponsor Gateway Expressions Student Art and Poetry Contest eeek
70912. Re: Broaden scope of this forum to include all of California? Bee
70910. National Park Service Releases New Rule for Winter Use in Yellowstone eeek
70908. Hetch Hetchy Road Utility Repair and Traffic Delay eeek
70907. Re: New forum (same site) Bearproof
70901. Re: Wheeler Ridge in 3D AndrewF
70895. NRCS Announces Assistance for Catastrophic Fire Recovery eeek
70894. Yosemite National Park to Celebrate Future Anniversary Events in Gateway Communities eeek
70892. Re: First Post chick-on
70884. Re: October Bear Update eeek
70879. Re: Old Tioga Road chick-on
70869. Re: Didn't see any poultry chick-on
70866. Re: New online national forest maps for Sierra Nevada and more ttilley
70852. Re: November Visit parklover
70851. Re: Utah men under criminal investigation for toppling ancient rock parklover
70847. Re: Leavitt Meadows Current Conditions? chick-on
70836. Re: Parking? plawrence
70834. Re: Status of US Secondary Earth Science Education Dave
70827. Re: Fall Color Pics - (mostly) June Lakes Loop KatyAnderson
70826. Re: Winter food caches chick-on
70823. Inyo National Forest and Bishop BLM Plan Fall Prescribed Burns eeek
70822. Visitor & Employee Services Reopening Schedule eeek
70821. Fall Color Advisory eeek
70819. Two Men Walk Away From Plane Crash eeek
70817. What this shutdown cost the national parks parklover
70815. Re: Yosemite National Park is OPEN! parklover
70814. Yosemite National Park reopens to visitors KatyAnderson
70804. Re: Where is Chick-on?? chick-on
70803. Climate Change Creates Complicated Consequences for North America's Forests eeek
70800. Re: Pine Creek Mine Hydroelectric Project hikerchick395
70795. 72-year-old man found alive after lost for 18 days in the wilderness. plawrence
70789. Scientists Confirm Existence of Largest Single Volcano On Earth eeek
70781. Re: Bear facts campground Royalist
70771. Re: Wawona Hotel to reopen parklover
70766. Re: A great but strange Yosemite experience thanks to the US Gov’t. mrcondron
70758. Traffic updates eeek
70756. Re: Utah National Parks to reopen Dave
70754. Tioga Road is open eeek
70732. Re: Tioga Road may open Friday Dave
70728. Re: half dome 10/12... cancelled, alternate ideas W7SG
70725. Re: Northern Yosemite Trip Report.Long Version w/ Photos plawrence
70709. Re: Want Ripples On Your Icicles? Scientists Suggest Adding Salt Dave
70699. Re: Urgent New Time Frame for Climate Change Revealed by Massive Analysis Dave
70696. Re: Couple gets married in Yosemite National Park despite closure parklover
70676. Re: Grouse Lakes Roadless Area Pictures HikingMano
70652. Ebbetts Pass is closed eeek
70645. Re: Driving from Bay Area Through Yosemite to Bishop Jayabrams
70623. Re: Winter weather advisory Dave
70602. Re: Hazardous weather outlook hegel
70575. Re: Crow Pass Alaska 2013 eeek
70572. Re: Bishop Chamber updates government shutdown impacts ttilley
70565. Re: OCCUPY YOSEMITE!!! mrcondron
70562. Re: Three realities Jeffrey Olson
70552. Re: Inyo National Forest Shutdown Information Bee
70532. Re: Aspen Valley? mrcondron
70521. Re: National Forests ttilley
70503. Re: Ten Lakes Basin TR HikingMano
70498. Re: Pine Creek & French Canyon nedclyde
70491. Re: Glen Aulin Dave
70460. Re: Information on how the shut down will affect Yosemite JohnC
70459. Re: Half Dome permit checks & back country Dave
70453. Re: Yosemite on Google Homepage Dave
70452. Government shutdown: Closing national parks could spark public outcry similar to 1995 eeek
70450. Governor Brown declares state of emergency in Inyo County eeek
70449. Toward Making People Invisible to Mosquitoes eeek
70445. Yosemite Forum Tuesday, October 8, eeek
70442. Re: Fall in the Eastern Sierra yosemitejim
70440. Medical Emergency on Tioga Rd. 9/28? RickM
70432. Re: Stanislaus National Forest Begins Logging Rim Fire Area eeek
70430. Re: Hook Lake forrestranger
70428. Re: Mt. Whitney the Slow Way TR lschaaf
70412. Inyo National Forest Proposes Project at Shady Rest eeek
70411. Fire Restrictions to be Lifted in Moderate Hazard Areas eeek
70403. Rocky Mountain National Park Areas Reopen As Flood Recovery Continues eeek
70402. Hodgdon Meadow Campground Reopening eeek
70379. Re: Zagat ranked restaurants in your neck of the woods parklover
70375. Stewards of Stone - Stabilizing Yosemite Cemetery plawrence
70368. Re: Campground question for next year.. y_p_w
70360. Re: Tuolumne Grove Road and Parking Access chick-on
70359. Re: South Entrance Construction Continues (with delays up to 15 minutes) JohnC
70351. Re: Anybody know what YCSC stands for ? The Other Tom
70342. Madre Fire eeek
70329. Re: For Chick-on Bee
70323. Re: Swedish Bikini Team Member showed up! mrcondron
70317. Latest mosquito repellant research KenS
70313. High wind watch eeek
70312. Traffic Delays on Wawona Road eeek
70311. Campground Closures eeek
70310. Re: What would you have done? parklover
70295. Re: A few pix of the first snowfall (saw that coming) chick-on
70292. Re: Fall color has already started phantum
70290. Entries Sought for 11th Annual Yellowstone Fall Photo Festival eeek
70288. Re: More snow coming? Dave
70278. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
70275. Snow at Mammoth Mountain eeek
70265. Re: Washing Down Sleeping Bags? markskor
70264. Re: WX mtn man
70257. SEKI: Two Arrested In Vehicle Break In eeek
70256. Tamarack Flat Campground Re-opening eeek
70249. Four New Species of 'Legless Lizards' Discovered eeek
70248. YARTS Transit Service to Yosemite National Park Extended eeek
70247. Rocky Mountain National Surveys Damage As Some Services Reopen eeek
70246. Post Fire Assessment Underway eeek
70245. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Closures Paris92
70244. Re: Other wildlife - mountain lions balzaccom
70243. Yosemite Facelift to be Held in Yosemite National Park eeek
70242. Re: Quick overnighter Paris92
70221. Re: Yosemite Camping on craigslist post - Legit? markskor
70216. Re: Triple Divide Peak vitaminC
70213. Re: Swimming under Vernal Falls plawrence
70208. The state (CA) is hiring KenS
70206. Inyo National Forest Announces Decision for Mono Craters Restoration Project eeek
70205. Yosemite National Park to Participate in Mountain Heritage Days in Oakhurst eeek
70195. Re: Sierra weather in the fall mtn man
70189. Re: Garnet Lake (pics) ttilley
70174. Trail Washout Closes Rainbow Bridge National Monument eeek
70163. Re: Pioneer Basin backpack chick-on
70159. Global Warming Could Change Strength of El Niño eeek
70158. Merced Grove Open eeek
70153. Vets climb half dome Chip
70152. Re: Shane Krogen dies; a loss to mourn Bee
70145. Re: State Route 120 (Tioga Road) Reopens phantum
70142. Re: Thank you guys for this forum! JustKeepWalking
70137. They're watching you eeek
70134. Re: Climber Rescued From El Capitan mtn man
70127. Update: Zion- Mt. Carmel Highway Reopens eeek
70126. Zion National Park Hosts a Volunteer Astronomer eeek
70124. Facilities on Grand Canyons North Rim to Begin Seasonal Closures Park Remains Open for Day Use eeek
70114. Re: Trip report: Pleasure and pain AnotherDave
70105. UPDATE: Crews Repair South Kaibab Trail After Monsoonal Rain Damage eeek
70103. Available foods will bring Yellowstone bears to lower elevations this fall eeek
70100. Visitor Falls To His Death From Mount Whitney Trail eeek
70099. Crane Flat Campground Reopened eeek
70096. Re: Rim Fire Map on InciWeb plawrence
70083. Inyo National Forest Plans Construction of New Bridge near June Lake Loop eeek
70082. Heat Stroke on a Hot Summer Day eeek
70080. Injured Hiker Evacuated From Angels Landing Route eeek
70077. Re: Job Announcement: NatureBridge Cook Estella04
70076. 'La Nada' Climate Pattern Lingers in the Pacific eeek
70071. Zion National Park’s Red Roads Get Repaved eeek
70051. Re: Child Dies From Gunshot In Yellowstone Campground y_p_w
70050. Delays on Glacier Point Road eeek
70045. Re: Mt Diablo on Fire Bee
70027. Canyoneer Dies from Fall in Zion’s Subway eeek
70024. Re: The Sierra High Route: The Good, The Great, and The Ugly atomicmonkey
69996. Olympic National Park Rangers Continue Search For Missing Day Hiker eeek
69993. Re: State Route 120 from Groveland to Yosemite National Park To Reopen markskor
69990. Hwy 120 (Big Oak Flat Road) reopens today at noon. Tioga Road (Hwy 120E) between Crane Flat and White Wolf remains closed plawrence
69989. Re: misc Yosemite ramblings plawrence
69987. Re: Visiting Mammoth, Mono and Bodie in a week... smoke? hotrod4x5
69985. Re: Swedish Bikini Team never showed up ttilley
69982. Timelapse of the Rim Fire KenS
69962. ENSO-neutral is favored through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2013-14 eeek
69960. Forest Service Releases The Cause of The Rim Fire #rimfire eeek
69955. Successful Nighttime Search and Rescue in Behunin Canyon eeek
69954. Inyo National Forest Hosts Regional Researcher eeek
69953. Next Yosemite Forum eeek
69952. Yosemite Bear Facts August 25th –August 31st, 2013 eeek
69951. Repairs to Wawona Tunnel to begin in Yosemite National Park eeek
69948. Re: Coalition deal preserves panorama of High Sierra plawrence
69944. Re: Who started the Rim Fire plawrence
69927. Re: Slide, Spiller, Smoke AnotherDave
69915. Re: Labor Day at Lassen NP ttilley
69904. Re: May Lake / Sunrise Aug 26-28 JasonS
69895. Re: Travels with JimDisco TR - Slide/Spiller Canyon ttilley
69893. Re: Bear Can Envy chick-on
69857. Re: Rim Fire Air Quality Update hegel
69837. Re: needed while hiking solo - any self defense? parklover
69836. Re: Prehistoric Climate Shift Linked to Cosmic Impact plawrence
69830. Re: TR Bloody Canyon/Mono Pass and the smoke report yosemitejim
69828. Re: NY Times video: lessons learned in fighting the 1988 Yellowstone fire mrcondron
69826. Re: Late season fishing/packing trip report IvanLavenr
69810. Fish Fire - Firefighters Begin Rehabilitation in Golden Trout Wilderness eeek
69790. Re: Smoke experience in northern Yosemite BrandonL
69787. Re: Smoke on the East Side? grant1
69774. A new way to name hurricanes Dave
69771. Re: Air quality in Yosemite Valley is going off the chart parklover
69769. Re: Yellowstone Releases Summer 2013 Bison Population Estimate mrcondron
69768. Re: Yellowstone To Remove Illegal Trail in Bechler Backcountry plawrence
69765. Re: How did the fire possibly start? Dave
69763. Re: TR - Last Weeks Tuolumne to Valley Hike plawrence
69759. Re: Some say fires should not always be fought HikingMano
69758. Mosquitoes Smell You Better at Night eeek
69747. Rim Fire Time Lapse eeek
69741. Re: May Lake Daybreak HikingMano
69740. Smoke forecast eeek
69739. Wildfires Projected to Worsen With Climate Change eeek
69734. YARTS 120E Service eeek
69709. Update: Road Improvements to Temporarily Close Portion of Cape Royal Road on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
69706. Re: Portion of Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park to be Temporarily Closed #RimFire ttilley
69698. Flash flood watch eeek
69689. Re: inexpensive versatile light water filter HikingMano
69673. Yosemite fire history KenS
69672. Re: Rim Fire from 30,000 Feet HikingMano
69671. Re: Top 10 Yosemite Fires atomicmonkey
69669. The Rim fire and the folly of sequestration eeek
69662. Tioga Road--15-Minute Traffic Delays (July 22nd thru September 30th) eeek
69659. Rim Fire Update eeek
69649. Re: Old Dude says give Joseph, the Gmap4 guy, a Donation mrcondron
69644. Mountain High: Genetic Adaptation for High Altitudes Identified eeek
69642. Native Californians Followed the Greenery: Environment Shaped 12,000 Years of Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity eeek
69641. Yosemite Rim Fire Closures 8/31 at Noon eeek
69637. The National Park Service Turns 97 on August 25 eeek
69627. Air quality alert eeek
69626. Rim Fire Update #10 eeek
69624. Rim Fire photo eeek
69620. Re: Ten Lakes TR HikingMano
69619. Re: Recent fatal climbing accidents in the Sierra Bearproof
69610. Lightning Strikes Bring Flames to Region eeek
69609. Re: Smoke from Rim Fire in Reno NanaNash
69605. Grizzly Bear Study Team Fall Research Begins In Yellowstone eeek
69604. National Park Service announces Record of Decision for Winter Use at Yellowstone National Park eeek
69601. Aggressive Black Bear Destroyed eeek
69573. Re: Smoke in the Park? cantwait2getback
69569. Re: How does White cascade and Tuolumne falls look right now? Enough water? cantwait2getback
69561. Road Striping Postponed eeek
69560. Re: Rim Fire Road Closure Moved Dave
69559. Re: Pohono Trail Tips - West to East mrcondron
69550. Re: East Creek, Kings Canyon (pics) ttilley
69534. Yosemite Bear Facts eeek
69514. Re: Day hike to Clouds Rest. Permit required? eeek
69505. Re: Red Peak Pass the Slow Way, Part 2 lschaaf
69498. Re: Post Trip Report _Red Peak Pass the Slow Way Part 1 KatyAnderson
69495. Re: Michigan bear encounter parklover
69490. Re: Clouds Rest From Merced Lake yose42
69480. Re: city lights visible from hwy 41 in yosemite ttilley
69474. Re: How far into Lyell canyon do I have to go to get a good view of Lyell glacier? markskor
69467. Re: Rim Fire Updates Bee
69449. Re: Fishing tips chick-on
69438. Re: Double Delight JustKeepWalking
69426. Re: Yosemite wildfires and water supply chick-on
69425. Thousands Celebrate Lassen Volcanic National Park’s Dark Sky eeek
69424. Re: Mt. Clark edg
69423. Re: Ten Lakes Trip Suggestions elicali
69413. Re: Tuolumne and Wawona Water Conservation KC
69412. Two Hikers Injured In Yellowstone Bear Encounter eeek
69408. Re: Camping on way to Kings Canyon KC
69405. Re: Brain-Eating Amoebas Ohnivy-Drak
69403. What is Really Pristine and Wild KenS
69378. Re: Rockin' or sloppin'? chick-on
69374. Re: He shoot and scores a chipmunk fantasy eeek
69369. Re: Barf Gully 3D yosemitejim
69349. Man Rescued Following 115-Foot Fall eeek
69348. Re: Tioga Road Roadside Brushing eeek
69347. Bear Incidents in Foresta and El Portal eeek
69344. BLM and Inyo National Forest Release Decisions for the CD-IV Geothermal Development Project eeek
69343. Life Changing Youth Programs in Yosemite Receive $1.8 Million eeek
69330. Re: Bear Can in love mrcondron
69305. Re: TR Virginia Canyon yosemitejim
69292. Re: The JMT JustKeepWalking
69274. Re: TR: Black Hawk Mountain Emigrant Wilderness chick-on
69272. Re: May Lake to Tuolumne Meadows - Parking Options? tomdisco
69267. Re: North-East Lilttle Loop. Torero14
69258. Hiker Fatality on North Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
69254. Re: TM to YV KatyAnderson
69246. Re: Hoover wilderness - Robinson lakes trailhead healeygirl
69241. Re: suggestions for a better route from Nelson to Rafferty? chick-on
69240. Lyell Glacier no more? KenS
69239. Re: Wacky portable tent Dave
69234. Fire Updates eeek
69219. Re: Hiking Mt Dana (TR) HikingMano
69217. Re: Solar Chargers? Torero14
69213. Re: Pohono, not again AnotherDave
69211. Re: Finding of No Significant Impact for Wilderness Unauthorized Route Restoration Environmental Assessment plawrence
69210. Plan for Delays on Road to Reds Meadow and Devils Postpile eeek
69209. Business Opportunity Announced for Two Hospitality Contracts on South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park eeek
69205. Eleven Treated For Africanized Bee Stings eeek
69198. Re: SEKI: Overdue hiker Bee
69194. Fire Update eeek
69193. Re: Apple Picking Cancelled Paris92
69184. Re: A few pics from my June trip fullframe
69178. Re: White Wolf to Tuolumne Meadows via GCT - seeking advice and suggestions - The Saga Continues HikingMano
69175. Yosemite Forum - Tuesday, August 13, Yosemite Valley Auditorium, noon - 1 PM eeek
69168. NBC news report on Yosemite aims to reduce traffic parklover
69162. Extreme Wildfires in Western U.S. Likely Fueled by Climate Change eeek
69151. Re: Take the "Search" out of Search and Rescue! plawrence
69142. Re: JRinGeorgia's TR: 9 Days in Yosemite, plants & animals Bee
69141. Re: JRinGeorgia's TR: 9 Days in Yosemite, Days 8-9 JRinGeorgia
69140. Re: JRinGeorgia's TR: 9 Days in Yosemite, Days 6-7 JRinGeorgia
69139. Re: JRinGeorgia's TR: 9 Days in Yosemite, Days 3, 4, 5 chick-on
69138. Re: JRinGeorgia's TR: 9 Days in Yosemite, Days 1-2 chick-on
69137. Study Questions Nature's Ability to 'Self-Correct' Climate Change eeek
69135. Day Hiker Succumbs To Extreme Heat eeek
69134. Re: Bad news bears parklover
69110. Re: Tour de Foerster Klas
69109. Re: Timber Rattlesnakes Indirectly Benefit Human Health fullframe
69106. Power Fire Update eeek
69105. Aspen Fire Update, August 6 eeek
69096. Mono County Matthew Greene Search eeek
69076. Re: Yosemite rookie's trip review/writeup OL
69071. Re: Stranded Climbers Evacuated From Black Peak Bee
69070. Helicopter Hoist Training eeek
69068. Water System in Tuolumne Meadows to be Turned Off Early eeek
69067. Re: Flying over Waterwheel HikingMano
69064. Re: Is This a Trail? chick-on
69062. Can Backpacks Save Our Birds? eeek
69050. Re: SAR report: Lost & Unprepared in Tenaya Canyon Ohnivy-Drak
69048. Re: First HDR attempt - sunset in Lone Pine fullframe
69046. Re: Snowpack is ...hard to see! parklover
69040. Re: A Week's Worth of Camping Synchs Internal Clock to Sunrise and Sunset eeek
69017. Desert congressman calls for federal review of Cadiz project eeek
69006. Curry Village and Housekeeping camp accommodation this weekend (Aug 2-3) yosemite_fan
68975. Re: Moose in the Mist yosemitejim
68966. Climate Change Occurring Ten Times Faster Than at Any Time in Past 65 Million Years eeek
68960. Severe Thunderstorms Cause Road and Trail Damage on the National Forest in Inyo County eeek
68958. Fire Restrictions to be Lifted in Color Country eeek
68946. Hodgdon Meadow group campsites forrestranger
68918. Radio Waves Carry News of Climate Change: Surprising Tool to Measure Our Changing Climate eeek
68917. Re: Lassen Volcanic National Park and NASA to Host Dark Sky Festival balzaccom
68914. Re: Mosquito conditions around Young Lakes eeek
68885. Re: TR: May Lake to Glen Aulin to Waterwheel Falls nwhkr
68875. Bear Facts July 21 - July 27 eeek
68860. Re: Indian Canyon Fall and Rescue balzaccom
68857. Re: TR: Vogelsang via Ireland Lake (07/13/13) plawrence
68855. Sunset Trail status? plawrence
68849. Re: Lyell Canyon Trip Report - The loop that wasn't JasonS
68843. Re: Stony Ridge Lake (Desolation Wilderness) ttilley
68834. Re: Of Bears and Berries: Return of Wolves Aids Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone plawrence
68832. Re: Lacing up your boots balzaccom
68830. Virgin River Management Plan Open for Public Comment eeek
68829. Multiple Incidents at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
68827. Re: A Plan to Save Yosemite by Curbing Its Visitors plawrence
68822. Heavy Rains Cause Localized Grand Canyon Flooding eeek
68820. Re: Mule Deer Fawns plawrence
68819. Re: Bear Facts July 14 - July 21 plawrence
68795. Re: Another old map KC
68787. Re: Yosemite Swimming/Rock Jumping Spots? marmot
68769. Re: Isberg to Vogelsang yosemitejim
68761. Re: Short trip report: Eagle Peak and some of the North Rim plawrence
68744. Re: Need local Yosemite help chick-on
68734. Re: Water At Sunrise High Sierra Camp calicokat
68731. Re: So many peaks, so little time: Clouds Rest, Excelsior, Warren, and Johnson chick-on
68728. Pesticides Contaminate Frogs from Californian National Parks eeek
68727. Global Warming to Cut Snow Water Storage 56 Percent in Oregon Watershed eeek
68726. Grand Teton Rangers Rescue Injured Off-Trail Hiker eeek
68725. Re: Aspen Fire - Sierra National Forest Dave
68722. Re: Leavitt Meadows to Hetch-hetchy chick-on
68721. Flash flood watch eeek
68717. Re: East Coast Hills parklover
68712. Re: Searching for Ansels campsite KatyAnderson
68710. Will DWP choose wisely? eeek
68703. Mono Craters Restoration Project Environmental Assessment Open for Public Review eeek
68694. Re: Climbing Half Dome with my 10 year old yosemitejim
68682. Re: Backpackers Get Lost Near Ten Lakes atomicmonkey
68678. Re: Wall Pohono
68675. Flooding Causes Significant Damage Manzanar National Historic Site eeek
68669. Re: Campsite ad to flag Finally Time
68657. Re: Cathedral to Echo and beyond Route? crya
68652. Re: TR: Mono Pass (YNP) to Tuolumne Meadows JustKeepWalking
68651. Re: Smoke ttilley
68647. Re: Crowdfunded mosquito patch Yury
68646. River Guide Evacuated off Colorado River eeek
68638. National Park Service Approves Construction Of Cell Tower For Yellowstone’s Fishing Bridge And Lake Village eeek
68637. Re: Last minute, no-reservation options (Wilderness permit preferred)? vitaminC
68636. Body Of Missing Hiker Found eeek
68635. Flash flood watch eeek
68621. Re: Navigational tool kit through the ages tomdisco
68617. Re: Agnew to Tuolumne-Suggested Campsites and other Helpful Suggestions Mom
68606. Soliciting Ireland (the country) Hike Suggestions JustKeepWalking
68605. Re: HSCs with a small person - trip report tomdisco
68601. Construction Commencing at South Entrance Station (with intermittent 15-minute delays) eeek
68599. Yosemite Bear Facts: July 7th –July 13th, 2013 eeek
68598. Re: Raft Rentals Closed for Season gophersnake
68593. Climber dies on Capital Peak. ERICG
68592. Re: 2 night backpacking trip mtc
68580. Re: Tenaya Lake Outlet eeek
68570. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
68555. Yosemite National Park Bolsters International Affairs Program eeek
68544. Three Visitors Hit By Lightning In Glacier National Park eeek
68543. Grand Canyon National Park to Manage Three Fires on North Rim for Multiple Objectives eeek
68542. Re: Visible Smoke in Yosemite ttilley
68536. Re: Half Dome Backcountry Permit Question boomtown
68534. Re: Lee Vining to Yosemite Valley over 6 days - Trip report HikingMano
68533. Re: Lightly on the Land. JustKeepWalking
68529. Silver Lake Boat Dock Removed eeek
68526. Re: Tom Harrison iPhone App RFI JustKeepWalking
68523. Yosemite Fire Update eeek
68503. Re: Lake Eleanor questions oakroscoe
68487. Boy Rescued After Being Buried Alive eeek
68486. Bishop Creek Unauthorized Route Restoration Assessment Open for Review eeek
68485. LA DWP and Mammoth settle water dispute yosemitejim
68484. Merced River Plan Delay yosemitejim
68467. Re: Starr Attraction ags
68458. Lightning Causes Minor Injuries at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
68452. Re: Rafferty Creek atomicmonkey
68445. Re: South Fork Trail chicagocwright
68444. Re: Yosemite 4th of July +1 eeek
68439. Re: Waterfall Spot Identification Help! JRinGeorgia
68430. Valley Water Tank Road Closure, July 16 - Aug 16 eeek
68425. Re: north cascades NP carl_spackler
68423. PSA: Find a mylar balloon? Put it in a bag. JustKeepWalking
68419. Re: Just for fun: Identify this Waterfall eeek
68418. Re: As Twinkies hit stores, Hostess plans new snack cakes parklover
68411. Re: Branigan Lakes ? chick-on
68401. Construction Work Begins On 9-Mile Site, Continues On Tower Road eeek
68396. Re: Oops!!! Ohnivy-Drak
68395. Fall Foliage eeek
68389. Injured Paraglider Rescued From Death Canyon eeek
68384. Re: 2 Days in the High Country parklover
68378. Geothermal Power Facility Induces Earthquakes eeek
68351. Search For Lost Foreign Visitor Comes To Successful Conclusion eeek
68350. Re: Proposed National Park tomdisco
68349. Re: Tuolumne River Levels Near Campground parklover
68337. Death Valley NP: Stop frying eggs on the ground Vince
68318. Re: Hasta la Buena Vista JustKeepWalking
68312. Re: Ragged Peak calipidder
68305. Re: The Other Mono Pass and Garnet Lake Outlet yosemitejim
68300. Re: Glacier Point Road Delays—15-Minute Traffic Delays (July 15th thru August 16th) HikingMano
68292. Re: WW vs TM backpackers campground Jayabrams
68286. Re: Name That Peak atomicmonkey
68277. Re: intro, and pics from Glen Aulin KatyAnderson
68256. Re: Total Elevation Gain/Loss HikingMano
68255. Re: Wild-Ideas Bearikade Custom Order Info The Other Tom
68251. Fire Restrictions to be Lifted in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
68244. Re: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne Loop July 4-8 JustKeepWalking
68231. Re: Mosquito conditions in Tuolumne Meadows? Paris92
68214. Re: One for AndrewF yosemitejim
68206. Re: White Wolf to Tuolumne Meadows via GCT - seeking advice and suggestions HikingMano
68202. Re: Tuolumne Meadows walkup in mid September? BrendanHickeyUSA
68198. Interagency SAR Team Responds to Two Accidents in the Same Canyon over Three Days eeek
68197. Re: Missing Plane Located Near Vogelsang Peak in Yosemite National Park markskor
68195. Yosemite Forum eeek
68190. Re: Questions on Stuff to see above Bishop and dispersed camping off of 120 JustKeepWalking
68180. Re: 4th of Yosemite ryanmj
68171. Death while hiking to the Wave. ERICG
68168. Re: Rabies--In skunks, bison, horses, kittens, raccoons, foxes... eeek
68167. Re: What it took to survive a grizzly bear attack -- spray and shotgun Dave
68154. Re: Poultry eeek
68152. Re: Good news: Twinkies cleared for winter camping by manufacturer Dave
68151. Re: Last High Sierra Camp Opening Paris92
68150. Re: Bear Activity Summary calipidder
68149. Fire Update eeek
68147. Re: In time for the 4th parklover
68146. Re: Sequoia Rangers, Officers Conduct Sobriety Checkpoin eeek
68144. Re: Videos -- Birds and bears are smarter than you think plawrence
68141. Re: The Murphy Creek connector - a forgotten trail KatyAnderson
68140. L.A., Owens Valley settle dispute over dust control eeek
68139. Bureau of Land Management Bishop Office to Hold Public Meetings on Campground Fees eeek
68136. PCT NOBOS on schedule balzaccom
68132. Re: Questions on first time backpacking in Yosemite Royalist
68123. Special weather statement eeek
68122. Re: Several injured after tree falls on Yosemite-area summer camp balzaccom
68121. One Dead, Over A Dozen Rescued In Multiple Incidents At Lake Mead eeek
68120. Special weather statement eeek
68115. Sonora Pass, with a view to Yosemite balzaccom
68102. Re: Tour de Tuolumne Peak chick-on
68093. Re: Buying hiking food in/near Yosemite TechieSteve
68058. Re: Yosemite rookie looking for advice NakedT
68054. Female Hiker Who Died on South Kaibab Trail Identified eeek
68050. Re: Special weather statement andrewsan
68043. Re: Sunblock at altitude plawrence
68032. Re: Death Valley temps at least tie record as heat wave brings triple-digit highs across West Ohnivy-Drak
68029. Re: Day Pack Ideas? Paris92
68024. Re: Lady Slipper Orchids plawrence
68023. El Nino Unusually Active in the Late 20th Century: Is It Because of Global Warming? eeek
68022. Re: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne JustKeepWalking
68014. Re: NPS Contractor Oversight of Visitor Tent Cabins at Yosemite National Park Involved in Hantavirus Outbreak Paris92
68010. Re: Zion National Park Fire Restrictions (effective 06-20-2013) hotrod4x5
68005. Re: Campsite scalpers - please flag "prohibited" JustKeepWalking
68000. Re: Waterwheel Falls - worth it this year? Chlo83
67999. Climate Change Threatens Forest Survival On Drier, Low-Elevation Sites eeek
67992. Re: Hot time in the High Sierra atomicmonkey
67989. Pipeline Repair Complete at Grand Canyon National Park Services Resume at Phantom Ranch eeek
67988. Yosemite National Park Launches New Website to Commemorate Special Park Anniversary eeek
67984. Re: Special weather statement Dave
67982. Re: High Sierra Camps Openings Paris92
67978. Re: Tuolumne area- fairly flat hike suggestions eeek
67965. Re: A few more photos from Yosemite plawrence
67962. Re: DWP promise at Mono Lake unkept hotrod4x5
67960. Illegal Marijuana Grows Threaten Fishers in the Southern Sierra Nevada eeek
67959. Plan To Protect Yellowstone's Native Vegetation Approved eeek
67941. Re: Yellowstone Black Bear Lethally Removed From Campground plawrence
67940. BLM Bishop Field Office & Inyo National Forest Announce Fire Restrictions eeek
67939. Grand Canyon National Park to Implement Fire Restrictions June 26, 2013 eeek
67935. Re: Rafting the Merced boomtown
67934. Joshua Tree Park Staff Successfully Intervene In Suicide Attempt eeek
67933. Yosemite Fire Update – June 25, 2013 eeek
67915. Re: Not really a Secret Pass to Cold Canyon / Alkali Area Trippy HikingMano
67910. Re: Lyell Headwaters plawrence
67909. Sometimes having 4g coverage is a bad thing eeek
67905. Climate Researchers Discover New Rhythm for El Niño eeek
67904. Century-Old Ocean Data Provides Further Confirmation of Global Warming eeek
67903. Climate Change Threatens Extinction for 82 Percent of California Native Fish eeek
67901. Re: Two NPS Concessioners Proactively Implement Healthy and Sustainable Cuisine eeek
67895. Crane Flat Waterline Replacement Phase II Update eeek
67881. Re: Forget the market, make Twinkies at home!! plawrence
67873. Re: tightrope walker at taft point atomicmonkey
67862. Re: Feeling low.... yosemitejim
67857. Re: Eagle Peak Hike - first try at a timelapse atomicmonkey
67845. Re: Dome near Ragged? plawrence
67833. Re: Yosemite visitors reflect on deadly mistakes along a fabled trail Ohnivy-Drak
67828. Re: Yosemite Hitch Hiking SoCalCPA
67817. Re: Townsley Lake Weekend chick-on
67811. Re: Abandoned trails and off-trail hikes near Yosemite Valley...2nd revision (long) ttilley
67807. Re: stuffed crust pizza parklover
67806. Re: Snow condition from Tenaya Lake to Clouds Rest?? ryanmj
67786. Safety Concerns Prompt Temporary Canyon Viewpoint Closure eeek
67780. 15-Minute Traffic Delays Wawona Road (June 24th thru August 2nd) eeek
67779. Bridalveil Creek Campground eeek
67764. Re: Ten Lakes oakroscoe
67761. Re: Bear Mauls Man who Fed it Barbecued Chicken tomdisco
67755. Injured Climber Rescued After Fall On Grand Teton eeek
67754. Re: Glen Aulin Opening Paris92
67735. Lassen Peak Trail Open to Summit with Evening Closures this Weekend eeek
67713. Re: Carsten Fire Update nwhkr
67712. Re: New "Snow Plants" episode of Yosemite Nature Notes balzaccom
67706. Re: Here might be one reason why Yosemite has so many campfire rings in the backcountry... Ohnivy-Drak
67672. Re: Is There A Trail To Eagle Tower? basilbop
67624. Re: Mount Lyell AndrewF
67603. Re: Parsons Plateau Synths for Z Other Tom tomdisco
67596. Re: Walking poles... Jon Mure
67589. Re: Simmons Peak plawrence
67585. Re: Military Jet flying through Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne - Pics Royalist
67570. Re: Secretary Jewell Announces Designation of 28 National Recreation Trails in 18 States plawrence
67559. Prescribed Fire Postponed eeek
67558. Re: Historical rock falls in Yosemite National Park (1857-2011): Rock fall database published by the U.S. Geological Survey Ohnivy-Drak
67548. Re: Parking Lot & Trailhead Bear Box Experiences tomdisco
67544. Re: Tanks Basil plawrence
67540. Re: Fire near Yosemite ttilley
67517. Re: Tenaya Lake to Valley Floor with Kids babaroberto
67511. Re: LA Times: A full view of Half Dome chicagocwright
67505. Re: Overnight parking in TM Royalist
67504. Secretary Jewell, Director Jarvis Announce Initiative to Offer Additional Healthy, Sustainable Food Choices at Parks eeek
67503. Re: From Oakland, CA? eeek
67499. Re: Glen Aulin and Falls Ridge chick-on
67496. Linda Eade Receives Prestigious Award at Yosemite National Park: Annual Barry Hance Award is Park’s Highest Honor eeek
67490. Re: How to make dinner reservation at Tuolumne meadows? plawrence
67489. Re: Puppy, Polly, Dolly, Watkins, and some other stuff yosemitejim
67488. Re: Stoneman house in Curry Village parklover
67480. Re: Vintage Photo Loction? qumqats
67479. Re: Location of Vintage Photo? Bearproof
67473. Re: Curry Village cabins with bath? hotrod4x5
67467. Re: A(nother) Week in Yosemite AnotherDave
67461. Re: Love and geology DavidK42
67459. Re: Agnew Meadows> Thousand Island Lake iLOVEyosemite
67458. Re: Tenaya Lake Ohnivy-Drak
67455. Tuolumne Stables and White Wolf Opening Friday, June 14 eeek
67453. John Muir Trail Is Open eeek
67451. Visitor Shoots Charging Moose In Self Defense eeek
67445. Lassen Volcanic National Park 2014 Annual Pass Photo Contest eeek
67444. Re: Wilderness Unauthorized Route Restoration Project EA Open for Review eeek
67443. Fire Safety During a Critically Dry Summer eeek
67442. Agnew Tram Maintenance and Replacement Planned to Start Mid-June eeek
67440. Switch Camp Sites max1
67438. Ailing Grand Canyon Hiker Rescued Via Helicopter Short-Haul eeek
67437. Campground Openings eeek
67436. John Muir Trial Closure eeek
67435. Mark your calendars! Twinkies returning to stores' shelves on July 15th! plawrence
67405. Re: Mt Dana and Mt. Gibbs - Current conditions in Summer 2013 nwhkr
67400. Re: Snow coverage at saddlebag lake area? Calaveras
67390. Re: Gibbs tomdisco
67387. Re: Backpacking forums JustKeepWalking
67373. Re: 2 Days in the Valley chicagocwright
67367. Re: Dehydration AnotherDave
67352. Re: Yosemite Fire Update – June 10, 2013 Dearborn
67320. Re: Helicopter flying around Clouds Rest & In Tenaya Canyon Sat. chick-on
67304. Re: Mosquitoes wherever
67297. Special Weather Statement in effect June 10, 05:29 AM PDT until June 10, 01:30 PM PDT eeek
67296. Re: Twin Falls of Cascade Creek (long) DavidK42
67294. Re: Ranger Medics Deliver Baby Jayabrams
67287. Re: Dome Help chick-on
67278. Re: Which route should I take? June 15-21 chick-on
67271. Re: Poison Oak ttilley
67265. Re: Ostrander Lake (pics) ttilley
67260. Re: Victoria Falls Thrill DavidK42
67237. Re: Lyell Spring '13 Ohnivy-Drak
67228. Re: TR: Merced River Canyon May 25 -27 LRK
67219. Re: Snow in the HSCs? ttilley
67216. Special Weather Statement in effect June 7, 01:40 PM PDT until June 7, 11:00 PM PDT eeek
67213. Re: Vandals Inflict Major Damage On Petroglyphs hotrod4x5
67211. El Portal Rattlesnake eeek
67187. Re: place to tent overnight on 120 just shy of the entrance? plawrence
67183. Re: Help me decide where to go backpacking iLOVEyosemite
67175. Re: Route 132? Dave
67158. Re: Route Advice chick-on
67153. Investigation Underway Into Domestic Assault eeek
67152. Re: Four Visitors Seriously Injured In Two Accidents hikerchick395
67149. Re: Tuolumne Meadows High Sierra Camp eeek
67148. May Lake Road eeek
67147. Road Maintenance on Tioga Pass Road eeek
67146. Prescribed Fire Upcoming in Yosemite National Park: Burn is scheduled for Taft Toe Area in Yosemite Valley eeek
67123. Yosemite Fire - Update #3 – June 4, 2013 eeek
67122. Tuolumne Meadows Shuttle and Hikers Bus eeek
67120. video -- High school kids doing the JMT 2012 KenS
67119. Re: Scalper ads to flag eeek
67118. Re: Lower Pines campsite I'm going to cancel mtn man
67102. Re: rockslide Monday afternoon? mtn man
67083. Re: High Sierra Camps with 7 yr old JustKeepWalking
67081. Re: heel spurs? parklover
67076. Special weather statement eeek
67063. Re: Crane Flat, White Wolf, and Tuolumne Meadows Campgrounds plawrence
67052. Re: DWP to hire beaver trappers for Owens Valley (story from 2011) parklover
67045. Re: Mt. Watkins chick-on
67044. Tenaya Creek Crossing June 1, 2013 eeek
67043. Lassen Trail Challenge Kicks off on National Get Outdoors Day eeek
67042. Isa Lake Bridge Reconstruction Project Approved eeek
67038. Rock Climber Dies in Yosemite National Park eeek
67027. Re: Snowdonia, Wales JustKeepWalking
67019. Re: place to tent overnight on 120 just shy of the entrance? chick-on
67004. Re: REI to limit returns plawrence
67000. Rock Climber Dies in Yosemite National Park plawrence
66993. Re: New Explanation for Slow Earthquakes On San Andreas plawrence
66992. Re: Unknown Day Hikes from Tuolumne Meadows Area? chicagocwright
66985. Re: Fern Ledge qumqats
66979. Grizzly Bear Research To Resume In Yellowstone eeek
66977. Translocated Humpback Chub Spawn in Havasu Creek eeek
66976. Re: Missing Man Found Following Extended Search mtn man
66973. Re: Vogelsang High Sierra Camp tyler4588
66966. Re: Mt Ritter last weekend JustKeepWalking
66947. Re: Clouds Rest & Pywiak Cascade in 3D Ohnivy-Drak
66943. Re: Teen swept over Nevada Falls Ohnivy-Drak
66941. Re: Grump. Tamarack Flat trail head closed for 12 days staring June 6 chick-on
66933. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Current Weather Conditions? Paris92
66918. Re: Fresno women dies of hantavirus hotrod4x5
66912. Re: Designing high-performance socks The Other Tom
66899. health alert Towsend farms orgainic berry mix parklover
66898. Re: Insoles for Merrell boots SoCalCPA
66869. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Grill and Store Opens for Season Paris92
66866. Re: Tuolomne Meadows Campground "Walk In" Opening Jayabrams
66857. Re: T.M. campground question: plawrence
66842. Re: Help Needed Planning Extending Backpacking Trip! chick-on
66840. Re: Easy chick-on
66832. Re: weather KatyAnderson
66819. NASA's Airborne Snow Observatory Old Dave
66806. Re: Backpack total weight? Royalist
66800. Everest: Dump Ohnivy-Drak
66798. Re: Pinkish and Sluggish chick-on
66788. Yellowstone Updates Fishing Regulations eeek
66782. Old Faithful's Geothermal System Subject Of Upcoming Scientific Review eeek
66779. Re: How many use a sleeping pad? Torero14
66760. Re: North Dome and May Lake 5/25-27 oakroscoe
66743. Re: More Cherry, Again plawrence
66739. Lassen Volcanic National Park to Open Trails through Reading Fire Burn Area and Present Summer Fire Management Programs eeek
66737. Re: Donahue Pass iLOVEyosemite
66726. SAR Day Mock Search eeek
66725. Yosemite Fires eeek
66721. Re: Oakland Hills about to get clear cut Dave
66712. Re: Lake Elizabeth atomicmonkey
66711. Re: Internet Data Speeds in Valley hotrod4x5
66699. Re: Matterhorn Peak Route cjoz
66696. Re: Garcia Backpacker's Cache tomdisco
66695. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center Open tomdisco
66671. Re: Memorial Day at Fremont Lake (photos) ttilley
66669. Re: Should seniors pay more to access National Parks plawrence
66668. National Parks Bugets Sink as Costs Grow parklover
66653. Re: Coolers? Paris92
66651. Re: Gargoyles tomdisco
66643. Special weather statement eeek
66635. Re: Clouds Rest's inlet crossing youonlyhikeonce
66622. Special weather statement eeek
66617. Re: Campground Updates plawrence
66613. Re: Dayhiking South Rim options Ohnivy-Drak
66611. Re: Bivy Camping in Yosemite JustKeepWalking
66609. Pointer to General Discussion topic: EARL Backcountry Survival Tablet JustKeepWalking
66607. Re: Mosquitoes / Conditions Lyell Canyon eeek
66589. Grand Canyon National Park dedicates the newly renovated Bright Angel Trailhead eeek
66579. Re: Waterwheeeeel Falls! HikingMano
66564. Digital 395 nears completion eeek
66561. Groveland Highway 120 Northern Gateway Events & Activities eeek
66560. Re: Degnan's Cafe Opening chicagocwright
66559. Re: Mosquito reports from around Tuolumne, anyone? tanngrisnir3
66558. Sierra Nevada Network Spring Newsletter eeek
66553. John Muir Trail Opens at 5 pm today eeek
66550. Medical Clinic Extended Hours eeek
66548. Re: Best Route to Echo Ridge from Echo Lake Etrain
66546. Re: Water source between Clouds Rest and Sunrise Lakes? plawrence
66510. Beartooth Highway Opens For Memorial Day Holiday Weekend eeek
66508. Popular Destinations Opening for Memorial Day Weekend eeek
66507. Three Climbers Rescued From Mount Rainier eeek
66495. Re: Crane Flat Campgrounds plawrence
66482. Re: Rescue Training May 21, 2013 nightsklabs
66479. Re: Curry Pizza is much better ttilley
66474. Re: Inyo National Forest Hosts Pack Stock Center of Excellence hikerchick395
66461. Re: Koip Peak last weekend QITNL
66458. Re: Campsite and Half Dome scalping ads to flag Royalist
66448. Helicopter Training on El Capitan eeek
66444. Re: Dorothy Pass Trip Report 5-20-13 chick-on
66437. Re: Eagle Pink...I mean Peak mrcondron
66422. Re: HD Fevah! Patsfans
66419. Re: Bear crashes pool party in Southern California eeek
66418. Re: Satellite phone from Spot eeek
66415. Re: Matthes Crest in 3D for jim/tomdisco Ohnivy-Drak
66412. Climber Killed In Fall On El Capitan eeek
66403. Half Dome Cables in Yosemite National Park in Place on Friday, May 24 eeek
66402. Re: Not as bad as the Mist Trail gets ttilley
66401. Colorado firefighters use ladder truck to rescue bear eeek
66399. Mariposa Grove Work eeek
66395. New Park Service Policy Authorizes Fixed Anchors in Wilderness eeek
66394. Re: Red Peak Pass in Late May Backpackin-Life
66390. Scenic Drive through Lassen Volcanic National Park to Open for the Holiday Weekend eeek
66387. 2013 Fire Season Begins in Yosemite National Park eeek
66384. Ostrander BrandonL
66383. Re: El Cap shuttle DantheMan
66382. John Muir Trail Closure Update eeek
66362. Scientific Consensus On Anthropogenic Climate Change eeek
66355. Re: Zion National Park Accepting 2014 Artist-in-Residence Applications hotrod4x5
66342. Spring 2012 Earliest on Record eeek
66340. Weekly Yosemite Traffic Forecasts eeek
66338. Re: Amazing Photography Exhibit in LA Featuring Yosemite hotrod4x5
66337. Re: Yosemite Falls streaming live! chicagocwright
66335. Re: 1st Yosemite Backpacking Trip KC
66322. Re: Astronomers to Provide Free Telescope Viewing at Grand Canyon National Park, June 8-15, 2013 Ohnivy-Drak
66319. Re: National Park Service Staff to Apply Herbicide within Developed Areas of Grand Canyon National Park gophersnake
66318. Sunrise High Sierra camp chatka
66310. Yellowstone Seeks Comment On Energy Company Proposal To Upgrade Substations and Land Mobile Radio System eeek
66308. Watercraft in Yellowstone Required To Be Invasive Species Free eeek
66298. Re: DNC Openings Jayabrams
66281. Non-Smoking Hotel Rooms Still Expose Occupants to Tobacco Smoke eeek
66264. Re: US-395 Closed at Bridgeport due to accident eeek
66248. Re: Photos from last weekend vdrummer
66244. Re: Yosemite Last Week plawrence
66199. Free Sequoia National Park Shuttle tickets for first day of Sequoia Shuttle (May 23) medicine56
66197. Re: Satellites See Double Jeopardy For Socal Fire Season Dave
66188. Road Work on Tioga Road eeek
66187. Yosemite Fire - Update #1 eeek
66183. Re: Tuolumn Meadows to Glen Aulin trail condition and alternate options? ttilley
66179. Re: The valley floor May 10, 2013 forrestranger
66178. Re: Rock slide gophersnake
66175. Re: Peninsula Lake in 3D yosemitejim
66157. Climate Change Will Cause Widespread Global-Scale Loss of Common Plants and Animals eeek
66121. Re: Campsite ads to flag Royalist
66120. Re: Rancheria Falls last weekend parklover
66115. Re: Tioga Road Open plawrence
66105. Re: Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet qumqats
66103. Opportunity for Firewood Collection at Reds Meadow eeek
66096. Re: ThunderStorms JamesMac
66088. Carbon Dioxide at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory Reaches New Milestone: Tops 400 Parts Per Million eeek
66087. Grand Canyon’s North Rim to Open May 15 for the 2013 Summer Season eeek
66086. National Park Service Announces Availability of Comprehensive Fish Management Plan Environmental Assessment eeek
66081. Yellowstone Accepting Applications From Businesses Interested In Offering Visitor Services eeek
66080. Yellowstone's South Entrance Opens Friday, May 10 eeek
66079. East Entrance on Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park to Open Saturday, May 11 eeek
66060. Re: Snow Line Question chick-on
66049. Re: A Four Mile Trail track for gophersnake gophersnake
66028. NFS plans to open Red Meadows Valley by Memorial Day weekend plawrence
66027. Re: Judge axes federal suit over lake tanngrisnir3
66023. Re: Hazardous weather outlook Dave
66003. Re: Camping on Tioga Road JamesMac
65988. Re: Workers with a child plawrence
65987. Re: SFGate "Yosemite Lightning Shot" Post eeek
65984. Re: GPS question TechieSteve
65980. Re: Cherry-Bopping Dandy chick-on
65969. Re: Need help with name of road eeek
65962. Pile Burning to Resume eeek
65961. Yosemite Forum Next Week eeek
65960. Re: DNC Openings Paris92
65954. Re: Hantavirus victim sues park resort manager for $3 million Dave
65952. Re: Going camping? eeek
65949. Inyo National Forest Announces Open Houses for Forest Plan Revision eeek
65937. Three missing hikers found alive on Mount San Gorgonio eeek
65933. Wildfire Awareness Week May 5th-11th 2013 eeek
65919. Re: Outside Magazine: The Story Behind Last Summer's Hantavirus Outbreak gophersnake
65915. Re: Search Underway For Missing Hiker parklover
65914. Re: Mist Trail Closed This Morning qumqats
65865. Re: Meadow names? JasonS
65862. Re: mountain lion encounters KenS
65853. Re: Mobile users plawrence
65852. Re: Lake Found in Sierra Nevada With the Oldest Remains of Atmospheric Contamination in Southern Europe Torero14
65851. Zeal to Ensure Clean Leafy Greens Takes Bite out of Riverside Habitat in California eeek
65846. Re: May 1 Snow Surveys Ohnivy-Drak
65845. Re: Snow Creek Cabin Closed KatyAnderson
65843. Missing Hiker shaunsmomo
65840. Re: Injured hiker rescued, Yosemite Falls eeek
65836. Re: Diving Board - :( Hitech
65835. Rescued Trabuco Canyon Hiker, Allegedly Had Meth in His Car eeek
65822. As Climate Changes, Boreal Forests to Shift North and Relinquish More Carbon Than Expected eeek
65814. Re: JPL Airborne Snow Observatory eeek
65803. Re: Old timey Yosemite photos on Supertopo parklover
65794. Re: balanced rocks at Mirror Lake hotrod4x5
65793. Special weather statement eeek
65775. Re: 5-Days in May chick-on
65773. Re: Bear: Blue 72 Kayucian
65765. Re: Burying the lede (GP Road)... parklover
65754. Re: NASA Opens New Era in Measuring Western U.S. Snowpack plawrence
65750. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
65746. Tell the Forest Service to Protect More Wilderness eeek
65745. Re: Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200 Ohnivy-Drak
65741. The Four Mile Trail Opens eeek
65721. Re: Eeek's Secret Love of Fast Food ttilley
65720. Re: Bear stuck in truck in Truckee eeek
65715. No BIkes on Tioga Road eeek
65713. Re: Citations by park rangers oakroscoe
65708. Curry Raft Rentals Opening eeek
65706. Re: Laurel Lake recently? oakroscoe
65690. Re: Life Savings Vanish at Carnival chick-on
65681. Fish that can breath only air and crawl across land KenS
65680. Re: Animal that can freeze solid and hold its breath for 4 months AnotherDave
65675. Bear Facts: April 21-27 eeek
65674. New Hetch Hetchy Hours eeek
65670. Re: Lassen Employee Saved Through Prompt EMS Response mrcondron
65668. Re: Mariposa Grove Shuttle parklover
65667. Does anyone know at what point the pavement ends..... tanngrisnir3
65640. Re: Illegal Craig's List Yosemite campsite ads -- need to be flagged as prohibited hotrod4x5
65638. Re: Movie backdrops around Lone Pine chick-on
65637. Re: Glacier Point Without the Crowds... or Snow (updated with TR) plawrence
65632. Re: Chilnualna Falls chick-on
65629. Re: First timer. Need an opinion/intel for a 2 day loop gplg
65626. Yosemite Valley Road Striping eeek
65625. Yosemite officials to resume plane search in June eeek
65619. wine based trail bars balzaccom
65612. Re: Trail junction camping below Clouds Rest? KatyAnderson
65609. Re: Fourth of July Lake Snowshoe balzaccom
65605. Ebbetts Pass is open eeek
65596. Re: Earth's Center Is 1,000 Degrees Hotter Than Previously Thought tomdisco
65592. Re: Guided tours with Andrew Skurka oakroscoe
65589. Re: Scalping campsites shaunsmomo
65587. Re: Restitution Settlement Arrived At In Vandalism Case marmot
65586. Wawona Northwest Prescribed Fire Update eeek
65584. Re: Some New 3D Images Etrain
65582. Re: Glacier Point Rd open for biking balzaccom
65574. Stranded Scouts Rescued From Slot Canyon eeek
65567. Re: little bighorn chick-on
65542. Re: More campsite genius from the elves at Camp Chef.... chicagocwright
65538. Re: May Lake April 19-20 basilbop
65537. Inyo National Forest Campgrounds Opening eeek
65533. Re: Final Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Report: 4/17-4/24 parklover
65530. Re: Sonora Pass opens at noon today oakroscoe
65519. Re: The Yosemite by John Muir (audio book) hegel
65499. Re: Road opening progress in Lassen eeek
65497. Re: Zion NP, Cedar Breaks NM and Pipe Spring NM Tourism Creates Nearly $160 Million in Local Economic Benefit parklover
65493. Re: Sore Mouth Disease Suspected in Zion Bighorn Sheep Population parklover
65489. Re: Tioga and Glacier Point Roads Plowing Update BrandonL
65488. Re: May 3rd for Glacier Road? Ohnivy-Drak
65487. Re: Why Tunnel View was originally called Tunnel View... chick-on
65481. Re: Photos needed for Yosemite Guide Mobile App hotrod4x5
65480. Wawona NW Prescribed Fire Update eeek
65477. Site in Upper Pines this weekend QITNL
65476. DNC Openings eeek
65474. Re: John Muir Trail Ice Cut Open dbagnall
65448. Re: Essay by John Muir Royalist
65446. Re: Turner Ridge plawrence
65440. Wawona Northwest Prescribed Fire Ignited eeek
65421. wo Days of Staging as Effective as Four for High Altitude Climbs eeek
65420. Re: At least it's not on Old Priest Grade Dearborn
65416. Re: Moonlight Rock on the old Mariposa Trail (long) chick-on
65404. Re: Congressman Upset With Yosemite National Park's Merced River Plans PineCone
65403. Re: California lawmakers call for expansion of Yosemite National Park Ohnivy-Drak
65399. Tioga Road open from 395 to east entrance eeek
65398. Re: Tioga Pass anticipated to open May 11 eeek
65391. Yellowstone plowing spring 2013 pictures parklover
65387. Re: Speaking of cirrus tents tomdisco
65378. Re: JMT Closed? eeek
65370. Re: Four mile trail opening Ohnivy-Drak
65362. NPS Joins In Largest Rescue Exercise In World eeek
65359. Boston Area Parks Operations Return To Normal But With Heightened Security eeek
65358. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update: 4/11 - 4/17 Paris92
65355. Re: smaht question #1 Royalist
65343. Re: Liberty Cap and the Rockslides calipidder
65340. Re: Wilderness Permit Question AlmostThere
65338. I'd like to buy a valley Vince
65332. Research Aims to Settle Debate Over Origin of Yellowstone Volcano eeek
65331. Re: Help Identifying Locations from Yosemite 1916 ryanmj
65330. Two New National Natural Landmarks Designated eeek
65329. Road Plowing Starting Early for Mammoth Lakes Basin and Reds Meadow eeek
65313. Re: Dogs AlmostThere
65304. Re: Be a volunteer Wilderness Ranger! Ken M
65297. Re: Tioga Road Plows Dave
65293. Re: Birds of a Feather: El Cap and Beyond yosemitejim
65282. Comment period for MRP extended parklover
65275. Re: Questions about hiking trip from Mammoth into Yosemite clopes
65274. Wawona Northwest Prescribed Fire eeek
65273. Re: Campground Update Paris92
65269. Re: Toopid question #3 Patsfans
65265. Re: Alpers works to open Tioga by Memorial Day ttilley
65261. Re: Fourth of July in Yosemite plawrence
65233. Re: Tightrope boomtown
65225. Re: toopid question #2 eeek
65213. Re: Animal Cruelty yosemitejim
65204. Re: CHP: Bus at 'unsafe' speed before Yosemite wreck marmot
65201. Re: Oh My Gosh Point - TR gophersnake
65190. Re: toopid question #1 eeek
65183. Kings Canyon Update: Hwy 180 Status plawrence
65177. California archaeological site defaced with paint eeek
65174. Re: President’s Budget Requests $2.6 billion for National Park Service eeek
65170. 'Cycle-Only' Season Opens For Riders On Yellowstone's West Side eeek
65164. Annual turbidity in water caused by spring snow melt at Grand Canyon eeek
65163. Lassen Volcanic National Park to hold Open House Fire Management Presentations eeek
65155. Outbreak of graffiti in Joshua Tree National Park KenS
65149. Re: Vernal Incident? plawrence
65143. Re: route advice DavidSenesac
65137. Monitor Pass is open eeek
65110. Yosemite National Park Celebrates National Park Week and Earth Day with Special Programs and Activities eeek
65109. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Weekly Report: 4/4-4/10 Paris92
65098. Re: Merced Lake - April 6, 2013 - in 3D rroland
65076. Re: Bear Cans for Yosemite parklover
65068. Re: Calif. hiker: 4 days missing felt like a dream Ohnivy-Drak
65057. Re: Chain Lakes, August 2010 JasonS
65049. Re: Just a couple of pet peeves parklover
65048. Re: Lucky me DantheMan
65047. Re: Upper Yosemite Falls on 4-7-2013 plawrence
65021. Re: Annual NPS National Natural Landmarks Photo Contest is Open ERICG
65019. Re: Top 10 Visited sites in National Park System y_p_w
65009. Re: No Yosemite camping listings on Craigslist eeek
64970. Re: Sunnyside Bench, Hidden Falls, and the base of Snow Creek Falls (long) Ohnivy-Drak
64956. Re: Half Dome Lottery (how are winners selected) rje
64955. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Weekly Report: 3/27-4/3 Paris92
64953. Re: Hetch Hetchy Road Opening oakroscoe
64945. Re: Need suggestions for a first backpacking trip! ttilley
64941. Re: Pictures from last weekend QITNL
64938. Re: Yosemite in 3D (another option) yosemitejim
64932. Yosemite Forum Next Week eeek
64931. Re: Caltrans Road Work Outside Yosemite on Highway 120 Calaveras
64930. April Snow Survey Results eeek
64920. Re: Crescent and Buena Vista lakes in early April? Implicated
64913. Re: Total Buzz Kill: Metals in Flowers May Play Role in Bumblebee Decline snorkus
64911. Re: Table Mountain, Feather Falls, and a little bit of Yosemite QITNL
64898. Re: Camping on North Dome?? lilagray
64878. Re: Yosemite to close Half Dome in 2013 tomdisco
64877. Workshop April 4th - Forest Plan Revision eeek
64876. Early Spring Brings Changing Forest Conditions and Cautions eeek
64875. Monsoon Failure Key to Long Droughts in Southwest eeek
64874. Road Work at South Entrance eeek
64864. Re: Scientists Produce Cloned Embryos of Extinct Frog Dave
64860. Re: Mist - Mirror March parklover
64859. Re: Ribbon Fall and Liberty Cap tyler4588
64856. Black Bears On the Rebound in Nevada eeek
64842. DNC Openings eeek
64841. Re: Vernal Fall Comfort Station marmot
64840. Re: Camping near Monument Valley? Bearproof
64834. wawona covered bridge pictures marmot
64832. Re: Shuttle System Resumes Operation in Zion National Park for 2013 Season plawrence
64828. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
64821. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Report: 3/20 - 3/27 eeek
64805. Re: There's No Creek Like Snow Creek... Bearproof
64804. Re: More Hawaii Pics: Big Island plawrence
64802. Re: Yosemite Lodge 1920's parklover
64792. Re: Yosemite Stereoview pictures Calaveras
64791. Yosemite Stereo 3D Pictures thechief
64787. Re: Mist Trail Ohnivy-Drak
64780. Re: Road to Hetch Hetchy part II Patsfans
64758. Re: Toboggan Run at Camp Curry Bearproof
64755. Re: Priorities plawrence
64751. Re: California Black Oak Restoration Project to Begin in Yosemite Valley parklover
64750. Prescribed Fire Near Wawona Postponed Another Week eeek
64749. Campground Openings eeek
64741. Re: Suspension Bridge 1950s KatyAnderson
64740. Re: Merced Grove Rob65
64720. Re: North Rim Traverse Photosynths basilbop
64719. Re: Kauai-bop: Hike 5: Hanakapiai Falls plawrence
64716. Re: Thrill seeker dies at Corona Arch Ken M
64696. Re: Red Peak Pass Mid July plawrence
64695. Re: A suggested itinerary for CR/HD? parklover
64674. Re: Guess Tioga Road Opening Date KatyAnderson
64673. Re: Merced Lake Route? SierraNevada
64669. Re: New "Yosemite Road Guide" plawrence
64658. Re: Advice for first time trip to Sequoia National Park? Paris92
64649. Re: Kauai-bop: Hike 4: The Kalalau Trail SteveHall
64623. Re: Curry and Lodge openings gophersnake
64622. Yosemite National Park Announces Public Meetings and Webinar for the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias Draft Environmental Impact Statement eeek
64619. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Weekly Report: 3/13 - 3/20 Paris92
64618. Re: Hetchy Hetchy Road Update oakroscoe
64615. Re: Homeless campsites? Ken M
64613. Re: Bike Rentals were on Last Weekend eeek
64592. Re: Half dome webcam, rainbow, and deer ttilley
64591. Re: Merced River plan, SF public meeting on Thr plawrence
64577. Re: Chi-Za-Guy ... Curry Pizza got nuttin on this! chicagocwright
64558. Re: Kauai-bop: Hike 3: Nualolo - Awa'awapuhi Loop SteveHall
64547. Re: So what are your plans for the summer? shaunsmomo
64545. Re: Not Waterwheel Falls in Fancy Schmancy Photosynth for HiTech Hitech
64536. Re: Even more Photosynths from last weekend eeek
64513. Re: One for Chick-on murphtron
64511. Tree Work Along Valley Loop Road eeek
64500. Re: Guess shudda flew right up to da Camera plawrence
64492. Re: Sequoia National Park springboard tree? Max
64490. Re: Sentinel Dome Weekend (pics) Ohnivy-Drak
64487. Re: Kauai-bop: Hike 2: Alakai Swamp yosemitejim
64484. Yellowstone Seeks Comment On Commercial Stock Activities eeek
64483. Yellowstone National Park Spring Opening Delayed eeek
64481. Re: A question for the East Siders eeek
64480. Man On Federal Probation Arrested For Stealing Tracks eeek
64468. Re: Tioga Road Plowing? parklover
64464. Re: Anyone one been to Little Lake? chick-on
64460. Upcoming Merced River Draft Plan and EIS Public Meetings eeek
64459. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Report: 3/6 - 3/13 Paris92
64458. Re: Campgrounds Update calberry
64451. Re: Snow Cone ttilley
64446. Re: Tuolumne campground reservation question NanaNash
64440. Re: OT: Day hikes and chick-on traps in far-away lands... chick-on
64439. Re: Kauai-bop: Hike 1: Blue Hole parklover
64429. Re: How about another Photosynth? parklover
64422. Mountain man meets building inspector KenS
64416. Re: Hwy 158 (North June Lake Loop) is now open from winter closure Ulysses61
64415. Hwy 120E (from US-395 to US-6) is now open from winter closure plawrence
64407. Re: Cherry and Eleanor questions oakroscoe
64402. Re: tomdisco... Aug is only a hop away... Here's Rodgers from Volunteer 4u tomdisco
64385. Merced River Draft Plan and EIS Public Meetings This Week eeek
64381. Re: Twinkies buyer says cakes could return by summer plawrence
64371. Re: Miller & Benson Lake Photosynths eeek
64369. Re: Glacier Point Road eeek
64336. Winter safety: a scary point of view (ice climber slides down Snowdon in Wales) plawrence
64333. Re: Director's Office Memo Issued On Implementation Of Sequestration Cuts oakroscoe
64316. Re: Glacier Point Road Ski - March 10 ckm554
64302. Re: Suggestions for 3 day trip: Happy Isles to Merced Lake (pass-through) chick-on
64301. Suggestions for 3 day trip: Happy Isles to Merced Lake (pass-through) elicali
64296. Re: Bear walks tightrope (video) eeek
64282. Re: Mann Brothers trail to the Valley chick-on
64275. Re: day one, starter hikes thoughts and ideas Jayabrams
64266. Re: Misleading "You have new private messages" notification chick-on
64250. X rated material on bears KenS
64249. Re: Nutella (hiker food) also popular at Columbia University Dave
64243. Hydrologic outlook eeek
64205. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update eeek
64203. Re: Sequestration parklover
64197. Re: Old Wawona Rd - Alder Crk. to Wawona CG chick-on
64181. Grand Canyon National Park to Host Archaeology Day on March 23 eeek
64175. Re: Does a bear... chick-on
64142. Re: March 1 Snow Survey Results marmot
64123. 60 Percent of Africa's Forest Elephants Killed for Their Ivory Over Past Decade eeek
64104. Winter weather advisory eeek
64078. Re: Easy but scenic backpacking trip ideas:D basilbop
64077. Skier Dies In Avalanche In Teton Range eeek
64075. Re: No Yosemite Forum for the Month of March gophersnake
64071. Merced River Draft Plan and EIS Public Meetings This Week eeek
64070. Traffic Delays on El Portal & Valley Roads March 5th and 6th with up to 15 Minute Delays eeek
64047. Re: Illilouette Fall and Gorge love2kwilt
64021. Volcanic Aerosols, Not Pollutants, Tamped Down Recent Earth Warming plawrence
64001. Re: Sunrise high Sierra camp to Valley how many miles calberry
63996. Mother Bear Knows Best Place to Call Home eeek
63991. Global Gene Pool of Goat Is Seriously Under Threat eeek
63986. Re: MLK weekend in Yosemite chick-on
63958. Re: Would a "sticky" FAQ thread be useful for the Yosemite & Sierra Forum plawrence
63953. Re: Half Dome Cables Day Use Permits Available for Reservation Starting March 1 yose42
63952. Seasonal Climbing Closures March 1 - July 15 eeek
63948. Re: 4th of July Festivities in the Valley boomtown
63932. Study of Ice Age Bolsters Carbon and Warming Link eeek
63928. Re: Death Valley Rangers Assist In Delivering Baby marmot
63912. Yosemite National Park Tourism Creates Over $379 Million in Local Economic Benefit - news release eeek
63889. Re: Yo-Yo tricks in space eeek
63878. Re: Yosemite Junior Ranger Returns Two Sticks to the Park balzaccom
63853. Re: Wilderness Permit System buster
63839. Re: Tenaya Canyon Danger? SteveHall
63814. Re: high camps in June? y_p_w
63800. Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias: A Restoration Plan for Ensuring their Future eeek
63799. Re: "circus" (construction) tent @ Curry gophersnake
63796. Re: In Search of Bigfoot Bearproof
63786. Re: Wilderness permit / Half Dome plawrence
63776. Re: Firefall covered by NY Times plawrence
63771. Re: Tuolumne Grove (Big Trees) chick-on
63744. Re: The cave behind upper Yosemite Falls - Video hotrod4x5
63741. 2012 Global Temperatures 10th Highest On Record eeek
63740. Pacific Locked in 'La Nada' Limbo eeek
63739. Re: Some pics from 2/14-17 Patsfans
63735. New Way to Identify Which El Niño Events Will Have Biggest Impact On U.S. Winter Weather eeek
63729. Re: Heavy Backpacks May Damage Nerves, Muscles and Skeleton tomdisco
63727. Re: Earth from space with commentary by astronauts plawrence
63711. Death Valley National Park’s Dark, Starry Nights Earn International Dark Sky Recognition eeek
63710. Forest Service Announces New Visitor Center Managment Strategy eeek
63709. Re: Giant goldfish in Lake Tahoe Dearborn
63708. Re: Hetch Hetchy to Pate Valley chick-on
63702. Re: Yosemite, Congress & Sequestering Dave
63693. Re: Trail conditions in early July chick-on
63691. Re: Hikers Charged With Child Abuse chicagocwright
63686. Re: Hike to Yosemite Valley via Porcupine Flat trailhead basilbop
63681. Re: Rockslides Trail --> North Rim conditions chick-on
63673. Re: Road to Hetch Hetchy Patsfans
63662. Re: Deet losing it's effectiveness :shades: apeman45
63660. Grand Canyon Goes High Tech in Order to Reach Students Nationwide eeek
63651. Bees can sense flowers’ electric fields eeek
63648. Re: Backpacker Magazine's insider guide to Yosemite plawrence
63642. Former Employee Pleads Guilty To Theft Of Government Funds eeek
63640. Tuolumne Meadows Weekly Report: 2/13 - 2/20 eeek
63634. Re: Badger Bunk Rooms at the Yosemite Lodge??? chick-on
63628. Re: Trippin the Tuolumne Light Fantastic (original post by Moosetracks) HetchyConnection
63627. New species are still being discovered, by amateurs KenS
63610. Re: Snow much for a Snowshoe Trip Trip chick-on
63589. Re: Why Google Maps shouldn't be trusted... gophersnake
63565. Re: Reserve Your Site!!! 2LegalAliens
63557. Re: Neat shot of the Diving Board (from Whitney msg board) Acadia
63550. Winter storm warning eeek
63545. Re: 40 years in the wild in Siberia AnotherDave
63538. Re: Petroglyphs chick-on
63476. Winter storm watch eeek
63468. Re: Gmap4 elevations switching from feet to meters Frank
63446. Re: Spam on Photo Forum eeek
63401. Re: Other Benchmarks Thread Ohnivy-Drak
63364. Re: Hikes from Hodgdon Meadows chick-on
63363. Re: mariposa grove, goat meadow snow play area. marmot
63316. Re: Curious how everybody did today with the camping reservations? mtn man
63303. Re: The valley has 4g! plawrence
63301. Re: Warning to all Chick-ons: beware of Yosemite's chicken hawk! marmot
63295. Re: Happy Birthday Old Dood (and what OD really thinks of Loch Tablae) (via Photo) mrcondron
63279. Re: Yes I Probably Post Too Much... hikerchick395
63274. Re: 360° Panorama: Mirror Lake in Winter plawrence
63251. Re: Even MORE big trees! eeek
63235. Forest Service Invites Input on Mammoth Scenic Loop Off-Highway/Over-Snow Vehicle Staging Areas eeek
63233. Re: Updated Tuolumne Winter Conditions Report: 2/6 - 2/13 Paris92
63229. Re: What would you do most neighbors in campground... mtn man
63195. Re: Tuolumne Winter Conditions Report: 1/31 - 2/6 Paris92
63142. Re: 2012 Yosemite Trip, Part 6 (days 11-13): Rogers Lake, Rogers Meadow, Pate Valley Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, Waterwheel Falls, Le Conte Falls, Tuolumne Meadows Frank
63141. Re: 2012 Yosemite Trip, Part 5 (days 9 and 10): Slide Canyon; Mule Pass; Crown, Robinson, Peeler Lakes; Kerrick Canyon, Peeler Lake, Rogers Lake chick-on
63140. Re: 2012 Yosemite Trip, Part 4 (days 6-8); Tuolumne Meadows, Glen Aulin, Cold Canyon, Miller Lake, Matterhorn Canyon, Burro Pass chick-on
63132. Re: What it takes to get a mountain named after a person Ohnivy-Drak
63129. Re: Tuolumne Meadows HSC Paris92
63120. Application Now Open for Grand Canyon’s Artist-in-Residence Program eeek
63119. Grand Canyon National Park Soon to be 94 Years Strong eeek
63090. Re: Old Crane Flat Roads (and rail) (for DavidK) chick-on
63069. Re: Cloud's Rest in September? tomdisco
63056. Re: Day hike suggestions for next week hotrod4x5
63050. Re: Dance With the Devil DavidSenesac
63045. Secretary Salazar Calls for Greater Promotion and Utilization of Historic Preservation Tax Incentives eeek
63044. Objection Period for Sherwin-Scenic Loop Project eeek
63024. Re: I DON'T want to climb Half Dome plawrence
63008. Re: CA national parks face $100 million in sequester cuts marmot
63006. Re: Yosemite Merced Wild River Plan Webinar going on now. plawrence
62999. Winter weather advisory eeek
62998. Re: February 1 Snow Surveys hotrod4x5
62995. Yellowstone Harnesses Hydropower…Again eeek
62993. Re: Yellowstone Proposes Campground Fee Rate Increase hotrod4x5
62992. Forest Service Proposes Restoration of Unauthorized Routes eeek
62987. Re: Horsetail Falls Ohnivy-Drak
62959. Re: A Circus Tent on El Capitan eeek
62952. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Rehabilitation Plans for the Tioga Road Dave
62950. Lyell Glacier stagnant hotrod4x5
62931. Re: Moonlight hike to Half Dome ? AlmostThere
62918. Re: Talk to me about Camp 4 hotrod4x5
62905. Re: Long Gulch trail chick-on
62895. Re: 2012 Yosemite Trip, Part 3 (days 3-5): YOsemite FAlls to Olmstead Point and May Lake Frank
62893. Re: Ain't it the truth... hikerchick395
62884. Re: Mariposa Grove Road is open chick-on
62878. Re: Trail Closed plawrence
62862. Re: Someone's new trail boat? Bearproof
62855. Re: Virtual view of Grand Canyon trails with Google Maps Street View Strix
62835. Re: Intersection plawrence
62801. BLM still deciding future of recovered ancient artifacts eeek
62793. Re: Sierra hair salon eeek
62789. Re: Tuolumne Weekly Report: 1/24 - 1/29 Paris92
62756. Re: Measuring the Consequence of Forest Fires On Public Health marmot
62741. Re: Breakdown of causes of death in Yosemite park? Dave
62712. Re: Secondary driving routes to Yosemite NP (Blue Highways) vdrummer
62710. Re: Canaveral National Seashore, Florida marmot
62681. Re: Irrigation in California's Central Valley Intensifies Rainfall, Storms Across the Southwest eeek
62679. Kern County marijuana clutivators convicted eeek
62670. Re: Conviction for Operating a Commercial Business in Zion National Park tomdisco
62668. Inyo National Forest Prescribed Fire Projects eeek
62661. Re: Skiing Clouds Rest chick-on
62659. Search for lost hiker balzaccom
62649. Re: Coo coo ca choo (for eeeeeeeeek) MY HAPPY PLACE
62624. Re: Bay Area to Yose via 140 - Eats? Paris92
62618. Re: Bridge out on 140? vdrummer
62609. Re: Banff and Jasper RobE
62595. Re: Posting a pic directly forrestranger
62588. Re: Valley Weather? Paris92
62559. Re: Mr. Bean goes all UL on us hotrod4x5
62557. Re: Yosemite Nature Notes, One Day in Yosemite cantwait2getback
62542. Yosemite National Park Announces Public Meetings and Webinars for the Draft Merced River Plan and Draft Tuolumne River Plan eeek
62497. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Report: 1/16 - 1/23 eeek
62492. Re: Please ID this tree marmot
62491. Re: Yosemite 2013 oakroscoe
62474. Re: Sequoias on Snowshoes redpakotasea
62461. Re: In the shadow of a Big Tree qumqats
62456. Re: Yosemite Rockfall Year in Review: 2012 AnotherDave
62449. Re: Widow's Tears Rare Repeat (article) chick-on
62443. Re: Snow Camping Pics mrcondron
62439. Hiker found dead on Mt. Baldy eeek
62424. Re: Avatars not showing up. plawrence
62395. Re: Questions for a short winter trip eeek
62377. Re: Onion Valley or Cottonwood Lakes to Whitney? Coolburn
62352. Re: Is It Crazy To Hike To Eagle Peak In The Winter From Camp 4? chick-on
62340. Re: Mileage Difference - Clouds Rest Ulysses61
62334. Re: Women hikers-what's up with that? tomdisco
62327. Yosemite National Park to Waive Entrance Fees for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day eeek
62324. Re: Tuolumne Winter Conditions Update: Jan. 9 - Jan. 16 chick-on
62302. Re: HELP! Need some route advice KatyAnderson
62283. Re: input on itinerary: part II Frank
62275. Re: Pinnacles Becomes 59th National Park Dearborn
62274. Re: Search In Progress For Woman Missing in Grand Canyon National Park hotrod4x5
62268. Re: Yosemite Lower Pines Campsite Available to Trade eeek
62227. Re: S.925 -- Mt. Andrea Lawrence Designation Act of 2011 chick-on
62216. Re: Tops of Falls chick-on
62172. Re: Worse than Subway? Dave
62162. Re: Yikes! gophersnake
62153. Re: Overnight to Sentinel Dome (Photos) chick-on
62149. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Ranger Report eeek
62135. Comment Period Extended Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Project eeek
62131. Skier Injured In Avalanche eeek
62126. Closure of Hetchy Road eeek
62092. Re: Small lion stalking the streets of Norfolk, VA eeek
62080. Re: Yosemite plan would ease traffic, shut ice rink parklover
62069. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces the Release of Two Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plans centralsierra
62058. Re: Lodging & Travel Guide Book for Yosemite jaschlott
62031. Re: Tuolumne and Merced Wild and Scenic River DEISs Out Dave
62029. 2012 hottest year on record in continental U.S. eeek
62025. Re: Museum staff move a section of the giant sequoia gophersnake
62020. Special weather statement eeek
62003. Re: Upper Yosemite Falls past the gate? oakroscoe
61998. Re: I think I'd rather use a different hospital eeek
61986. Re: Hetch Hetchy Road has been closed for a few weeks now DavidSenesac
61985. Conservancy Looking for Yosemite Stories eeek
61983. Re: Curry Gift Shop Closing Paris92
61982. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces the New Half Dome Trail Stewardship Plan balzaccom
61979. Re: RIP Huell Howser tmcamper
61978. Re: Vince's unapproved message eeek
61957. Re: Where to obtain a good Yosemite map? marmot
61952. Re: Crippling infection from a dog bite hotrod4x5
61951. Snowfall extremes KenS
61938. Winter weather advisory eeek
61926. Re: New lottery system for Half Dome reservations Torero14
61902. Re: Housekeeping Camp AnotherDave
61887. Re: Chino Hills State Park plawrence
61879. Yellowstone Monthly Update issued Jan 1, 2013 eeek
61878. Biggest hummingbird ever eeek
61872. Re: Pinnacles NP plawrence
61865. Re: Nice trail Ohnivy-Drak
61861. Re: Tenaya Canyon Trip Reports? chicagocwright
61860. Grand Canyon to Replace and Relocate Underground Electric Cable at Phantom Ranch eeek
61859. Grand Canyon 2013 South and North Rim Artists-in-Residence Announced eeek
61858. What bears eat eeek
61818. Re: Snow Coverage eeek
61814. Re: Wilderness permit from Tuolumne meadows AlmostThere
61809. Re: Just Lurking chick-on
61804. Re: Death Valley, hottest place on earth plawrence
61788. Re: New Yosemite Web Cam! eeek
61786. Search for Missing Plane Suspended in Yosemite National Park eeek
61775. Re: TR: a winter trip up to LYV. ttilley
61773. Re: Camping in the valley right now... hotrod4x5
61769. Re: Winter camping ideas around Yosemite plawrence
61763. Re: Happy Isle webcam, snow?! hotrod4x5
61762. Re: Sentinel Dome Icicles Dave
61758. Re: Gigapixel photo of Everest plawrence
61753. Re: Paying for your own rescue tomdisco
61749. Re: Season Greetings from Patterson... plawrence
61739. Re: Christmas Eve Moon is rising hotrod4x5
61738. Snowboarder dies after setting off avalanche at Donner Ski Ranch eeek
61736. Re: Happy Holidays plawrence
61735. Winter weather advisory eeek
61734. Re: A good start yose42
61713. Sequoia National Park: Holiday Shuttle Service plawrence
61711. Re: Snowshoeing Day Treks ttilley
61704. Re: What will occur first? oakroscoe
61695. Re: Slab of Barrier Reef sea floor collapsing, could cause tsunami Dearborn
61693. Re: Is Rock Stacking Graffiti? mbear2
61692. Re: New snow at Badger Pass marmot
61680. Re: Jack Benny goes to Yosemite gophersnake
61679. Forest Service Update on Status of June Mountain Ski Area eeek
61675. Re: Single Engine Plane Missing in Yosemite National Park Vicinity Acadia
61673. Badger Pass Snow Report 3/27/13 eeek
61669. Tuolumne Meadows Winter ConditionsUpdate for December 18 eeek
61667. Badger Pass Opening eeek
61666. Re: Four Mile Trail Closed plawrence
61665. Re: Winter storm warning marmot
61661. When the Ice Melts, the Earth Spews Fire eeek
61654. Re: Timing and intensity is still in the formidable stages hegel
61651. And in the interests of fairness...who's nice! balzaccom
61648. Re: Video--Golden eagle tries to swipe a toddler eeek
61646. Re: A plane went missing over Yosemite JamesMac
61638. Re: Need Advice on JMT (Breaking the trail into sections) AlmostThere
61637. Winter storm watch eeek
61636. Mist Trail Closed for Season eeek
61633. Naughty list balzaccom
61625. Re: Need Advice for Eastern Sierras hondo80
61621. Re: Half Dome from Lick Observatory eeek
61611. Re: Yosemite valley in December tomdisco
61591. Re: Hostess Soon May Be Sold Only At Wal-Mart Or Kroger Dave
61590. Winter weather advisory eeek
61588. Re: Is that a coyote in Ahwahnee Meadow? cantwait2getback
61583. Re: Spot II Satellite GPS Messenger Royalist
61579. Re: How'd everone do this morning making Valley campground reservations? hikerchick395
61571. Badger Pass Update eeek
61570. Valley Campgrounds Office Hours eeek
61569. Re: Rapelling Half Dome steelcup
61560. Re: Looks like some snow in dat der valley! JamesMac
61557. Re: Yosemite National Park Participates in 113th Annual Christmas Bird Count wherever
61556. Re: Ice Cut Closure qumqats
61549. Scientists Train Honey Bees to Stick out Their Tongues eeek
61547. California King Tides Initiative plawrence
61544. Body Found Below Grand Canyon Abyss Overlook eeek
61536. Re: Is that the view from the ridge below Gaylor Peak? mrcondron
61528. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
61525. Yosemite Forum Tuesday eeek
61517. The Ups and Downs of Bighorn Sheep Research eeek
61516. Climate Change Affecting Overall Weather Patterns, May Affect Water Availability, in California eeek
61512. Re: Grand Canyon as Old as the Dinosaurs: Dates for Carving of Western Grand Canyon Pushed Back 60 Million Years Dave
61508. Re: Alarming Increase in Death Rates Among Trees 100-300 Years Old plawrence
61469. Re: How to charge devices while camping? Ohnivy-Drak
61467. Winter Storms Close Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway for the Season eeek
61465. U.S Wildfire Risk Worsening, According to Climate Projections eeek
61463. Re: Don Striker Named Superintendent Of Denali Dave
61462. Re: December Bear Update AlmostThere
61461. Re: Tioga and Glacier Point Roads Closed for the Season in Yosemite National Park plawrence
61458. Re: Meralgia Paresthetica h_lankford
61446. Invasive Grass Fuels Increased Fire Activity in the West eeek
61444. Hoist Training eeek
61431. Re: Electrical line up to the Glacier Point area gophersnake
61426. Crane Flat Waterline Replacement-Phase 2A eeek
61422. Re: Webber Lake, Lacey Meadows saved in land trust deal balzaccom
61409. Re: Yosemite Falls Last Weekend oakroscoe
61377. Re: Where to keep backpacking stuff when claiming Half Dome AlmostThere
61376. Re: Beautiful Women and How to Attract Them yosemitejim
61345. Re: Flood warning Dave
61333. Re: Yosemite Falls ttilley
61291. Re: Landspout (tornado) near Independence plawrence
61288. Re: Is it Possible?Merced Lake-Half Dome and Valley in 1 day? Paris92
61287. Re: Beer at High Sierra camp Mom
61276. Re: The coming megafloods -- Scientific American marmot
61271. Re: Donation Fund Established in Petroglyph Vandalism Case QITNL
61270. Re: High Sierra camps at end of June AlmostThere
61268. Re: Possible single snowstorm record on Mt Shasta eeek
61233. Re: Flood watch mtn man
61230. Re: Glacier Point Ski Hut redpakotasea
61198. Re: Search For Overdue Couple In Joshua Tree Unsuccessful hotrod4x5
61186. Re: Huell Howser retires chick-on
61182. Re: Just got back from New Zealand chick-on
61163. Grizzly Bear Shot And Killed In Grand Teton National Park eeek
61147. Re: Lodge Bike Stand Closed parklover
61146. Re: Pray for Rain Dave
61144. Campground Update eeek
61139. Re: Possilbe "ARKstorm" heading towards California and the Sierra boomtown
61128. Re: Ice Cut Reopened chick-on
61127. Yosemite Indian Life - Rare photo of early Native life Yosemite_Indian
61124. Area forecast discussion eeek
61096. Re: This will have to do... qumqats
61086. Passes closed for now eeek
61075. Re: Goodbye dear Friend... We've had some good times... hotrod4x5
61074. Re: Eat plenty of Turkey---not chicken... plawrence
61060. BLM Releases Draft Environmental Document for 33-MW Geothermal Project Near Mammoth Lakes eeek
61059. Re: Reds Meadow Area Open for Winter Use plawrence
61054. Re: Yosemite National Park Waterfalls Flowing Again plawrence
61046. Re: Reds meadow shuttle tomdisco
61039. Monitor Pass is open eeek
61017. Re: Glacier Pt Road parklover
61016. Re: Petroglyphs stolen near Bishop eeek
61001. Winter storm warning eeek
60997. Re: Yosemite Falls yosemitejim
60987. Re: Motion-Yosemite cross country chick-on
60939. Re: Cell phone to the rescue...at least when you have coverage balzaccom
60929. Fisheries Restoration Efforts Remove 300,000 Non-native Lake Trout eeek
60925. Re: Hostess to start liquidation eeek
60919. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
60914. Re: Some Backpacking Prospects For NYE ThaFlash_LA
60906. Rangers Locate Missing Maryland Woman eeek
60904. Re: Close of 2012 Fire Season wherever
60893. Re: Ski season is upon us... eeek
60865. Re: Chowchilla Mountain Road Closed for the Season Dearborn
60859. What will eat da bird? eeek
60856. Re: Epic Weekend, Nov 9-11 nervousOne
60845. Re: Two Tents Lake plawrence
60836. Re: Chains required on 120 eeek
60834. Re: There's snow in them thar hills! plawrence
60832. Early morning Ahwahnee Meadow looking good right now Jon Mure
60807. happiness in miniature balzaccom
60801. Re: The smaller things to appreciate about Yosemite.... parklover
60798. Re: Granite AnotherDave
60797. Tioga Pass is closed due to snow eeek
60794. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
60790. Bristlecone Visitor Center Closed for the Season eeek
60789. Comments Sought on Environmental Assessment for Black Canyon Riparian Restoration Project eeek
60776. Re: Special weather statement Ohnivy-Drak
60775. Re: DNC Closures Dearborn
60764. Re: Valley Color is Gorgeous Now yosemitejim
60762. CHP Overflight Thursday eeek
60761. Camp 4 eeek
60759. Failed beaver dam unleashes mini-flood KenS
60758. 128 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone National Park region eeek
60755. Mountain Meadows Dwindling in Pacific Northwest, U.S. Due to Climate Change eeek
60754. Yosemite National Park Seeks Short Stories to Help Commemorate the Park’s Upcoming Anniversaries eeek
60753. Yosemite National Park and the Ansel Adams Gallery to Hold Award Ceremony and Art Exhibition eeek
60742. Re: Special weather statement tanngrisnir3
60731. Re: Camping for Thanksgiving parklover
60729. Re: Animals gone wild eeek
60724. Re: Flying blind balzaccom
60723. Sonora Pass is open eeek
60722. Lottery Registration Now Open for Yosemite’s Ostrander Ski Hut eeek
60721. Hetch Hetchy Hours eeek
60720. Retired SAR/Drug Dog “Emma” Passes Away eeek
60719. Magnitude 2.7 earthquake felt in Yosemite Valley eeek
60703. Climber Dies In Fall Below Angels Landing eeek
60700. Incident Drill Today eeek
60695. Re: Moon rises over Lembert yosemitejim
60692. Inyo National Forest Preparing to Revise 1988 Forest Plan eeek
60691. Inyo National Forest Announces Scoping Period for Vegetation Management Project eeek
60687. Moon Rises over Half Dome qumqats
60683. Re: Boo! - Happy Halloween plawrence
60674. Re: Gas prices at Tuolumne Meadows ttilley
60666. Final Update: North Rim Prescribed Fires, November 7 eeek
60665. Los Angeles Aqueduct eeek
60663. Re: Yosemite Falls is quite dry plawrence
60660. Re: Is that a person on top of Half Dome? nervousOne
60659. Bear attack? eeek
60654. Re: Too close? qumqats
60652. Re: New Fire – Spur Fire plawrence
60634. Re: Back from North Dome Loop! Torero14
60630. Re: Yosemite Fires (Update #12) plawrence
60628. Wawona tunnel Wednesday eeek
60623. Re: The Pros carry only the best equipment Bearproof
60621. Re: Snow Report - The Big Picture(s) eeek
60616. Re: The Marmots Guy - gone but not forgotten tomdisco
60614. Re: Twin Peaks at Lake Eklutna chick-on
60607. Hooray for the Bristlecone Pines KenS
60606. Re: Video: Bristlecone pines, and recent meteor shower over Joshua Tree parklover
60603. Re: Bishop campground rehabilitation project completed calipidder
60602. Google hikes Grand Canyon for Google Maps yosemitejim
60594. Reds Meadow Road and Area Closure eeek
60593. Re: Campgrounds closing calberry
60592. Highway 140 closure at the Ferguson Slide eeek
60591. Monitor Pass is open eeek
60584. Re: Lengthy Search For Missing Hiker Suspended chick-on
60576. Fire Managers Are Making Plans for Two Prescribed Fires on Grand Canyon’s North Rim eeek
60574. Injured Woman Extricated From Zion Canyon eeek
60573. Re: Yosemite National Park Conducts Rescue on El Capitan: High Angle Rescue of Stranded Climber in Snow Storm Successful QITNL
60542. Re: DNC Updates Paris92
60530. Re: They should re name housekeeping camp raccoonville.. Dearborn
60523. Re: Should the National Park Service or Arizona's state park system manage the Grand Canyon? eeek
60519. Comment Period Extended On Proposed New Cell Tower for Yellowstone's Lake Area eeek
60514. Crane Flat Waterline Replacement-Phase 2A Update eeek
60494. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
60480. Re: Any guesses as to the first big snow dump in the valley? tanngrisnir3
60471. Re: Where is Middle Chain Lake? ttilley
60466. Re: Who runs this map site? hotrod4x5
60453. Re: LA Times ad blasts APCD over dry lake clean-up Dearborn
60451. Re: Winter storm warning parklover
60446. Re: Happy 67th Birthday Dad--Mt. Whitney Summit Bearproof
60440. Recession Drives Down U.S. National Park Visitation eeek
60434. Re: North Dome Loop chick-on
60426. Re: Photograph -- seconds before lightning strikes hotrod4x5
60425. Could a Hurricane Ever Strike Southern California? eeek
60421. Re: Digital Geologic Map of Yosemite National Park and Vicinity eeek
60415. Re: El Niño a no-show? DavidSenesac
60401. Re: 70 year old hikes the John Muir Trail DavidSenesac
60397. Quaking Aspen DavidSenesac
60395. Special weather statement eeek
60393. Re: Yosemite National Park to Reopen Mirror Lake Loop Hiking Trail on October 18 hotrod4x5
60392. Re: So the Flintstones hometown was a real place? snorkus
60374. Re: Yosemite Is Better: Fall Recovery Day-Hikes chick-on
60373. Re: Snow conditions on higher peaks? chick-on
60372. Re: Campgrounds East of Tioga Pass Still Open? calipidder
60359. Re: Drunk Bear Fight Dave
60358. Bear Activity eeek
60357. Re: Vegetation Thinning Begins at Foresta and Hetch Hetchy Dave
60356. Grand Canyon Visitor Killed In Accident On North Rim eeek
60355. Crane Flat Waterline Replacement-Phase 2A Update eeek
60354. Re: Glacier Point Snack Stand and Gift Shop Closed hotrod4x5
60352. Second hantavirus-related death in Grant County WA KenS
60337. Re: You can get anything you want... At Clouds Rest-aurant... ERICG
60302. Re: Not How Fishing Works #FAIL eeek
60300. Yosemite National Park Utilizes New Methods to Study Great Gray Owls eeek
60299. Re: Campground Update ttilley
60291. Re: input on itinerary idea: Valley Rim loop+CR+HD plawrence
60278. Baseball analogy to future Yellowstone caldera eruptions KenS
60273. Dire Drought Ahead, May Lead to Massive Tree Death eeek
60269. Rangers Rescue Two Overdue Canyoneers at Zion National Park eeek
60266. Re: Secretary Of Interior Decks Smart-Ass Buffalo marmot
60265. Missing Hikers Were Well Prepared eeek
60264. Re: Macroinvertebrates of the Merced River chick-on
60254. Re: A pump-action shotgun to kill flies plawrence
60250. Ancient Roman and Chinese empires greenhouse gases yosemitejim
60243. Not bear safe eeek
60226. Re: Deer killed a person sign... prey4mojo
60224. Scientists Identify Trigger for Explosive Volcanic Eruptions eeek
60209. Re: Sonora Pass is closed Paris92
60207. Yellowstone Seeks Information on Thorofare Elk Poaching eeek
60206. Earth Science Week to be Celebrated at Grand Canyon National Park eeek
60204. Grand Canyon Investigators Seeking Information in Search for Missing Man eeek
60194. Yellowstone Seeking Comments on Heart Lake Trail Project eeek
60193. Re: Yosemite Forum Canceled chicagocwright
60162. Merced river getting close to record low mtn man
60153. Re: restaurants to avoid? parklover
60152. Re: Rules marmot
60151. Re: Trivia/Puzzles Ohnivy-Drak
60145. Re: McGee Creek Backpack - Fall Color mtn man
60138. Compatible with any Smartphone forum reader app? plawrence
60131. Forestry Work Near Pothole Dome eeek
60129. Road Work on Northside Drive eeek
60127. Yosemite National Park worker describes how walk turned into ordeal eeek
60119. West Nile Virus KenS
60096. Re: weather forecasts ttilley
60091. Re: Oregon - Chick-on Trip Report chick-on
60082. Re: Special weather statement Dave
60075. Inyo National Forest and BLM Plan Fall Prescribed Burn Projects eeek
60074. Re: Bridgeport Shell #7 in gas price! y_p_w
60070. Re: Tent Cabins? plawrence
60054. Re: Public places to watch Monday Night Football in the Valley hotrod4x5
60047. Re: Mirror Lake Blasting qumqats
60046. Yosemite National Park Facelift Yields Over 20,000 Pounds of Trash eeek
60029. Re: Yosemite from 10,000 feet Frank
60021. ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch eeek
60015. Campground Update eeek
60014. Yosemite Fire Update eeek
60013. Half Dome Cables To Be Taken Down in Yosemite National Park eeek
60001. Re: Is this a common thing to see? Shadow of a mountain. Dave
59991. Re: Trip Report - August Back pack (Part 2) - TM loop BigR
59985. Re: Hilton Lake #2 ttilley
59979. Intoxicated Driver Floats The New River In Her Car eeek
59968. Re: Skateboarder Hits A Deer At 40mph plawrence
59961. Re: Trip report - August Backpack (part 1) - TM loop BigR
59956. Re: How's The Camping At Babcock & Ireland Lakes??? mrcondron
59949. Road Work on Glacier Point Road eeek
59948. Mirror Lake Blasting eeek
59936. Man Collapses And Dies On Bright Angel Trail eeek
59933. Re: Edwin Parker? Dearborn
59928. Re: The Great Sentinel Dome Dump wherever
59927. Re: Buena Vista Lake/Crest, Ottoway Lake, Half Dome August 2012 ckm554
59912. Re: Yosemite 2012 trip. Day 2: Cascade Creek to Yosemite Falls trailblazer
59911. Re: Change name of "Discovery" View to Moonlight Rock View! parklover
59909. Yosemite National Park Ranger Shauna Potocky Wins Prestigious Award eeek
59908. Re: Spawn of Satan? parklover
59898. Re: Start planning your trip for total solar eclipse mbear
59893. Re: Fall is here DavidSenesac
59888. Re: Full moon over half dome cam ttilley
59867. Re: housekeeping camp ryanmj
59862. Re: Wilderness Permits for JMT apeman45
59849. TwoDeath Valley Marijuana Grow Sites Shut Down eeek
59839. Re: Muir Gorge chick-on
59838. Re: Pate Valley Pics chick-on
59801. US Forest Service report shows fewer trees dying In nation's forests eeek
59800. North Rim Fire Managers Make Plans for Fall Pile Burning eeek
59798. Re: Canyoneering Fatality Victim at Zion National Park Identified snorkus
59789. Re: Rangers Arrest Guide For Operating In Park Without A Permit ttilley
59784. Re: Air Pollution from charbroiling hamburgers yosemitejim
59778. Tragedy in Nepalese Himalayas Ohnivy-Drak
59776. Re: Sitting pretty Jayabrams
59773. Re: Seriously? If I'd have known... I would have left you a Twinkie oakroscoe
59760. Re: Recommendation for non-strenuous Tulomne area dayhike? yosemitejim
59751. Re: Aerial pics from plane of Northern Yosemite Frank
59745. Re: Angler loses jaw from grizzly attack KenS
59739. Tuolumne Meadows Campground eeek
59738. Re: Need a trail mileage DavidSenesac
59730. Mammoth Lakes Trail System Grand Opening eeek
59729. Many Facilities on Grand Canyon’s North Rim to Close for Season on October 15, 2012 eeek
59703. Fatalities at Grand Canyon below average this year KenS
59698. Re: Trip Report: 3 big hikes chick-on
59693. Re: Snow Creek Cabin Winter Food Storage chick-on
59692. Blasting at Mirror Lake eeek
59690. Re: Signs, maps, and fallibility balzaccom
59686. Re: Sonora Pass/Hwy 108 - Day Hike Ideas? oakroscoe
59656. Wawona Road-Area Pavement Preservation 9/17/12 Update (September-October) eeek
59653. Re: Bear Activity tomdisco
59651. Climbing Closure Related to Upcoming Road Closure - September 19, 2012 eeek
59650. Crane Flat Early Closure on 9/19/12 Due to Road Work eeek
59645. Re: TR: Moose Lake loop (Seki) carl_spackler
59643. SEKI Jennie Lakes TR balzaccom
59635. Fire Restrictions to be Lifted eeek
59633. Re: Closure of Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Habitat to Pack Goat Use SoCalCPA
59628. Re: Current Water Situation - LYV and Surrounding Area cairnqueen
59598. Re: Fall color eeek
59597. Re: It's Hunt-On Season - Me Shoots me a Bear oakroscoe
59578. The Monster Returns! rroland
59563. Re: Variant Names For Half Dome qumqats
59552. Re: Endurance Athlete Dies After Solo Run Strix
59551. Re: Hidden cams reveal Point Reyes’ wildlife haven eeek
59545. Re: Bedtime Stories mask, charity auction hotrod4x5
59527. Re: North Peak and Excelsior Mountain Photos edg
59520. Re: Smokies Pictures plawrence
59517. Re: Sequoia Nat'l Park plawrence
59516. Re: We Made It! chick-on
59514. Re: Campground Closure plawrence
59513. End Dates for Tuolumne Transportation eeek
59512. Re: emphasis for hikers to carry topo maps AlmostThere
59510. Crossing the road eeek
59508. Re: Wilma vs. Wilmer lake-other sign inaccuracies? chick-on
59492. Re: Latest hantavirus news in the NY Times chick-on
59484. Re: Fatally Wounded Great Gray Owl hotrod4x5
59483. Yosemite Fire Update eeek
59475. Re: Death Valley truly the HOTTEST place on Earth! hotrod4x5
59466. Re: This is Unicorn Peak, yes? TheMountainsAreCalling
59454. Re: PBS: California Forever Ohnivy-Drak
59420. Re: Half Dome Cables Added as an Historic Site qumqats
59395. Re: Hantavirus -- go, or cancel trip? Paris92
59369. Re: Fall Color Hikes? hotrod4x5
59352. Top Scientists Examine Resource Stewardship in National Parks eeek
59350. Work to Begin for Reds Meadow Valley Wind-Fallen Tree Removal Project eeek
59349. Climber Falls Several Hundred Feet To His Death eeek
59344. Re: FCFS Little Yosemite Permits chick-on
59338. Re: Cathedral Pass - Regular Images and 3D chick-on
59332. Re: Stranded Hikers Rescued From Tenaya Canyon chick-on
59329. Re: Photography of the national parks hotrod4x5
59328. Re: Crane Flat Waterline Replacement-Phase 2A Calaveras
59306. Re: What to do in Oregon/S Washington? (advice request) chick-on
59292. Re: Old Yosemite maps / David Rumsey Map Collection parklover
59280. Re: Seasonal Campground Closures chick-on
59279. Re: Update: Yosemite National Park Continues Response to Hantavirus Cases eeek
59254. Re: Sierra High Route - Roads End to Palisade Basin; Muro Blanco chick-on
59253. Re: The John Muir Trail documentary project Jayabrams
59249. Man Rescued After Fall in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
59248. Hetchy Road Hours eeek
59232. Picking berries - how good is your insurance? Vince
59220. Re: Half Dome research chick-on
59219. Re: Phantom Ranch Jayabrams
59216. Re: Lapse of Wonderful Time in da Seehara yosemitejim
59211. Re: Wonderful time lapse hotrod4x5
59194. Redwoods National Park Seeks Comments on Fish Habitat Restoration Proposal eeek
59187. Re: Clouds Rest Sunrise gkam2
59181. Re: Missing Woman #FAIL chicagocwright
59174. Re: Mt. Whitney Survival chick-on
59173. Re: Chilnualna Falls to Lake Ostrander sammymcgee
59161. Re: Science demands that you stop calling this kid the ‘Marmot Whisperer’ tomdisco
59159. Romney jokes about rising oceans yosemitejim
59155. Re: Scientists' calls to warn Yosemite visitors of virus unheeded plawrence
59150. Missing Hiker Found By Searchers eeek
59147. Re: New Yosemite Nature Notes eeek
59140. Re: Injured German Visitor Rescued From Canyon in Zion National Park hotrod4x5
59139. Re: El Portal Service Station Reopens hotrod4x5
59133. Obama Administration Announces New Design, Expanded Content for Recreation.Gov as Part of Initiative to Boost Tourism, Strengthen Economy plawrence
59124. "Safety first" warnings before the Labor Day weekend KenS
59117. Re: The High Sierra Trail & John Muir Trail In Pictures parklover
59115. Special weather statement eeek
59114. NPS: Yosemite Hantavirus Fact Sheet plawrence
59113. California Heatwaves to Move Toward Coastal Areas: Researchers Reassess Heatwaves Against the Backdrop of Rising Temperatures eeek
59111. Re: Hang Gliding Accident Resulting in Injuries Near Glacier Point Hiker Dad
59108. Winner Announced for Bristlecone Art Competition eeek
59101. Re: Camping Reservations Oct 8-11 North Pines Big Driveway nightsklabs
59096. Re: Trip Options for Thanksgiving Weekend? plawrence
59093. Re: Starving cougar attacks woman in her home Acadia
59092. Re: Another grizzly attack Acadia
59086. Re: Russian River Campground closed to tent camping & vehicles/trailers with canvas or screen walls chicagocwright
59085. Southwest California Condor Program Review eeek
59083. Re: Water in Matterhorn Canyon? Frank
59080. Re: Only Two Percent of Canadians Deny Climate Change plawrence
59079. Re: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Extent Ever Recorded plawrence
59077. Crater Lake Park Staff Respond To Several Incidents Over Weekend eeek
59076. Yosemite Fire - Update #7 – August 28, 2012 eeek
59066. Re: Video: Mono Lake and Bodie plawrence
59062. Re: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Response Continues at Yosemite National Park eeek
59058. Re: Third case of hantavirus confirmed in Yosemite plawrence
59057. Re: Ten Lakes Pics ttilley
59055. Tour Boat Evacuated After Hitting Rock In Glacier Bay eeek
59053. Re: Mirror Lake Blast AnotherDave
59052. Re: Our Attempt to Reach the Tarn above Upper Conness Lake Calaveras
59036. Re: Chick-On's 1954 Valley Map Finally Time
59033. Re: Grizzly Bear attack bbb
59023. Re: Old Priest Grade ttilley
59021. Final Update: North Rim Fires, Grand Canyon National Park eeek
59019. Re: Old slides Ohnivy-Drak
58998. Re: Wawona Road-Area Pavement Preservation 8/23/12 Update eeek
58985. Re: The body of the second boy has been found healeygirl
58979. Extreme Campers Built for Off-Roading KenS
58975. Firewood in Inyo National Forest eeek
58947. Half Dome cam... locusts??? hotrod4x5
58921. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
58919. Mirror Lake Blast Cancelle eeek
58911. Re: Announcing your future trips ttilley
58910. Re: Half Dome tomdisco
58871. Forest Razing by Ancient Maya Worsened Droughts eeek
58868. Re: Trip report-Rafferty Creek-Vogelsang-Ireland Creek Aug 4 plawrence
58867. Re: Struck by lightning on the JMT-my story snorkus
58856. Re: No permit? tomdisco
58831. Re: Kennedy Meadows to Iceland Lake plawrence
58827. Re: Fairview from Medicott Dome plawrence
58824. Re: Yosemite Fire Update plawrence
58823. Re: Yosemite National Park Recognizes 96th Birthday of the National Park Service plawrence
58807. Re: Need help ID'ing a peak chick-on
58799. Re: Vegas to Yosemite...what route ? plawrence
58797. Re: Backpacking overnight advice plawrence
58795. California State Parks officials looking to spend while shortchanging parks plawrence
58784. Two New Monitoring Protocols Published – Sierra Nevada Network eeek
58783. El Portal Gas Station and NPS El Portal Fueling Station Updates eeek
58747. Re: Matthes Lake area TR s_tones
58746. Re: Robinson Creek permit availability chick-on
58732. Re: Old dude runs down bicyclist y_p_w
58723. bear market eeek
58709. Re: My experience with HAPE and some questions eeek
58705. Re: Spider Version of Bigfoot Emerges from Caves in the Pacific Northwest Dave
58704. Forest Service ends ban on night flights to battle fires eeek
58703. Re: Bristlecone Visitor Center Set to Open September 1st With Grand Opening Celebra hotrod4x5
58657. Re: Yosemite in 1916 Royalist
58656. Body of Missing Six Year Old Boy Recovered in Yosemite National Park eeek
58655. Re: CDPH Press Release: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Found in Two California Residents HD2012
58651. Crane Flat Construction eeek
58624. Re: Hiking is zee alps yosemitejim
58608. Three Rescued From Car Hanging On Mountainside eeek
58607. Yosemite Conservancy to Fund Youth Programs with $1.3 Million eeek
58600. Re: So where the Heck have you been? chick-on
58597. Re: Just a wave as I pass through plawrence
58595. Seeing Sprites: Researchers Catch Glimpses of Electromagnetic Bursts High in Earth's Atmosphere eeek
58586. Re: WHY are there so many Illegal fire rings and campfires ? DavidSenesac
58583. Mirror Lake Blasting eeek
58577. Re: Woohoo, it's finally here..... Cathedral to Lyell loop Jayabrams
58568. Re: El Niño conditions are likely to develop during August or September 2012 eeek
58567. Inyo National Forest Travel Management Implementation – Observations Invited eeek
58566. Re: Yosemite Fire Update oso101
58565. Santa Barbara County Man Survives 50 Plus Hour Ordeal Stranded On Sheer Rock Face eeek
58564. Re: A very dry summer continues DavidSenesac
58562. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
58559. Re: Piute Pass, Feather Pass, Bear Lakes Basin, Selden Pass Loop ttilley
58557. Re: Can you help me identify a peak? mbear
58553. Are Yellowstone’s bears running out of food sources? KenS
58544. Re: TR: Northern Loop with Crown, Snow, Rock Island, Doe, Sister, Peeler Lakes and Crazy Mule Gulch eeek
58542. Re: Campsite now available 8-13 through 8-19 mtn man
58541. Re: Recent thunder storms hotrod4x5
58531. Re: Backpack for the developing world plawrence
58529. Rescues from Yosemite to Whitney KenS
58526. Re: Middle to Upper Conness Lake Route Calaveras
58522. Re: Morning shots of Yosemite... plawrence
58519. Grand Canyon National Park to Manage Two Fires on North Rim eeek
58517. Re: Glasses half full Dave
58514. Re: The reason why... yosemitejim
58513. Re: Crosscountry from Harriet to Bernice Lakes? janefish
58511. Please help keep human food from bears eeek
58510. US Forest Service proposes to streamline land management plan review process eeek
58508. Indian Fire Update eeek
58500. Re: Mount Hoffmann yosemitejim
58499. California's Hydropower Stations to Generate Less Electricity in Summer as Climate Warms eeek
58498. Re: Mock Search chick-on
58497. Body Found On Muir Snowfield eeek
58496. Re: Newly created mapping site from supertopo reader tanngrisnir3
58488. Man it's dry! balzaccom
58477. Re: Cairn garden in Arches National park... (td) DavidSenesac
58470. Re: For your viewing enjoyment hotrod4x5
58457. Special weather statement eeek
58454. Grand Canyon Hiker Critically Injured By Rock Fall eeek
58452. 14th Annual Yosemite Valley Apple Picking eeek
58445. Re: Vernal Fall August 2012 Jon Mure
58437. How Forests Thrive After Fires and Volcanoes eeek
58436. Decision Announced for Reds Meadow Valley Wind-Fallen Tree Removal Project eeek
58435. Re: Spiral lightning scars ttilley
58433. Donner Summit land to be preserved as open space eeek
58431. Re: Up near Cockscomb Peak yosemitejim
58430. Rabid Beaver Bites Park Visitor eeek
58429. Research Links Extreme Summer Heat Events to Global Warming eeek
58428. Yosemite Fire Update – August 3, 2012 eeek
58427. Re: Lyell Canyon to Emeric Lake question tomdisco
58418. Re: Water sources between Clouds Rest and Half Dome theBigLip
58415. Rivers just as dangerous in low water year KenS
58404. Re: Best hikes around TM hotrod4x5
58403. Re: Shortcut to lower Cathedraj Lk DavidSenesac
58402. Re: Ads for Flagging Finally Time
58401. Re: Finally got out on the trail this year~ wherever
58397. Re: Hidden Canyon Trail Closed in Zion National Park hotrod4x5
58386. Re: Indian miners around Yosemite - yes or no? Blue Moon
58385. Special weather statement eeek
58380. Re: Sierra Point trailblazer
58376. Re: Bear cam eeek
58375. Yosemite National Park, with donors' help, expands at-risk youth programs KenS
58370. Re: Cardiac Victim Revived With AED tmcamper
58365. Re: Seriously Ill Backpacker at High Elevation (near Isberg Pass) Flown out by Helicopter yosemitejim
58364. Re: Interesting article on older yosemite plawrence
58363. Re: The typical question.. wherever
58362. Forest Service to Host Public Field Trip to Kern Plateau eeek
58349. Re: Tuolumne Campground redfox1939
58343. Yellowstone Rangers Involved In Three Same-Day EMS Responses eeek
58339. Re: Blasting at Mirror Lake qumqats
58333. Re: kayakers on tenaya creek waterslide..wild chicagocwright
58328. Re: Mono Pass (south) and Mt. Watkins wherever
58327. Special weather statement eeek
58326. Kuna Lake Day Hike basilbop
58317. Re: New road into Yosemite National Park rebuffed Rob65
58312. Re: Phantom Valley wherever
58308. Re: Decline of backcountry overnights Royalist
58306. Climate-Change Skeptic Changes His Mind Dave
58302. Re: Pinnacles National Monument could become 59th national park DavidSenesac
58301. Bearladder video KenS
58299. Re: SEKI Fire Restrictions eeek
58296. Remains Of Missing Concession Employee Found eeek
58289. Re: Middle Fork of San Joaquin Trails... robbrandt
58288. Body Of Missing Hiker Found Following Search eeek
58287. Possible stem cell therapy for damaged meniscus KenS
58283. 250 Years of Global Warming: Berkeley Earth Releases New Analysis eeek
58282. Wildfire Contained Near Cartago Canyon eeek
58276. Re: Campground with free shower hotrod4x5
58267. Chick-on bait eeek
58264. Panorama Dome Trail Closure eeek
58261. hiking out of kern river to pct via willows route merlynnmann
58259. August Arts at the Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center eeek
58253. Re: Searching for the lost Mono Trail (long) chick-on
58247. Hiker dies in Alaska ERICG
58238. Re: Housekeeping Camp in Oct hotrod4x5
58236. Re: Camp Curry "signature cabins" limonjelly
58221. Rattlesnake Bite in Little Yosemite Valley eeek
58220. The New Face of El Niño eeek
58217. Re: Be careful with your stove eeek
58216. Re: Any Other Parks Have HSC-LIke Accommodations? y_p_w
58214. Re: Yosemite falls parklover
58205. Re: Clouds Rest summit video - backpack cam (June 23, 2012) plawrence
58203. Re: Search for Missing Hiker in Sequoia National Park and Inyo County in/around Mount Langley Ataim
58202. Re: Amazing Half-Dome rescue from 6-22-2012 (failed cables!) nervousOne
58201. Hazard Tree Mitigation on Tioga Road eeek
58191. Re: Rise in Temperatures and CO2 Follow Each Other Closely in Climate Change Dave
58185. Re: Craigslist posting flagged TinaD
58183. Wawona Road-Area Pavement Preservation Update eeek
58177. Expanded wilderness area in Lake Tahoe basin proposed eeek
58171. Re: Oregon's Sky Lakes Wilderness (pics) nightsklabs
58162. Re: Stienstra --Sometimes, maps are better than GPS wherever
58160. Highway cleanup crew? eeek
58155. Re: 2 Housekeeping Reservations July 28-Aug 4 TinaD
58138. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground Road ttilley
58133. Re: Bear box size at TM campground limonjelly
58122. Re: Safety at National Parks Mom
58102. California parks director resigns amid scandal QITNL
58101. Rangers Respond to Report of Woman Over Edge at Grandview eeek
58098. Re: The bears are back in town chicagocwright
58086. Re: Chances on getting cloud rest permit day of hike Jayabrams
58075. Re: New scalper tricks eeek
58073. Re: Alternatives to Flagging? plawrence
58072. New Fire Detected in Kings Canyon National Park eeek
58070. Re: North Peak Hike Bearproof
58069. Re: Yosemite Bear eats a fawn eeek
58068. Wilderness Stewardship Plan Alternatives for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks eeek
58067. Re: New Scalper on Craigslist? plawrence
58064. Re: Hodgdon Meadow accessible trail/hike to Carlon Day Use Area? DavidK42
58057. Re: Special weather statement plawrence
58048. Re: Fishing in August - High Siera Loop plawrence
58035. Re: Chiquito, Chittenden, Fernandez tomdisco
58028. Re: Tom Stienstra hikes Hetch Hetchy plawrence
58018. Re: Yosemite National Park Invites the Public to the Community Emergency Services Day Presentations and Programs to Focus on Community Safety and Emergency Services Royalist
58015. Sinking Carbon: Researchers Publish Results of an Iron Fertilization Experiment eeek
58000. Re: Pohono to Glacier to Panorama to Happy Isles - one day? mrcondron
57995. Re: Possible Yosemite Park expansion near Yosemite West plawrence
57979. Re: GCT August 13 - 15 Akichow
57976. Re: Showers at TM hotrod4x5
57972. Re: trailer camping in winter Sierrafan
57971. Back-To-Back La Niñas Cooled Globe and Influenced Extreme Weather in 2011 eeek
57964. Trigger for Past Rapid Sea Level Rise Discovered eeek
57959. Re: Water Conservation Measures for the Wawona and Tuolumne Communities plawrence
57955. Special weather statement eeek
57944. Re: Wawona road Pohono
57943. A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy KenS
57942. If you see a mountain lion KenS
57932. Re: Anyone know what kind of snake this is? Finally Time
57931. Re: More ads that need flagging... Blue Moon
57928. Re: It is Possibly to disable the "Follow Topic" checkbox? eeek
57925. Fire Restrictions Lifted in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
57919. Modified Opening Date for Climbing Closures in Yosemite eeek
57905. Re: Trip Report: Nelson Lake to Sunrise HSC Andy Why
57904. Re: Day Hikes from Glen Aulin (Advice Requested) eeek
57896. Re: white wolf > Ten Lakes > Tuolumne Peak ? Frank
57870. Re: Sunnyside Bench trip yosemitenut
57863. Southern Cal Edison Power Outage-Tuolumne Area eeek
57862. Re: Construction Activities in the Rush Creek Area hegel
57861. Inyo National Forest Summer Recreation Update eeek
57860. Re: Let's knock out this bad boy... plawrence
57852. Update on the Merced River Plan plawrence
57851. Please Respect Wildlife and Their Young plawrence
57850. Re: Better side-trip from Koip Peak Pass? mbear
57804. Re: High country wildflower report mbear
57798. Re: water on trail to Half Dome question snorkus
57774. Re: Hetch Hetchy on the Nov. 2012 ballot in San Francisco ttilley
57771. Re: Huge leap in the number of rattlesnake bites across California this spring ttilley
57770. Los Vaqueros Watershed's north side in East Contra Costa to reopen this weekend plawrence
57769. Re: TM Campground / Is it dry NanaNash
57763. Rangers Rescue Stranded Climber From Middle Teton eeek
57758. Re: Conness Lakes - 2D and 3D Calaveras
57751. Re: Which Route To Sunrise HSC? Mom
57745. Special weather statement eeek
57733. Re: A Tale of Two-olumnes: The GCT Revisited Frank
57717. Summer Branch Drop Advisory eeek
57685. Re: Seen Le Conte or Water Wheel Falls lately? Mom
57683. Injured Climber Rescued From Minotaur Tower eeek
57682. Visitor Drowns In Mount Rainier National Park Creek eeek
57662. Re: Goofy Rocks cantwait2getback
57654. Re: Jack Main/Mahan Lake Trip oakroscoe
57646. Re: Nathan returns to Tenaya Lake teneya1969
57633. Re: Waking up to the open jaws of a mountain lion in Sierra Dave
57631. Re: Back from the Grand Tetons yosemitejim
57624. Special weather statement eeek
57595. Re: Kenai Peninsula Camping eeek
57587. New Harmony Fire Closes Kolob Section of Zion National Park eeek
57585. Re: North Rim reliable water sources? Frank
57575. Revised Bicycle Plan Allows Greater Access to National Parks eeek
57568. Re: My Trip into Da Nort Woods (in 3D) (blame yosemitejim) yosemitejim
57562. Re: In Other News... mtn man
57560. Losing Heart balzaccom
57526. Re: Wawona Campround hotrod4x5
57522. Life-size Lego trees, flowers sprout up in Australia plawrence
57517. Re: Illegal scalping of Yosemite campsites on Craigslist, please flag eeek
57513. Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park has Reopened eeek
57505. House Bill Would Lift Environmental Laws, Allow Wilderness Roads eeek
57504. Re: Crane Flat Gas Station Hours oakroscoe
57482. Re: Question on how much food for a dayhike mbear
57478. Re: Cascade Fire Update plawrence
57474. Extreme-sports writer Michael J. Ybarra killed near Yosemite KenS
57467. Re: How tough is a single FCFS permit to Young Lakes on a Wed or Thursday in mid-August? mbear
57466. Re: Young Lakes/Mt Conness plawrence
57457. Re: Ottoway Lake, Red Peak Pass, Triple Peak Fork Trip Report SoCalCPA
57455. Re: tuolumne meadows The Other Tom
57447. Re: Yosemite short notice stay and recommendations plawrence
57446. Re: Park Hosts Interagency Commercial Bus Inspections Arendi
57442. Re: Trip Report: Skelton, Roosevelt, McCabe, McGee Lakes and White Moutain chick-on
57436. Re: HIking in Lassen oakroscoe
57435. Share my tent cabin 7/9/12 - 7/12/12 cjgcamps
57429. Rescuers Heli-Rappel To Injured Woman eeek
57428. Re: Yosemite National Park Seeking Volunteers for Habitat Protector Program plawrence
57427. Re: Lyell Canyon with kids David
57410. Re: Helicopter activity in the early morning of June 29, any idea what happened? eeek
57399. Yosemite’s South Dome and Paiute Indian Acorn caches; A window into Yosemite’s past Yosemite_Indian
57384. Re: Lake of the Domes and More 3D Images yosemitejim
57383. Grand Canyon National Park to Implement Enhanced Patrols during Fourth of July Week eeek
57381. Re: Airplane Gully and Pywiack Pool (long) sching99
57380. Tower, Canyon Area Road Projects Scheduled for Summer eeek
57366. Re: Feasible/Reasonable to do this trip in 11 nights? mbear
57362. Re: Rhinedollar Overhead Powerline Rebuild yosemitejim
57359. Re: 2-day trip to the valley Arendi
57351. Re: The Easy Off-Trail hike to Mt Watkins (long) wherever
57349. Re: Plastic Yosemite National Park souvenir doll - Stereotypical Plains Indian dolls Dave
57347. Re: Please flag... plawrence
57328. Re: Crow Pass chicagocwright
57327. Bridalveil Creek Campground eeek
57321. Re: Several Yosemite and Mono Lake Indian children went to Stewart Indian school Yosemite_Indian
57303. Reds Meadow Valley Road To Open On Friday June 29 eeek
57287. Water Conservation at Tuolumne Meadows and Wawona eeek
57282. Re: campsites being given away on supertopo nervousOne
57258. Re: Yosemite visitors center may go to Mariposa y_p_w
57245. Re: Anybody been to this rather obscure falls? chick-on
57238. Re: May Lake Road nervousOne
57237. Yosemite Creek Trailhead eeek
57235. Re: Curry village to Tuolumne Grove mrcondron
57222. Re: Current High/Low Temps limonjelly
57220. Re: Ritter Range Circumambulation - blow downs!!!!! eeek
57206. Re: Rafting the Merced boomtown
57199. Re: Granite bowl Tenaya Canyon yosemitejim
57177. Re: Le Bass-Cat Dome in 3D Half Dome Hiker
57149. Re: Tenaya to Happy: Recap Ohnivy-Drak
57124. Re: Advice - Campground Reservations for 4 of July Week oakroscoe
57122. Re: A day hike far from home ttilley
57120. Re: High Sierra Conditions Paris92
57117. Re: Red Peak Pass Conditions? chick-on
57112. Comments Sought for Birch Creek Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Habitat Restoration Project eeek
57108. Re: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne - mini Trip Report Mom
57095. Re: Mist Trail Wetness Half Dome Hiker
57059. Re: Mathes/Nelson Lake chick-on
57053. Re: Sunday June 24th plawrence
57048. Re: Looking for campsite at North Pines July 28-Aug 4 TinaD
57043. Re: Triple Peak Pass chick-on
57035. Re: 2012 fire season is off to a bad start plawrence
57033. Yellowstone National Park Solicits Comments For Buffalo Plateau Trail Project eeek
57028. Fire weather watch eeek
57026. BLM Bishop Field Office & Inyo National Forest Announce Fire Restrictions eeek
57022. Re: Scalping campsites on Craigslist, please flag eeek
57017. Re: Just wanna say thanks to all of the park empoyees that keep our trails safe. Ohnivy-Drak
57002. Re: Half Dome cables are temporarily closed for emergency repairs Ohnivy-Drak
56977. Re: Megapixel Camera? Try Gigapixel hotrod4x5
56965. Re: Line of Duty Death at Mount Rainier parklover
56964. Re: Mother Jones: In Defense of Genetically Modified Crops Dave
56940. Re: Trip Report - Bearup, Otter, Mahan Lakes and Jack Main Canyon LVRAY
56928. Re: Trip Report: Tenaya Canyon Entrance and Mt. Dana ryanmj
56924. Re: Gaylor and Granite Lakes beccawright
56921. Barry Hance Memorial Award Given at Yosemite National Park eeek
56912. Re: Unbelievably smoky along 120 chick-on
56906. Re: Bird's Eye View plawrence
56902. Re: Olmsted Pt. in 3D plawrence
56896. Re: update to "Abandoned trails and off-trail hikes near Yosemite Valley" wherever
56868. Re: Tenaya Lake Area in Yosemite the Focus of Major Restoration Work tomdisco
56832. Re: Lyell Canyon Trip Report BrandonL
56830. Re: A Few Faux Toes in 3D from Last Trip Ohnivy-Drak
56820. Re: For Dispersed Car Camping - Are Yeti Tundra coolers considered to be approved bear-proof containers? AlmostThere
56802. Grand Canyon National Park to Implement Additional Fire Restrictions eeek
56799. Re: Yosemite Village Shuttle Stops plawrence
56798. Re: Tuolumne Hikers Bus Torero14
56796. Re: El Portal Gas Station Update Dave
56795. Re: NPR Reports on Scalping Campsites in Yosemite AlpineBrian
56793. Hodgdon Prescribed Fire Update eeek
56760. Re: Half Dome cave/Kings Chair Sierrafan
56751. Re: Sunrise Meadows yosemitejim
56743. Search For Missing Climbers Suspended eeek
56742. Bear Facts, June 3 - June 9 eeek
56741. Re: Scenic Vista Management Plan plawrence
56740. Road Work on Tioga Road eeek
56738. Prescribed Fire Scheduled in Yosemite National Park eeek
56733. Big Oak Flat Road Delays eeek
56729. Cancelling North Pines Campsite limonjelly
56714. Re: Yosemite Painting exhibition often includes Indians Half Dome Hiker
56702. Re: No Earth Impact in 2040 Dave
56697. Re: North Dome hike advice needed Ohnivy-Drak
56682. Re: New Nose Speed Record mbear
56675. Re: Images of Half Dome from North Dome eeek
56665. Re: Exploding targets causing Idaho fires Dave
56663. Mining company sues San Bernardino County over pipeline project eeek
56661. Special weather statement eeek
56659. Re: is it permissible to hang a hammock at Upper Pines? hikerchick395
56654. Re: Hwy 108 Dispersed camping recs for car camping with toddlers? QITNL
56653. June Mountain Ski Area Vegetation Management Plan Signed eeek
56652. Reds Meadow Road to open eeek
56651. Forest Service Approves Helicopter Captures of Bighorn Sheep in Wilderness Areas eeek
56649. Re: Scalping campsites on Craigslist, please flag eeek
56646. Re: I miss Autumn. So here's three shots of Sentinel Meadow.... tanngrisnir3
56638. I need a little computer help.... Dave
56637. DNC reservations website problems cooperhawk
56631. Re: Ten Lakes down to Tuolumne chick-on
56625. FINAL UPDATE: Grand Fire eeek
56615. Wawona Road-Area Pavement Preservation (June-September) eeek
56614. Porcupine Flat Campground eeek
56594. Tragedy on Mt. Hood Ohnivy-Drak
56542. Re: TM Backpackers Camp jishaq
56535. Re: Closures in Yosemite? DanPJ
56517. Yosemite National Park and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Publish Quantitative Rockfall Hazard and Risk Assessment for Yosemite Valley eeek
56510. Re: Horseback Rides in Yosemite hotrod4x5
56496. Re: The Ursack Minor food bag is no match for a bear Half Dome Hiker
56495. Re: Jackass Ohnivy-Drak
56483. Re: How difficult to do a loop chick-on
56478. Northeast Passage Soon Free from Ice Again? eeek
56467. Re: W3 — Turtleback Dome ubik
56465. Re: TM Reservation arrival time y_p_w
56452. Re: Question about families for workers in Yosemite parklover
56445. Re: Rangers Rescue Women From Caldera balzaccom
56444. Re: Tenaya Lake / Creek crossing yosemitejim
56443. Hodgdon Proposed Prescribed Fire - June 19, 2012 eeek
56410. Re: My Week In Yosemite edg
56399. Database Exception ttilley
56389. Re: Simi Valley resident Roberta Singer found dead below Tioga Pass louie
56384. Re: Pendulum swing on El Cap yosemitejim
56382. Re: Falls on Lower Cathedral Lake outlet yosemitejim
56378. Re: Old Yosemite topo maps chick-on
56376. Re: Ottoway Lake Loop - Inquiries plawrence
56371. Re: Sentinel Falls chick-on
56329. Re: Ostrander Rocks and Illilouette Ridge chick-on
56325. Re: New Evidence Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact plawrence
56324. Devils Postpile, Reds Meadow remain closed because of debris eeek
56321. Re: Yosemite storm clearing yosemitejim
56302. Re: The Chick-on's FAVORITE spot in Yosemite Valley! chick-on
56295. Yosemite National Park Unveils New Exhibit Featuring Early Landscape Paintings eeek
56275. Just canceled Wawona Campsite NanaNash
56267. Re: North Dome Gully to Basket Dome (long) chick-on
56265. Re: July 4th Weekend hotrod4x5
56263. Re: Need 2 Half Dome Permits for 6/25 or 6/26 eeek
56261. Re: Middle Velma Lake (Desolation Wilderness) Backpack ttilley
56259. Donohue Pass Conditions Jeffrey Olson
56251. Re: Panorama Point - did I miss it? JRinGeorgia
56228. Teen Dies In Fall From Inspiration Point eeek
56221. Re: National Park Service Lifting North Kaibab Trail Closure in Grand Canyon National Park ttilley
56194. Campsite reservation I have to cancel shaunsmomo
56183. Re: Alex Honnold does it again marmot
56180. Re: First time to Yosemite, some advice please. plawrence
56174. Re: Is GCT next weekend reasonable? chick-on
56160. Re: White Wolf opens today yoser
56153. Rangers Find Body of Missing Joshua Tree Camper eeek
56152. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Campground hotrod4x5
56142. California man tries to sell cubs after killing mother bear, authorities say plawrence
56134. Re: Traffic Forecast for Yosemite National Park plawrence
56113. Long Valley Hydrologic Advisory Committee Plans Meeting in Mammoth Lakes eeek
56112. Re: Scalping campsites on Craigslist, please flag shaunsmomo
56093. Hodgdon Proposed Prescribed Fire eeek
56079. Re: North Peak / Conness Conditions chick-on
56063. Re: Forest Pathologist Martin MacKenzie: Danger from Invasive Pests in Firewood BrandonL
56035. Re: Venus hikes across the sun parklover
56033. Re: Evidence of Impending Tipping Point for Earth tomdisco
56017. Re: Dome de Dome Dome Dome hikerchick395
56015. Re: American's most endangered historic places plawrence
56014. Helicopter Rappel Program Gets An Uplift eeek
56011. Road Work on Glacier Point Road eeek
56005. Re: When will Toulumne Meadows campground open? dbuck9
55982. Castle Craggs SP nightsklabs
55973. Yosemite Conservancy Unveils New Summer Art and Theater Programs For All Ages in Yosemite National Park eeek
55954. 180º Pano of Upper & Lower Yosemite Falls, Eagle Peak, Lost Arrow, Yosemite Point and Indian Canyon plawrence
55951. Glacier Point Road is closed eeek
55934. Re: Another Lost Coast Backpack ttilley
55928. Re: Reign of the Giant Insects Ended With the Evolution of Birds plawrence
55922. Re: Dutch artist turns his dead cat into an helicopter... Dave
55919. Tioga Road is open eeek
55911. Sonora Pass is closed eeek
55907. Grizzly bear attacks, kills llama chicagocwright
55903. Re: Mt. Whitney Disc Golf eeek
55898. Re: Recommendations for hiking poles? mattytreks
55897. Re: Yosemite Falls plawrence
55895. Mosquitoes Fly in Rain Thanks to Low Mass eeek
55891. Re: TR: Gaylor lakes and Tuolumne Meadows chick-on
55885. Re: Parking in TM eeek
55881. Special weather statement eeek
55863. Re: Night Moves - Clouds Rest chick-on
55859. Re: More Yosemite in 3D Calaveras
55855. Re: Cell reception on Tioga Pass tomdisco
55854. Ptarmagin Valley, Round Top, Black Tail Rocks chicagocwright
55848. Re: Lost digital SLR camera and photos - lost on May 25 2012 Franky
55841. Re: email or how otherwise to get in touch with Tuolumne Lodge? susancinmerced
55840. Third Pipeline Break in Grand Canyon Closes Section of North Kaibab Trail eeek
55839. Comments Sought on North “Gateway Monument” Project Proposal eeek
55838. Re: Inyo National Forest – Wind Event Blowdown Clean-up Continues in Reds Meadow Valley and Devils Postpile National Monument hikerchick395
55825. PCT Closed to Hikers from Reds Medow to Mammoth Dan-O
55824. Re: Update on Southside Drive Bus Lane plawrence
55823. Re: Update on high Country trail conditions oakroscoe
55800. Re: El Cap Loop Trip Recap Bearproof
55788. Re: Conditions on Dana hikerchick395
55777. Re: Scalping campsites on Craigslist, please flag eeek
55775. Re: Memorial Day Weekend Recap plawrence
55761. Crane Flat Reservations Available Today eeek
55757. Volcanic Crystal Forensics: What Minerals Tell Us About the Evolution of Mount St. Helens and Long Valley eeek
55756. El Cap climber injured in fall nightsklabs
55741. Re: Bearpaw eeek
55728. Re: Is it reasonable to expect mosquitos to not be a problem by July this year? eeek
55702. Re: taking a tot to tuolumne Ohnivy-Drak
55700. Tuolumne Visitor Center Open eeek
55691. Re: Liberty Cap NE Gully: Snow? SonoraSierra
55672. Yosemite Cracks Down On Campsite Scalpers eeek
55662. Mountaineer Dies In Ski Descent of Mt. McKinley eeek
55657. Re: Tuolumne Winter, Memorial Day Weekend 2012 Mom
55656. Discovery of Historical Photos Sheds Light On Greenland Ice Loss eeek
55655. Groundwater Depletion in Semiarid Regions of Texas and California Threatens US Food Security eeek
55652. Re: New traffic lane restrictions Dave
55648. Re: Why was a helicopter in the valley today? marmot
55643. Tuolumne Openings eeek
55640. NPS Issues Prospectus for a Concession Contract in Kings Canyon National Park eeek
55625. National Trails Day with Friends of the Inyo and MLTPA eeek
55621. Re: Horesetail Falls trail question KatyAnderson
55620. Re: How tight is parking in the Valley? plawrence
55617. Scientists confirm Sierra Nevada Medieval megadroughts Frank Furter
55616. Just canceled Upper Pines reservation 6/7 to 6/11 AndrewC
55615. Bear Attacks Man in an Outhouse plawrence
55614. Re: Pipeline Break in Grand Canyon Inner Canyon Hikers Should Be Prepared to Treat and Filter Creek Water eeek
55610. Re: Half Dome Photos From 05/25/12 (Opening Day) andrys
55607. The realities of camping in Yosemite Valley? eeek
55606. Sonora Pass is open eeek
55604. Re: Porcupine wilderness permit to camp near North Dome and lots of ??? qumqats
55602. Re: How much did this new storm impact high country trails? Ulysses61
55588. Re: What happened to the Turlock cam? hotrod4x5
55571. Re: Tioga Road is Closed! andrys
55570. Re: Faults Discovered Near Lake Tahoe Could Generate Earthquakes Ranging from 6.3 to 6.9 Dave
55569. Re: Glacier Point Road is closed andrys
55564. Re: Budd Lake mtc
55561. Just canceled 1 week @Wawona Campground 6/25/12 NanaNash
55559. Re: Sonora Pass is closed hotrod4x5
55556. Tuolumne Service Station Open eeek
55549. Re: Cathedral Pass and Snowpack plawrence
55537. Re: Somewhere to sleep near Tenaya ... tomorrow jishaq
55529. Special weather statement eeek
55512. Re: Rain during the Memorial Weekend - andrys
55511. Re: Cancelling Curry Village Heated Tent - Anyone want? AlpineBrian
55490. Re: Need advice on route from Gallison Lake to Ireland Lake The Other Tom
55477. Re: Advice/ Suggestions for 10-12 day hike (2 segments) tomdisco
55473. Re: GREAT news for those who know: Tioga Pass Resort is open! vdrummer
55470. Touching Tarantulas eeek
55463. Re: Attention Costco Members: Car Camping Gear now available for sale JohnC
55459. Re: North Rim/ Tuolumne Trip Report ckm554
55454. Re: The best Tuolumne cascades: how far past Pothole? tanngrisnir3
55452. Agencies Urge Caution with Campfires this Weekend eeek
55451. Re: Tamarack Flat Campground Opening wherever
55415. Yosemite National Park Announces Beginning of 2012 Fire Season eeek
55381. Re: Missing Hiker Found in Yosemite National Parka oakroscoe
55379. Re: Yosemite National Park Announces Half Dome Cables in Place on Friday Ohnivy-Drak
55339. Re: Tenaya Lake to Lone Boulder redfox1939
55287. Re: May Lake Trailhead eeek
55285. Re: Summer Traffic Pilot Program Starts Monday, May 21 Hitech
55284. Re: Reconfiguration of the North Side Drive El Capitan Crossover Intersection eeek
55283. Re: Scalper ads to flag eeek
55282. Re: 3 dead, 2 missing on Mount Everest after congested climbing, poor conditions near summit KenS
55274. Re: North Dome trail chick-on
55269. Re: Rabbit Lake Backpacking Trip chick-on
55268. Re: Random Lake Alpine picture from this weekend chick-on
55267. Company wants to tap Mojave's public lands for Southland water eeek
55262. Re: Trip report on the annular eclipse tomdisco
55260. Re: Tenaya Lake to Cathedral Climbers Route chick-on
55259. Hazardous weather outlook eeek
55249. Re: Knowing where Snow is in the Sierra Nevada plawrence
55231. Re: The little cabin in the big mountains balzaccom
55213. Re: Yellowstone Invites Bids To Provide Lodging, Retail, And Other Visitor Services eeek
55210. Yellowstone Monthly Update issued May 1, 2012 14:42 MDT Volcano Alert Level NORMAL - Aviation Color Code GREEN eeek
55209. June is the Month for Astronomy in Grand Canyon National Park eeek
55204. Re: Tenaya Canyon - 3D plawrence
55196. Half Dome cables eeek
55189. Solar Eclipse webcast parklover
55139. Re: Campsite Photos mtn man
55135. Re: cost of lodging in yosemite parklover
55117. Re: Bristlecones and Grandview campground hotrod4x5
55091. Re: Yosemite water safety video plawrence
55068. Re: Half Dome from Glacier Point - 3D yosemitejim
55045. John Muir Festival eeek
55044. Glacier Point Snack Stand eeek
55043. Re: National Park Service Offers Free Entrance Passes to All Active Duty United States Military Members and Dependents Dave
55041. Re: Q: Current Snow levels ?- Wawona/ Buena vista crest chick-on
55040. Power Outage Today eeek
55038. Re: The trail to Gardisky: bad as I've heard? cantwait2getback
55019. Re: Ancient Tree-Ring Records from Southwest U.S. Suggest Today's Megafires Are Truly Unusual hotrod4x5
55017. Re: Scalper ads to flag sactown23
55010. Re: How to improve 4 day trip: Cathedral to Sunrise to Clouds Rest to ??? chick-on
54997. NPS suspends all lawn mowing after Blue Ridge Parkway fatality y_p_w
54996. Re: Cancelling Camping Reservation mtn man
54980. Re: Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 18 - Water hotrod4x5
54973. Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcyclist Killed In Collision With Tree eeek
54972. Re: Snow Plant Report DavidSenesac
54969. Re: Handicapped Access Dave
54968. Re: Wawona Northwest Prescribed Fire Project has been postponed indefinitely plawrence
54965. Hodgdon Meadow Wastewater Improvements eeek
54964. Re: Just snagged tent cabins for 3 nights in Tuolumne, so some questions..... LBFam
54942. Re: Sunrise Lakes to Clouds Rest and then the Valley chicagocwright
54902. Re: TM and reservations/primary occupant must be person that made reservation plawrence
54887. Re: Fleeing Man Apprehended Near Love Gap eeek
54880. Re: Pictures of the Solar Eclipse over Yosemite Valley..Please!!!! Calaveras
54868. Re: Vernal Falls - Photographers rock turnout.... chick-on
54846. Re: Homage to the White Mountains of New Hampshire chicagocwright
54835. Re: Found: Water filter at Indian Rock Arch chick-on
54820. Yosemite Forum Tuesday eeek
54802. Mural Found On Walls a First for a Maya Dwelling; Painted Numbers Reflect Calendar Reaching Well Beyond 2012 eeek
54799. Re: Antarctic Octopus Study Shows West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Have Collapsed 200,000 Years Ago plawrence
54795. Re: Scalper ads to flag plawrence
54788. Re: Camping without reservations? plawrence
54776. Re: Favorite Food tips plawrence
54766. Hiker Missing in Olympic National Park Found After Three Day Search eeek
54765. Jeffrey Scott Memorial Bristlecone Pine Forest Art Competition eeek
54764. Re: Bringing firewood into Yosemite. lizzy79
54763. Re: Picasa help mtn man
54750. Comments Sought on Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Winter Recreation Project Proposals eeek
54749. Comments Sought on Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Trail Project Proposal eeek
54748. Re: Rafferty Creek Hike/Snowshoe ttilley
54740. Re: Summer 2013 Trip Planning. PineCone
54737. Re: May 12, 2012 - views Calaveras
54733. Re: Happy Isles to Merced Lake and environs report Ulysses61
54730. Re: Camping at Eagle Peak? yosemitejim
54725. Re: Bear sighting in Yosemite AlmostThere
54723. Re: The dogwoods are in bloom parklover
54717. World Waterfalls Database Ohnivy-Drak
54712. May Driving Trip through Yosemite laudizen
54701. Re: Amy Rhoan; Iconic Yosemite Native American Indian passes boomtown
54665. Re: Incident at Evergreen Lodge Dave
54623. Re: Ribbon Falls 2D/3D chick-on
54613. Re: Yosemite Falls Cam buster
54610. Re: Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center eeek
54608. Re: Why nobody ever makes a mistake on the Internet y_p_w
54568. Re: High Country trails Bearproof
54534. John Muir Trail Open eeek
54533. Re: Yosemite Creek Trailhead Construction eeek
54523. Re: Taft Point Calaveras
54500. Re: Staying in the valley for free... PineCone
54469. Re: Migratory Patterns of P. Roseus chick-on
54464. Re: Home, Ohlone LBFam
54457. Re: Glen Aulin to White Wolf chick-on
54450. Re: North Rim backpacking/hiking plawrence
54426. Re: Vernal Fall Footbridge Comfort Station Closure parklover
54416. Wawona Northwest Prescribed Fire Scheduled for Tuesday, May 15, 2012 eeek
54415. Re: DNC Tour and Activity Openings plawrence
54405. Re: Scalper games Dave
54387. Re: What water purifier to buy? ttilley
54386. Re: Transportation Ideas - Yosemite Valley to Mammoth plawrence
54369. Re: Camp 4 availability hotrod4x5
54364. Re: North Rim Hike (feat. Backpacker's) gkim
54354. Re: Pohono trail conditions? chick-on
54353. Re: Naked Man Found Riding Horse Along Parkway mrcondron
54340. Re: Tioga Road is open druid
54338. Re: Four Mile Trail chick-on
54335. Re: When will the Tuolmne Meadows Store / Gas Station open? hotrod4x5
54331. Public Comments Sought for Proposed Land Management Plan Amendment eeek
54317. Re: reccos on "best" way to hike Sentinel Dome and Taft Pt qumqats
54305. Re: Scalper ads to flag mbear
54301. Re: Hiking from Hemlock Crossing, up Stevenson Canyon to??? Half Dome Hiker
54294. Re: Lake Vernon/Rancheria Falls 5/4-5/5 chick-on
54286. Re: The Diving Board SteveHall
54276. Yellowstone 'Super-Eruption' Less Super, More Frequent Than Thought eeek
54262. Scientists Core Into California's Clear Lake to Explore Past Climate Change eeek
54249. Re: Rapid Sierra Nevada Uplift Tracked by Scientists DanPJ
54245. Re: Waterfalls, Peak Levels? Calaveras
54231. Cuyamaca Mountains - Joy and Renewal laudizen
54189. Re: El Cap hike suggestions chick-on
54183. Re: Sonora Pass is open oakroscoe
54175. La Niña has transitioned to ENSO-neutral conditions eeek
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54131. Re: State Dept revamps J-1 Summer Work Visa Program y_p_w
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54088. Re: Eastern Yosemite in 3D DanPJ
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54062. Yellowstone's East Entrance Opens Friday eeek
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53880. Re: Anyone else going to shoot moonbows this weekend? hikerchick395
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53875. Temporary Hetch Hetchy Road Closure Wednesday eeek
53859. Re: Yosemite News; Southern Sierra Miwuks second extension for federal recognition plawrence
53848. Re: Rancheria Falls Pics vitaminC
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53841. Re: Clouds, Rest, and One and One-Sixteenth Domes chick-on
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53824. Lassen 2012 snow clearing operations eeek
53821. Re: By Chick-on Request: Oh My Gosh Pan love2kwilt
53808. Re: Photo of the Chick-on's Best Buddy (at the office) chick-on
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53769. Ventana Wilderness Pics - Pine Valley/Falls ttilley
53763. Re: Low snow, so take the high road soon eeek
53755. Re: Highway 180 to Roads End (Kings Canyon National Park) scheduled to open on May 4th plawrence
53753. Fort Ord declared a national monument eeek
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53738. Re: panorama vs. mist trail JRinGeorgia
53735. Re: Chick on webcam chick-on
53731. Hwy 4 Open beyond Ebbetts Pass to Wolf Creek Road plawrence
53728. Tioga road is open to Tioga Lake eeek
53711. Re: The best Yosemite timelapse video chick-on
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53696. Tioga Road Status eeek
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53632. Traffic Delays - Wawona Road - South Entrance Station Area eeek
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53521. Special weather statement eeek
53516. Exchange Students Fined For Vandalism eeek
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53472. Wawona Northwest Prescribed Fire - May, 2012 eeek
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53390. Sequoia and Kings Canyon Road Construction Update (April 23 - May 7, 2012) plawrence
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53365. River otters rebounding with hospitable habitat eeek
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53343. Tioga Road Plowing Update for April 23, 2012 eeek
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53322. Re: Mist Trail officially reopened on Thursday. rpf123
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53310. ABC Fresno Yosemite Waterfall update yosemitejim
53300. Re: Glacier Point Road will open 4/20 @ 5pm Ohnivy-Drak
53289. DNC Opening Dates eeek
53288. Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update eeek
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53259. Inyo National Forest and BLM Plan Spring Prescribed Burn Projects eeek
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53230. Re: April 21 - 29 is National Park week!!! Free Entry! parklover
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53200. Chimani Yosemite Mobile App (iOS/Android) Free for National Park Week Chimani
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53191. Re: merced lake to tuolumne pass chick-on
53188. Re: National Natural Landmark Photo Contest for 2012 Opens ERICG
53183. Re: Reminder: Yosemite Falls Trail Closure Tomorrow Calaveras
53182. Caltrans Hwy 140 Fergurson Slide Restoration Project status? plawrence
53181. Grand Canyon’s North Rim to Open May 15 for the 2012 Summer Season eeek
53177. Re: What is the USGS thinking here? plawrence
53173. Re: URGENT NEWS: Strike Threat could kill off Twinkies chick-on
53169. Re: Monitor Pass (Hwy 89) now open plawrence
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53152. Re: News article emphasizes the problem with Yosemite Native American History Yosemite_Indian
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52973. Re: Miles of California coastline to be preserved, opened to public QITNL
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52968. eastside plowing? hikerchick395
52966. Special weather statement eeek
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52913. DNA tests uncover hazards in Chinese therapies eeek
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52852. Reminder: Yosemite's Merced Wild River Preliminary Alternatives Webinar Tonight at 6:30 PM PDT plawrence
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52832. Yosemite National Park Celebrates National Park Week and Earth Day with Special Programs and Activities (2012) eeek
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52788. U.S. Records Warmest March; More Than 15,000 Warm Temperature Records Broken eeek
52787. Yellowstone Resources and Issues eeek
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